Team Shakti, IIT Kharagpur

The official page of Team Shakti, a reasearch oriented society of IIT Khargapur, working on various portfolios of Sustainable Energy Technologies.

Team Shakti is a unique initiative by some students of IIT Kharagpur which focuses on the field of Sustainable Energy Technologies. It is mapped out as a research-based society for students in the college to work together in making technological innovations for a sustainable future. We intend to work from the grassroots level and bring changes like achieving the goal of a carbon-negative campus. W

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Team Shakti invites post-graduate and undergraduate students from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur to join forces to combat climate change via Solar Decathlon India(SDI). This is an opportunity for student teams to design net-zero-energy-water and climate-resilient buildings, contributing to real projects by partnering with leaders in real estate development. SDI helps students stay a step ahead and introduce innovative, affordable, and market-ready solutions that enable a clean energy transition. This is the resilient and carbon-neutral way forward for sustainable buildings and communities in India. SDI is conducted by the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) and the Alliance for an Energy Efficiency Economy (AEEE) under the aegis of the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF).
Form link:

Last Date to apply: 26th August 2022.


We are blessed to have a right to speak and right to be heard. Right several brave souls fought for. Let's take a moment to think of their sacrifice and what they had to pay for the freedom we enjoy.

Let's celebrate our 75 years of independence proudly!


Hello, Kgpians!
Team Shakti wishes you a World Environment day.
This year let's hope to get more educated about how the environment works and create awareness about how at stake is our environment. Because After everything, we owe it to our mother Nature and ONLY ONE EARTH. We would love to have you join us in achieving this mission together.

Team Shakti is a sustainable energy society of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. We are a group of science enthusiasts who are striving to make the world a more CARBON NEGATIVE place. We would gladly appreciate all your support and help in reaching our goal. Because after all,
“Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved.”🌿🌳


Earth Day was started in 1970 to raise awareness of and further environmental movements to save our planet from the carelessness of humans.
The need to protect our planet has never been greater than it is now! So-
"Let's Make every day Earth Day!"

Team Shakti wishes everyone a very Happy Earth Day!!


We are now on LinkedIn and Instagram!
Connect with us and follow us there to stay updated.


Welcome to the first ever Management and Design team of Team Shakti.

Abhirup Pal 21CE10002
Ankush Kumar 21AG10003
A***n Kubal 21MT30012
Chitikesh Sai Nagaraju Ganesh 21AR10009
Gowtham Kumar Maddula 21MA10028
Harsh Khasbage 21CS10029
koushal mujalde 21CH10032
priyansh borkar 21CH30023
Rohit Bhalerao 21MT10041
Saharsh Agrawal 21IM30020
shaurya vats 21GG10035
Shreyansh Gaykwad 21EC10026
Shubham Kumar 21CH10065
Souvik Mandal 21MF10036
Subrat samal 21IM10037
Vineet Yadav 21AG10043
Yellanki Sai Likitha 21CE10085
Pamarthi Yasoda 20AE30013


Welcome to the first-ever team of Senior Researchers of Team Shakti, IIT Kharagpur.
Annu Kumari 20MF3IM03
Anwesha Patel 20ME10020
Arnav Patel 20AG10004
Chetan Mittal 20CH10014
Debajyoti Roy 20BT10015
Dhruv Ripudeman Singh Bhadoriya 20BT30007
Lakshmi Prasanna Kosuri 20CH10032
Manideepu Reddy Enugala 20ME10040
Medatani Yashaswi 20ME30035
Naman Kohli 20QM30003
Neema P.Manikandan 20CE10040
Nish*ta Singh 20BT10020
Priyansh Singh 20AE30017
Puspraj Singh 20CH10048
Raghav Bansal 20GG20033
Rahul Gupta 20NA10029
Ramona Kodkani 20MT10043
Rishabh Prakash 20ME30052
Rishabh Sahoo 20MT10046
Rohit Prasad 20AR10038
Ronit Wanare 20IM30027
Sagar Soni 20EC30042
Sagar Chandewar 20MT10021
Snehashri P G 20IM10038
Srikiran chandra Ganji 20CE10024
Subhadeep Mondal 20ME30064
Subhanjana Banerjee 20GG20045
Varsh*ta Matcha 20EE10040
Vedant Gupta 20ME10105
Zahira Firdous Munshi 20CH10079
Congrats all, Hope you find this journey as beautiful as we imagined and are constantly trying to build.


Any idea needs a team to get executed and turn into a reality. Meet the Co-Founders of Team Shakti: The Sustainable Energy Society: Aditi Pasi Tiwari Ghosh Varshney Diptava Das Gouri Vignesh Jawalkar Vaishnavi Pokkula Niharika Amadala Seth Ruchi Dube Marumudi Agarwal khethavath; who laid the stepping stone and successfully created a platform for young minds to discuss, develop and bring a positive outcome out of it...


Attention Freshers!
Greeting freshers from Team Shakti!!

We are very pleased to announce that our selection process for the first years (starting Roll no 21) has started for the web development and; management and Design team. Grab this chance to be a part of a unique and amazing society.

Freshers joining now can participate in any discussion of the society and also change into core teams before the next selections.

Deadline: 29th Dec 2021.
Form link:

Watch our Introductory videos to know more about us:

We look forward to seeing you very soon and hope to have mindful and interesting discussions with you all!


Hola friends,

Are you passionate about sustainable energy generation to save mother Earth from the disastrous resource scarcity we are right now facing? If yes then
we are excited to tell you that team Shakti is the right place for you.

You can apply for any domain(s) of Agni, Jal, Jeev, Neev, Ratn, Surya, and MnD. So what are you waiting for?

Take your steps towards the field of energy research by filling the form given below.

Deadline: 29th Dec 2021
Time: 11.59 PM
Form Link:

Watch our Introductory videos to know more about us:

We look forward to seeing you very soon and hope to have mindful and interesting discussions with you all!


Ratn: Crystal Energy domain, Team Shakti Introductory video


Jeev, Team Shakti: Introductory video


Neev-Building Energy Management Sub-team, Team Shakti Introductory Video


Agni, Team Shakti Introductory video


Jal, Team Shakti


Surya: The solar team introduction video.


"Save the Earth!" "Our planet is precious..." "Climate Change is Real!"

Well, we are sure you all have heard these slogans (and many more like this) right from childhood. The repetitiveness of these taglines does not dilute the importance of the concerns, though. Some of you might have even wondered, how to exactly accomplish these missions?

To satisfy your inquisition and to actually provide you with an opportunity to bring about change, here we present to you, a brand new society of IIT Kharagpur, TEAM SHAKTI : the Sustainable Energy Society. To learn more about the amazing world of renewable energies and innumerable ways to utilise them, do join us on our Introductory Seminar, scheduled on 9th December 2021, at 6 pm.

Our seminar is meant for each and every KGPian, so do not hesitate to participate! We would be glad to welcome all the interested people...

Looking forward to seeing all the environment lovers come to the event!

MS Teams code: syblrq3
MS Teams link:
Meet link:


Welcome to the official page of Team Shakti, Sustainable Energy Technology Society of IIT Kharagpur.


Ever wondered what will happen when all the coal, oil, and gas will be consumed? How will we survive that day? We will need some other energy source that is renewable and sustainable. So should we wait till that date? We at Team Shakti don't think so.

Team Shakti is a group of students who are trying to take small steps towards this huge goal of attaining complete freedom from exhaustible sources of energy. We have great missions like making Kgp carbon-free and building zero energy buildings on campus.
We constitute of 7 portfolios namely- Surya, Jal, Agni, Jeev, Neev, Ratn, and Management & Design team.

Our current team includes UG sophomores who are guided by a team of student advisors who are all Ph.D. students. Moreover, we all are under the mentorship of our faculty advisors- Prof. Siddartha Das, Prof. Chirodeep Bakli, Prof. Amit Ghosh, Prof. Prashant Anand, Prof. Shamik Choudhury, and Prof. Adway Mitra.

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Team Shakti registrations form date extended to 5th Jan
Ratn: Crystal Energy domain, Team Shakti Introductory video
Jeev, Team Shakti: Introductory video
Building Energy Management Introductory Video
Agni, Team Shakti Introductory Video
Jal, Team Shakti Introductory video
Surya, Team Shakti
Team Shakti, IIT Kharagpur





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