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Smartlearnerz empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate employees and others with essential knowledge of digital marketing and other career-oriented skills that are highly in demand in today's competitive world. Learn with us the various facets of how to take your business online, conduct successful campaigns, grasp essential sales and soft skills and have a successful and rewarding career.

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Developing a unique marketing strategy for your business is essential if you want to build yourself a reputable brand. Online content marketing is one tool that can be used to market in today's connected world.

Use a variety of content marketing channels to get your target audience's attention. What works for one person may not work for another, so be sure to tailor your content around this idea.

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Many of us daydream of a life where we can leave our gadgets at home and go for a walk.

But as wonderful as it is to unplug, it's not always possible.

You don't need to miss out on this new world that we all live in.

There are some free tools from Google that can make your life easier as a digital marketer and enhance your productivity.

1.Google Ads
2. Google Keyword Planner
3.Google Search Console
4.Google Trends
5.Google Alerts
6.Google Analytics
7.Google My Business

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The rise of internet has opened various career opportunities and one of them is digital marketing.

With the increase in number of businesses going digital, the need for digital marketers also grows.

If you are looking to pursue a career in marketing then learning digital marketing skills becomes compulsory.

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There are many digital marketing tools available today. In order to save time and effort, marketers often make use of multiple tools in conjunction in managing their online marketing.

But if you want to rank better and drive more traffic, we suggest you make use of the following 6 digital marketing tools.⁣⁣

1.SEO tools- Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console
2.Social media management tools- Hootsuite, Buffer
3.Graphic design tool- Canva
4.Email Marketing software- Mailchimp
5.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools- HubSpot
6.Analytics- Google Analytics

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The growth of internet has opened new doors of opportunities for online businesses.

Due to this, marketing has transformed enormously and it has given a new way to promote and establish businesses online.

Hence the demand for digital marketers are also tremendously high and with time it will keep on growing.

So, if you are a student or a fresher, this is the time for you to learn digital marketing.

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Without upskilling yourself, it will be difficult for you to get promoted in your digital marketing career.

This is one of the most important aspects in the world of digital marketing.

Hence, if you want to set yourself apart from the rest, you will have to focus upskilling yourselves.


“Digital marketing is like a huge tree with many branches.”

Mastering digital marketing takes lot of hard work and patience.

As a student once you will explore this field you will get the exposure of many aspects of digital marketing such as:
✅Social media marketing
✅Google Analytics
✅Content Marketing
✅Growth Hacking
✅Inbound Marketing
✅Email Marketing

So, there is a lot of scope for you to understand what your strengths are and specialize in that area.

If you are truly interested in digital marketing, this is the best time for you to learn and apply the skills to build a successful career.


Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day.

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Digital marketing allows you explore various areas of marketing.

You might be good at analytics but not good at writing content or may be good at SEO but not at paid ads.
Once you have a practical exposure you will get to know what your strength is.

According to that you can go to the advanced level of that skill and master it.

So, there are lot of opportunities for you to shine and explore if you’re interested in digital marketing.

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Unless you build a strong base on your digital marketing skills, it will be quite hard for you to become successful.

As a fresher you must focus on your basics and with time work on upskilling yourself. You should also know that mastering the skills takes time and a lot of hard work.

Hence having the right mindset is important for you as a student or a fresher.


Imagine what the demand for digital marketers will be when every business will know about the benefits of digital marketing.

Right now, many businesses are still not aware but with time they will be.

Hence if you are still confused about choosing digital marketing as your career, all you need to know is whether you are really passionate about it.


Without having the right skills, it will be difficult for you to get your dream job.

As a student you need to focus on gaining a particular skill which has a high demand and a great future prospect.

So, digital marketing is such an industry which is not only growing rapidly but also has a huge demand.

Hence if you’re interested in marketing, you can definitely start learning to become a successful digital marketer.


If you are a student or a fresher who wants to develop digital marketing skills, this is probably the best time to learn it.

It doesn’t matter whether you come from a science, commerce or any other background.

Many students have this doubt whenever they are looking to switch their careers.

As long as you are eager to learn, you can easily build a successful career in digital marketing.


Choosing your career is easier if you ask 2 questions to yourself.

1. Am I interested in this field?
2. Is the industry booming?

When it comes to opting digital marketing as a career you just need to make sure that the answer to the first question is a yes. 🙂


of the day.

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Having a bit of confusion in choosing digital marketing as your career can be understandable.

That is why if you're interested in digital marketing you should know about these 5 pointers which will give you a better clarity in selecting digital marketing as your career.


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According to Statista, it was calculated that 378.16 billion dollars was spent in 2020 in digital advertising. It is estimated to increase up to 645.8 billion dollars by 2024.

With so much being spent in digital advertising it is imperative that the digital marketing industry will keep growing in the coming years.

So, if you are planning to have a career in Digital Marketing, now is the best time!


With a daily rise in the number cases around the world, we should take sufficient precautionary measures to protect ourselves and the people around us. These are the symptoms that you need to look out for if you have been in a situation where you could possibly contract the virus.

Don’t panic and spread awareness among people about the dos and don’ts during this pandemic. Let’s be responsible and win this fight against the Corona Virus.


May Holi bring health, wealth and prosperity in the lives of all our well-wishers.



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A Session on "Careers In Digital Marketing" 18/11/2018

Mr Anirban Kundu, Chief Mentor, SmartLearnerz, conducted a session on "Careers In Digital Marketing" for the MBA students of Xavier Business School (XBS),
St Xavier's University, Kolkata on November 14, 2018.


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The Ultimate Social Media Image Size Guide for 2018 [Infographic]

Social Media platforms always keep changing the image sizes and formats, so you need to keep yourself updated.

Here is the ultimate guide for Social Media image sizes this year. Ensure your images look crisp and are 100% in view with this updated listing of social platform image size specs.

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We are almost ready to launch! Keep watching this space. 22/08/2017

5 KPIs Social Media Marketers Forget to Monitor In this post, contributor Aaron Agius outlines five social media marketing metrics which are worth considering in your process.


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