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The Future Foundation School recently had an interesting and fun learning Herbarium Sheet Project activity in EVS for students of class 6 under the guidance of Ms. Rajalakshmi Nair Ma’am. This is an activity of collection of dried plants and plant parts for learning, identifying and classifying. The herbarium sheet is composed of sheets of paper holding plants and parts of plants that have been dried and glued onto the paper. Each part is labelled so that others can learn about it.

Shamayeeta Sen of Class VIII C wrote a short story, Doll Disaster, which got published in the book " A spectrum of Creative Hues" published by Scholastic.
Congratulations to Shamayeeta!
On April 22, 2022, the auditorium of The Future Foundation School was filled with energy, laughter, and applause as Romain Timmers and his team took the children on a trip to space. This modern circus performance named as, 'Analemma' showcased the art of juggling by bringing together French and Indian artists. The show brought out the nostalgia of the circus and awakened the inner child in all the adults present as well.
Students of Class XII Legal Studies were privileged to attend a lecture by Mr. Sourav Bhattacharya, The Judge Commercial Court, Asansol on April 21, 2022. Mr. Bhattacharya is a member of West Bengal Judicial Service in the cadre of District Judge (Entry Level). He has undergone mediation training imparted by MCPC(Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee)under the aegis of Mediation and Conciliation Committee, High Court, Calcutta.

His expertise in Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms has given a deep insight to law students beyond the textbook. Mr. Bhattacharya has patiently responded to all queries raised by the students at the end of the 90 minutes session.

The Future Foundation School (TFFS) is founded on the principles and guided by the light, of Sri Aur

We are here to open the way of the Future to children who belong to the Future - The Mother

Operating as usual


Winners of the Inter-School fest Legacy 2022


On December 12 and 13, 2022, students from The Future Foundation School took part in an Inter School Fest called Legacy 2022, which was organized by the Ashok Hall Group of Schools.
Divit Vanjani and Ranjabati Chattopadhyay of Class XI were adjudged Second in the 'Conflict' Debate Competition.
Congratulations to the Winners.
Critical thinking, Communication skills and Value-based education constitute the foundation of Sri Aurobindo Schools.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 15/12/2022

Most Promising Team' that's TFFS team!
@ Festa della Scienza,
The Annual Interschool Science Festival organized by P.B.Academic School
November 25-26, 2022
Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners and also to all the team members who participated!
Great show TFFS team!


Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 15/12/2022

What is Hyflex class @ The Future Foundation School?
Its an opportunity provided by the school and Sri Chaitanya
Academy to explore mathematics and science subjects in depth and boosts student ability to answer difficult questions. The time taken-performance
analysis regarding answering questions helps students to see our relative position and reveals the areas where to put more effort. These
additional classes are complementing our regular school classes, thus reinforcing
learning of the curriculum.
Additionally, the Infinity Learn App consists of incorporating links to view
reference libraries making it more helpful for the students.
The Hyflex class is a powerful initiative of the school to make students ready for better preparation for competitive exams.



Commerce and Hospitality Management is part of the academic curriculum and students can opt for it keeping in mind a possible future career direction.
Our students - Classes 11 & 12 have opted for the above at the Sugar and Spice factory!
They rolled up their sleeves and got on with baking, icing, cake decor, and more.
They got a tour of the entire place. The hosts were warm and gracious. It was a splendid scenario of learning with excitement.
To top it all was an extraordinary interactive session with the Managing Director Ms.Supriya Roy.
A top-of-the-chart occasion for the students.

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Annual Celebration cm Exhibition, Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Culture.

Artisanal products and crafts are carefully curated by Sasha World - an Indian NGO that leads the world in crafts!

Block your calendar now.
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture
3, Regent Park, near Ranikuthi, Kolkata - 700040


TFFS Students of Classes 11 and 12 attended a rare session of a film screening prepared by Jane Richter, a UK-based retired English language teacher. She is passionate both about India and the Victorian pioneer photographer, Calcutta-born Julia Margaret Cameron, who aged 48 started serious portrait photography. This film - originally conceived as an illustrated talk - is the result of a 2-year lockdown project. The film touches on many themes –art, architecture, some historical – some contemporary – in essence, a passionate account of what Jane– an English traveler's mission to explore the wonderful city and to shed some light on missing details in the life of a forgotten ‘daughter of Calcutta’ who now ranks among the world’s greatest photographers. The students and the faculties were overwhelmingly happy and awestruck with this creative feature.


Aneesh Raghavan, Odissi dancer, young Sanskrit scholar and poet, gave his first dance recital as a student of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry.

At the inauguration of ASPIRATION 2022, on December 9, Aneesh will be presenting his Odissi dance performance.
All are welcome.

Performance Time: 5:30 PM
Block your calendar now! Check our Programme Schedule too.

Call for details: 8336069406 / 8336069408
3, Regent Park, near Ranikuthi, Kolkata - 700040

Aspiration 2022

5:30 pm
Classical Dance Performance by Aneesh Raghavan...


The trip to Pondicherry is one of the most important excursions in the annual school calendar of activities. The very purpose of this excursion to Pondicherry is to offer the children of Class 9 a first-hand insight into the ethos of the school. Taken in the right spirit, it introduces them to important lessons in community life and the various tenets of holistic education. It helps to bring them into deeper contact with who they really are. For many, the memory lingers for a lifetime and can help them in making vital choices in life.


Aspiration 2022

Programme Schedule
9.12.2022 - Inauguration of Aspiration
13.12.2022 - Co-scholastic Display
14 & 15.12.2022 - Annual Concert - Classes I and II


We, at TFFS, are always delighted to see our alumni return to share stories.
Ishan Sengupta, our student, who visited the school on November 24, 2022, has always been a big sports fan. He is a gifted rower! He has won numerous awards and accolades. He is currently a BSM (Bachelor of Sports Management) student at the International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) in Mumbai. Ishan recently won an individual gold medal in rowing at the Rising Sun Water Fest in Shillong, which was organised by the Indian Army's Eastern Command. He also competed in the Chandigarh National Indoor Rowing Championship team that took home the Gold medal.
Ishan Sengupta says that deviating from the norm is not an issue as long as you are serious and enthusiastic about what you do!
Best wishes from everyone at TFFS to you, Ishan!


Aspiration - 2022
from 9.December to 18.December, 2022
3:00pm to 8:30pm
Programme Schedule follows...


Aurokul is a non-traditional education programme that began in 2017. It is part of a large multifaceted community outreach programme that has been running in Uttarbhag, near Baruipur, since 2006.
On November 22, Students of the Interact Club of The Foundation School celebrated Diwali by distributing sweets, lighting diyas, and crackers to delight the children of AUROKUL.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 07/11/2022

Observing the Vigilance Awareness Week, ICAR - National Institute Of Natural Fiber Engineering and Technology organised an Inter School Debate Competition. Students of Classes IX and XI from The Future Foundation School participated in the event on November 02, 2022.

Ranjabati Chattopadhyay of Class XI secured the First Position and Riddhi Sarkar of Class IX secured the Second Position.
Congratulations to both the winners!


The Future Foundation School students from Classes IV to VII participated in Inter School Literary Meet "SANGLAAP 2022" oraganized by The Heritage School, on November 04, 2022. Suvanwita Ghosh of Class IV secured the First Position in the Picture Composition event.
Congratulations to Suvanwita!

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 27/10/2022

Shruti Majumdar of Class VII of The Future Foundation School participated in the CISCE National Artistic Gymnastics, Category U-14, Balancing Beam Competition where she secured the First Position and in Floor Gymnastics she secured the Third Position in the individual Category. The event was held in Mumbai from October 08 to October 10, 2022.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 20/10/2022

On the 12th of October, The Future Foundation School hosted a menstrual health awareness workshop for the students of classes 6 and 7.
The workshop was curated by The Good Blood Project(TGBP), a youth organization started by several of the school's senior students. The workshop was conducted jointly by the members of the organization, and Dr. Arunima Mitra, an OB/GYN from NRS Medical College, Kolkata, and aimed to destigmatize the conversation around menstruation, as well as debunk several myths that boys and girls have with regards to periods.
Dr. Mitra explained the various specifics with regards to menstruation, to the students, who, albeit a bit embarrassed, listened intently and asked relevant questions. To conclude the session, the members of TGBP spoke on the stigma prevalent around menstruation and their personal experiences with it growing up and got their own queries answered.
Overall it was an enriching session for all who attended the workshop, and several thanks to Dr. Arunima Mitra and the organizer of the event, Manisha Ma'am, who made this event possible.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 20/10/2022

The Earth Lovers Club of The Future Foundation School had an interesting session on 23rd of September 2022 with the students of classes VIII, IX and X. Students gathered in the Hall of Light in collaboration with the Changemakers team towards making our school a zero waste school. The initiative aims at reducing and recycling single use plastic and awareness was generated regarding the same through presentations and interactive sessions.We intend to carry this forward through various other events in collaboration with the Changemakers team and the Earth Lovers club of our school to achieve the goal.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 20/10/2022

Maps perhaps comprise the greatest gift of Geography to humankind. In order to celebrate and make students aware of the significance of maps, the Geography department of The Future Foundation School organised an inter house Map Quiz on September 28, 2022. Students of classes X, XI and XII participated in the same. At the end of the event, White House emerged as winners and Yellow House bagged the second place.

The experience was both fun and enriching for all concerned.


Spandan Debnath of The Future Foundation School of Class II participated in the Inter School Chess Championship 2022, organised by the University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata for students from Classes I to Class III. Spandan made the school proud by successfully securing the First Position.
Congratulations to Spandan!


Thirteen members cricket team from The Future Foundation School participated in the CISCE Regional Round Cricket Tournament, U14, on September 26, 2022, at South City International School where they were declared as the Runners Up Team.
Srijit Thakur of Class VI, Anubhab Das, Aniran Biswas of Class VII, Ayurd Das, Ayush Chakraborty and
Indhant Dutta Chowdhury of Class VIII were among the six selected participants for the National Round.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 24/09/2022

On September 22, 2022, the art students of classes XI and XII ventured out on a visit to a Block Printing workshop in Panchasayar, Kolkata, hosted by artist Mrs. Paramita Bhattacharya. Mrs.Bhattacharya briefed us on the history of block printing and natural dyes not only in India but also across the world. Although, our ancestors relied on turmeric, beetroot, indigo, flowers, minerals, pearl oysters and vegetable dyes amongst other natural sources for their cloth but children used chemical dyes for their project — a test print on brown paper which they could use for wrapping gifts, and a finalized print on tote bags which were provided. Students started out by making paints, with Raju sir pouring out the strong-smelling chemicals in the oil binder including kerosene oil, urea, and LPC, allowing the students to mix their own paints in colours they chose, after a short demonstration on his part. It was as though the students were working in a professional studio. Despite the sweltering heat, the blazing sun and the smell of the dyes, the students decided on the designs and chose their blocks to print and worked tirelessly, with the gentle guidance and patience of the instructors even when their untrained hands accidentally smudged too much dye or mishandled a block. The entire process was long, lasting almost a little over five hours to dye all the tote bags and gift-wrappers, but the end results were vibrant and stunning, handmade and customized items they can use for themselves or gift them to loved ones, and an experience worth remembering for the rest of their lives.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 23/09/2022

On 22.9.22, the students of classes 8 and 9 attended a very interesting, informative and life changing interactive session with the popular artist actor and social activist Mr. Bobby Chakraborty. It was an awareness programme against addiction and harmful popular trends. The initiative was taken by the Interact Club of the school to try and inculcate some basic important life values and habits to children at this very early and basic growing stage of their life.


The career awareness session on "Liberal Arts",presented by Ashoka University on September 22, 2022 was attended by students of Class XII. The importance of AI in curating new professions, the rapid evolution of careers, and other topics were thoroughly explained to them. After the session, students were left with some food for thought regarding liberal education and its significance going forward.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 20/09/2022

Sangbit Ghosh, Sneahadra Das Gupta and Soumyabrata Adhikari of Class VI of The Future Foundation School participated in the CISCE Regional Chess Tournament U-14 Boys category on September 16 and September 17, 2022 held at Agrasain Boys' School, Liluah where they were declared as the Champions.
Sangbit Ghosh and Sneahadra Das Gupta are selected for the National Round to be held in October at Amritsar.
Congratulations to all the participants!


For the students of The Future Foundation School

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 20/09/2022

Students' event and awards received....

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 11/09/2022

Club activities are an important part of the growth and learning process. Ideas and Impressions Club members of The Future Foundation School with much eagerness performed a short cultural activity on September 01, 2022 . Twenty one club members went to Aumorto (the Senior Living initiative of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture), to help in bringing joy to the grannies and grandpas staying there.
Ragivv Sir and all the staff members of Aumorto welcomed the children with fresh tender coconut water. Excellent performances by the Class VI club members were highly appreciated by the senior citizens. Lastly hand drawn cards and packet of healthy snacks were given to the senior citizens by Debadrita Sengupta and Sonakshi Guha.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 09/09/2022

Geography is a subject that inculcates crucial values that go beyond the curriculum and classrooms. It teaches us how to take care of our beautiful planet and its resources. Among these resources, water is one which needs urgent conservation. While discussing the chapter 'Water Resources' in Class 10, the teacher, while emphasising on the participation of every individual in water conservation, had asked students to adopt some water saving or recycling strategies at home and share their experiences.

Shubhangana Nath of Class 10 B had this to share:

The system adopted at my home is simple but effective. Each time the purifiers are re-filled with purified water, chlorinated water comes out from the outlet. The purifier can fill up about 5-6 bottles( each of 1 litre) after each refill, while the chlorinated water fills up a whole big bucket, which is about 10 litres. As almost twice the water produced gets wasted we decided to save it up for cleaning the house. The technique is very easy, we just need to make two holes on either side of the bucket, at the top. One for inserting the outlet pipe, and the other for excess water to flow so that there is no backflow of water through the outlet pipe.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 09/09/2022

In the breathless and breakneck hurry to acquire skills, humankind today is often forgetting the importance of imbibing values in life. Therefore, the main aim of the Ideals and Progress classes at The Future Foundation School is to take students a little closer to certain core human values, values that contribute to the integral development of the being.

With this goal in mind, the students of class 9 section C were shown some inspiring videos in three consecutive weekly periods. The videos included some award winning short films and advertisements. The objective was to make the students watch, introspect and analyse. These videos, carefully chosen by the teacher, touched upon such crucial values as discipline, patriotism, honesty, grit in the face of adversities, the joy of sharing, honesty, accepting differences etc.

The students found the experience enjoyable, enriching and at times, emotionally stirring. They were asked to put their thoughts on paper and write brief reviews of the films they liked the most.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 09/09/2022

On the 23rd of August, a Masterclass was conducted by the Dean of the School of Law at BML, Munjal University, Sir Pritam Baruah, for the Legal Studies Students of classes 11 and 12.
Our esteemed guest began by talking in depth about tort law, and the purpose of punishment or penalties in the system of law. He also spoke of the differences between civil and criminal wrongs. The students were also able to learn a lot more about law in general, as well as evidence.
The professor also explained as to what sort of evidence was admissible in court, and why certain pieces of evidence were not admissible in a trial. He also helped the students by engaging them in an in-depth analysis of several case studies.
It was an interactive session which ended with the professor interacting with the students, and giving them valuable advice regarding careers in law, and universities that they could apply to, after finishing their schooling.
We were extremely honoured to have Sir Pritam Baruah conduct a lecture for us students. We would also like to thank our Legal Studies teacher, Manisha Ma’am, for organizing such an event.


Ranjabati Chattopadyay of Class XI participated in a Bengali Creative Writing event at 'Morpheus Fest' on August 24, 2022, organized by South City International School where she secured the First Position!
Congratulations to Ranjabati!

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 25/08/2022

On 20.8.22, the Interact club members of Class 6 visited Aumorto ( the Senior Living initiative of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture) for their "Own a granny" project. The children celebrated Janmashtami with some dance performances, recitation and songs. The children interacted with the grannies/ grandpa and gave them rakhis. It was the beginning of a long relationship the children would build with them. The inmates of Aumorto also sang and danced with us.
The children also helped the on site doctor Dr. Chakraborty with some health care work. The homeopathy dispensary aims to provide medical help to nearby villagers.
Thereafter, Aurokul, the non formal education programme started at 3 pm. The children from nearby villages were taught basic mathematics, English poems, etc by the Interactors.


Infinity Learn, the fastest-growing EdTech company in India. by Sri Chaitanya, Asia’s largest Education group enters Eastern India through a unique partnership with Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture (SAIoC), harbinger of The Future Foundation School. It has introduced a pilot project named ‘Hyflex Classes’ to cater to the challenges that the learners of The Future Foundation School face while preparing themselves for the various competitive examinations in the country such as JEE/NEET, etc. This is the first of its kind initiative in Eastern India. It has also introduced the Robotics course that has been specially curated for all the learners of Classes 3 to 8 of The Future Foundation School who have taken up Co-Scholastic Activity under Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture (SAIoC).

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 25/08/2022

Arna Paul of class VI participated in the CISCE Regional Table Tennis competition hosted by Sri Sri Academy on August 04, 2022 where she secured the Third Position out of 25 schools.

Prisha Paul of Class VIII participated in the CISCE Regional Athletics Meet hosted by St. Helen school, Howrah, on August 20, 2022, in the event Long Jump, U14 Girls and she secured the First Position.

Alankrita Paul of Class VI participated in the CISCE Regional Skating competition hosted by The Heritage School on August 20, 2022 where she secured the Second Position in Quad Rink-1, 500 meters U14 Girls.

Congratulations to Prisha and Alankrita for reaching the National Round!

Videos (show all)

On the 16th and 17th of March, 2022, Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd., conducted a workshop for students of classes IX to  X...
Récitation - par Srishti Neogi, Class 6A
Quiz held on 15.03.2022
Lecture -Le Tout Petit Roi
A presentation on Joyadi...Abhineet Saha Class 5
Jyotishko Chatterjee celebrating Joyadi's Birthday
Chhandogya Chakraborty, Class 7C - celebrating Joyadi's Birthday
TEACHERS' DAY CELEBRATION: The School thanks all students and their parents for their love, support and contribution in ...
Van Mahotsav 2021-22
Van Mahotsav 2021-22 By Siddharth Dey
Van Mahotsav 2021-22
Van Mahotsav 2021-22 SprihaBose Class IXA





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