Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata

Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata

Lions Calcutta (Greater) Vidya Mandir is a signature project of Lions Club of Calcutta Greater

Operating as usual

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 11/12/2023

On 11th December 2023 the LCGVM has organized the excursion for classes Lower Nursery to Class 1 in the Golden Glow Resort which is huge garden area with park facility inside the campus.
The bus service was good as it took children smoothly to the destination and back to school safely.
Children enjoyed the mouth watering food given for breakfast and lunch which is apt to the chill winter.
The trip was recreational and educational as the child had to be self independent and take responsibility and enjoy the activities of the trip.
The enthusiastic students rocked the dance floor.
It was a wonderful and memorable experience for children as it ended with lot of fun and frolic.
We all had a great time capturing these happy exciting faces of the day and shared the same moments with their parents too.

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 08/12/2023

We are in December ❄️the coldest month of the year.🥶🥶 Its time to help Toddlers 👶👶 to discover the wonders of winter while they grow up, develop resilience and foster a fascination with the changing seasons.
Thus the little ones enjoyed making a Woollen Cap through cotton pasting activity ✋ with great fun and frolic

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 06/12/2023

Children of Toddler had a Palm printing activity. Children had great fun as these kind of activities not only stimulate creativity and imagination but also help in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 06/12/2023

Footprint Painting is a wonderful opportunity for little ones to learn cause and effect when they see that their feet are making prints on the paper. They learn tactile and sensory skills from touching the paint and feeling how paint feels on their skin and in between their toe.
The little ones of Toddlers were very excited to do the activity.

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 06/12/2023

🌟 **Exciting Day at LCGVM!** 🌟

👶🧑‍🔬 Today, our Toddler explorers from classes A and B had a blast with a tearing and pasting activity! 🎨 Tearing might seem simple, but it's a fantastic way for them to build finger and hand muscles, enhance fine motor skills, and sharpen eye-hand coordination! 🖌️🤲 These skills are crucial for their learning journey! 📚🌈

🎉 Their enthusiasm for this activity was absolutely contagious! 😍💃 They had a wonderful time, filled with joy and excitement! Let's keep nurturing their creativity and growth every step of the way! 🚀✨


Wishing all the students and parents of LCGVM School a joyful and luminous Diwali!

May this festival bring light, happiness, and prosperity to your lives. 🪔✨

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 11/11/2023

Happy Diwali! 🪔✨

Our little ones at LCGVM celebrated by spreading light and joy through a candle decoration activity.

Watching their excitement and learning about the occasion was truly heartwarming.

Wishing everyone a bright and joyous Deepawali!

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 11/11/2023

🍕 Exciting Pre-Diwali Celebration Alert! 🎉

LCGVM students showcased their culinary creativity with a non-fire cooking activity – Bread Pizza!

The classroom turned into a hub of deliciousness as our talented students crafted mouthwatering pizzas, adding their unique twists to the classic recipe.

Our young chefs left no crust unturned in making this pre-Diwali celebration a delightful one.

Let's spread the joy of festive flavors! 🎊


Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 11/11/2023

🪔✨ Celebrating Diwali at LCGVM! 🌟

Our talented students lit up the campus with vibrant activities! 🎉 Class 3 got artistic, decorating candle stands, showcasing their creative flair for the festive season. 🕯️ Meanwhile, Class 4 adorned their classrooms with stunning Torans, featuring a variety of shapes and patterns. 🎨😍

The day was a burst of fun and laughter, providing a refreshing break before diving back into the upcoming days of hard work and studies. 💪📚

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 11/11/2023

🪔✨ Embracing the radiant festivities of Diwali at LCGVM with pure joy and vibrant activities! 🌈 Students from classes 1 and 2 came together to add a burst of color and strengthen the bonds of friendship. 🤝 Amidst the usual academic routine, the day unfolded into a tapestry of delightful moments.

The young hearts engaged in a heartwarming non-fire cooking activity, where they not only showcased their culinary skills but also shared the warmth of friendship by exchanging food. 🍴 The menu featured delightful treats like Minisandwich, lays chaat, bread roll, and Aloo Chaat, creating a gastronomic journey that mirrored the diversity of Diwali celebrations.

Laughter echoed through the corridors as the day progressed, creating an atmosphere brimming with fun and festive cheer. 🥳 These colorful activities not only added a vibrant touch to their routine but also etched memories of joy that will last a lifetime. Here's to the spirit of Diwali, uniting hearts and spreading happiness at LCGVM! ✨🎉

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 10/11/2023


🥇 *ARITRA GHOSH (XII-E)* and 🥉 *RAJDEEP NATH (VII-C)*, students of LCGVM, have dominated the *CISCE National Karate Competition 2023*! 🥋🏆

*(Age Category: Under 19)
*Weight Category: 82 kg*

*(Age Category: Under 14)
*Weight Category: 45-50 kgs*

A remarkable feat showcasing their skill and determination. Congratulations champs! 🌟👏 🥋🥇🥉





Category :- ARTISTICS (All Round)

Medals in Individual Events :- 👇

*Parallel Bar - 🥇 Gold Medal.*
*High Bar - 🥇 Gold Medal.*
*Pommel Horse - 🥈Silver Medal.*
*Floor exercise - 🥉 Bronze Medal.*
*Rings - 🥉 Bronze Medal.*

*Note :- Sayagnik Paul qualified for SGFI (School Game Federation of India)🎉👏*
*CONGRATULATIONS SAYAGNIK* !!!! Truly proud of you!!!

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 20/10/2023

🌟🎉 Embracing the Spirit of Durga Puja! 🎉🌟

A time for celebration, a time for the victory of good over evil, a time when the world witnesses the incredible power of good. 🙏✨

Durga Puja is here, and it's time to immerse ourselves in the festivities, create unforgettable memories with our loved ones, and cherish every moment. 🕉️❤️

Let us continue in the same spirit of togetherness and joy that this beautiful occasion brings.

May Goddess Durga shower her abundant blessings upon you and your family, filling your lives with happiness, prosperity, and love. 🙌🌺

Wishing you all a Happy Durga Puja! 🌼🪔

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 20/10/2023

Shapes are fun to learn, when done through an activity. Today our little 🤩 Stars of Toddler (A,B,C) 👧🏻👦🏻 had a wonderful time sticking fruits 🍊🍉🍓🥝🍎into skewers. 🍢
The fruits were cut into different shapes before sticking.
The kids enjoyed the activity very much. 😊
Here's to many more exciting adventures in learning!

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 14/10/2023

🌟 An Incredible Achievement at Melisma !! 🌟

We're thrilled to share that the talented students of LCGVM have once again made us proud at the Melisma event organized by Calcutta Girls High School! This marks their second appearance, and their performance was nothing short of spectacular!

Out of the five events they participated in, they clinched prizes in three of them:

🥉 Eastern Dance: 3rd Prize
🥈 Dhruvam (Jugalbandi): 2nd Prize
🥇 Impulse (Vocal & Instrumental): 1st Prize

Let's celebrate these outstanding moments our students have created at Melisma! 🎉🎶


🌟 Another Triumph for Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir! 🌟

We're thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our talented students at the Vivekananda Sammelan organized by Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College. This event, dedicated to the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, brought together schools from across the district in a spirited display of cultural and sportsmanship.

Our students shone bright in a diverse range of events, including Elocution, Recitation, Essay Writing, Yogasana, and Quiz, each reflecting their dedication and creativity. The Yoga competition, in particular, emphasized the vital role of yoga in mental and physical well-being.

🏆 Our Proud Prize Winners: 🏆

1. Purbita Roy - 1st - Yoga (Group B)
2. Sritama Das - 2nd - Bengali Recitation (Group A)
3. Simrin Sardar - 1st - Yoga (Group A)
4. Avilasha Debnath - 3rd - Yoga (Group A)
5. Ishani Kumar - 3rd - English Elocution (Group A)

Kudos to each participant who poured heart and soul into their performances.

May this success pave the way for even greater accomplishments in the years ahead! 🌟🏆👏

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 12/10/2023

🌟 Exciting News for Home Science Students! 🌟

Our 9-12 grade Home Science students recently explored NIPS (Hotel Management Institute), delving into the diverse world of the Hospitality industry. The workshop, led by experienced hosts, offered a peek into Hotel Management, Cruise liners, Aviation, and Event Management. 🚢✈️🎉

This invaluable experience covered the Institute, career options, and related courses in Hospitality & Management. From Front Desk Management to Bakery & Confectionery, students engaged in hands-on activities, including crafting Mocktails and cupcake decoration. 🍹🧁

With a focus on learning and fun, the visit clarified doubts and inspired future hospitality professionals. Our commitment as a school is unwavering, and we'll continue providing such opportunities for our students. Kudos to the 53 participants from grades 9-12, and special thanks to the Institute's Head, faculty, and interns for making it memorable! 👏👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 12/10/2023

🎉 Animal Welfare Day 2023🐾

On October 4th, Class III and IV came together for a fantastic day of creativity and compassion! 🐶🐱 We had a blast making masks and posters, all for a great cause - raising awareness for animal welfare and instilling important values.

A big shoutout to all the students for their enthusiasm and dedication! 🌟 Let's continue spreading love and care for our furry friends. 🐾❤️



🌟📣 **BREAKING NEWS!** 📣🌟

We are overjoyed to announce some truly extraordinary news!!!

Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata has achieved a remarkable milestone, securing the 13th position as the BEST SCHOOL IN THE STATE OF WEST BENGAL! 🥳🏆

This accomplishment signifies a substantial leap of 6 places from our previous ranking in the prestigious TIMES OF INDIA SCHOOL SURVEY! 📈

This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of every member of our school community. We couldn't have done it without the unwavering support and encouragement from our incredible Club members and the Lions fraternity! 🙌🦁

Let's celebrate this achievement together! 🥳🎉



🍎📚 Happy World Teachers' Day! 📚🍎

Today, we celebrate the incredible dedication, passion, and hard work of our amazing educators. They shape minds, inspire hearts, and light the way for future generations. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to education!

Let's take a moment to express our gratitude to all the teachers who pour their hearts into their work, making a positive impact on the lives of students every day. Your influence extends far beyond the classroom.


🌟 Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti at Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir! 🌟

On this auspicious day, we pay tribute to the beacon of peace and non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi.

🙏🏼 At Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, we are committed to instilling the values championed by Bapu in our students. 📚

Through holistic education, we strive to nurture young minds with empathy, tolerance, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Our curriculum not only focuses on academic excellence but also emphasizes character building and community engagement. 🌍

As we commemorate this day, we're delighted to announce that admissions are now open! Join us in sculpting a future generation that embodies the ideals of Gandhiji. 📖🌿

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 01/10/2023

✨ We're thrilled to share the incredible moments from the recent Open House Design Disha event held at Rotary Sadan on September 30th, 2023. 🎨

45 enthusiastic students from classes XI and XII delved into the diverse world of design, learning from industry experts and participating in hands-on workshops. 🏆

🌟 This is just the beginning! At LCGVM, we're committed to providing more platforms like this, nurturing creativity and innovation. 🌟

Stay tuned for more upcoming events and opportunities for our students 🚀🎨

Unlock a World of Possibilities – Enroll Your Child Today! 📚 💡

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 29/09/2023

After two consecutive weeks of A,B,C and D introduction.
Our little ones did an activity based on these 4 alphabets.
They colored different objects related to the given alphabets.
They thoroughly enjoyed the activity .🧒🧑

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 29/09/2023

This week our little twinkling stars🥰✨ had done the concept based on introduction of some basic geometric shapes🔺🟠🟩⭐
They did an activity based on shapes and the related objects.
Our little ones enjoyed it alot.

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 27/09/2023

Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, in its dedicated pursuit to offer exposure and opportunities to every student, sponsored four bright young minds from Classes X and XI for a special technical tour of the esteemed IIT Kharagpur.

On Saturday, 23rd September, 2023, these promising students were welcomed into the institution's premises, igniting a spark of scientific curiosity and fostering a keen interest in the realms of science, technology, and associated fields.

This initiative stands as a testament to LCGVM's unwavering commitment to nurturing a generation of inquisitive and forward-thinking scholars.

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 22/09/2023

Today our Toddlers (A,B,C) had their story telling Activity 🎀🪄
Their respective class teachers👩🏻‍🏫 told them a MORAL STORY about THE FROG AND THE FISHES 🐸🐟🐠🎣

The children 👧🏻👦🏻 enjoyed the storytime to the fullest. 🥰

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 15/09/2023

Hindi Diwas
Around 250 million people can speak Hindi all over the world. This is the beauty of the language that World Hindi Day is celebrated as
a festival by those who prefer speaking in Hindi.
Every year we celebrate this day on 14th September.

This year,our budding Lions were also involved in the celebration of this day. The budding Lionites of Junior School elocuted in Hindi language and celebrated the day.


🎉 Exciting News Alert! 🎉

📚 Step into a world of boundless learning and endless possibilities! We are thrilled to announce that admissions are now OPEN for the upcoming academic year at Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir!

🌟 Prepare to embark on a journey filled with innovation, creativity, and holistic education. Our dedicated experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities are ready to nurture young minds into future leaders!

🏫 World-class curriculum tailored for excellence.
🧠 Passionate educators fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
🎨 Vibrant extracurricular activities for a well-rounded development.
🌍 A diverse community embracing cultural richness.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Secure your spot today and join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Hurry, as seats are limited!

Let's make this academic year an unforgettable adventure in learning!

📞 For inquiries, feel free to contact us at 7044096127

The Best quality education at an affordable price! 🌟📚


लायंस कलकत्ता (ग्रेटर) विद्या मंदिर में प्रतिवर्ष की तरह इस वर्ष भी ' हिंदी दिवस' हर्षोल्लास के साथ मनाया गया ।हिंदी भाषा के उत्थान एवं इसके महत्व को समझाने हेतु विद्यालय प्रांगण में प्रतिवर्ष हिंदी को एक उत्सव के रूप में मनाया जाता है। ' हिंदी दिवस' के शुभ अवसर पर कक्षा एक से चौथीं तक के विद्यार्थियों के लिए काव्य - प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया था जिसका शीर्षक था ' काव्य चेतना'। इस प्रतियोगिता को देखने हेतु अभिभावकों को भी आमंत्रित किया गया था।अभिभावक भी नन्हें -मुन्ने बच्चों के काव्य - आवृत्ति को देखकर मंत्र - मुग्ध हो गए। इसके साथ ही समूह काव्य आवृत्ति ,काव्य प्रस्तुति, गीत एवं नृत्य का भी आयोजन किया गया था। विद्यार्थियों के उत्साह वर्धन हेतु विद्यालय की प्रधानाचार्या महोदया तथा उप -प्रधानाचार्या महोदया भी उपस्थित थीं। ' हिंदी दिवस - के महत्व और दशा व दिशा पर अपने विचार भी सभी के समक्ष सांझा की। विद्यार्थियों में हिंदी भाषा उत्साह हेतु कक्षा एक से चार के विद्यार्थियों को पुरस्कृत भी किया गया।

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 08/09/2023

On 8th September,2023 the little kids of Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir showcased their wonderful talents in participating in the Declamation Competition.Our school Principal,Vice - Principals, teachers, judges and parents were a part of this spectacular event. The students were dressed up as their idols, who ranged from freedom fighters to cricketers and leaders of states to movie actors. To bring out the inner orator hidden behind shyness and stage fright, the students of classes I to IV participated to convey socially relevant messages with clarity and emotion. All the competitors from the youngest to the oldest tried their best to deliver honest and sincere performances which moved the audience that consisted of their parents and teachers.

The passion and persuasiveness displayed by the students shined brightly as a beacon of hope and assured us that the future of the country will be in the hands of a generation steeped in the teachings of the past and are steadfast in their focus towards the future.

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 07/09/2023

The students of Pre-Primary wing celebrated Janmashtami, the day of joy and jubilation heralding the birth of Lord Krishna, the beloved of millions, with great zeal.
The tiny tots of Toddlers and Lower Nursery in the dresses of Lord Krishna and Radha turned the campus into Vrindavan.
They also participated in various activities, they made beautiful craft items like Krishna crowns and decorated ‘matkas’ with multi-coloured stones, mirrors, and glitters and showcased their gratitude towards Lord Krishna.
A short programme was done by the students of Upper Nursery and Kindergarten by singing and dancing with great joy.
An awareness on Janmashtami, the mythological stories on Krishna, Radha, Kansh – through a video were presented to the children.
Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd, pleasanter indeed than any happiness and joy is the power of the name of Krishna. The birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm.


As we celebrate this special day, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude and admiration for each and every one of you. Happy Teachers' Day!

Teaching is a profession that comes with its fair share of trials, tribulations, and challenges. We deal with everything from lesson planning to classroom management, from grading papers to nurturing young minds. It's not always easy, but you all make it look like a piece of cake!

Despite the obstacles we face, the greatest reward of our profession is the privilege of imparting knowledge and shaping the future of our children. Your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to our students do not go unnoticed. You are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes, molding young minds and instilling a love for learning.

I am continually inspired by the creativity and innovation you bring to your classrooms. Your ability to adapt to new teaching methods, technologies, and the ever-changing landscape of education is commendable. You are not just teachers; you are mentors, role models, and lifelong learners yourselves.

So, on this special day, I want you to take a moment to pat yourselves on the back and celebrate the incredible difference you make in the lives of our students. Remember that the impact you have today will shape the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, and your passion. You are the heart and soul of our school, and I am proud to work alongside such an exceptional group of educators. Here's to many more years of inspiring young minds and making a difference.

Happy Teachers' Day!

Principal, LCGVM

Photos from Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Chowhati, Kolkata's post 03/09/2023

LCGVM students of classes IX-XII highlighted the vital changes introduced in the Union Budget 2023-24

India has gone from 10th to 5th largest economy in the world!!

The government has recorded that per capita income has more than doubled to Rs 1.97 lakh in around 9 years!!

Jai Hind!


রাখি বন্ধন উৎসব পালিত হয় নারীর মনে তার রক্ষাকর্তার প্রতি অনাবিল ভালোবাসা সম্মান এবং বিশ্বাসের কৃতজ্ঞতা জ্ঞাপন থেকে। এই বন্ধন কেবল ভাই বোনের মধ্যে সীমাবদ্ধ নয়, পুরুষকে বিশ্বাস করে ভালোবেসে ত্রাণকর্তার অধিকার এবং সম্মান দেওয়ারও উৎসব। রবীন্দ্রনাথ ১৯০৫ সালে বঙ্গভঙ্গ আন্দোলনের সময় সাম্প্রদায়িকতার প্রতিবাদ হিসেবে যে রাখি বন্ধন উৎসবের সূচনা করেছিলেন তার ব্যপ্তি আসলে ভারতীয় সুপ্রাচীন ঐতিহ্য শিকড়ে গ্রথিত। পুরান ইতিহাস সাক্ষী আছে লক্ষ্মী থেকে দ্রৌপদী, রাধা , কর্ণাবতী থেকে পুরুর স্ত্রী বিভিন্ন যুগে বিভিন্ন কালে বিভিন্ন নারীরা প্রায় একই গোত্রীয় বিশ্বাস থেকে রাখি বেঁধেছে পুরুষের হাতে।
অবক্ষীয়মান বর্তমান সামাজিক পরিবেশে নারী পুরুষের মধ্যে স্নেহভাজন সম্মানসূচক সম্পর্ক অক্ষুণ্ন রাখতে এই বন্ধন বড়ই প্রাসঙ্গিক। বাঙালির ঐতিহ্য পরম্পরার সঙ্গে প্রজন্মকে অন্বিত করে রাখতে এই উৎসব চিরস্থায়ী হোক।

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Our School’s Journey

“To get through the hardest journey we need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping”

Today, LCGVM stands tall and lofty with its imposing blue and white building on the boundaries where the city has pushed itself. But eighteen years ago, when the humble Lions Bal Nilay, was proposed to shift to the present location, the nestled, cozy, place amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city to meet the pressing needs of the localities for an English medium school there was nothing but dreams and determination in the eyes of the esteemed members of Lions Club of Calcutta Greater . The idyllic atmosphere with a mystic aura of natural countryside setting provided a perfect environment for learning. The rural setup seemed perfect to our patrons to develop a school in the locality with the intention of making the very best of modern education seep into the grassroots. It was a mammoth task for the patrons to give shape to their reverie and come up with an institution which in the years to come would serve as the embodiment of the very vision of the LIONS club.

The journey started with the formation of the Lions Education Trust run by the members of Lions Calcutta Greater Trust. With service as its sole mission and determination to illuminate the lives of the people, the phrase KNOWLEDGE IS LIGHT served as the motto for the upcoming Temple of learning.

Infrastructural development was initiated with the acquisition of Land and the consequent construction of the one storied school building in 2002 embracing its first batch of 80 students. Since its opening the school’s dynamic educational environment has continued to evolve. Soon, the objective and purpose of the school spread in the neighbourhood and we were rewarded with the unwavering trust and love of the community which was reflected in the exponential growth in the number of students.

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Wishing all the students and parents of LCGVM School a joyful and luminous Diwali!May this festival bring light, happine...
लायंस कलकत्ता (ग्रेटर) विद्या मंदिर में प्रतिवर्ष की तरह इस वर्ष भी ' हिंदी दिवस' हर्षोल्लास के साथ मनाया गया ।हिंदी भाष...
Balance skills are important skills for children to have as children must control and maintain multiple body positions i...
*आदरणीय प्रेसीडेंट महोदय, प्रधानाचार्या महोदया, उप प्रधानाचार्या, कोऑर्डिनेटरस एवं सह-शिक्षकगण।* *३१ जुलाई २०२३* को हमार...
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Vidyasagar Block, Chowhati

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 4:30pm
Tuesday 8am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 8am - 4:30pm
Thursday 8am - 4:30pm
Friday 8am - 4:30pm
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Kolkata, 700097

✈️ A school for dreamers & achievers 🌟 Affiliated to CISCE - ICSE, ISC 📝 2023-24 Admissions Open

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78-B, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, P. O./Amherst Street
Kolkata, 700009

A Govt. of West Bengal Sponsored Bengali Medium School recognised by WBBSE & WBCHSE

Ramakrishna Missionary High School Ramakrishna Missionary High School
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The aims of this Institute is to provide a complete of education as desire by Shri Ramakrishna and V

Sinthi Ramakrishna Sangha Vidyamandir Sinthi Ramakrishna Sangha Vidyamandir
76B, Kalicharan Ghosh Road
Kolkata, 700050

Sahid Rameswar Vidyamandir -H.S. Sahid Rameswar Vidyamandir -H.S.
68 Jessore Road, Dum Dum
Kolkata, 700074

A renowned Govt. Sponsored Institution. All round development of learners ensured through smart clas

Vivek Bharati Shishu Shiksha Sadan Vivek Bharati Shishu Shiksha Sadan
Purbapara, Kamdahari
Kolkata, 700084

ত্যাগ সেবা জ্ঞান

Laban Hrad Vidyapith Laban Hrad Vidyapith
Kolkata, 700064

best school ever in saltlake.......

Baranagar Vidyamandir For Girls Baranagar Vidyamandir For Girls
Bidyayatan Sarani
Kolkata, 700108