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Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 25/01/2023

The students of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya went on an exhilarating and enjoyable picnic filled with fun and joy after several years on 23rd January, 2023. It was organised by Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan in association with Kinship Holidays. The very enthusiastic children gathered sharp at 6:45 AM to board the bus to Magnolia Gardens, Baruipur. The bus journey was exuberant with melodies of Antakshari flowing through every row. Healthy food like fruits and cakes were distributed amongst everyone in the bus itself. The picnic spot was rightly chosen which was kids-friendly as so for the adults. The children were filled with energy and immediately started running around playing, all their innocence spurting joy throughout the venue. For breakfast, everyone had piping hot Kachoris along with Aloor Dum and Cholar Dal. A very authentic sandesh made from locally sourced Nolen-Gur was also served along with the breakfast. It was sumptuous and enjoyed by everyone.
It was then time for the games. The kids played ‘Follow the Leader’ whose winner was Roshni Ramakrishnan. The next game, a quite interesting one, was called ‘Only Questions’. This game was won by Amrutha Sriram and the kids were completely hooked to this game and kept playing it amongst themselves even while returning back. Then there was the very famous ‘Musical Chair’, which was won by Shriya Sivakumar. The kids insisted on organising similar games for the adults and very perfectly organised them. They organised games like Musical Chair, Sent a Letter to my Mother, and some others which brought out the hues of their very creative minds. All of these games were entertaining and kept everyone on their toes.
Lunch was the most exciting segment of the picnic. We all waited eagerly to know what was in store for us. The tables were all systematically placed, the plates were laid down and food was served. The menu consisted of Baby Naan, Pulao, Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Mixed Vegetable, Aloor Jhuri Bhaja, Papad with a good serving of Chutney and hot Gulabjamuns. The lunch was fabulous, everybody loved the food and were satiated.
After lunch was the time for the much awaited ‘Housie’. Everyone took part in it and showed a great deal of enthusiasm. As predicted by Uma Balakumar in the very beginning of the game, she along with Jaishree Ganesh won the game.
After some hot tea, the prizes were distributed to the winners by our very dear Akka. The picnic came to an end with Brinda Radhakrishnan’s rendition of Mere Dholna as requested by the kids.
At 4:30, everyone left the venue and reached back home tired but with a big smile across our faces.
It was a great picnic that was very well-organised by our very own Mr. Balakumar. He checked all the arrangements that were perfect and the service rendered by the executives of the agency was very courteous. Brinda and Akshaya came up with some really good games, making sure the kids did not sit idle and constantly kept them engaged. The picnic was aptly planned by our dear Srividya Akka who left no stones unturned to make sure this picnic happened and that everyone had the best of their time. The picnic was indeed a success and made us yearn for more such ones.


Folks in Chennai should definitely not miss this. Do drop in if around!

My mother Revathi Sadasivam and I have the good fortune of being able to present to you all about the compositions and musical contributions of my great-grandfather Kallidaikurichi A Ananthakrishna Iyer, thanks to the Madras Music Academy . For those who don't know, Ananthakrishna Iyer was a vainika and one of the prime disciples of Ambi Diksh*tar. Details of the lec dem on poster below. Would love to see you there!

Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 28/11/2022

Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya stepped into the 80th year of its establishment on the 27th of November, 2022. The 79th birthday of the Vidyalaya was celebrated with much grandeur at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata. The celebration, as mentioned by M. Anjana in her opening words, bore testament to the fact that wealth and power will come and go, but a legacy in music- like Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya, left behind by our founder Brahmasri A Ananthakrishnan Iyer, can stand the test of time and elevate us from mere mortals to human beings. The day bore special significance as the celebrations coincided with the 95th birth anniversary of Ambi Sir (Our Guru’s father).

The programme commenced at 11:00 AM with the rendition of the Vidyalaya Prayer Song, Shriman Vighna by the students. Sri S.V. Raman, Programme Consultant to Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata (cousin of our Guru) and Sri Ramesh Narayan, a Chartered Accountant by practice, and also a student of the Vidyalaya, graced the event as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. Both of them looked back nostalgically to their days at Vidyalaya and shared with the audience lovely memorable days spent with their Gurus. They were happy to see how the Vidyalaya has grown from strength to strength over the years.

The birthday celebrations kickstarted with a grand audio-visual presentation on Navagraha Kritis which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Students were completely immersed in the visuals absorbing all information in order to ace the interesting quiz session which followed the AV. The Quiz was based on Navagraha Krithis and the Raga Ready Reckoner (a booklet compiled by students and released during the Aradhana Utsavam 2022). It comprised five teams, named after the five elements of the cosmos, viz. Aakash, Agni, Apu, Prithvi and Vayu. At the end of 8 exciting rounds, the Vayu team emerged victorious with team Aakash being the runners-up. All participants took part with utmost enthusiasm and energy. The wonderful ex*****on of the quiz by Gayatri Krishnamurthy, Brinda Radhakrishnan and other students and parents, under the able guidance of Guru A. Srividya, made it an enriching experience for all.

The birthday celebrations were aptly concluded with the cutting of the cake by our very dear Guru A. Srividya, Principal of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya.

The programme was well-received, marking the commencement of year-long celebrations as Vidyalaya enters its glorious 80th birth anniversary, with the Thyagaraja Aradhana and Jayanthi Utsavam of Sri Diksh*tar to follow soon in the first half of 2023.

79 going on 80; strong as an ‘oak’


Sri Gurubhyo Namah!

Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya turns 79. Here is how we chose to celebrate by screening the dramatic audio-visual presentation on the NAVAGRAHA Kritis of Nadajyoti Muthuswamy Diksh*tar produced by Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya and its student wing, Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan®. This will be screened at the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata followed by a fun-filled, interactive quiz. Please do pass on the word and turn up in large numbers.

Enjoy the trailer of the movie by clicking on the link below-



Here it is, a sneak peek into the movie, NAVAGRAHA KRITIS OF MUTHUSWAMI DIKSH*TAR. Don't miss the screening of the same on the 27th of November 2022 at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata.

Produced by : Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya and Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan ®

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Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 01/11/2022
Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 30/10/2022

The first session of the 3rd Day of the 187th Diksh*tar Aradhana Utsavam was held on the 30th of October, 2022 at Birla Academy of Art of and Culture. The programme commenced with the group rendition of the Aradhana Kritis by the students of the Vidyalaya. The rendition was filled with divinity and was blissful to hear. After the group rendition, Saikripa Sivaram and Roshni Ramakrishnan rendered the kritis Kanchadalayadakshi in Ragam Kamalamanohari and Hariyuvatim Haimavatim in Ragam Haimavati. They ended with a swift set of kalpana swarams with the able accompaniment by R Ranjana on the violin. Aruna Muralidharan then soulfully rendered Saraswati Vidhiyuvati in Ragam Hindolam. She was accompanied by Brinda Radhakrishnan on the violin. The next programme was a violin duet by Brinda Radhakrishnan and Gayatri Krishnamurthy, popularly now called 'BriGa'. Brinda Radhakrishnan began with an outline of the Ragam Vasanta, they went on to play Brihadambikayayi. The second kriti was the very touching Balagopala in Ragam Bhairavi. With a melodious alapana , they continued with the neraval of the phrase Vainika Gayaka Guruguha Nuta and then ended with a brisk set of kalpana swarams. The final programme for the day was that of Rajalakshmi Sharma, Sudha Krishnan, Annalakshmi Eakambaram and V Lakshmi. They rendered the kritis Sri Ranganatham and Sri Varalakshmi in ragams Purna Chandrika and Sree. They were ably accompanied on the violin by Gayatri Krishnamurthy.
Shri R Srinivasan and S Venkataram supported the students throughout the programme by accompanying on the Mridangam.
Akka's tireless efforts and utmost dedication made the Utsavam a grand success.
The audience was content and excited for the final session of the Utsavam.

Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 29/10/2022

The second day of the Aradhana Utsavam of Nadajyoti Muthuswami Diksh*tar, was observed by the students of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya & organised by Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan in association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and Infosys Foundation, as part of their cultural outreach programme. The programme was held at Birla Academy on the 29th of October, 2022 at 5:30 PM. The sangitanjalis by students kickstarted with a very charming rendition of Brihannayaki Varadayaki and Sri Guruguha Tarayashumam by the young students of the Vidyalaya. The kids, Aishwarya Ramakrishnan, Joel Solomon and Aniruddh Rao were accompanied on the violin by G Aparna. The next programme was a vocal recital by Rajeshwari Ramakrishnan, Pallavi Arjun and Shriya Shivakumar. They rendered the kritis Gajananayutam in Ragam Vegavahini and Sri Parathasarathy in Ragam Suddha Dhanyasi with V Akshaya accompanying them on the violin. Amrutha Sriram and Sailaja Gannavarapu were up next. They sang the mesmerising Kamakshi Kamakoti in Ragam Simhendramadhyamam/ Sumadyuti ending with brisk set of kalpana swarams and also sang Lalitambikaam in Ragam Devakriya with violin accompaniment from V Akshaya. The next sangitanjali was a violin recital by Shri S Ranganathan. He played Bharati in the soulful Devamanohari and Santana Manjari in Ragam Santana Manjari with an outline of the Ragam, ending with a swift set of kalpana swarams. K R Ramakrishnan next rendered Govindarajam Upasmahe in Ragam Mukhari and paid homage to Devi Kamakshi through the kriti Ekamresha Nayaki in Ragam Chamaram. The kriti began with a beautiful raga alapana of Ragam Chamaram and ended with a good set of kalpana swarams. Next, R Ranjana and B Samyuktha sang the kritis Varalakshmim in Ragam Saurashtram and Madhurambikayam in Ragam Haimavati. R Ranjana sang an outline of the Ragam Haimavati, the duo continued with the neraval in Chidananda Rasikayam and the ended with a very catchy set of kalpana swarams. They were ably accompanied on the violin by Gayatri Krishnamurty. They were followed by Brinda Radhakrishnan, who sang the uncommon and beautiful kriti Sringara Rasamanajari in ragam Rasamanjari. The next kriti in Gamakariya, Ekamarnatham was dedicated to Lord Ekamreshwar of Kanchipuram and complementary to K R Ramakrishnan's rendition of Ekamresha Nayaki. Brinda Radhakrishnan's nectarous alapana of Gamakriya was followed by a melliflous neraval at Panchakshara Mantra Rupam along with energetic kalpana swarams. She was ably accompanied on the violin by Shri S Ranganathan. The penultimate programme was by Aakash Ramesh. He sang Prasanna Venkatesham in Ragam Vati Vasanta Bhairavi. He followed it up well with an outline of Ragam Ramamanohari and sang the kriti Matangi Sri Raja Rajeswari. Continuing with neraval in the beautiful phrase Ramamanohari Rakendu Shekhari, he ended the rendition with a brisk set of kalpana swarams. The final programme was by the hardworking boys of Vidyalaya, S Sivasubramanian and Ranjit Nath. They sang Shanka Chakra Gadha Panim in Ragam Purna Chandrika, a kriti that was heard on the stage after several years. They then sang the lilting Sadujana Vinutam, with raga alapana in the ragam Latangi/ Geetapriya and ended the programme with a zestful set of kalpana swarams.
The students were aptly accompanied on the Mridangam by Sri S Venkatraman adding colour to all the performances. The last two performers were blessed to have Sri R Srinivasan on the mridangam during the recital.
Day 2 of the Utsavam was conducted with grandeur, more energy and more enthusiasm with the able support, guidance and effort by our Guru A Srividya.
The next two sessions are eagerly awaited by the audience.

Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 28/10/2022

Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya commenced the 187th Aradhana Utsavam of Nadajyoti Muthuswamy Diksh*tar today, on the 28th of October 2022, at Birla Academy, Kolkata, in a grand manner, which was organised by Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan (the student wing of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya) jointly with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kolkata and Infosys Foundation, Bangalore as part of their cultural outreach programme.The programme began with the rendition of Vidyalaya's prayer song, Sriman Vighna. The first sangitanjali was by the youngest students of the Vidyalaya. They adorably rendered the kritis Maha Ganapate in Ragam Natanarayani and Ananthabala Krishna Mam in Ragam Ishamanohari. They were accompanied on the violin by Aakash Ramesh. The next performance was by Agni Rao, Pooja Kini and Aditi Srinivas who rendered the kritis Tripura Sundari and Gopika Manoharam in Ragams Sama and Mohanam respectively. They were accompanied by R Ranjana on the violin. S Sathyasree and Sanjana Arun Kumar then rendered the beautiful Pahimam Parameshwari in Mohanam and Neelotpalamba, a vibhakti kriti in Chhaya Goulai. They were accompanied by Brinda Radhakrishnan on the violin. Madhuritu Bahar then rendered Parandhamavati in the lilting Dharmavati and Sri Madhurapuri in the majestic Bilahari Ragam with the able accompaniment of Gayatri Krishnamurty on the violin. The next performance was by V Akshaya and G Aparna. They invoked the Mother Goddess through to the kriti Madhuramba Jayati and paid homage to the red-hued Ganesha through the kriti Rakta Ganapatim with the able accompaniment of Brinda Radhakrishnan on the violin. The penultimate programme was a vocal duet by Ranjit Nath and G Arvind Raghav who rendered the kritis Sri Parvati in the beautiful Ragam Bauli and Madhavam Bhajeham in Ragam Devamanohari. They were accompanied by Aakash Ramesh on the violin. The final programme was a sangitanjali by Santa Janakiraman who sang Balambikayayi in Nattai Kuranji and Abhayambikayi in Yadukula Kamboji. She was also accompanied on the violin by Gayatri Krishnamurty. Sri S Venkataraman adeptly accompanied the students on the Mridangam throughout the programme and Sri R.Srinivasan joined hands in the last 2 sangitanjali. The first day of the Aradhana Utsavam was a grand success with the efforts and constant guidance of our Guru A Srividya. The audience was content, looking forward to the next session tomorrow.

Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 27/10/2022

Guruguha at Kashi- a mash-up of spirituality, music, and festivity.

As a student of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya, one is often regaled with tales of how the great composer and philosopher Nadajyoti Muthuswami Diksh*tar under the tutelage of his guru Chidambaranatha Yogi, spent some years of his youth in the holy, ancient city of Kashi/ Varanasi. Here Diksh*tar practised Vedanta, Yoga, Tantras, Sri Vidya Upasana, besides composing some of his beautiful krithis, drawing inspiration from Hindustani classical music tunes.
The Vidyalaya released a four-part series on its Youtube channel titled ‘Kashi Kaandam’ as part of its Jayanthi Utsavam celebrations in 2021 which attempted to cover all the Kashi Kshetra krithis composed by Muthuswami Diksh*tar, Brahmashri A. Ananthakrishnan Iyer, and Vishwanathashtakam and Annapoorna stotram composed by Adi Shankaracharya (both tuned in Ragamalika format by Brahmashri A. Ananthakrishnan Iyer, founder of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya). The bhava-laden kritihs on this kshetra inspired the students profoundly. They were deeply immersed in the divine beauty of the compositions and deities and their wish to visit this spiritual kshetra attained fruition in October 2022.
On 22nd October, 2022 students and few of their parents reached Varanasi. They first paid a visit to the Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, where they engaged in rendition of kritis such as Veera Hanumathe, the nottuswaram Anjaneyam Sada Bhavayami and the Hanuman Chalisa. This was followed by a visit to the Shri Vishwanath Mandir situated inside the Banaras Hindu University campus. The students’ enthusiasm grew leaps and bounds as they were joined by their Guru A. Srividya for Ganga aarti at Assi ghat in the evening. The ‘gambhira kaye’ Ganga due to risen water-levels did not permit a boat ride but the beauty of the aarti stimulated everyone and led by their Guru, the students rendered the kriti ‘Gange Mam Pahi’ in raga Jenjuthi as an offering to Devi Ganga. A visit to Varanasi would not be fulfilling without visiting the temple of the Kotwal of Varanasi, Lord Kaal Bhairav. So, the subsequent visit was to the Kaal Bhairav Mandir where the students rendered the kriti ‘Kaala Bhairavam Bhajeham’ in raga Bhairavam.
The temple trot resumed the next day with the darshan of Devi Varahi at the Sri Varahi Devi Mandir and Diksh*tar’s kriti ‘Varahim vaishnavim’ in raga Veghavahini on the deity was rendered by the students. This was followed by the darshan of Lord Brihaspati at Sri Brihaspati Mandir where the Navagraha kriti of Muthuswami Diksh*tar, ‘Brihaspathe’ in raga Athana was rendered by Brinda Radhakrishnan. Situated along the banks of river Ganga in Dashashwamedh ghat is the temple of Sri Dashashwamedheshwar Mahadev which also houses the idol of Devi Sh*tala. The serenity surrounding the temple evoked a feeling of bliss and was followed by sangitanjali- ‘Sh*talambam sada bhajeham’ in raga Vasantha composed by Brahmashri A. Ananthakrishnan Iyer, ‘Vishalakshim Vishweshim’ in raga Kashiramakriya and ‘Marakatha Lingam’ in raga Vasantha by Muthuswami Diksh*tar were rendered by the students.
In the evening the students then offered their sangitanjalis in the holy temple of Sri Chakralingeshwar situated on the Hanuman Ghat. The significance of this temple, where Diksh*tar resided with his Guru Chidambaranatha Yogi and where the latter’s Samadhi is located underneath the Shiva Linga, made the performances more profound and spiritually uplifting. It included renditions of all the kritis composed by Muthuswami Diksh*tar on Kaashi kshetra and other kritis composed by him on Shiva, Parvathi, and Subrahmanya. The highlight of the evening was the sangitanjali by Guru A. Srividya, whose astounding rendition of the kritis ‘Ehi Annapoorne’ in raga Punnagavarali and ‘Shri Vishwanatham’ in raga Bhavani (including shruti bhedam during the raga alapana) mesmerised everyone and motivated the students. The event concluded with a group rendition of Vishwanathashtakam and Annapoorna stotram set to tune in Ragamalika format by Brahmashri A. Ananthakrishna Iyer.
The final day of stay in Varanasi coincided with the Deepavali festival and began with an early morning darshanam of Lord Shiva at the very famous Kaashi Vishwanath temple, where the entire atmosphere was charged with prayers to the Lord. This was followed by a visit to the Kaashi Vishalakshi temple where the students offered prayers and rendered Muthuswami Diksh*tar’s kriti ‘Vishalakshim Vishweshim’ in raga Kashiramakriya. It was the good fate of the students that made them witness the once in a year event of worshipping the golden idol of Devi Annapoorna (even Diksh*tar describes her as Suvarne in Ehi Annapurne) at the Annapoorna temple.
As an act of remembering the divine effulgence of the deities and paying respects to Nadajyoti Muthuswami Diksh*tar and all the Gurus, the students, with the blessings and guidance of Guru A. Srividya, concluded their trip to Varanasi with the rendition of Aradhana kritis of Muthuswami Diksh*tar at the Sri Chakralingeshwar temple.
This visit to Varanasi, which was ideated and got materialised under the able guidance of Guru A. Srividya, was so much more than a mere trip- it gave an opportunity for the students to grow spiritually, pay their respects musically, take initiatives to further their musical interests and celebrate the festival of lights, Deepavali by lighting the lamp of happiness within themselves.


Sri Gurubhyo Namah!

We are extremely happy to be inviting you all to our 187th Aradhana Utsavam of Nadajyoti Muthuswamy Diksh*tar where the students of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya would be offering their sangitanjali and we would have a grand audio-video presentation in our 4th session : Guruguha Mandira Parikrama- A musical tour of the Thiruvarur Thyagaraja Temple.

We are honoured to be joining hands with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Infosys Foundation.

Please do come in large numbers and grace the occasion with your presence.


On the auspicious occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi this masterful composition of Nadajyoti Muthuswami Diksh*tar in praise of the five-faced Lord Ganesha.

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PANCHAMATANGA | MALAHARI Composed by Nadajyoti Sri Muthuswamy Diksh*tar, this kriti is in praise of Lord Ganesha. The kriti is composed in the ragam Malahari set to Chaturashra Rupak...


On this auspicious occasion of Varalakshmi Nombu, we are happy to present Varalakshmim Bhajare in the ragam Saurashtram set to Adi talam composed by Nadajyoti Muthuswami Diksh*tar.

May the blessings of Devi Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity be up all.

VARALAKSHMIM | SAURASHTRAM On this auspicious occasion of Varalakshmi nombu, we are happy to present Varalakshmim Bhajare in the ragam Saurashtram set to Adi talam composed by Nadajyot...

Photos from Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya's post 15/07/2022

Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya celebrated Guru Poornima on the 13th July 2022 at Lion’s club Hall, Deshapriya Park, Kolkata organised by Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan. The programme started with the group rendition of our Vidyalaya’s Prayer song “Shriman Vigna” . After the welcome speech by Anjana Mohandas, the programme kickstarted with the childrens' rendition of Nottuswarams “Shakti Sahita”, “Varashiva Balam”, “Santatam Pahimam”, “Shyamale Meenakshi”, “Ramajanardhana”, “Vande Meenkash*tvam”, “Santana Sowbhagya” and “Samagana Priye” in Shankarabharanam paying homage to Sri Diksh*tar. These were adorably rendered by Abhinav Rajesh, Adwait Sriram, K.Ilakkiya and K.Devesh. They were followed by Shriya Shivakumar, Pallavi Arjun, Vaishnavi Pillai, Agni Rao and Rajeswari Ramakrishnan. They beautifully rendered the varnam “Sri Rajamatangi” in Suddha Danyasi, paying tribute to Muthiah Bhagavathar, and the Kriti “Sri Guruguha” in Devakriya. Joel Solomon, Anirudh Rao and Aishwarya Ramakrishnan energetically rendered the kritis “Shankarabhirami” and “Sri Parthasarathy” in Kamalamanohari and Suddha Danyasi respectively.
Obeisance to Thatha was paid with the rendition of “Hey Kali”, composed by him in Karaharapriya, by Madhuritu Bahaar and Saikripa Sivaram. They also rendered a brisk “Ramachandra Bhavayami” in Vasanta. Sailaja Ganavarapu, Serene Lydia and Roshni Ramakrishnan paid their homage to two different composers by rendering the popular kritis “Sarasaksha Paripalaya” in Pantuvarali by Swati Tirunal and “Marugelara” in Jayantasree by Saint Tyagaraja. A tribute to Mysore Vasudevacharya was paid by Aatmika Iyer, Hansika Iyer and Amrutha Sriram through the rendition of “Bhajanaseya Rada” in Dharmavati. They also sang the popular kriti “Himagiri Tanaye” in Suddha Danyasi thereby paying their tribute to Muthiah Bhagavathar. Reverence was offered to the Gurus of Sringeri Mutt with the song “Shankara Deshika” in Hamsanandi, composed by Bharati Theerta Swami of Sringeri Mutt by the Rajalakshmi Sharma, Sudha Krishnan and Lakshmi Iyer which was followed by the captivating “Samajavaragamana” in Hindolam. The next sangitanjali was a harmonious violin recital by V.Akshaya, R.Ranjana, G.Arvind Raghav N.Srividya, G.Aparna and Aakash Ramesh paying tribute to Diksh*tar and Thyagaraja with their compositions “Kamaksheem Kalyaneem” in Kalyani and “Niravadhi Sukhada” in Ravichandrika, respectively. It was heartening to see the stage full with so many violinists who had practiced so well to give such a synchronized performance.
There was another melodious violin duet by Brinda Radhakrishnan and S.Ranganathan. They played the navagraham “Budhamshrayami” in Nattai Kurinji paying homage to Diksh*tar. The boys duo Ranjit Nath and Arvind Raghav gave a crisp rendition in Vasanta with the kriti “Sheethalambam” following which they rendered the soothing “Shyamalambike” in Thilang.
Aakash Ramesh, G.Aparna and Sanjana Arunkumar rendered a majestic Simhendra Madhyamam with the rendition of “Kamakshi Kamakoti” and went on to pay their homage to Dayanand Saraswati by excellently rendering his most popular kriti “Bho Shambo” in Revati. The penultimate Sangitanjali was “Pamarajana Palini”, again in Simhendra Madhyamam and “Swaminatha” in Nattai which were rendered charmingly by Samyuktha Balakumar, R.Ranjana and V.Akshaya. The last Sangitanjali was by Brinda Radhakrishnan. She enthralled the audience by aptly ending with the rendition of the kriti “Guruguhaya Bhaktanugrahaya” in Sama . This was followed by a group rendition of “Srinathadi” ,”Manasa Guruguha”,”Vallideva Senapathe” and the Mangalam, “Maha Tripurasundari” in Madhyamavati.
All the renditions by the students, juniors and seniors, were captivating. It also showed their perseverance and hardwork and immersed the audience in devotion. Akshaya’s speech on different composers and Gurus from the beginning to the end was like an icing on the cake because the audience could connect themselves and give their obeisance to many immortal souls. All the students were blessed by their Guru A. Srividya who wished them a successful life and a blissful & long musical journey.
The programme concluded with the prize distribution for the quiz held on 26th June 2022 during the Shyama Shastri programme and the Vote of Thanks. Delicious Sundal and Maa ladoo (sponsored by S.Ranganathan), were served as Prasadam. The audience were spiritually happy and dispersed with sweet memories.


The students of Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya offered their Sangitanjali to Shyama Shastri, Subbaraya Shastri and Annaswami Shastri on the 25th and 26th of June, 2022 at Ved Bhavan which was organised by Guruguha Sangeeth Sammelan. The programme comprised a variety of kritis composed by all 3 composers interspersed with very interesting stories about the life and works of Shyama Shastri and his family. The stories were wonderfully narrated by Gayatri Krishnamurty. Ranjit Nath lucidly explained the meaning of various kritis.
On the first day , the programme began with the rendition of Vidyalaya’s prayer song “Sriman Vighna” in the ragam PurviKalyani. Samyuktha Balakumar and V Akshaya offered their sangitanjali to ShriShyama Shastri by rendering the kritis Ninnuvinaga in Ragam Purvi Kalyani and Kamakshi, a very soulful kriti, in Ragam Madhyamavathi. They sang a set of brisk Kalpana swarams for both the kritis. S Kavitha then rendered ShriKamakshi and Saroja Dala Netri ,very melodiously, set in Ragams Vasanta and Sankarabharanam respectively. The boys trio Arvind Raghav, S Sivasubramanian and Ranjit Nath rendered Sankari Samkuru in the lilting Saveri and Pahi Sree in the most beautiful Anandabhairavi Ragam. Their performance was mellifluous and was well appreciated. Next was a violin rendition by Shri S Ranganthan. He rendered the kriti Marivere Gati, again in the Ragam Anandabhairavi with a beautiful outline of the ragam and a set of Kalpana swarams. He then played the soothing Hamir Kalyani, beginning with a melodic raga alapana continued by the very famous Venkata Shaila Vihara. The rendition was a pleasure to listen to. S Sathyasree and Harini Sundar then rendered two kritis in the Ragams Saranga and Arabhi respectively. The kritis Shri Kamakshi and Palayashumam were rendered mellifluously. Aakash Ramesh was applauded by the audience for his elaborate alapana in Kalyani Ragam followed by the kriti Shri Kanchi and left them enchanted with his kalpana swarams. Our very dear Karthik Da (Shri B Karthikeyan) offered his Sangitanjali through his kritis Himadri Sute in Kalyani Ragam and Pahimam Sri in Nattai Ragam along with a virutam that he chose to enlighten the audience with. Finally, the programme concluded with the rendition of the Ratna Trayam, in Ragams Bhairavi, Todi and Yadukula Kamboji , the three masterpieces of Swarajatis, the form of composition introduced by Shyama Shastri . The compositions were rendered with utmost devotion by Samyuktha Balakumar, V. Akshaya, G.Aparna, Arvind Raghav, S Sivasubramanian, Ranjith Nath, S.Sathyasree, Harini Sundar, SanjanaArunkumar, Aakash Ramesh, KR Ramakrishnan and Brinda Radhakrishnan and touched everyone's heart. They were ably supported on the violin by S.Ranganathan and Gayatri Krishnamurthy. The first day of the sangitanjali was very successful and was well appreciated by all.
On Sunday, the programme began with a brisk rendition of Devi Brova in the ragam Chintamani, which happens to be the ragam introduced by Shyama Shastri himself by Brinda Radhakrishnan and Gayatri Krishnamurty. This was followed by S Sivasubramanian and Ranjit Nath's performance. S Sivasubramanian began with a very lilting virutham in Ragam Kalyani praising the Goddess Parvati followed by Paramukham Enamma in the sameragam. The kriti was embellished with a very swift set of kalpana swarams. Nextin line was an elaborate Ragam outline in Durbar by Ranjit Nath followed bythe beautiful kriti Meena Nayana. Their performance was highly appreciated by the audience. G Aparna and Sanjana ArunKumar went on to render the kritis Tarunam Iddamma and Maharagyni in Ragams Gowli Panthu and Bilahari respectively.KR Ramakrishnan next rendered the kriti Ennneramum in the very beautiful ragam Purvi Kalyani. His performance was splendidly ornamented with a brisk set of kalpana swarams. The fifth sangitanjali was that of Aakash Ramesh. He rendered the heart-warming kriti Mayamma Yanine in Ragam Ahiri and his rendition touched everyones' hearts. He was followed by Brinda Radhakrishnan who rendered the kritis Kanaka Shaila Viharini in Ragam Punnagavarali and the very famous Janani Ninnuvina of Subbaraya Shastri in Reeti Goulai. The kritis were nectar to the ears. Ramakrishnan rendered another kriti, Inkevarunnaru in Ragam Sahana. He was followed by Brinda Radhakrishnanwho rendered Shri Kanchi Nayike in the lilting Asaveri ragam. The programme concluded with the rendition of a Mangalam kriti in Ragam Kalyani and the words 'Mangalam Jaya Managalam Shubha Mangalam' by Samyuktha Balakumar, V. Akshaya, G.Aparna, Arvind Raghav, SSivasubramanian, Ranjith Nath, S.Sathyasree, Harini Sundar, Sanjana Arunkumarand Aakash Ramesh really ended the programme on a positive note. Sri KG Prasad gave a wonderful accompaniment on the Mridangam on both the days for all the renditions. S. Ranganathan, Gayatri Krishnamurthy, V Akshaya and Aakaskh Rameshalso ably supported the artists on violin in their respective renditions.There was a short but very engrossing quiz based on the stories narrated earlier conducted at the end of the programme that put our inquisitive minds into test. The audience left with melodious music filling their hearts along with sumptuous prasadam on both days.
The programme was a successful one with all the efforts put in by Guru Srividya Akka to bring out all the rare gems of Shyama Shastri and his family. The programme was well enjoyed by the rasikas leaving them waiting for more.

Written by : V Akshaya

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