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Netflix binge is cool 😎, but it won't magically upgrade your English speaking skills 📺🚫🗣️.

Watching Netflix can be fun but to really improve, you need to practice speaking, listening, reading and having conversations. 💬💡

That's why at Binge English we have the entire ecosystem system that helps in building the skill along with having fun in the journey ;(😉 💯✔️

Connect with like minded speakers, join our reading groups, & many more by signibg up for our fluency building focused classes! 🌟 Let's get that English game strong! 💪👩‍🏫 "

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It's an interesting fact, isn't it? Does it make you fascinated or intrigued to more about languages?

(Long Post Alert: Full Explanation Ahead:)

Language evolution is a fascinating process that often involves borrowing words from other languages, adapting them to fit linguistic patterns, and sometimes creating entirely new terms. 📜📃

Let's use the word "pineapple" 🍍 🍍 as an example of how languages evolve from a base language like Sanskrit:

1. **Origin in Sanskrit**: The word for "pineapple" originated in Sanskrit as "ananas" (अननस्).

2. **Spread through trade and cultural exchange**:

As civilizations traded goods and ideas, the word "ananas" might have spread to neighboring regions and languages, such as Persian, Arabic, and later, European languages.

3. **Adaptation in different languages**:

As the word traveled, it underwent changes to fit the phonetic and grammatical rules of each language. For example:
- In Spanish and French, it became "piña" and "ananas" respectively.
- German retained a similar form with "Ananas."
- English, through colonial interactions, adopted "pineapple" instead, likely influenced by the similarity of the fruit's appearance to pine cones and apples.

4. **Borrowing and loanwords**:

Languages often borrow words from others, especially when they encounter new concepts or objects. For instance, languages in South Asia like Hindi and Bengali may have borrowed "pineapple" from English as "pineapple" (पाइनएप्पल in Hindi, পাইনাপল in Bengali).

5. **Innovation and creation**:

Sometimes, languages innovate and create new terms based on existing words or concepts. For example, in languages where "pineapple" wasn't initially present, they might create a compound word or descriptive term for the fruit based on its characteristics or other known fruits.

Overall, the evolution of languages, including the adoption, adaptation, and innovation of words like "pineapple," reflects the interconnectedness of cultures and the dynamic nature of human communication.

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Most of the time we desire but don't take action.
& a few years later we regret or lament that had we taken action then, we would have learnt by now or life would have changed for the better!

What's your current procrastination about?
Are u aware of it?
These questions have helped me a lot. I learnt it from my mentor Ritu Agarwal. Check them out✔️

1. What do you desire but don't action for?
2. How are you creating it or allowing it to happen?
3. What are you pretending not to know?
4. What is the payoff for keeping it like it is?
5. What is the cost for not changing it?
6. What would you rather be experiencing?
7. What actions will you take and what requests will you make to get it?
8. By when will you take that action?
9. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest, will you follow through this action?)

Stay Hungry, Stay Smart🤓
Happy Weekend 😀


Let's leave You with this Question!
Hard Skills or Soft Skills - Which is most important?Let me know what you think through this poll!💭


Grammar is no Rocket Science!!🚀
Yes! Really! I say this with the confidence of the hundreds of successful results I get from my students:) 🏆😊
No Complex Entangled Rules to worry about! 😌

It's only a matter of brushing up your concepts along with right guidance. 📚👍

What one requires is to comb out common errors such as "I did not knew" or "the child have eaten" etc. that give away the charm & polishedness from your conversation. That's it! Only small common mistakes correction is good enough.

The only syllabus in Grammar that one requires for the purpose of flawless speaking, in the midst of those thick Wren n Martin Books consists of these 3 chapters- Parts of Speech, Tenses & Subject Verb Agreement ✌️🕶️

When a professional or a womanpreneur comes to Binge English, they invariably always say that if only someone has clarified their concepts in such crystal clear manner earlier, their Communication journey would have been simpler & smoother.🗣️💼

And this is one of the most important missions of Binge English!
To make Grammar a Cakewalk for you.
To make it simple, clear & easy.🍰👣

We accompany Grammar learning with exercises, wrap it in fun games, make it a matter of discussion in break out rooms, & though it may look not so fun, but that's an experience you need to go through yourself. 🎲🗣️

This is one Grammar Video to give you an idea. 📽️👀
And One Big Invitation to reach out to us to bring clarity in your concepts, awareness in your mind & right grammatical changes in your speech.📩🎉

Happy Weekend:)
Keep Smiling:)
Keep English Binging:)


Only Legends / OR True Book Lovers would completely get it!! 😉✌️🤓✔️

Those who are ardent fans of the Twilight Saga, give me a cheers 🥂

This book had so much depth. The 18 year me was obsessed with the paradoxical love of Edward & Bella🤓 How every instinct in the vampire body of Edward wanted to devour Bella (literally!!). The raging thirst & ache in his throat whenever Bella was around was described in such graphic detail but ofcourse he was madly in love with her and he fought all those bodily century old instincts even though it was sheer torcher and kept Bella away from all dangers including her biggest danger that was Him.

I remember how I liked the movie but knew that it doesn't cover even 1% of the deepest love chemistry that was shared between them🤷😊

Keep Reading
Keep Binging on English Guys;)
Happy Sunday

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Are u the busy bee, 🐝, lately, in your circle?
Is it because you are learning a new skill or on a mission to upgrade yourself, be it by being on a health mission or any other that you are actively pursuing in your life right now! 🚀📚💪

Being busy is mostly a side takeaway of managing & or juggling our highly demanding life!!🔄🤹‍♂️🕰️

Let me tell you, Ladies & all my lovely Insta Fam that I completely resonate with You!💁‍♀️💖📸

Maintaining a healthy life, along with managing your own business, social media accounts, running a household, engaging in skill enhancement commitments, & following my daily routine of atleast 10 minutes of reading, listening, meditating etc etc can be quite overwhelming!😅📈💼🏡📚🧘‍♂️

I take my inspiration from knowing so many women who are doing much more than & creating huge impacts in the life of every one around them with a smile on their faces & joy in their heart! 💪😊❤️

What helps me, which can aid you too is to remember that "You are doing the best You Can!" And nothing in this journey of life is worth the cost of losing our joy! ✨💖🌟

We must keep our joy & smile intact & thriving in this hustle.😄✨🚀

Also, setting boundaries will help you become guilt free, baggage free & impart the much needed peace in the mayhem of life.🛑🎒✌️

Above are some ways of being busy in style.
Hope you would save it, remember it & replace busy with your new vocab!📝💡🔄

Cheers to leading a happy harmonious daily life!🥂😊🌟

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🌟 Our national language is more than just words; it's a reflection of our history and culture 📜

🗒️One's language shapes us in more ways than we take for granted. The popular phrases in one’s language often shapes our inclinations & preferences. ✍️

🔠 With each syllable, we paint the canvas of our memories and heritage 🎨

🤓It’s an interesting fact that we have no national language in India as per Constitution, although Hindi & English both are considered as the official language!

🇮🇳Truly India is a land of diversity & one language doesn’t suffice our multi language, multi culture & multi religion Nation.

🇺🇲In the exact same way, since the U.S. has always been a multilingual nation, the U.S Government never declared an official language, though many of the states have declared English official in their respective states.


We have solutions to all the problems stated above! 🔑🚀
& Solutions to more problems that are specific to every individuals.

“How?” must be the next thing you want to know. Let's explore !🕵️‍♀️ We provide you- ( long list ahead!)

1. 🔥 Exceptional Content:
A) Extremely Popular Grammar Videos : ▶️ Here's A Sample:

B) 📖Reading Material : We have hundreds of books & Reading Material for you. ▶️Here's A Sample 🤓

C)🎧🎧 Listening Material : Not many understand how Listening is a great tool to improve your English receptive skills.
▶️Here's a sample of how we do it!
These are a fraction of the vast array of content specifically designed & curated after successful results with hundreds of students to make you A Confident & Fluent English Speaker in a fun, meaningful way & it has also transformed students into a life long reader.📘🤓🌱. But Content isn't enough.. You also need-

2.👩‍💻 Live Classes with Priya Jalan: 3 days a week with a small group of 4-6 people. 🎓

3.💬👥 Live Practice Class with other Trainer : 2 days a week Peer to Peer Classes under a trainer 🎙️🌟

4.🌏 Community Access: Mingle with like minded learners.

5.🎁 Unbelievable Bonus : Because we don't want your fluency to suddenly drop down after your classes are over. We provide 3 months of more assistance free of cost which includes
💡Free 1 Weekly Session with Priya Jalan along with all community members.
💡2 Peer to Peer Practice Session.

6. 🏆Hackathons: We conduct regular Vocabulary Hackathons, Speaking Hackathons etc to keep the learning process exciting, fun & add a dash of healthy competition to it.

Call us : 📞
DM us : 🗨️
OR Click on the button below : 👇👇
We are here to Serve You. Book A Free Discovery Call to discuss your specific problems & understand how we can help you!

It is never too late to be who you might have been! George Elliot

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Hungry😋& Angry😡 are the only 2 words which end in the suffix 'gry'. 🤓

Isn't the English language full of interesting facts. If you are also a nerd like me, a hi five & a warm welcome to my community to you, from my, your fellow nerd & Communication coach.

Stay Blessed😇
Stay Binging on English💯

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Download these beautifully made Flashcards to cherish & compliment Beautiful Homes decorated with love.



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To learn English Communication faster, 🚀 it is important to increase overall exposure to the English language. And what better and fun way to do that than 📚🌟 reading books! 📖📚

Truly, reading many books is like living many lives. 🌍📚🔍 You gain the experience of hundreds of other people by going through an average of 300 pages, and the joy and learning it gives you is unparalleled. 📖🌟🧠📚

At Binge English, fun stories form an essential part of speaking activities, vocab learning activities, and much more. Enrollment for the December batch is ongoing! 📆📝📚🎓


🚀 Have you joined Binge yet to boost your confidence? 🌟 What's stopping you? 🤔 DM us today! 📩💪😃

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😂😂😂😂 Fun With English! 😆Follow and Share Binge English to Learn New Words, Grammar, Pronunciation, and much more. 📚✍️🗣️

Join Binge English classes to become Fluent and Confident in English Speaking. 💬🎓 Hundreds have benefited and so can You. 👥🌟


New Reel coming out at 5!


Do you have similar experience? Tell me the books that fall into these 2 categories for you. ...For 2nd category, I vote for "The Autobiography of a Yogi" What's yours?


Are you a book lover? Does this sound familiar?😁😜

Let me know in the comment section 👀

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👉 Commas play immense role while speaking for advanced Speakers! 💬
Confused? 🤔
Commas, in their most basic form, represent a pause. ⏸
While speaking, it's crucial to take pauses at appropriate 🎯 places, helping others fully understand what you're saying. 👂

Yet again, for new learners of English Communication, 🌟 pauses or commas offer a chance to channelize your thoughts and streamline your ideas. ✍️📌📚

At Binge English, we teach all the skills and techniques suitable for basic, intermediate, and advanced learners of English Communication. 📚🎓🗣️
New Batches Starting from December. DM us to know more. 📅📩

For more such English tricks and tips, FOLLOW Binge English, Be A Confident Speaker.


"Learning English can be as fun as scrolling through reels - no need to set aside special time. Follow our Binge English page for a playful way to educate and enjoy your leisure time while learning English at the same time! Check out our social media handles for easy access!"

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