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Operating as usual


A few GSec Tech and SoCult candidates met me recently for asking my vote and my society's support. The dates are nearing and some of them don't even remember the previous 5 themes of KTJ and SF. All they did was watch previous SOP boxes as if they were YouTube lectures, the ones before midsem, and learn the points table of each cup.

The same goes with the Secy candis. No background work; these facches and facchis don't even know the MAKSAD of becoming a Secy. All they were told was, "Secy ban jao, bada naam milega".

God knows where this kind of bu****it grooming is happening. Candis please learn to be sensible when you wanna talk to a senior.


I recently tried editing something on MetaKGP and thought it might be a good idea to create an account to keep contributing to it to my knowledge. But as I attempted to make one, it threw me an error: "Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by Metakgp Wiki. You cannot create an account."

Campus Network runs on an open proxy, a server that allows users to access the internet anonymously by routing their connection through the proxy server. These proxies can be misused for various purposes, including bypassing restrictions, hiding activities, or sending spam.

Metakgp uses DNS-based blacklists (DNSBL) to block IP addresses associated with open proxies to prevent misuse and abuse of the website.

What I didn't understand is if MetaKGP is meant for KGPians, why can't it be lenient on these things and use something as simple as a campus email ID for authentication to edit or contribute new pages to the repository?


In accordance for my GATE preparation, I will be revising the drive link with all concepts and make it better for my juniors.


Playlists for different genres like Billboard Party Hits, Cyberpunk, etc. Contributions are welcome. Will post on Thursday


Guys, Metakgp are back. Their products in the past have been awesome. I hope contributors and KGP community come together to restart / bring back some of the revolutionary products announced earlier...


Important update about SAHARA Restaurant. All prices are hiked by atleast 20% than earlier, with the most noticebale of all, Vegetarian meals with a 87.5% surge in the price, but offering unlimited rice and curries. The quality of food has been on a steady drop with the waiting time always on a peak high. The waiters need to become better at handling such voluminous traffic of people with the campus population rising.


A growing number of new courses in every department except CSE, HSS, and some centers like AI, RD, IKS, are being scraped of just because the class strength has not reached atleat 50% of expected strength. The reasons speculated by our analytsics team were as follows.

A majority of candidates surveyed in our interview responded saying the course was relatively new and there was no credible history of the course proving to provide good grades with minimum effort. Others believed there were better courses than the new ones which had overlap with some existing courses. When asked about the details of those courses most of our correspondents reported them to be AI, Mathematics applications of domains in their respected department.

While this continues to be, our team of experts suggest that application oriented courses are a great deal and everyone might try one with AI/ML being more popular tool to simplify analytics related tasks in respective domains. But these might not pull off much traction because of the advent of MOOCs and everyone having equal access to online resources and communities for hands-on projects.

At the end of the day, one has to decide for herself/himself which path to choose for skill development, the academic way or the corporate way.


a potential project idea I thought recently is coursematch for KGPians. It is a space where one can see what courses their friends are taking, the course contents, their grading and testimonials from students who took it previously. Probably one can even add a feature of displaying the pre-requisites of the course and the scope of course by recommending courses similar to it using collaborative filtering or analyzing course contents.

One needs to use the resources of MetaKGP, ERP and Facebook's KGP Fundae page.


As a data science aspirant, I will share my insights on how one can ace the profile in the context of internships and placements. Data Science is a tool to solve problems. If you aim to become a data scientist, the first step towards the goal is to have a niche in the discipline/topic you want to work in. Having crystal-clear knowledge of a subject can give you an edge compared to others while solving problems.

It is analogous to knowing definite integration for complex functions in JEE Physics; it helps you efficiently solve problems like Electromagnetism, Waves, etc.

Feel free to comment your doubts / thoughts if any...

I/O 2023 11/05/2023

I/O 2023 Catch up on everything we announced at I/O 2023.


This page was developed with the intention of sharing my ideas, midset and reaching out to fresher and sophomore kids who have minimal / no knowledge about how to survive and grow uniquely at IIT Kharagpur amongst the wide spectrum of people (in short, those who don't have funda).

Unfortunately, I have been busy for quite some time and have decided to restart the page with the same mission but with greater persistance. I just want to be a symbol of hope to the people who are ready to believe in me.

- Admin

How do we create a better economy? 19/03/2023

One of the best videos I have watched in the past few weeks...
Do give it a watch.

How do we create a better economy? Explore the model known as doughnut economics, which aims to meet the needs of people without overshooting Earth's ecological limits.--Can we call any econom...


It was a Friday morning. According to a study**, of all working days, Friday 8-9 AM slot has been observed to have the least attendance. I woke up a bit late and skipped my breakfast to reach my extra class on time. LBS to AgFE department...I happened to take the route from the 2.2 road via the main building.

While I was speeding through, I saw a man whose cycle broke down opposite VS Hall and was trying to fix it. He was quick enough to understand that fixing it would eat away his time. Instead, he raised his arm to ask for a lift. I was observing this from a distance and stopped near him. He quickly asked me if I could drop him off near the main building. I agreed politely and we started.

En route, I started a conversation by asking about his Dep and year of study. He mentioned, he was a PG student in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. So I took the liberty to give him a ride to his department. He thanked me and I smiled and put on my headphones with my cycling playlist and reached my class.

That night, while I was about to go to my bed and reminded myself about the day's activities, this event came to mind. I couldn't even remember his face or name. As a matter of fact, I almost forgot about it, when I realized it wasn't an important event in my busy hectic life (Yes, it's Spring Sem !!). I could have ignored that person and there wouldn't be a difference in my academics or daily chores.

I wondered what if I was in his boots and was ignored when everyone else was rushing through and going towards their destination. This anecdote of my experiences reflects that progressing in life is a phenomenon that happens without our notice and often with the support of many unseen hands. Appreciating these little things, show how beautiful life is...

Signing off

**Study by analysts at Bojo's Algorithms




UG Professors care little or nothing about the student's performance, because the culture has been transforming such that student-professor gap is widening in many aspects. In case of some departments, some students are hardly interested to pursue core engineering which demotivates him/her from attending the lectures. Now, there's no one factor which is to be blamed for this. Majority of UG students come to the IITs with mindset of preparing for what the market demands and than pursuing something which they truly aspire for which generally goes with the PG community. C' do you expect a 16 year kid to fully understand how market conditions are outside his room where he prepares for JEE, day'n'night. It is not any more about what's right or wrong....

At the end, I do appreciate some professors who go an extra mile to bring the curiousity to learn in the student's mind.., but what I personally feel is, a teacher must strive to show the subject's beauty (if there's any...LOL) no matter what's the take by students...because GREAT TEACHING IS AN UNDERRATED ART.


The Shawarmas at Sahara (a.k.a Amgios) are not being as good as the ones they made earlier at the shop adjacent to Amul Parlour. Now, there's a new eatery at the same place, who makes and sells better Shawarmas at a cheaper rate. Do visit it guys....

CHEERS !! :)


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Photos from Cultural, IIT Kharagpur's post 09/11/2022

anyone up for a fight club in KGP...?


might come handy....


If you wanna visit a Grocery retail store in KGP, the nearest one is More Supermarket 2.7KM from Puri gate. A bigger one, you might consider going is Spencer's which is 4.2KM from Puri gate.

The Spencer's is located in quite a busy location and has a filling station adjacent to it. There's a separate section for alcohol and other beverages too. Couldn't find many veggies and there's a clothing section too.


F127 is Maggu Room, the first room you'll see after entering into the main building's corridor, ground floor.

F142 is Raman Auditorium, right most room after you enter into the main building's corridor, ground floor.

F116 is Bhatnagar Auditorium, left most room after you enter into the main building's corridor, ground floor.


LBS Night Canteen remains closed on Wednesdays.

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