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Photos from Bodhisukha School - Senior Secondary's post 22/06/2023

When alumni students and teachers meet, it is always a special occasion. It is a chance to reminisce about the past, to reflect on the impact the educational experience had on their lives, and to share stories of success and the future plan for the next move in their lives. It is a time to celebrate the shared bond and to recognize the hard work and dedication of both the students and the teachers. It is a reminder of the importance of education and how it can shape the lives of those involved.

Photos from Left: Ritika Karmakar, Kaustav Dhali, Saheli Sarkar, Ven. Dr. Nando Batha, Shibsankar Das, Che Garcia.


Indian Express

Is prayer the answer to your problems? Pass on the message to those who need it the most! :) Yours Wisely


A Dog's Gotta Do What a Dog's Gotta Do, February 5, 2018 As 2017 wound down, we threw ourselves into preparing materials. We had to polish Step by Step, rewrite exercises for some of the stories, organize the Activities and Logic Exercises, and prepare copies of the games (Buddhist Go Fish, Word Rummy, two kinds of Concentration, and two kinds of Karuta--...


Wisdom Monthly Digest


Bodhisukha School

Activities based Teacher Training at Bodhisukha School


Bodhisukha School

Bodhisukha School has organised an Educational expedition to Bodhgaya (the land of enlightenment) and Nalanda (the centre of learning) on and from 15th to 18th December 2017. The toppers from Class V to IX were selected. The expedition was so eventful that the students will never forget in their life. While they were staying at Mahabodhi Parahita Temple at Bodhgaya, they were playing a blindfold game. Please enjoy the video.


Bodhisukha School

The Students of Bodhisukha School on the most unforgettable expedition to Bodhgaya and Nalanda





Bodhisukha School



Bodhisukha School


Children's Day Celebration1

Class picnic for Children's Day celebration at Bodhisukha School


Bodhisukha School

Bodhisukha school, affiliated to CBSE, has organised Free Health Check-up and Health Awareness Camp on Dengue in collaboration with Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Barasat, on 09-11-2017. The occasion has been graced by Mr. Sunil Mukherjee, honourable Chairman of Barasat Municipality, and Mr. Tapas Dasgupta, honourable Councillor, and reputed Doctors and Nurses from Narayana Hospitals. Prior to this camp, on 8-11-2017, the students from class I to X were instructed to do the project-works on Dengue Awareness, which definitely will help the public in fighting the dreaded disease. The school has already taken all necessary measures as being well aware of alarming nature of the disease. In fact, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to contribute to fighting the contamination that produces the epidemic.


မဟာေဗာဓိပရဟိတေက်ာင္း၊ ဗုုဒၶဂယာ။

Bodhisukha Parahita Temple and Bodhisukha School, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, organised Buddha Purnima Celebration today at School Campus, Kathor, P.O. Badu, P.S. Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. All teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students from class VI to X were present on the occasion. Ven. Dr. Nando Batha, chairman of the School management committee gave key address regarding the significance of the three events of the Buddha - Birthday, enlightenment and Mahaparinibana. The chairman highlighted the message of the Buddha "Where there is loving-kindness, there will be peace". After chairman's address, all present observed five precepts - abstain from killing others, abstain from stealing other's belongings, abstain from sexual misconduct, abstain from telling lies and abstain from intoxication, Mr. S.S. Das, manager of the school, has started with quiz section based on Buddhism and Buddhist literature, followed by singing and dancing performances by the students. After chairman's votes of thanks to all invitees, the program was ended with serving of egg-birayani.

May Peace prevail in the world!


Nothing is impossible if you think possible.


Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission's cover photo


Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata

Dr Rupali Basu, President and CEO ER, Apollo Hospitals Group, India,(at the centre) with Alyssa McCormick, International Affairs Lead for Programs and Education, Birgit Roy, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships and Business Development on her right and Prof (Dr) Rabin Chakraborty, Regional Director and Head, Apollo Gleneagles Heart Institutes, Kolkata, Connie Liu, International Affairs Lead for International Centers of Excellence, and Barbara Christenson, Director of NCDR Registry Services, on her right, while receiving the International Centre of Excellence Certificate from members of American College of Cardiology on 3rd February, 2017.


မဟာေဗာဓိပရဟိတေက်ာင္း၊ ဗုုဒၶဂယာ။

Mahabodhi Society, Bangalore, was established in 1956 by the most venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita. The main objects for which the Society was founded are to put into practice and to teach the most sacred teachings of the Buddha through spiritual, educational, medical and other humanitarian services. Unfortunately founding star Acharya passed away on 23rd September, 2013. Though the most Venerable Acharya is no more physically, the Society can maintain its developmental trend. Moreover, the Society successfully establish many branches in north-eastern states of India. One of the most outstanding works undertaken by the Society is establishing of nunnery School at Arunachal State. The head nun is Sayalay Yasa Nandi from Myanmar.
I was honored by inviting to attend the Annual Function organized by Mahabodhi School, Mysore Branch, on 6th January 2017. I was being amazed by the most beautiful performance of the students, which will remain forever in my mind's eyes.


An old friend from the East: Modi meets Myanmars Aung San Suu Kyi Prime Minister Modi met State Counsellor and Foreign Minister of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi in New Delhi on Wednesday.


Bodhisukha School

Admission opens for the academic Session 2017-18


Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata

120 & going strong Swami Sivananda gets his health checked at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata with

Clinically, his heart seems to be in good condition.The ECG and echocardiogram reports are awaited. He agreed to take medication for his high blood pressure but asked us if he could postpone it by five days so that he can work on reducing it on his own


Abuse of Mobile Phone (Annual Function 2016)

Mobile Phone becomes part of life. However, misuse of it will carry bad impact on our daily life.


Six Ways To Teach Mindfulness To Children - Mrs. Mindfulness Whether you’re an educator, a parent or a caregiver, you can teach mindfulness to the children in your life. Here are six simple ways to do just that. Oh, and before you begin your mindfulness exercise, make sure to turn off any distractions, such as television or video games, and be sure cell phone…


The New York Times

There’s still time to rethink your New Year's resolutions.


India to allow minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh to stay without papers Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi government came to power in May last year, several steps including issuance of Long Term Visa (LTV) for these refugees have been initiated.


PM Modi at Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya


မဟာေဗာဓိပရဟိတေက်ာင္း၊ ဗုုဒၶဂယာ။


Laughing Colours



Bodhisukha School

Bodhisukha School celebrated 69th Independence Day on 15th August 2015. It is the most auspecious day for all Indians. When the chairman of Bodhisukha School managing committee Ven. Dr. Nando Batha hoisted the National Flag sharp at 9:30 am, all the students in their white P.T. Dress with a tag of National flag on their chest started chanting "JAI HIND" at the same time some of the students along with our music teacher were singing "VANDE MATARAM". The moment was really remarkable. After that our chairman ventured a few words regarding freedom. According to him education can only reveal to us the real meaning of liberation. So he told the students to be a real human being with proper educational background. His precious speech was followed by Sujay Chatterjee's, (one of the students of class X of our school) speech. Then came patriotic songs and graceful dances one after another. Under the active supervission of our trained and elligable teachers, all the students performed their program very nicely. Afterthat we offered all the students and other personals present their some snacks and chocolates. The programme ended at arround 11:30 am when each and every one stood up and sang our National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana...." with full respect and proper courtsy.


It’s too late to save our world, so enjoy the spectacle of doom The business world is right – let’s just get on with the third Heathrow runway, and the extinction of all life on Earth while we’re at it – why delay the inevitable?


Fake Buddhist monks a growing global problem A new panhandling trend takes advantage of the public's image of Buddhist monks as harmless. The problem is only growing more pernicious.


New study reveals coffee can enhances physical performance, make legs stronger | Latest News &... New study reveals coffee can enhances physical performance, make legs stronger - A new study has found that having coffee before hitting the gym enhances physical performance and makes legs stronger.


Dharma Avenue

"The evil-doer suffers
here and hereafter;
he suffers in both the worlds.
The thought,
'Evil have I done,'
torments him,
and he suffers even more
when gone to realms of woe."

~ Dpd 17 - Gotama Buddha


Laughing Colours

Once Buddha Said...


New medicine could help diabetics save Rs 10,000 per year A new anti-diabetes drug from the ‘gliptin’ family soon to be launched in India promises to lower treatment cost for patients by 55-60%.


PM Modi at inauguration of International Buddha Poornima Diwas Celebration 2015

The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi will be the Chief Guest at International Buddha Poornima Diwas Celebration 2015. Dr. Mahesh Sharma, H...


Dharma Avenue

"Many people who investigate Chan commit two mistakes: one is having an unsettled state of mind, the other is drowsiness. They are either having idle thoughts or falling asleep during their meditation."

~ Master Hsuan Hua


Bodhisukha School

Report on 14th annual functionBodhisukha School is not only a name any more. It has become the symbol of excellence. The founder and director of Bodhisukha School – Ven. Dr. Nando Batha opines that real social work is to provide quality education to the new generation because the new generation is the back bone of every nation. By following the path shown by such an eminent social reformer, we have successfully completed 14 years. The foundation day of our beloved educational institution is on 4th April. Every year we use to celebrate the day in great manner. As we are on the threshold of getting C.B.S.E affiliation, we have celebrated our foundation day and annual function in a bit extra ordinary way this year. Many eminent persons came to be the part of this grand programme. The garland of the programme was knitted with many astonishing performances which were performed by the students of our school. And, yes, they have proved themselves in every sphere of talent hunt. It is definitely proved once again that under the active supervision and guidelines of our highly qualified faculties, the students have become precious gems to the society.The programme was started with valuable speech of our director Ven. Dr. Nando Batha after lightening the inaugural lamp. Then some students of our school welcome the guest with flowers and gifts. After that the stage was actually captured by the upcoming singers of our school. With entire band set up they sang 20 contemporary songs respectively. The audience became over whelmed by seeing the performance. Thereafter, it was time for magic show. The Magician, Debasish Roy is from ‘Bharatia Bigyan Mancha’. Actually through that show he has told us – magic is not a super power, it is nothing but science. He told the same thing which our director sir use to tell that ‘we have to be free from every superstition to get success in life’. Now it was time for dancers (School students only) to show their talent. They danced gracefully and everybody present there, admired and agreed that throught the year they have been taught dancing very beautifully by our dance teacher. By performing in a one act play – ‘Sakshi Siyal’ our students proved their acting capability too. The programme was concluded with a beautiful and touchy dance drama – ‘Tushar Mala’.When our director was conveying vote of thanks to everybody, it was 7:30 p.m. by the watch. In this five and half hours programme everybody present there felt real happiness, amazement, purity and understood what actual education means – actual education, according to our director – Ven. Dr. Nando Batha is ‘overall development of a student in educational, social and cultural field. With the best regards,S.S. Das

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