The Future Foundation School

The Future Foundation School is built upon the principles and illuminated by the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Our goal is to create an environment that provides inspiration and facilities for the holistic development of personality. We are here to open the way of the Future to children who belong to the Future - The Mother

Operating as usual

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📅 Weekend Classes: Saturdays & Sundays
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👨‍🏫 Expert Instruction: AFDB's skilled teachers
📚 Levels: Beginner to Advanced
💡 Unlock the DELF A1 certification after completing 120 hours!

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Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture
Alliance Française du Bengale

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Let's make our school wall, beautiful! 🎨 ❤️ 🎨

A unique drive by the Art Department of the school saw Swadhin Ganguly and his very able team, alongside the two Art Teachers and eight budding artists of our school, braving the scorching sunshine to paint the boundary wall. Environment friendly themes were drawn and painted, to beautify the school boundary wall. This was indeed a true labour of love!

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Sikkim Diaries - Class 8 (Part 2)

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 22/03/2024

Sikkim Diaries - Class 8 (Part 1)

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IDEAS & IMPRESSIONS CLUB celebrated the coming of spring and Holi with the grandmas and grandpas of AUMORTO on March 20, 2024!

"বসন্ত এসে গেছে" : "Spring Is Here!" comprising songs, a dance fusion of Indian and western genres, recitation and an instrumental, was performed by twenty-six colourfully attired, multi- talented, enthusiastic members of the IDEAS & IMPRESSIONS CLUB, amidst resounding applause! The skillfully written script and the well-rehearsed programme enthralled the residents of AUMORTO, who, while praising the club members, invited them to keep visiting them! Interacting with these sweet souls is an enriching experience that all the members and the club teachers look forward to, each time!


Pondicherry Excurssion Feedback Session

After returning to Kolkata, an interactive sharing session was held on December 13, 2023, parents happily shared their very positive feelings about the trip. The session concluded with a speech by the Principal Sir , who, in his quintessential style, brought out the soulful essence of the sojourn.


Pondicherry Excursion Feedback Session

After returning to Kolkata, an interactive sharing session was held on December 13, 2023, parents happily shared their very positive feelings about the trip. The session concluded with a speech by the Principal Sir , who, in his quintessential style, brought out the soulful essence of the sojourn.

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A soulful sojourn : the trip to Pondicherry

The Pondicherry trip is always a much awaited event in the Class IX school calendar. In this session too, the trip was a resounding success.
On each day of the trip, the children were eager and excited to visit the different places like Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Lycée Français, Pondicherry beach, Auroville and Mahabalipuram.
Children honed their skills of trekking and farming through visits to places like Gingee Fort, Lake Farm and Gloria Farm.And no doubt, they
enjoyed practising life skills like, cleaning utensils, making the bed and keeping their rooms clean.
After returning to Kolkata, during an interactive sharing session, parents happily shared their very positive feelings about the trip. They seemed to be overwhelmed having seen their children morph into mature individuals within a week! The session concluded with a speech by the Principal Sir , who, in his quintessential style, brought out the soulful essence of the sojourn.

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The non-teaching support staff of The Future Foundation School constitutes that critical component which is indispensable and vital for the sustenance of the entire system. It is largely because of the dedicated staff members that we function smoothly on a day to day basis. They carry out their responsibilities with incredible warmth, care, love and dedication. Today, we, at The Future Foundation School, came together to express our collective gratitude to them. Gifts were handed over to these lovely members of the TFFS family, as small tokens of our profound appreciation.

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Mind Spark !

A Robotics Exhibition was held on 20 March 2024 in our School Campus to showcase the learnings & creativity of the brilliant young minds in the field of Robotics - a subject under CSA. The students of classes 4, 5 & 6 actively took part in it and the parents were equally enthusiastic.
It was a wonderful experience for the students, teachers and the parents as well.

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MOVIE REVIEW COMPETITION, a unique Language Development endeavour by Class VIII, on March 19, 2024 ...
The wonderful panel of external adjudicators and parents were awestruck by the variety of cinema, the analytical thinking and the adroitness with which the nine participants presented their reviews, supporting their speeches with clippings from their favourite movies, all the while speaking, not only with expression, but with poise and confidence! Kudos to the young film buffs!l

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Laughter! Goosebumps! Tears! That, exactly, was how dramatic the ' Reading An Original Play Competition' turned out to be, on March 14, 2024! 📜🎭🎙🎸👑🕺

This Language Development endeavour of TFFS was sensational, gaining resounding rounds of applause from parents and teachers and securing numerous accolades from the bench of external adjudicators! Well done Class VII!

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Celebrating, with great joy and reverence, the 86th Birth Anniversary of The Mother's Engineer : our beloved Shyamal Da, the Treasurer of Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Culture and the Registrar of TFFS. His had been a life of complete service to The Mother ... 🙏💐❤️

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An English Language Development Speech Contest with a difference : ANECDOTES OF THE GREAT!!👏🎙🌟

Twenty-seven enthusiastic speech-makers of Class VI came together for a unique contest that explored the often hilarious, but always interesting anecdotes from the lives of famous personalities ranging from Queen Elizabeth to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, from Beethoven to Amitabh Bachchan! While parents watched with great pride, their wards displaying poise and confidence while narrating the anecdotes, the wonderful panel of adjudicators had a hard time selecting the merit positions! Amidst it all, everyone had a great time!

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Lord, Thou hast willed and I execute: A new light breaks upon the earth, a new world is born. The things that were promised are fulfilled.”

- The Mother

Golden Day marks a momentous occasion in the Ashram calendar, commemorating the historic descent of the Supramental Consciousness on Earth on February 29, 1956. This transformative event signifies the culmination of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's tireless efforts to infuse earthly existence with divine consciousness. The Mother's vivid account of shattering a monumental golden door, unleashing an uninterrupted flow of supramental Light and Force, heralds the dawn of a new era where suffering and limitation give way to fulfilment and transcendence.

On February 29, 2024, teachers from Arun Nursery School and The Future Foundation School gathered at Uttarbhag for the inauguration of the eagerly awaited the new state-of-the-art sports complex, committed to the ideals of physical, mental, and spiritual excellence espoused by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Principal Ranjan Mitter graced the occasion with inspiring words, while the programme featured prayers followed by concentration music and songs sung by the teachers. The teachers were given a variety of books outlining the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

In addition, the event showcased the ongoing evolution of Aumorto, aimed at providing secure, healthy senior living in harmony with nature as well as cultural activities. The teachers had the opportunity to witness the second phase of this project.

Commemorating Golden Day serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Sri Aurobindo

and The Mother's transformative vision. Standing on the threshold of possibility, it is the promise of a future where humanity transcends its limitations, embodying the divine potential within.

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Earth lover’s Club activity on 8th March 2024

On March 8, 2024, the Earth Lovers Club members of Classes VI and VII and came together to watch a documentary on the Sundarbans, curated by Kids for Tigers. The film portrayed, vividly, the unique ecosystem of Sundarbans, showcasing not only the diverse habitats, but also the fascinating coexistence of its inhabitants, especially Royal Bengal tigers. The students developed a deeper appreciation of efforts for conservation and the importance of protecting our planet's natural treasures.

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Class V showcased their strong penchant for books and their commendable oratorical skills in the English Language Development Activity, entitled, " Book Review Competition". The wonderful presence of parents and excellent adjudication by proficient panelists made the day doubly memorable.

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An exciting visit to Heritage Buildings of Kolkata to learn about the city's rich colonial heritage!

On March 1, 2024 students of classes III went for a field trip to see different Heritage Buildings of Kolkata. Starting at The Akashbani Bhaban, the students visited The General Post Office, The Raj Bhaban and finally, the Victoria Memorial Hall. The enthralled visitors were oriented to the significance of the visit through a verbal exposition by the six teachers accompanying them.The grandeur and vastness of these architectural marvels, especially the breathtaking Victoria Memorial Hall, left the children spellbound.They got to understand the importance of heritage buildings and historical monuments and the need to preserve them. The children were encouraged to engage in active enquiry.
Guidance by teachers and the museum staff enriched their knowledge and they came back, feeling a great pride in being citizens of Kolkata.

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Feeling recharged. after a rejuvenating trip ✨️☺️✨️

Children of Class VI had a wonderful time at Ushagram Bikash Kendra, an Ashram situated in Birnagar, Nadia, in the lap of nature and inspired by the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

The children enjoyed a plethora of activities like visiting the local "Ulai Chandi" temple, the famous ISCKON temple, interacting with children of a local school in Ushagram, visiting an organic garden , agricultural fields, an informative gallery for the freedom fighters of Nadia and the abode of the very famous poet Krittibash Ojha. Enjoying quiet flow of the Bhagirathi River, gathering new hands-on experiences of Batik printing and bee-keeping, taking part in early morning sports, preparing 'jhaalmuri' as a fun activity, and also presenting a cultural event complete with music, recitation, funny skits and dance helped the trippers hone their life skills and leadership skills. This rejuvenating sojourn that gave them a peek into life beyond their classrooms shall remain etched in their memories as a happy, meaningful and permanent learning experience, for all times to come.

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Paying homage to The Mother on her 146th Birth Anniversary on February 21, 2024

The Arun Nursery School and The Future Foundation School took turns in paying their tribute to Douce Mère on Her 146th Birthday. As is the tradition, the celebrations began with the hoisting of The Mother's flag, followed by a Salute to The Mother and the playing of the Concentration Music. The little ones of ANS enthralled the congregation, comprising parents, students and teachers, with their well - rehearsed and superbly executed role play on The Mother's childhood, their songs and ballet performance. TFFS followed, with a befittingly beautiful playlet in French that significantly explored the subject of 'truth' through L'Ascension vers la Vérité. A lively Western Dance performance followed, adding cheer to the morning. Principal Sir's much awaited address to the audience stood out , as always, for being relevant, heart-warming and profoundly inspiring. As the congregation bid adieu, taking a look at the charts so painstakingly prepared by students and received The Mother's Message Card and prasad, the teachers got ready to immerse themselves in Meditation, the event that marked the end of the blissful day.

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Ushgram Trip: Students of Class VI


Team The Future Foundation School has cleared the technical round and moved to the 3rd Round of Smart India Hackathon - Junior Edition ( scheduled on 17th Feb which consisted of
Half-day Online Investor Pitching Session
List of Team Members ( All Grade 6 B )
Ron Das Mohapatra , Asmi Roy and Krishnabho Guha

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On February 14, 2024, Arun Nursery School and The Future Foundation School celebrated Mahasaraswati Day. Beginning with an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's works, on the four aspects of The Mother, with a focus on the aspect of Mahasaraswati, the day saw a huge gathering of students and parents, seated prayerfully, listening attentively to the chanting of the slokas from the Vedas and performing the Anjali.Thereafter, it was time for cultural pursuits. The little ones of ANS enthralled the audience with their singing ,dancing and recitation.The students of TFFS followed, with an equally lively performance. The day ended with the partaking of the delicious Khichdi Prasad, amidst bonhomie and cheerful chatter.

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The first trip with school and what an awesome experience!!👌👌☺️

The Class V students of The Future Foundation School went for their very first excursion, to Santiniketan, in the month of February, 2024. The excited trippers got the opportunity to visit many places of interest, like The Patha Bhavan Institute, Rabindra Bhavan Museum, Upasana Griha, Surul Rajbari, Raipur Rajbari and various other places. Students also enjoyed dancing with tribals at Sonajhuri Haat, shopping at Amar Kutir and Magh Mela and walking along the banks of Kopai river. The visit to Sri Aurobindo Nilaya was the one that left a deep and lasting impression on them.

Aside from gaining knowledge, the students also got the opportunity to develop and hone their life skills, in the few days spent away from home.The funfulled and gainful sojourn, replete with happy memories, will always be cherished for a long time to come!

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The Future Foundation School recently organized an excursion for its Class 3 students to Nandan Theatre on February 19th. The purpose was to watch the French movie "Le Petit Nicolas, Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour être heureux ?" This event marked the 1st edition of the French Film Festival, presented by Alliance Française du Bengal and Nandan in association with the Consulate General of France in Kolkata, from February 16th to 24th.

"Le Petit Nicolas: Happy As Can Be" is a 2022 French animated comedy film directed by Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre, which premiered as a special screening at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. The excursion included 68 students accompanied by 4 teachers and 1 lady attendant. The movie had a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the outing, finding the movie captivating with its relatable storyline and engaging narrative. It not only provided entertainment but also served as a cultural learning opportunity, exposing students to French language and customs.

The school arranged safe and organized travel to Nandan Theatre via a designated bus. Upon completion of the screening, students were provided with refreshments for the return journey, adding to their overall enjoyment.

This excursion was a resounding success, fostering cultural appreciation, language exposure, and memorable experiences for all participants. Alliance Française du Bengale offered an exclusive pedagogical kit tailored specifically for the students, aimed at immersing them in the film's world, providing valuable context, and igniting their curiosity.

In summary, the excursion entertained, educated, and left a lasting impression on the students' minds, contributing to their educational journey beyond the classroom. The school looks forward to organizing more enriching experiences in the future.

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Investiture Ceremony

February 5th, 2024, held significance in The Future Foundation School's calendar. Since its inception in 2001, the ceremony to present the 'Joya Mitter Challenge trophy' to the leading house has become an annual tradition.

The students are divided into four houses—Green, White, Yellow, and Blue. Students from all houses are mandated to fulfill assigned duties throughout the academic session to accumulate points. Participation in inter-house activities, sports, and other events is essential for scoring points. Various teachers and the management closely monitor students for qualities such as responsibility, punctuality, respectfulness, and diligence.

In the academic year 2023-24, the Green House clinched the prestigious trophy for the ninth time. The exuberance among Green House students and house teachers reached new heights. This was the culmination of a year-long anticipation for hundreds of them. The unwavering spirit of Green House members knew no bounds; cheers and jubilant screams echoed, proudly proclaiming, 'East or West, Green House is the Best.'

The ceremony consisted of the announcement of the new prefectorial team and new badge holders of all the houses, followed by the oath taking and the announcement of the house points scored by all the houses.


We are happy to announce our Robotics and AI movie screening event which took place on 8th of February, 2024. In this event, the students delved into the captivating world of artificial intelligence and robotics while enjoying the film "I, Robot" in the Hall of Light, The Future Foundation School. Beyond mere entertainment, the movie ignited curiosity and inspired our students to explore the depths of technology further.

It is paramount to acknowledge the vital role of such engaging experiences alongside traditional classroom teachings. They offer a dynamic platform for learning, fostering creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking outside the conventional classroom environment. By providing a refreshing break from routine learning, these events inject excitement into education, rendering it more engaging and impactful.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to all the parents for their unwavering support and encouragement, which enabled their children to partake in this enriching experience. We eagerly anticipate hosting more such events and sharing updates from our Robotics and AI department in the future!


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Joya Mitter whom we fondly call Joyadi or Joya Ma'am may not be physically present amidst us, but her spirit lives on, pervading every nook and corner of the institute which she nurtured with her love and care.Among her varied interests was her love for nature, specially flowers. Hence the campus exuded the fragrance of flowers as her beloved students and teachers celebrated Joyadi's 88th birthday by offering flowers to her.

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of our Founder-Principal, Smt. Joya Mitter – an Artist of no mean stature – The Future Foundation School organised an Inter House Rangoli /Card Making and Flower arrangement competition as well as an Inter School Painting Competition on February 02, 2024, in the school premises. Assembly took place in the Hall of Light and the classrooms. Two of our alumni, Miss Sumika Kanjilal and Mr. Rit Chowdhury reminisced about their school days during the time ofJoya Ma’am, in the assembly. Simultaneously the videos of these alumni were shown in the classrooms too. Principal Sir shared his inspiring thoughts and anecdotes about the Founder Principal who was his earthly mother.

As a tribute to her, this year’s Inter School painting/Poster making competition had the theme "Harmony". The topics for the different groups were- a) Beauty in Nature b) War kills,kill wars c) The ideal of Human Unity.
13 reputed schools of Kolkata took part in the event.After the competition we had the prize distribution for the painting competition and the closing ceremony.
Somlata Guha of The Future Foundation School secured the 1st position in group A. Suropriya Goswami of Class VI regaled the audience with her Sarod recital .

Acclaimed and renowned painters Ms. Rina Mustafi and Paramita Chakraborty were present to evaluate the colourful paintings of the budding painters. Venerated painter Mr. Hareet Basu graced the occasion as Chief Guest, to encourage the participants and give away the prizes.This was followed by a vote of thanks given by the Head Mistress.

Thus ended a memorable day with the blessings of The Mother in Her Home of Grace and the lingering memories of Joya Ma’am echoing in the hearts of all.

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The first-ever Winter Carnival at The Future Foundation School emerged as a mesmerizing spectacle of diversity and cultural brilliance. The Open-Air Stage set the tone with a model of the Matrimandir, echoing the philosophies of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. "Auroville wants to be the first realization of human unity based on the teaching of Sri Aurobindo," The Mother once said, and that spirit was truly alive in every moment of the Carnival.

Hosted on the 27th and 28th of January 2024, the Carnival was a celebration of harmony in diversity, showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures across the Indian subcontinent. Vibrant young talents from classes 3 and 4 took centre stage as cultural ambassadors, presenting breathtaking performances, from Mohiniyattam to Bhangra.

The school transformed into a cultural haven, adorned with lights and decorations reflecting a festive spirit and cultural splendour never seen before. Various stalls representing different states featured games, food, and handmade arts and crafts items crafted by our talented students. A photo booth captured the joyous moments, making memories to last a lifetime.

Two evenings filled with fun, frolic, and festivity brought us all together in the spirit of unity, diversity, and the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Photos from The Future Foundation School's post 07/02/2024

Excursion: Class 5 visits Shantiniketan

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