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Adamas International School is a co – educational day boarding school nestled in the Eastern Peripher

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Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀
Presentation by our student.


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🎨✨ Adamas International School's 2nd Art Exhibition! ✨🎨

🗓️ Date: November 22, 2023
🏫 Location: School Auditorium

We're thrilled to share the incredible talents showcased at our recent Art Exhibition! 🖼️ From ancient cave paintings to contemporary masterpieces, our students depicted artistic history through twelve stunning paintings.

🎭 Featuring works inspired by Bhimbetka & Ajanta caves, Mughal art, Kalighat paintings, and modern-day creations, our talented artists—Risha Roy, Sashwata Das, Swarnav Das, Pratibha Chowdhury, Ahana Bhowmik, Adrija Dutta, Shreyasee Routh, Suptoththita Mukherjee, Sowmya Das, and Dhrupad Porey—captivated our audience's hearts.

🌟 Each painting received tremendous appreciation! 🙌 We extend our artistic greetings to all the visitors who made this exhibition a resounding success.


Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀
Presentation by our students.



Dare to Dream of a world where every voice is heard, every right is respected. Dare to Defend the inherent dignity of every individual. On Human Rights Day, let's stand united for a future where freedom, justice, and equality prevail.


Presenting Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀



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Adamas International School proudly commenced the global with an inspiring dance-theater, 'I Rise.' 🌐🎭 Curated by educator Sohini Das Hartmann, the performance weaved a vibrant tapestry of artistic forms, resonating with our student leaders. Gratitude to activist Rishi Kant, journalist Anwesha Banerjee, and brave youth voices for sharing stories of courage, resilience, and determination. 🙏

Our senior students and the Interact club will host various activities and awareness sessions, fostering education on rights and responsibilities for a gender-equal world. 👫🌍 Proud of our future leaders striving for equality, respect, and dignity. 🌈


Greetings on behalf of Adamas International School.
We are happy to announce the first Alumni Meet, a momentous occasion to bring together the cherished members of our school.
This Alumni Meet is not just an event, it is a celebration of the lasting bonds forged during your school days. Join us for an afternoon filled with nostalgia, laughter and the joy of reconnecting with old friends and teachers.

Details of the event:
• Date: 22nd December 2023
• Venue: School Auditorium (3rd Floor)
• Time: 2:00 pm onwards
• Registration charges: Rs.500/-
• Last of registration: 15th December 2023. Spot registration will be not be accepted.
• Contact person for money transfer: Mr Jayanta Mukherjee - 9432885272

To ensure we can make this event as memorable as possible, we request you to fill out the Google form link given below to confirm your attendance:

*Registration for Alumni Meet 2023:*

*Please note:*
Even if you are unable to attend the Alumni Meet in person, we encourage you to fill out the form to stay informed with future alumni events, updates and keep the Alumni network thriving.

Let’s come together to celebrate and create everlasting memories.
Looking forward to your presence.

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Which category do you fall in? Let us know in the comments below. 👇


In our educational journey, from classrooms to courtrooms, from moulding minds to earning medals, we believe in unleashing the full spectrum of potential at every turn. Our commitment extends beyond academics, nurturing critical thinking and values that resonate from classrooms to real-world challenges. It's a transformative experience where every student is encouraged to explore, question, and achieve, creating a holistic environment that prepares them for success in both academics and life's diverse arenas.

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🏆 Exciting News! Adamas International School shines at Sci-Storm 2023! 🚀

We are thrilled to announce that Adamas emerged victorious at the Inter-School Scientific Model Making Competition, showcasing a perfect blend of creativity, accuracy, and presentation skills! 🌟

🥈 Congratulations to Nopany High School for securing 1st Runners-up, and kudos to The Heritage School for claiming the 2nd Runners-up position! 🎉

👨‍🔬 Dr. Abhijit Kar, Scientific Officer at JBNSTS, lauded the winning team's brilliance, emphasizing the relevance of their topic. 🌐

🚀 Adding to the excitement, Adamas students presented a stellar project on Chandrayan III, showcasing their profound understanding of space exploration and scientific research! 🌌

🌈 The science model competition, Chandrayan III demo, and art exhibition made it a holistic and enriching event for all! 🌐✨



Exciting News! 🗞️😄📢


From the rhythmic waves that surround our shores to the pinnacle of maritime glory, the Indian Navy stands as a symbol of unwavering vigilance and indomitable victory. Always navigating with precision, always defending with valour, the Navy's commitment echoes through the seas, securing our nation's maritime interests and fostering a legacy of triumph.

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🌟 SCI-STORM 2023 Results Celebration! 🚀🔬

🏆 Merit Certificate Winners: Mandela House

Amiyo Sadhukhan IX A DS
Bitan Chakraborty IX A DS
Devottam Das IX A DS
🌈 Senior Group (9-12) Gandhi House Participants:

Shreejit Mudi (10 A DS)
Biswayan Bhowmik (10 A DS)
Aastha Giri (9 A DS)
Rupsa Saha (11 Science A)
Ayanika Chatterjee (11 Science A)
Rahul Chakraborti (11 Science A)
🌟 Teresa House Participants:

Saanvi Ruia- 10 A (D.B)
Darsheel Goyal-10 E (D.B)
Rwikthee Chatterjee - 11 Science
Arpan Bhattacharya- 10 E (D.B)
Ahana Saha -9 B (D.B)
Juin Bakchi - 9DDB
🎉 Congratulations to all participants! 🎓 Let's celebrate the spirit of science and teamwork! 🚀🔍


Our commitment to excellence shines in our airy classrooms, labs, immersive AV rooms, & treasure trove library. Join our journey of holistic development! 🌱✨


Green veggies: a powerhouse for kids' health! Packed with vital nutrients, fiber for digestion, and immune-boosting vitamins. From strong bones to sharper minds, they're a must for holistic development! 🥦🥬

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🏡 Mandela House Science Fair Showcase! 🚀🔬

🔍 Physics Group 1 (Class VI to VIII)
Participants: Aishani Bhattacharya (6C DB), Archismam Chatterjee (8A DB), Afreen Sultana (8C DS)
🌬️ Model: Wind That Glows and Drives
🎯 Objectives: Boost critical thinking, analyze energy conservation, construct circuits
🔬 Research Highlights: Convert wind energy to light and car motion using Newton's third law

🌞 Physics Group 2 (IX to XII)
Participants: Devottam Das, Amiyo Sadhukhan, Bitan Chakrabarty
🌟 Model: Solar Flare (1st Prize Winner!)
🎓 Objectives: Analyze energy conservation, construct circuits, reuse light energy for phone charging
🚀 Research Highlights: Prototype metro compartment for energy-efficient phone charging

🧪 Chemistry Group 2
Participants: Aashna Biyani (9-B DB), Pari Sharma (9-B DB), Abhnanda Banerjee (9C DB)
🌈 Model: Red Cabbage Indicator
📚 Objectives: Test acidity/alkalinity, understand indicator preparation
🔍 Research Highlights: Diagnosing acidity levels in blood/urine, testing household chemicals

🔥 Chemistry Group 1 (VI to VIII)
Participants: Pourushaa Bhattacharya (VIIID DB), Shankho Ghosh (VIIC DB), Shaakyo Shaha (VIIIA DS), Gaurav Mandana (VIIA DS)
🔥 Model: Flammable Blend of LPG
📚 Objectives: Explore LPG as a multipurpose, clean fuel
💡 Research Highlights: Reduce air pollution, control heat for clean cooking

💧 Biology Group 1 (VI to VIII)
Participants: Yash Maurya (Vlll A DB), Vriddhi Agarwal (VI A DS), Daksh*ta Rathi (VII B DB), Adrij Bhattacharyya (VI B DB)
☔ Model: Rainwater Harvesting
🔗 Objectives: Use pumps, conserve rainwater, reduce water wastage
🌐 Research Highlights: Set up rainwater harvesting, reuse for irrigation, reduce water costs

🌿 Biology Group 2 (IX to XII)
Participants: Sreyan Goswami (IX D DB), Arijit Biswas (XI Sc A), Arna Chakrabarty (IX C DS), Saptarshi Sarkar (IX D DS), Diljot Singh Boparai (XI B Sc)
🌱 Model: Algae as Biofuel
📊 Objectives: Use pumps, extract biofuel from algae, understand eco-friendly biofuels
🔬 Research Highlights: Algal biofuel extraction, pros/cons of commercial use

💡 Chemistry Group 1 (VI to VIII) - Model 2
Participants: Mehul Mukherjee (VIII-B DS), Kanak Jain (VII-A DB), Bihan Biswas (VII-B DB), Anamitra Pal (VI-B DS)
☔ Model: Raindrop Electricity
📝 Objectives: Understand renewable energy, hydropower systems, environmental impact
🏡 Applications/Research Highlights: Off-grid power, emergency supply, rural development, water treatment

🌟 Join us on a journey of scientific exploration! 🚀🔬


Isn't it amazing? We can taste 1000-year-old honey, and it still tastes just as delicious! 🍯✨

Photos from Adamas International School's post 30/11/2023

🌟 Adamas International School students showcased their passion for science in a dazzling science competition! 💡 Teresa House led with two exceptional biology projects, Chemistry and Physics teams shone too. Check out the brilliance below! 🚀

Teresa House - Biology Project Group 1
🌳 Project Name: Teresa Central Park
👥 Students:

Sourav Agarwal (Class 8)
Juin Bakchi (Class 9)
Ahana Saha (Class 9)
Arpan Bhattacharya (Class 10)
Darsheel Goyal (Class 10)
Saanvi Ruia (Class 10)
Rwikthee Chatterjee (Class 11)
Ridhesh Narsaria (Class 12)
🏙️ Model: Sustainable hub inspired by 'One Central Park,' incorporating green building, rainwater harvesting, waste management, and vertical farming. A model for the future! 🌿💧🌐
Teresa House - Biology Project Group 2
⚡ Project Theme: Energy Conservation and Clean Energy
👥 Students:

Swarnadeep Kundu (Class 8)
Anandi Sengupta (Class 8)
Aishani Saha (Class 7)
Sharoni Satpati (Class 6)
Saranya Chakraborty (Class 9)
Omshika Chakraborty (Class 9)
🌇 Model: Smart City focusing on clean energy generation, including the innovative "artificIAL tree" for energy conservation. A shining beacon of sustainable living! 🌳🌟💡
Chemistry Project - Group 1
🔥 Project Theme: Hydrogen Fuel Cell
👥 Students:

Anirban Mondal (Class 8)
Anshuman Basu (Class 8)
Subhajit Saha (Class 7)
Samriddho Debray (Class 7)
⚡ Model: "Hydrogen: An Efficient Source of Energy" - Showcasing water electrolysis for clean energy, with a spotlight on hydrogen-powered cars. Driving towards a sustainable future! 🚗🔬⚡
Chemistry Project - Group 2
⚗️ Model Theme: Chemical Energy in Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
👥 Students:

Madhav Bagri (Class 10)
Debadrito Basu (Class 10)
Mriganka Dutta (Class 10)
Khushi Agarwal (Class 10)
🔬 Model: "Harnessing Chemical Energy" - A hands-on exploration of reactions, chemicals, and apparatus handling. Learning by doing! 👩‍🔬🧪🌡️
Physics Project - Group 1
🔦 Model Name: Manual Torch
👥 Students:

Aharshi Biswas (Class 7)
Inesh Biswas (Class 7)
Jaymalya Ray (Class 8)
💡 Model: Illuminate the future with the "Manual Torch," demonstrating how mechanical energy can power light without batteries or electricity. Bright ideas in action! 🔦🔄💫

Photos from Adamas International School's post 29/11/2023

Exciting News Alert! 🌟

Adamas International School steals the spotlight at Greenathon 2023, emerging as the true champions! 🏆👏

🥇 1st Position in G-INSPIRE (Web Designing):
Congratulations to Rachit Agarwal, Anmol Tiwari, and Bisrut Pyne for showcasing unparalleled talent! 🌐💻

🥇 1st Position in G-SCRAP (Coaster Painting):
Shreyasee Routh, you've painted success with your creativity! 🎨🌈

🥈 2nd Position in G-MUSE (Creative Writing):
Cheers to Shreya Chatterjee for weaving words beautifully! 📝✨

A big shoutout to our amazing Teacher Representative, Anindita Maitra ma'am, and the driving force behind it all, Teacher in Charge, Pooja Ghosh, ma'am! 🙌👩‍🏫

Special thanks to our Student Representative, Diljot Singh Boparai, for leading the charge! 🎉👏



At AIS, we believe that every student is a unique explorer, and our role is to provide them with the tools, guidance, and opportunities to navigate their path to a future filled with knowledge, personal growth, and unparalleled success. Join us in this remarkable voyage of learning, where each day is an opportunity to discover, excel, and make a difference. Admissions are now open, your adventure begins here.

Photos from Adamas International School's post 29/11/2023


🌟 Martin Luther King House Showcase! 🚀

On 22nd Nov 2023, our incredible team, featuring Arno Majhi, Ahana Ghosh, Adhyan Balasia, Risha Ray, Sahana Bhattacharya, Priyadarshi Majumdar, Enakshi Saha, Sayantika Manna, Nakrika Chakraborty, Bishal Bhattacharya, Rehan Siddique, Birila Tudu, Ritobroto Saha, Adila Sen, Aniruddha Chakraborty, Rajeshwari Sarkar, Sahil Sarkar, Yaman Chaudhury, Riddho Chakraborty, Anubhav Sil, Krittika Shrimal, Saniksha Gupta, Subhrajit Halder, Ahana Nath, Aishani Ghosh, Vansh Kaushik, and Sourya Dutta Roy, showcased an amazing exhibit on CONSERVATION OF ENERGY! 🌍 From a Heavy Lift Quad Helicopter Drone to a Lemon Battery and Microbial Fluid Cell, these young innovators displayed creativity and teamwork! 💡🌱 Join us in celebrating the dedication of each team member! 🤝🔬

Photos from Adamas International School's post 29/11/2023

🌐🔬 Students from Gandhi House of Adamas International School showcased brilliance at the inter-house science exhibition! 🏆 Ayanika Chatterjee, Rahul Chakraborty, Rupsa Saha, Shreejit Mudi, Biswayan Bhowmik, and Astha Giri rocked Biology with Bio Ethanol Production. 🌿🍹 Rishin Das, Annesha Roy and Samriddho Biswas nailed Physics with Automatic Streetlights. 💡💡 Manvi Goyal, Debjoyti Pal, Rishav Agarwal, Rankan Das, Aditya Roy, and Praneet Dey aced Chemistry with Chemical Traffic Light. 🚦💚 Lastly, Debarpita Panja, Sushmrity Mondol, Asmita Bhowmick, and Deeparnab Roy enlightened us about Green Engineering in Computer Science. 🌿💻


At Adamas International School, we provide a dynamic environment where creativity knows no bounds. From art classes that nurture self-expression to a thriving athletic program that fosters teamwork and discipline, our students are encouraged to explore their passions. In the classroom, on the field, and during exciting adventure outings, we believe in shaping well-rounded individuals who can dream, create, and achieve in a world full of opportunities.


May the divine light of Gurpurab shine upon you, filling your life with love, peace, and prosperity. As we honour Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings, let's embrace unity and compassion, spreading joy and harmony. Wishing all a blessed and illuminating Gurpurab! 🌟🙏

Photos from Adamas International School's post 25/11/2023

La Martiniere For Boys hosted the science festival "RELATIVITY 2023," bringing together 23 highly esteemed schools in Kolkata. In this exciting and intellectually charged competition, our school showcased determination and brilliance, proudly becoming the event's runner-up and taking home the second prize, guided by second-year students of BME. It demonstrated our dedication to both academic excellence and scientific research.

Adamas International School (AIS) secured the following positions:

1st position in:
Kryptonian - Chemistry experiment using kitchen ingredients
Nebulae - Poster making

2nd position in:
STEM Samurais - Quiz
Robomania - Robot making

There were 2 positions for overall Champion School:
First position - LMG
Runners up Trophy- AIS

Congratulations Team Adamas!!


Test your knowledge with this quiz question to see if you've got the historical insight!

Photos from Adamas International School's post 24/11/2023

Fostering a considerate society through simple acts: 'Please' and 'Thank You' for gratitude, 'Hello' for confidence, 'Excuse Me' for attention, sharing for teamwork, proper manners for etiquette, 'I'm Sorry' for mistakes, listening for empathy, and cleaning up for responsibility.


Welcoming the Goddess with open hearts, as power manifests and blessings of abundance unfold. 🌺✨


Team India, in the highs and lows, your commitment to the game is unmatched. Finals are a testament to your hard work. Regardless of the outcome, we stand with you, proud of the journey you've made. Victory or not, you're our champions. 🏏🇮🇳


We are delighted to announce that CBSE admissions are now open for Nursery and onwards, for the upcoming academic session 2024-25. Step into an educational journey where curiosity is sparked, creativity flourishes, and excellence is a way of life. Join us in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

For more details call us on: 8335008844/8479913763

Adamas International School Adamas International School is a co – educational day boarding school nestled in the Eastern Peripher


Let's test your grammar skills!
Put your linguistic knowledge to the test and share your answers in the comments section below.


Team India, may your every boundary echo the roar of a billion hearts. Best of luck for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup – play with passion, conquer with pride. Bring it home, champions! 🏏🇮🇳🏆


It's time to put on your thinking cap and challenge your wits as we explore this intriguing riddle and its captivating solution. Join us on a journey of riddles and brain-teasers that will keep you guessing and engaged. Can you solve the enigma?


Test your knowledge of chemistry and molecular compounds as you decipher the complex world of atoms and bonds. From organic compounds to inorganic marvels, challenge yourself to name these molecular structures and showcase your prowess in the realm of chemistry. Unleash your inner chemist and see how many you can successfully identify.


🍎 Empowering Teachers for Adolescent Growth!

👩‍🏫 The workshop, facilitated by Mrs. Salony Priya at Adamas International School on 8th November 2023, was exclusively designed for educators. It offered:

🌟 Insights into adolescent behavior, empowering teachers to understand and address challenges effectively.

📚 Techniques from the PERMA model aiding educators to foster positive relationships and enhance student engagement.

🌐 Building a community of skilled mentors, enabling teachers to shape adolescents into well-rounded global citizens.



🌟✨ A huge thanks to all who joined us for an enriching session! 🧑‍👧‍🧑 On Nov 8th, Adamas International School hosted an insightful workshop - 'The Art and Science of Parenting' for parents of classes VIII & IX. Led by renowned psychologist Mrs. Salony Priya, we delved into bonding with teens, tackled challenges, and fostered self-reliance. 🌱


Bhai Dooj encapsulates the essence of this beautiful relationship, a reflection of the enduring love and mutual support between siblings that weaves the fabric of a lifelong connection.

Photos from Adamas International School's post 14/11/2023

At Adamas International School we celebrate our children everyday as they are our soul. This year, to make the occasion of children’s day extra special, our teachers organised🌟 a spectacular show which showcased fantastic performances for our dear students. The students enjoyed every moment of it and made happy memories to cherish life long !! It was indeed a celebration to remember! 🎭👩‍🏫 Let's cherish these magical moments! 🥳✨ 🌈🎉

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About us

Adamas International School is a coeducational day boarding school nestled in the Eastern Periphery of Kolkata and established by Sachis Kiran Roy Memorial Trust.

Parallel to the day boarding also runs a day school.

A need for an academic institution to nurture young talents with state-of-the-art facilities and develop the skills to face the challenges of modern society initiated the Trust to set up AIS.

With the Paradigm shift in Education, the school’s thrust is to develop the skills to face the challenges of modern society and to provide a comprehensive education that will create creative, logical, analytical, and innovative minds.

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Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀Presentation by our student. #SciStorm2023 #AdamasWins #ScientificExcellence #ChandrayanIII #ArtExpres...
Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀Presentation by our students. #SciStorm2023 #AdamasWins #ScientificExcellence #ChandrayanIII #ArtExpre...
Presenting Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀#SciStorm2023 #AdamasWins #ScientificExcellence #ChandrayanIII #ArtExpression #Congratulati...
Presenting Sci- Storm 2023!🏆🚀#SciStorm2023 #AdamasWins #ScientificExcellence #ChandrayanIII #ArtExpression #Congratulati...
Diwali, the Festival of Lights, radiates within us a profound joy, embracing the warmth of togetherness, and symbolising...
As Maa Durga departs, we hope she bestows upon humanity all the blessings and joy. Subho Bijoya! 🙏🌟 #AdamasInternational...
It's a time to reflect on the triumph of good over evil and seek the blessings of goddess Durga for our educational jour...
On this Teacher's Day, we express our heartfelt gratitude to educators who embody these diverse roles with unwavering de...
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as the anticipation builds for Adaxenia '23! This upcoming event promis...
As we raise our tricolour flag high, let us renew our commitment to upholding these values, honouring the sacrifices of ...
In the captivating book of life, friends are the most cherished chapters that make our story complete. They are the char...
Adamas International School was honoured to host the ASISC Regional Painting Competition 2023 (WB & NE states) in its sc...





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