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Choose the best for your mind and health. Love yourself and care yourself because you are special 💖


Happy diwali to all
Celebrate the festival


শুভ বিজয়ার প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা ❤ 🙏


Thank you for shaping up our life and spreading light
Happy Teachers day!!


Close your eyes and feel your existance in the universe. Feel the good vibes and build up the trust that everything is fine!

Train your mind to think what you want.



Our life is not a race and you dont need to win every match. Its a process of learning, understanding and improving everyday to live a quality life. ❤


You need to talk to your mind in every situation and train it to think right. It creates emotions according to your created thoughts. So, whenever you are going to create a thought make it positive. If you feel low sometimes then talk to your mind and find what is wrong but don't encourage your mind to create negative thoughts for a long.

Feel the love, strength, and purity in yourself and smile again!


Morning quote ❤

Do at least 5minutes meditation before startig your day. It can help you to start a new day with new energy, confidence, feshness and purity.! ❤


May god make our life full of light, strength, love and knowledge! 🙏

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আমাদের বৈশাখী ঊর্জা নিয়ে আমরা হাজির আপনাদের দরবারে। পড়ুন পড়ান এবং ছড়িয়ে দিন সকলের মধ‍্যে।❤

আমাদের একটি মহিলা দল আছে। যাঁরা এই পত্রিকার সঙ্গে যুক্ত হতে চান ও সামাজিক ঐচ্ছিক কর্মে যোগ দিতে চান আমাদের দলে যোগ দিতে পারেন। লিংক রইল 👇

ক‍্যামেরাবন্দি মুহুর্ত
বচ্চাদের দেশে

কেমন লাগল জানাতে ভুলবেন না যেন। 🙏


Happy international dance day ❤

Find the rhythm of your life and move your body!


এসো হে বৈশাখ এসো এসো.....

শুভ হোক সকলের নতুন বছর। ❤



Doing meditation everyday can improve the quality of living. Meditation means remind yourself:

the power of the soul
purity in your soul
love and peace in your mind


Before creating any thought about anyone be alert.❤ anything you send to anyone comes back to you. So send wishes, love, respect, blessings to others and karma will give it back to you! ❤

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UURJA March, 2021 Edition.

We are back with yet another edition of UURJA for the month of March. This month focuses on The beautiful season of Spring.

So show your love to the beautiful creations showcased in our magazine.

✔️Magazine cover with Face of the Month
✔️Team UURJA
✔️Art Arena
✔️Original Writings
✔️Shutter Moment (photography by amateur clickers)
✔️Kids Junction
✔️Back Page.

With Love Team UURJA


Happy Holi Everybody ♥️


Start your day with peace, faith, gratitude and a SMILE!

No matter what your problem is, start your day with the believe that u have overcome it and it will not bother u anymore. What we believe it becomes our reality. So believe in the goodness of the life and it will charge you to lead a beautiful life in reality.!



If you want to be happy follow the tips👇 and create a high energy thought❤

1. Whomever you meet find something good in them
2. Stop complaining
3. Be compassionate
4. Thank your life
5. Believe you are happy.

Happy world happiness day to you all ❤❤


Dont listen to your mind! Make your mind listen to you!
How? check here 👇

You can control your mind and direct it to the right way if you want. Don't make a habit to make your mind and emotional state deoendant on the outside. Then the situation wilk rule your mind. You will be happy when others want to make you happy and prasie you.

You should train your mind to listen to you only, not others. You should know when to control your mind.

We allow our mind to think about something first and then it comes into our mind naturally if same thing happens. One thing you can do is stop thinking about what other person is saying to you or behaving with you right at that moment. Don't allow your mind to relish this even for a single moment. Otherwise it wont allow you to stop. Stop thinking about that, divert your mind and concentrate on yourself.

Check it and try. You can bring your mind under control and live a better life.!


Happy women's Day ❤❤

Your soul is your beauty



Don't waste your time thinking of what you don't have. Work hard and make an honest path to get that.

Turn your weakness into your strength.


If a negative imagination makes you anxious, believe that it has no connection with reality. Stand strong against your anxiety, face it and overcome. ❤

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We are back once again!

UURJA February 2021

Uurja is back with yet anotehr edition for the month of February,2021. The theme of this month is based on love. “Love Has it All” has all the beauty that love has. So savor this month’s creativity of beautiful people.

✔️Cover Picture with Face of the Month.
✔️Team UURJA Says.
✔️Art Arena
✔️Cooking (By Homecooks)
✔️Shutter Moment (By Amatuer photographer)
✔️Kids Junction.
✔️Tips for Parents.
✔️Back Cover.


Tips of the day 👍

Drink enough fluid to stay healthy and fresh. ❤



Today's tips

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UURJA, January 2021

❇️ UURJA is back yet agin with a differnt theme and with all the exclusive creations of the artist. This month’s theme is FOOD. So, have a look and shower your love to UURJA.

✔️Cover with of the Month.
✔️Team LSW says.
✔️Art Arena.
✔️Shutter Moment (Photography by Amateur Photographers).
✔️Kids Junction (drawing by kids)
✔️Cooking Room (innovative recipes by Homecooks)
✔ Entrepreneur interview
✔️Back Cover.

With Love
Team LSW.


Happy Republic Day


Vivekananda Jayanti ❤🙏


Happy New Year 💝🎇

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UURJA, December 2020

❇️ UURJA is back yet agin with a differnt theme and with all the creations that spill creativity in every step. This month’s theme is dedicated to winter and its beauty. So, take out some time and shower your love to UURJA.

✔️Cover with of the Month.
✔️Team LSW says.
✔️Art Arena.
✔️Shutter Moment (Photography by Amateur Photographers).
✔️Writings (Original)
✔️Kids Junction (drawing by kids)
✔️Cooking Room (innovative recipes by Homecooks)
✔️Back Cover.

With Love
Team LSW.

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✳️UURJA November,2020✳️

📍we are back again with yet another of our monthly magazine of Uurja. The month of november concentrates on our love for traveling. So go though the magazine and shower your pove like you all always do📍

✔️Magazine Cover (with face of the month).
✔️Team UURJA says.
✔️Art Arena.
✔️Travel Story.
✔️Cooking Room (Cooking by homecooks).
✔️Shutter Moment (photography by Amateurs).
✔️Kid’s Junction(Art by Kids).
✔️Tips for Parents.
✔️Back Cover.

With lots of Love.


Don't expect others to come and heal your wounded heart. Be there for yourself. Talk to yourself, console yourself and love yourself to heal your wound.


Wishing all kids a very Happy Children's Day!
Love your kids to teach them loving others. ❤❤

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Sourav Memorial Educare Foundation Sourav Memorial Educare Foundation
39A/29, Prince Golam Mohammad Shah Road, Golf Green
Kolkata, 700095

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Little Toes Little Toes
34, Girish Mukherjee Road
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CE/1/A/106, Street No. 187, Action Area 1, Newtown, Alternate Street # 202
Kolkata, 700156

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Junior Delhi Public School Garia Junior Delhi Public School Garia
38 Garia Station Road, Beside Maharashtra Bank
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The JUNIOR DPS is an elementary-school,Best Play School , Kids School designed to cater to the pre-s

Time Kids Birati Time Kids Birati
5 Mahajati, Bidhan Market, Birati
Kolkata, 700051

T.I.M.E Kids always is renowned for taking good care of the children in this society. With there good

First Stepping Stone Preschool First Stepping Stone Preschool
Sonarpur, Vaidya Para, Land Mark/Near Rahul Grocery Store(Kamrabad More) Or SBI Sonarpur
Kolkata, 700150

Nurturing young minds

Payel's Kido Village Pod Payel's Kido Village Pod
Kolkata, 700136

Kïdo Village is a growing chain of home based learning pods which aim to provide the highest qualit

Little Stars School Little Stars School
61C, Elliot Road, Park St
Kolkata, 700016

Little Stars School aims to provide a high quality education to children and lay a safe foundation.

Baby's Day Care Baby's Day Care
33A, Narasingha Avenue, Dum Dum Nagerbazar, Pratichi Apartment (Ground Floor), Kolkata/700074
Kolkata, 700080

Bachpan_PlaySchool_Kolkata Bachpan_PlaySchool_Kolkata
48, Block B, Laketown , Opposite Row Of Mansa Mandir, Laketown
Kolkata, 700089

The best Preschool where books talk with Kids. Our Success rate in Top branded School is 100%.

Blossoms Blossoms
316, Block B. , Lake Town
Kolkata, 700089

A preschoolers space to showcase their talents and experience learning through playway method! ☺️

M G Agrotech M G Agrotech
Kolkata, 700135

M.G.Agrotech is a portion of agriculture where plants are propagated, nurtured, grown, and sold out