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The entire team of is very much thankful to Mr. Arijit Hajra (CEO of Think Again Lab) for giving us the opportunity to host you as well for trusting us with your story.
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Mr. Arijit Hajra is India’s first Techno-spiritual entrepreneur. He started his first startup at the age of 22 while still a student of B.Tech ( Computer Science Engineering) and filed his first patent in Robotics and Electronics domain at the age of 23. He has experience in several state-of-the-art Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Internet of Things, UI/UX, Blockchain, Data Science, Game Development, Web & App Development, Digital media marketing, social media marketing. He is currently doing research on Brain-Computer Interfacing, Invisible
Technology, and AI-Based Operating System. He has mentored 15000+ students all over India.

Arijit Hajra is the creator of Eastern India’s first indigenously developed semi-humanoid a food delivering robot, the Annapurna in Lake Mall, Kolkata who is delivering food from
Kitchen to tables.

He has won more than 10 business plan/ Innovation competitions & awards in India and has been honoured by the International Institutional Organization as Budding Innovator in Bihar Leadership Festival. He has been made as to the India lead for NASA Space App Challenge 2019 and NASA Space App Challenge 2020. The 2 winners of the National Hackathon in NASA Space App Challenge 2019 had been mentored by
Mr. Hajra itself and hence they are the 2 teams selected from India for the Internationals’. Recently, on 27th December 2019, Mr. Hajra was invited for a Super Exclusive
Interview by the Hindi Khabar News channel at Noida, New Delhi to share his experience as an Entrepreneur. He was a keynote speaker at the Faculty Development Program at IIT KGP organized by Kolkata Ventures, NASA space app challenge 2018 at Heritage Institute of Technology, PMYUVA E-week at Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurship Development Camp at St. Xavier College. He was also invited as the Judge of Hult Prize 2019 at Heritage Institute of Technology, Scintillations organized by Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIEST Shibpur, Judge of Brand-a-thon of Heritage Utsav 2019 organized by EDC, Heritage Institute of Technology, and as an IoT expert keynote speaker at All India Radio, Akashwani Kolkata. He has been bestowed with awards from the renowned organization like IIT KGP, IIM Calcutta,
International Institutional Organization, Kolkata Ventures, Govt of West Bengal, Govt of India. He has been bestowed with elite honour &; India's Great Leader Award 2018 at
the Press Club of India presented by the National Human Welfare Council in association with Samaj Seva Charitable Trust. Awarded by most respected Sri Manish Sisodia Ji,
Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi. Recently he has been awarded as “The Best Entrepreneur 2019” by Indian Women And Youth Skills Foundation.

Arijit Hajra
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We are bridging the gap between education and skill to transform job-seekers into job-creators using



Annapurna the Robot and Think Again Lab got featured in The Telegraph online MyKolkata for becoming the world's first robot who has done "Debi Durga Boron" to celebrate UNESCO's recognition for as a at Dakhin Para Durgotsob.

Mamata Banerjee Thank you so much ma'am for supporting Durga Puja and bringing it to the recognition of the whole world.

Thank you so much, Tapati Guha Thakurta ma'am, for your tremendous effort to include Kolkata's Durga Puja on the “intangible cultural heritage” list.

Thank you so much The Telegraph online MyKolkata for supporting our effort towards innovation.

Full coverage -



Annapurna the Robot and Think Again Lab got featured in The Times of India today for becoming the world's first robot who has done "Debi Durga Boron" to celebrate UNESCO's recognition for as a at Dakhin Para Durgotsob.

Mamata Banerjee Thank you so much ma'am for supporting Durga Puja and bringing it to the recognition of the whole world.

Thank you so much, Tapati Guha Thakurta ma'am, for your tremendous effort to include Kolkata's Durga Puja on the “intangible cultural heritage” list.

Thank you so much The Times of India for such lovely wholesome coverage.


Are you an entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, teacher, professor, business owner, student or from any other profession?

Irrespective of your profession personal branding can help you to growth hack your career exponentially. Personal branding helps you create a network that helps you to grow your net worth.

You will learn -
✅ How to communicate
✅ How to convince
✅ How to build a network
✅ How to get recognized
✅ How to create content
✅ Online Reputation management

Through -
✅ 8 sessions in 8 Weeks
✅ Growth Hack Strategy
✅ Lean Frameworks
✅ Hands-on Activities

Mode of the masterclass -
✅ Online
✅ Live

About the mentor -

Arijit Hajra is India's first techno-spiritual entrepreneur who -

✅ went viral on Dadagiri Season 9 with its creation Annapurna(Bengal's first Robot)

✅ went viral on josh talks with 1.4 Million+ views so far

✅ 500+ speaking engagements at 100+ universities, colleges, institutions, government events, talk shows, and many more

✅ 40+ Awards and Recognition

✅ Current Positions -

1. CEO, Think Again Lab
2. CEO, Nabadwip Municipality Innovation Park
3. Regional Mentor of Change( West Bengal), AIM, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India
4. Lead, NASA International Space Apps Challenge
5. Regional Brand Ambassador, Hackmakers

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Josh Talks Link -

Register today to avail 2500 INR scholarship today by using code earlybird1 -

Note -Registration will end on the 15th of September, 2022 and the master class will start in the second week of October, 2022.


গন্ধরাজ বৃহস্পতি |
আর একবার হয়ে যাক !!! 🤣😂😂🤣

সদ্য প্রকাশিত NASA James Webb Telescope- এর তোলা বৃহস্পতির ছবির দ্বারা অনুপ্রাণিত |


Returns to Service With Successful Launch of 6 Satellites

Liftoff of from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana came at 02:50 BST on April 29 to deliver Pléiades Neo-3 and five auxiliary into their respective orbits.

On this , Vega made use of part of its -developed Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) multiple payload adapter which is a modular lightweight carbon-fiber structure, which can accommodate multiple light with a mass of 1–500 kg.

The flexibility of the SSMS system allows spare capacity on Vega to be used to launch small satellites piggyback to the main customer payload. And, using more than one burn of the upper stage means that they can be delivered into different orbits too.



at The Australian National University (ANU) have harnessed a technique that helps see objects in the night sky more clearly to fight against dangerous and costly .

The researchers’ work on adaptive optics — which removes the haziness caused by turbulence in the atmosphere — has been applied to a new ‘guide star’ laser for better identifying, tracking and safely moving space debris.

Space debris is a major threat to the $US700 billion of space infrastructure delivering vital services around the globe each day. With laser guide star adaptive optics, this infrastructure now has a new line of defense.



HI-SEAS (Hawai‘i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) is an analog and habitat and located high on the volcano , on Hawaii’s Big Island. There, live and work for days to months at a time, only going outside to perform experiments or clamber about in lavatubes, and only in their hefty Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) analog just as they would if they were on the or . The 110-square-metre (1,200-square-foot) habitat is the astronauts’ home, gym, lab — and everything else — while they’re on a “mission.”

The crewmembers — future candidates in training — are trying to figure out what works, and what doesn’t work, here on to prepare for . A crew at HI-SEAS runs a mission just like they would in : crew roles include a commander, operations officer, engineer, and science communication officer, plus specialists for particular experiments or projects, like crew biologists to test for biofilms in or to help run experiments like the recent LettuceGrow experiment, in which the team tested ways to grow lettuce inside the habitat.



One of the biggest challenges to measuring the expansion of the is the fact that many of the methods we use are model-dependent.

This doesn’t mean our distance measurements are necessarily wrong, but it makes them more vulnerable to systematic errors. Also, in recent years it has become clear that our various measures of cosmic expansion don’t quite agree. One way out of this mess would be to find new ways of measuring , preferably, methods that aren’t model dependent.

The good news is, we’ve made quite a bit of progress in this area. Methods using phenomena such as masers and have shown a lot of promise.
In addition to it, the recent study in "Physical Review A" introduces a method using and .



Nothing built by human hands has ever traveled faster than 's , a diminutive, scorch-proof about the size of a small car that is practically "touching the ."
In late April, it smashed two wild space records, dethroning the previous champion -- which also happened to be the Parker itself.

The , which launched in August 2018 on a mission to study the sun, has been flying ever closer to our 's furnace, using the as a slingshot. On April 29, during its closest approach to the sun (known as "perihelion"), was traveling at an almost unfathomable speed -- fast enough to circle the Earth 13 times in a single hour.

Parker surpassed it's own records, with the new records being set as follows:

▪️Fastest human-made object: 330,000 mph (532,000 km/h).
▪️Closest spacecraft to the sun: 6.5 million miles (10.4 million kilometers).



Detect Signs of Volcanic Unrest Years Before Eruptions! New research methods may lead to earlier predictions of volcanic eruptions!!

Although there are telltale signs that a is likely to erupt in the near future, like, an uptick in seismic activity, changes in gas emissions, and sudden ground deformation, however, accurately predicting such eruptions is notoriously hard.

This is, in part, because no two volcanoes behave in exactly the same way and because very few of the world’s 1,500 or so active volcanoes have monitoring systems in place. Under the best of circumstances, can accurately forecast an eruption of a monitored volcano several days before it happens.

But what if we knew months or even years in advance? 🤔🤔

Using , scientists at NASA’s in Southern California and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks have developed a new method that brings us closer to that reality!!

Monitoring a subtle but significant increase in heat emissions over large areas of a volcano in the years leading up to its eruption, allows us to see that a volcano has reawakened, often well before any of the other signs have appeared.

Credit: NASA TV /


Day, also known as Red Crescent Day, is celebrated as birth anniversary of Henry Dunant, the founder of International Committee of the Red Cross and the first recipient of the Peace Prize.

To know your nearest plasma donation center visit -


After Proving Flight Is Possible on , ’s Has a New Mission !!

Having proven that powered, controlled flight is possible on the Red Planet, the will shift focus from proving flight is possible on Mars to demonstrating flight operations that future aerial craft could utilize.

The Ingenuity experiment will soon embark on a new operations demonstration phase, exploring how aerial scouting and other functions could benefit exploration of Mars and other worlds.

This new phase will begin after the helicopter completes 6th .
Until then, will be in a transitional phase that includes its forays into Mars’ crimson skies.



Swansea University , as leading members of the ALPHA collaboration at , have demonstrated laser cooling of antihydrogen atoms for the first time. The groundbreaking achievement produces colder than ever before and enables an entirely new class of experiments, helping scientists learn more about antimatter in future.

In a paper published on March 31, 2021, in "Nature", the collaboration reports that the temperature of atoms trapped inside a magnetic bottle is reduced when the atoms scatter light from an ultraviolet laser beam, slowing the atoms down and reducing the space they occupy in the bottle — both vital aspects of future for more detailed studies of the properties of antimatter.

In addition to showing that the energy of the antihydrogen atoms was decreased, the physicists also found a reduction in the range of wavelengths that the cold can absorb or emit light on, so the spectral line (or color band) is narrowed due to the reduced motion. This latter effect is of particular interest, as it will allow a more precise determination of the spectrum, which in turn, reveals the internal structure of the .



’s may be focused on the , but that doesn’t mean the ’s scientists are going to give up on an opportunity to sn**ch the first live data from Venus’ atmosphere in almost three decades. The probe is currently swinging through space, using Venus’ gravity to bring it closer to the Sun each time, and in the process has been getting nearer and nearer to the ’s surface.

One of the reasons is so interesting to is that in many ways it’s a close counterpart to . Both are of similar size and structure, but Venus has no magnetic field and its surface temperatures are so extreme, have lasted at most a few hours there.

However, figuring out how the magnetic field changes with the solar cycle could help understand how the atmosphere on Venus – and planets like it – got stripped away, and could help further understand other that are potentially hospitable to life.



On 29 April, and the announced the construction of a second 35-metre, antenna at ESA’s New Norcia station, located 140 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia.

The 620-tonne will be a new model complementing the existing deep space antenna on the site, with novel functionality and support for additional communication frequencies.

It will feature the latest in deep space communication technology, including a super-cool ‘antenna feed’ that will be cryogenically cooled to around -263 C and increase data return by up to 40%.

The antenna will be so sensitive it can detect signals far weaker than the signal from a mobile phone - if there were one - on the surface of .



While attention has been focused on the that landed on last month, its predecessor continues to explore the base of Mount Sharp on the and is still making . published recently in the journal "Geology" shows that Mars had drier and wetter eras before drying up completely about 3 billion years ago.

“A primary goal of the was to study the transition between the habitable environment of the past, to the dry and cold climate that Mars has now. These rock layers recorded that change in great detail,” said Roger Wiens, a coauthor on the paper and scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Using the long-range camera on (which is the rock-vaporizing laser that sits on the mast of the and analyzes the chemical composition of rocks on Mars) to make detailed observations of the steep terrain of , a team of researchers at Los Alamos discovered that the alternated between dry and wetter periods before it went completely dry.



After four successful test flights of SpaceX's next-generation prototypes all ended in dramatic explosions during the landing phase, 's company is skipping ahead to , a new version of its vehicle.

has conducted high-altitude test flights of prototypes through and has long planned to integrate what has called "major upgrades" into SN15. Now the company is skipping , and , which were never fully assembled, and working toward a of SN15.

SN15 could launch anytime (or not at all) within the approved windows once all the required closures and permissions are in place. So for now, keep your fingers crossed that we see SN15 fly (and land!).


Think Again Lab - What, Why & How

Today’s youth generation is suffering from a disease called BSSIN (Being a Servant Syndrome Induced by Negativity). Every youth is searching for a job not for work. Very common phrase of today’s youth generation - “ I know but I can’t do”.
But why?
Because when they are completing their education, they are getting educated not skilled and for that reason they are not welcomed into the industry because industry wants skill not only education.
We analysis this problem and found some key aspects which leads to this gap between education and skill.
1. Static text based learning.
2. Subject oriented syllabus.
3. Ideal data based examples.
4. Failure discouraging system.
5. Less activity based learning.
6. Individual learning.
7. Teacher Driven Learning.
8. Static Knowledge Based Human Instructor
9. Exam Based Education
10. Lack Of Consciousness
11. Lack of Knowledge About Non-conventional But crucial Topics
12. Lack of opportunity to use presence Of Mind.

We are solving these problems by using STREAM (modernized STEM) learning methodology using Techno-Spirituality as a tool and substituting the above aspects with the followings.
1. Dynamic Video-Graphical Learning.
2. Real life Project oriented syllabus.
3. Real life Problem based examples.
4. Failure encouraging system.
5. Activity based learning (ABL).
6. Group based learning.
7. Self-driven Learning .
8. Dynamic Knowledge Based AI Instructor
9. Assessment Based Education
10. Consciousness Development Program
11. Knowledge Sharing about Non-conventional Topics Such as - vortex based mathematics, vedic philosophies.
12. Opportunity to use Presence Of mind

We will cure BSSIN [Being a Servant Syndrome Induced By Negativity] with help of 3c antidote [Creativity , Confidence & Consciousness] by creating a Research-Innovation-Entrepreneurial Ecosystem which will transform job-seekers into job creators.

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