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Explaining rybczynski theorem with the help of edgeworth box diagram. Before you watch, note that the video is in Hindi.


Hey guys! let's discuss today about regression and r square. In this video, I have discussed about correlation, regression and r square and try to explain it simply with the help of momos.

Disclaimer: I'm uploading these topics for Econometrics. Students who study Econometrics are always get confused in these small terms.


Hey! eme people, in this video I'm talking about covariance and correlation which are very useful. topics for econometrics.

I have tried to explain it with the help of Netflix example.

If you face problems in understanding econometrics concept then do subscribe this channel because I'm going to upload all important concepts regarding econometrics in this channel.


Hey eme people, let's discuss today why we divide sample variance by (n-1)?
This is the most confusing topic but I have tried my best to teach you simply.

If you really want to understand this variance topic then you need to watch the video till the end.

Disclaimer: I'm uploading these topics for Econometrics. Students who study Econometrics are always get confused in these small terms.


Dhindora (bb ki vines) has made this video VIRAL - here's how? 👇🏻

We all have watched dhindora and now doubt it was amazing but do you know, one youtuber has literally used it to make his own video VIRAL

I have shared insights from this clever move and also shared how we can grab these type of opportunities.


How cockroaches are saving lives in China🇨🇳??

Hey people, you visit my channel for mostly two reasons -

1. to earn money without or less investment

2. to learn how to grow YouTube channel.

Today's video stands for the first reason. If you really want to earn more than your present income or simply you want to open a new business, then course selling can be a good option for you. Selling courses online can definitely bring very high income. But, to be honest, course selling business is not at all easy.

The first thing is you have to come in course selling business with a mindset of experimenting of how you can actually sell. No matter whether your target customer is rich or not.
"You can't sell if you want to just sell".
Read this Again.

Go beyond just selling. Add value to your customer's life. Think what you want in your customer's place. Act like that.

I have talked about some problems and strategies to follow in order to earn money and profits in this course selling business.

More into the video.


Hey eme people, so here is the video in which I have discussed about the growth model - harrod domar model of economic growth.

In this video, I'm talking about the real life case scenario of harrod model. You must have listened that harrod and domar wrote this model separately. But do you know why this model is so important and why we have know about this??
Is there any real life use of such growth models??

Well, the answer is yes. This model is used in first five year plan of India in 1951 under the influence of our first Prime Minister Sir Jawaharlal Nehru. Remember we have solutions everywhere around us because we have problems.

These growth models have solved the problem of economic crisis. Provide us with strategies to boost our economy.


One good content brings smile to YOUR face
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Hey eme people, if you are in college or high secondary then this video is for you. I'm talikg about the importance of investing in crypto currency and share market. The video contains some frequently asked questions & doubts regarding investment in cryptocurrency and share market.


Not everyone will going to like you😄😄

Just keep doing what you feel is correct✅


Okay, so here are some "WORK AT HOME JOBS"
These jobs are high paying and the demand of these jobs are very high and it will remain high for some time.

Most people don't know about these
Especially about the 1st one.

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You will understand this model, not because my teaching method is the best but I have shared the JAPAN'S CASE STUDY to make you understand this model.

Teachers will only teach you what is there in the syllabus but as an economic student, it is our duty to know the amazing real life changes taking place in the world of economics.

One such change is "BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION"

Do support me because I'm in a mission to bring real life applications of economics.



Kudos!! If you know the answer🥳🤩

But if you don't know then let me tell you why they use credit card.

Whenever we talk about rich people, we often think that they just want to show off but it is not always true.
They are rich because not only they know how to make but also they know how to multiply their money with the help of itself.

A bit confusing right?
I have shared three main advantages of credit card. Do click the link to watch and learn something new something practical in the world of

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Are you an Economics Student, still you don't know about this?

No worries, let's discuss something new.
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How it can increase revenue?
It is the miracle of a laffer curve.
If you wanna know about it, then click the link to know more.


Eco graduate ho gaye?
Aage kya karna hai socha hai?.

If not, then you can watch this.

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Link is here......

You have seen this post, now if you want then do watch the video on
"how I have improved my communication skills with 4 easy steps"


Head over to the link & watch the video to understand it well.
I guaranteed you will understand it if you watch with focus.

The video is in Hindi by the way.


Head over to the link if you want to know more about two part tariff but this video is only for academics purpose.


You may know the answer but do you know the logic behind this???
If not, then click here to watch

You will get lots of videos related to macroeconomics, microeconomics and statistics in this channel (Videos are in Hindi)

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CU - Bhindi.


Graduated but still don't know what to do, what career to choose?
I have talked about .1Career in which you can opt in.


Less competition, High Demand, High Salary.


No no it's not a clickbait.

I have talked about 3 important things regarding content writing.

• What is content writing?
• How can you get clients as beginner/intermediate?
• What's the popular myth regarding content writing?

Watch the video if you want to know about it.

(May be you miss something very important if you don't watch)

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