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Parul Academy has devised itself with a new and emproved E-learning app to enhance your children's /

Since online is the new medium for both teaching and learning, Parul Academy has come up with an E-learning app to accentuate your children's/student's education even in these pandemic times. At Parul Academy we use cutting of the age new technologies to deliver superior content collaborating with the leading authors of school books. Our virtual classroom sessions are not only interactive but enj

Operating as usual

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Parul Academy 15/03/2024

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ওম নমঃ শিবায়
আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা ও অভিনন্দন


সুবোধ ঘোষের লেখা বহুরূপী গল্পের সম্পূর্ণ আলোচনা // class 10 Bengali story bahurupi by Subodh Ghosh // Madhyamik 2024 Bengali story bohurupi MCQ // bahurupi by Subodh Ghosh full analysis // bohurupi golpo summary // high madrasah Alim Bangla golpo bahurupi // বহুরূপী গল্পের বিষয়বস্তু // বহুরূপী গল্পের প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর // বহুরূপী গল্পের আলোচনা //

#বহুরূপী //


জ্ঞানচক্ষু গল্প অবলম্বনে তপনের চরিত্র ও মেসোর চরিত্র সংক্ষেপে বর্ণনা


আশাপূর্ণা দেবীর লেখা গল্প জ্ঞানচক্ষু (লেখক পরিচিতি) ..... **g


অসুখী একজন ..... **g


May Goddess Sarasawati burn the darkness of evaik with the glow of knowledge. Happy Saraswati Puja


Math tricks






শুধু মাত্র দশম শ্রেণীর জন্যে ভূগোলের কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ তথ্য


Parul Academy


Kolkata Book Fair - Stall no 546






Class 11 Part 2_ Structure of Atom _ Features of Cathode & Anode Rays


NEET Student Tick mark right answer....


🌙 Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha 2023 with Parul Academy! 🌙

🐑 Embracing the Spirit of Sacrifice and Unity! 🐑

Parul Academy extends warm greetings and best wishes to all celebrating Eid-ul-Adha. This auspicious occasion reminds us of the importance of sacrifice, unity, and compassion. May your homes be filled with love, joy, and blessings. ✨🕌

Discover our collection of books that delve into the significance and teachings of Eid-ul-Adha. From beautiful stories to profound reflections, these books will deepen your understanding and enrich your celebrations. Let's come together as a community, embracing the values of Eid-ul-Adha and spreading kindness to all. Eid Mubarak! 🌙❤️


🌼 Celebrating Rath Yatra 2023! 🌼

🪙 Embarking on a Divine Journey! 🪙

On this auspicious occasion of Rath Yatra, Parul Academy extends warm greetings to everyone. Rath Yatra, also known as the Chariot Festival, is a vibrant celebration that symbolizes the journey of Lord Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra, and sister Subhadra to their aunt's temple. It is a time of joy, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment. 🌈🌺

At Parul Academy, we embrace the cultural diversity and promote values that resonate with festivals like Rath Yatra. This festival teaches us important lessons of unity, tolerance, and devotion. Let us come together and celebrate this grand procession with enthusiasm and reverence.

🪶 The Significance of Rath Yatra 🪶

🌼 Unity and Equality: Rath Yatra emphasizes the unity and equality of all individuals, as people from different backgrounds and walks of life unite to pull the chariot of Lord Jagannath. It reminds us that we are all equal in the eyes of the divine.

🌼 Devotion and Spiritual Awakening: The procession ignites a sense of devotion in the hearts of millions, deepening their connection with the divine. It provides an opportunity for spiritual introspection and rejuvenation.

🌼 Joy and Celebration: Rath Yatra is a joyous occasion filled with singing, dancing, and the chanting of divine names. It brings communities together and spreads happiness among all participants.

🪔 May Lord Jagannath's Blessings Be With You! 🪔

On this Rath Yatra, let us seek the blessings of Lord Jagannath for guidance, strength, and prosperity. May the divine chariot lead us on the path of righteousness and fill our lives with love, peace, and happiness. 🙏✨

Parul Academy wishes everyone a joyous and spiritually uplifting Rath Yatra. May this festival deepen our bonds, foster harmony, and inspire us to lead a life filled with compassion and righteousness. Happy Rath Yatra 2023! 🌼🌟


🎉 Happy Father's Day 2023! 🎉

👨‍🎓 Celebrating Fathers and Their Role in Education! 👨‍🎓

On this special day, Parul Academy would like to extend warm wishes and appreciation to all the incredible fathers who play a vital role in their children's education. We salute the fathers who tirelessly support and guide their children's academic journey. Today, we honor the unwavering dedication and love of fathers who are true partners in education! 👏📚

At Parul Academy, we understand the importance of a strong support system in a child's educational growth. We recognize the fathers who actively engage in their children's learning, attend parent-teacher meetings, offer encouragement, and inspire a love for knowledge. Your involvement makes a significant difference!

🌟 Thank You, Fathers! 🌟


📚 Attention, Students! 📚

🌟 Discover the Best Place to Prepare for Your Competitive Exams! 🌟

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards success in your competitive exams? Look no further because we have the perfect place for you! 🎯

Introducing Parul Academy, your ultimate destination for comprehensive and result-oriented exam preparation. We are committed to empowering students like you to achieve your dreams and excel in your chosen fields. Here's why Parul Academy is the best place for your exam preparations:

🔹 Expert Faculty: Our experienced and dedicated faculty members are passionate about mentoring and guiding students towards success. They have a deep understanding of exam patterns, updated syllabi, and effective teaching methodologies.

🔹 Well-Structured Curriculum: At Parul Academy, we provide a well-structured curriculum that covers all the essential topics and concepts relevant to your exams. Our study materials are comprehensive, up-to-date, and designed to enhance your understanding and retention.

🔹 Mock Tests and Assessments: We believe in the power of practice and assessment. Parul Academy provides regular mock tests and assessments to evaluate your progress, identify areas for improvement, and boost your confidence for the actual exams.

🔹 Personalized Attention: We understand that each student is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. That's why we offer personalized attention and guidance, addressing your individual needs and helping you overcome any challenges you may face.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your exam preparations. Join Parul Academy and unlock your true potential! 🚀

To learn more about our courses, faculty, and success stories, visit our website at Take the first step towards a successful future today!

Tag your friends who are aspiring for competitive exams and let them know about the best place to prepare! Together, let's make your dreams a reality! 💪🎓


Happy World No To***co Day! Today, we join together to raise awareness about the harmful effects of to***co use and promote a healthier, smoke-free world. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide, and it's time to take action to protect ourselves and those around us. Let's encourage smokers to quit, support to***co control policies, and educate young people about the dangers of to***co use. Together, we can create a healthier future for ourselves and generations to come. ***coDay ***co ***coControl ***co ***coFree ***coFreeGeneration ***co ***coKills ***coAddiction ***co ***coHarms ***coIsDeadly


📣 Calling all NEET UG aspirants! 🎓🔬

Exciting news! 🌟 Are you preparing for NEET UG and in search of the perfect coaching program? Look no further! 🙌

Introducing our top-notch programs tailored specifically for your success! 💪💼

1️⃣ NEET UG Residential Program: 🏠📚
Immerse yourself in an ideal learning environment with our residential program. Experience round-the-clock guidance, comfortable accommodation, and focused study sessions. 🌈📖

2️⃣ NEET UG Non-Residential Program: 🏫📚
For those who prefer to stay closer to home, our non-residential program offers the same excellent coaching and support while allowing you to commute. 🚍🎓

3️⃣ 1-Year Repeater Classroom Program: 📆📚
If you're determined to achieve your dreams and want to reinforce your knowledge, our 1-year repeater classroom program is the perfect choice! 🔄💡

Why choose us? 🤔
✅ Highly qualified and experienced faculty
✅ Comprehensive study materials
✅ Regular practice tests and mock exams
✅ Personalized doubt-solving sessions
✅ State-of-the-art infrastructure
✅ Proven track record of success

Don't miss this golden opportunity! Start your journey towards a successful medical career today! 💫👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

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Congratulations on your incredible success! 👏🎉 and . It feels so Good when you see your students succeed in their career, We are so glad to inform you that they also took our mock tests very seriously.

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Trigonometry Functions || Part 1 || Basics of Angle and Trigonometry || Class 11 || IIT JEE
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বহুরূপী গল্পের প্রথম ভাগ আলোচনা  || Class 10 Bengali story bohurupi by Subodh Ghosh ||
জ্ঞানচক্ষু গল্প অবলম্বনে তপনের চরিত্র ও মেসোর চরিত্র সংক্ষেপে বর্ণনা #bengali #kolkata #bangladesh #kolkatadiaries #love...
আশাপূর্ণা দেবীর লেখা গল্প জ্ঞানচক্ষু (লেখক পরিচিতি)  .....#bengali #kolkata #bangladesh #kolkatadiaries #love #bangla #c...
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I am so much love my "School"