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69th Convocation Ceremony


The 69th Convocation Ceremony
IIT Kharagpur ❤️


Greetings KGPians!

HULT PRIZE On-Campus Round 2024 is just around the corner and we hope you guys are getting excited about it. Bringing your doubts and concerns to life, we are delighted to announce an interactive workshop with Supriya Jangre - Central & South Asia Regional Manager - Hult Prize Foundation.

International Relations Cell, IIT Kharagpur thus invites you to attend the Orientation Session on 11th December, 4:45 PM, which will give you a deeper understanding of the Hult Prize and its various stages. Do register for the same and feel free to mention any queries.

To register for the Session: https://forms.gle/nqX3caRnciEoatat9
M.S. Teams link for the Session : https://rb.gy/4o6850
Join our Whatsapp group for more updates : https://chat.whatsapp.com/Jm3UDKHQLv174KkZkTcagw


Mr. Saurabh Bindal, Partner & Administrative Head, Fox Mandal & Associates LLP, New Delhi and Young Alumni Achiever Awardee 2023 of IIT Kharagpur has been awarded the India Business Leadership Awards 2023 by IBC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Bindal is a passionate and pragmatic lawyer who renders dispute resolution support to clients on issues relating to Arbitration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Privacy Law, Information Technology Law, Constitution, Company Law, Contract Law, Employment Law, Electricity Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. He has significant experience in representing clients in institutional and ad hoc arbitrations, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal,
National Company Law Tribunals, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, State Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Criminal Courts (Magistrate and Sessions), High Courts and Supreme Court of India.

Many Congratulations!



Mark your calendars and gear up for the ultimate celebration of innovation and technology! Excitement is building as we unveil the official date for Ksh*tij 2024, which is 19th-21st January.
Get ready to witness brilliance, explore cutting-edge ideas, and be part of an unforgettable experience. Save the date, because Ksh*tij is about to redefine the future!

*tij2023 #19-21stJAN


Welcome Topshe, the Official Mascot of Inter IIT Cultural Meet 6.0! With determined eyes and a spirit of friendly competition, Topshe is here to symbolize the passion and unity that defines our cultural extravagance. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity, camaraderie, and celebration!



Exciting News! Our Website is LIVE! Explore the dynamic world of Ksh*tij IIT Kharagpur – where innovation meets excellence. Dive into a virtual journey of knowledge, inspiration, and limitless possibilities. Visit us now at www.ktj.in

Kindly register yourself on our website to get all the latest updates regarding competitions, guest lectures, workshops, megashows, and many more.


Attention Fellow - Delegates!

Delegate registrations for the 2nd edition of Global Model United Nations (GMUN) are now open!

Join us at IIT Kharagpur from 12 to 14 January 2024, for a informative and rich experience in diplomacy and leadership.

Organized by Communiqué IIT Kharagpur, this is your chance to engage, debate, and make a global impact

Application link in Bio and Highlights

Note: Registration for KGPians will start soon.


The Cosmic Capital: Finance in the Space Industry

Over the last few decades, the space industry has evolved from a government-dominated domain to a growing private one. This transformation has resulted in significant cash inflows and potential. Examining the financial landscape of this domain reveals a diverse range of players, funding sources, market trends, and the staggering numbers that underscore this cosmic financial frontier.

Traditionally, government agencies like NASA, Roscosmos, and ESA led the space exploration frontier, receiving significant funding from their respective governments. NASA, for instance, received a hefty budget of $25.4 billion for the fiscal year 2023. However, the emergence of private enterprises like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic has revolutionised the sector. SpaceX, valued at over $150 billion, has secured more than $6 billion in equity financing, while Blue Origin is propelled by the financial backing of its founder, Jeff Bezos.

Companies specialising in niche areas such as satellite launches and Earth observation further diversify the industry's landscape. Collaborations between space corporations and other institutions, such as SpaceX's partnerships with NASA and commercial firms for ISS flights, create contracts and profits worth billions of dollars, increasing the sector's financial significance.

The space industry is not merely a realm of scientific exploration but a powerhouse of economic activity. In 2023, its global value soared to $546 billion, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.4%, estimated to drive it to an impressive $558 billion by 2028. This growth is evident in burgeoning sectors like Space Tourism, which is anticipated to reach a value of $1.7 billion by 2027. With space tourism tickets priced between $200,000 and $250,000, the demand for this unique experience is evident. The satellite industry also thrives, with approximately 7,702 active satellites orbiting Earth as of May 2023. Ambitious projects like SpaceX's Starlink further underscore the immense commercial potential of this sector.

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What is more beautiful than exploring the magnificent Narmada River? Doing it with a purpose! Our spirited participants from West Bengal not only enjoyed the boat rides but also spread the powerful message of unity and .

Photos from IIT Kharagpur Happenings's post 07/12/2023

Riding the Wave of Triumph: Our Aquatics Team Reigns Supreme at Inter IIT Aquatics Meet!

A roaring applause for our exceptional Aquatics Team, who not only conquered the pool but also ascended to the pinnacle as the Table Toppers at the Inter IIT Aquatics Meet! 🥇🎉

From record-breaking swims to breathtaking dives, our aqua warriors displayed a level of excellence that set them apart.Let's celebrate the dedication, teamwork, and sheer passion that led our team to this remarkable triumph. They've not only brought honor to our institution but have set a standard for aquatic prowess that will be remembered for years to come.

Congratulations to our Aquatics Team for making waves and emerging as the undeniable table toppers! Here's to the champions of the pool! 🌟🏊‍♀️

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The fourth day of the Placement Drive witnessed 68 offers extended to 66 students for 12+ profiles by 10+ companies.

Not much twisting from the norm, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) took the lead with 14 offers, surpassing Mechanical Engineering (ME) securing 7 offers. The interdisciplinary courses secured 1 offer in Artificial Intelligence.

Breaking down the offers by course, BTech students showcased their prowess, bagging the highest number at 25, closely followed by MTech(20), Dual Degree (16), Integrated MSc (5) and Phd (2).

Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur, extends warm congratulations to the accomplished students and wishes all candidates the best for their upcoming opportunities.

Note: Data presented is subject to error.


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay alumni Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti, and Shivam Mangle have taken a huge leap in the Indian generative AI space as their company Rephrase.ai was acquired by Adobe.

Generative AI has seen immense growth in the past 2 years and IITians continue to stay ahead of the curve of technological growth.



Diving into Glory: Celebrating Our Best Swimmer!

A resounding applause for the phenomenal Pravalika Das, who conquered the waters and emerged as the undisputed individual champion at the Inter IIT Aquatics meet 2023! 🎉🏆

In a pool filled with exceptional talent, Pravalika showcased unparalleled skill, determination, and an undeniable passion for the sport. Her strokes cut through the water with precision, leaving a trail of inspiration for all who witnessed her swim.

She won a total of 5 gold medals and set a historic 6 new meet records. She clinched a gold medal in every event she entered, her achievements only restricted by the event participation limit for individuals!

Congratulations to Pravalika on this well-deserved honor! Here's to more victories and records in the making! 🌊💪

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CDC Placement Stats - Day (1-3) Combined

The first three days of the placement season saw a total of 512 students getting a total of 526 offers. The above graphs illustrate the distribution of the number of students who received the offers verses their departments and courses respectively.

The Scholars' Avenue congratulates all these 512 students as well as those who have received pre-placement offers and wishes good luck to those who are yet to receive their offer.


IIT Kharagpur overall ranked 5th in India and 59th in Asia, according to the latest edition of QS Asia World University Ranking for the year 2024. The largest and first IIT of the country has made its entry in the top 7% in the QS Asia University Rankings with an overall score of 54.5.

Speaking on the QS Asia University Ranking 2024, Director IIT Kharagpur remarked, "IIT Kharagpur has upheld the nation’s resolve to excel the standards of globalization with advance manufacturing systems and transportation, safety engineering and analytics, quality and reliability, affordable healthcare, precision agriculture & food nutrition and smart infrastructure to contribute towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat. As an institute of eminence, Technological Research Parks, Centre of Excellence, start-up incubators, Lab to Market products and Nano Missions are the new local ecology for innovation and technological pursuits of our institute."

Read more:



Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we fear less. Science is an organized curiosity which is much more than a body of knowledge. Science today is the poetry of reality that develops innovation in creation. With the intent of providing a podium to the science nerds, IIT Kharagpur launches the 5th edition of Young Innovators Program (YIP) 2023 today. It inculcates a scientific temper in the young minds, empowering greenhorns to solve real-life challenges through innovation. IIT KGP has a rich legacy of producing global icons and world leaders who made valuable contributions to mankind on the grounds of nation building and service towards the community at large.

This year advanced recycling and waste management system; sustainable growth; climate change and energy solutions; smart cities and applications for rural India; space technology and applications; innovation in the realms of food security, healthcare and medicine; metaverse and its application are the themes for YIP 2023.

YIP 2023 is a platform that showcases the transformative ideas of the curious minds to address global challenges through technological convergence and scientific innovations. It helps to promote a culture of innovation and creativity among students in science and technology at a very early stage of their academic journey.The global Science & Technology Competition aims to recognize the creative ability of school students in classes 8-12. Each team can have either 2 or 3 students from the same school and will be judged on the basis of ideation, research, feasibility, cost of construction, portability, authentication and originality. Round 1 consist of an online submission of a detailed report (max. 10 pages) explaining the working of their Model/Idea on the chosen theme. Results for Round 1 will be released on IIT Kharagpur website.

The registrations for Round 1 starts from today i.e. 14th November 2023. For more details visit the link below:


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Hello, Janta!

As we are near the most exciting sporting event of the year, the Inter-IIT sports meet 2023; we are elevated to announce the Contingent captains of IIT Kharagpur.

IIT Bombay
Contingent Captain: Rhea Sundaresan
Contingent Vice Captain: Jay Chaudhari

IIT Gandhinagar
Contingent Captain: Akhil Kumar
Contingent Vice Captain: Kritika Bagaria

They are the best of KGP, driving our contingents to the prime!

Photos from IIT Kharagpur Happenings's post 14/11/2023

Illumination 2023 | IIT Kharagpur | (1/4)

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Giga ML, a company that helps enterprises with on-premise deployment of large language models (LLMs), has raised $3.6 million in a seed funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners. Y Combinator, Liquid 2 Ventures, 8vdx, and prominent angels like Garry Tan (Y Combinator president & CEO), also participated in the round.

This startup was founded 3 months ago by IIT Kharagpur students Varun Vummadi and Esha Manideep.

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur celebrates Giga ML's impressive achievement and extends its best wishes for the company's future endeavors.

Join us in the adventure of shaping a dynamic and enterprising India!


Calling all aspiring product managers! Stressed about acing those placement season interviews? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Technology Students' Gymkhana and Pearmock, a free online community for product managers, are bringing you Propel, a 30-day master plan to help you nail your campus interviews.

Led by Krishna Kumar Soni, an IIT Kharagpur alum, founder of Kuberanix, and ex-Urban Company APM, this session will teach you everything you need to know to land your dream job.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Propel has something for everyone. You'll learn from experts at top companies like Accenture, Tata 1mg, BlinkIt, and Urban Company, and you'll have the chance to network and practice mock interviews with other aspiring PMs.

Tune in on October 27th, 2023 at 7 PM.

Scan the QR code in the image or visit the link in bio to register now. Meet links will be sent after registration.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your career to the next level!
We'll see you there, future PMs!


We deeply regret to inform you of a tragic incident within the KGP community. We are saddened by the loss of Kiran K Chandra, a fourth year undergraduate student from the Electrical Engineering department and a boarder of Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence.
The unfortunate incident occured on the night of 17th October 2023. Till about 7:30
PM, he was with two of his roommates in their Hall room. Later, the other two students left for academic activities. When they came back they found the door to be locked and later it was forced open by the Security and other students who brought him to the B. C. Roy Technology Hospital immediately. Despite all efforts by the doctors. Kiran was declared dead around
11:30 PM. The police investigation is underway. The institute had informed the family who arrived on the campus on the morning of 18" October 2023.
As of now the student's body has been taken back by their family, who reached their home safely this morning. Our entire KGP community is mourning this loss, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the student's family, friends, and loved ones


International Relations Cell is glad to inform the student community about the Australian National University's Future Research Talent Program. The FRT is a prominent and competitive program that draws the top international students from affiliated institutions like IITKGP and exposes them to ANU research in the fields of science, health, medicine, and computer science.

Through this program, chosen IITKGP students will have the chance to work on collaborative research projects with Australian National University (ANU) faculty mentors for 10–12 weeks.

Interested students can apply at the following link:

The applications close on 26th October 2023.


The recent loss of our fellow student, K Kiran Chandra, has left our student community deeply saddened. In these trying times, it is crucial for us, as students, to come together to support one another.

Let’s assemble at Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence today at 9:00 PM for a Peace March around 2.2 to Gymkhana Foyer to honor his memory and stand for a more compassionate and caring community.


IIT Kharagpur’s first batch: ‘Our classes were held where freedom fighters were locked up’
An electrical engineering (1951-55) alumnus, Narasimhan Venkatesan Patel (former member of the Railway Board) shares some interesting anecdotes about the faculty and how IIT-Kharagpur took special tutorials of students who appeared in Class 12 exams from different boards or syllabi

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) was established in 1951 and is the oldest among all the IITs in the country. As the institute was set up in the Hijli detention camp of West Bengal, it has a link with the freedom fighters of India.

An electrical engineering (1951-55) alumnus, Narasimhan Venkatesan Patel (former member of the Railway Board) shares some interesting anecdotes about the faculty and how IIT-Kharagpur took special tutorials of students who appeared in Class 12 exams from different boards or syllabi.

“We mostly had classes in the old Hijlee Central Jail building in the first two years. A big hangar inside the compound served as the workshop. Our staff, some of whom had served in the prison administration as jailors, mentioned that our classrooms were the rooms where prisoners (many great freedom fighters) were locked up, and some were tortured and later died,” he told indianexpress.com.

Full news - https://www.google.com/amp/s/indianexpress.com/article/education/iit-kharagpurs-first-batch-our-classes-were-held-in-where-freedom-fighters-were-locked-up-jeemain-2024-advanced-8969298/lite/


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

Hello people!!

Are you eager to embark on an exciting journey?

Get ready to immerse yourself in the Open IIT Case Study 2023-2024, proudly hosted by the Technology Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kharagpur.

You can register your team here:


You can find the Problem Statement and related questions here:



You can find Rulebook here:


You can submit your PPT here:


You can submit your Report here:


Technology Comedy Club is back, and this time we've got Fatman and Littleboy to give you the ultimate comedic blast! Presenting 'Haha-Shima', a roast event that will keep you at the edge of your seat (or leave you rofl-ing). Enjoy a fantastic lineup of satirical stand-up comedians, epic roast showdown, and sketch performers!
We eagerly await your presence at Netaji Auditorium on 13th October from 6 PM.

Design credits: ._


Professor Vasudev Lahiri of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, IIT Kharagpur who is currently heading the Nano Bio Photonics Group, is leading the way to detect different types of viruses in the human body in a very limited time span. In his research, he pointed out that light waves or photon particles can be used to understand the relationship between the subtle biological factors of the organism. The presence of viruses and bacteria can be known by the relationship between biological factors and light. Separate laboratory tests will no longer be required and not only COVID, but the presence of all the viruses or bacteria in the body will be known. Perfect measurement and detection is also possible through artificial intelligence as discovered by the IIT researchers.

Read more:


Join us at OPTIMA 2023 for an enlightening session on Data Science!

We are privileged to have Ms , Vice President of Data Science at , as our esteemed speaker. She will discuss “Behind the Scenes of Customer Journey at Swiggy: AI and Optimization”.

The lecture will offer a deep dive into how Swiggy utilizes AI and optimization techniques to enhance the customer journey.

Here are the details of the event:

📅 Date: 8th October 2023
🕠 Time: 5:30 PM
📍Venue: Kalidas Auditorium, IIT Kharagpur

Ms Ramkumar, a renowned expert in data science, will share insights into delivery optimization, ETA prediction, demand forecasting, and more. Her proficiency in harnessing data for business optimization is truly commendable.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading minds in data science, Ms. Goda Ramkumar. For more information, visit our website: https://optima.org.in

Link in bio.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Kharagpur?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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