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Let your LIGHT shine! (LIGHT - Learn, Inspire, Grow, Help & Thrive)

A very warm welcome to Christ International School Christ International School has academic traditions and approach to teaching that are firmly grounded in an enhanced and rigorous english curriculum, with a global focus. We remain committed to encouraging our students to do and give their best; to be International Citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged and successful. Christ International School is located at the southern tip of India bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala State, in a calm and quiet green village called Malamary in Kanyakumari District. Kanyakumari district has a fragrance of architecture culture and customs of neighbouring Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is 40 kms from Christ International School by National Highway NH47.

ABOUT CHRIST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Christ International School has all modern facilities, located at the southern tip of India bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala State, in a calm and quiet green village called Malamary under Kanyakumari District. Malamary is a rural village with more than 60 percentage of the people live under poverty line. Kanyakumari lies in the southern most tip of Peninsular India where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian sea meet, called as “Thriveni Sangamam”. Kanyakumari is famous for its majestic hills, virgin beaches, pristine rivers and meandering rivulets. The district has a fragrance of architecture culture and customs of neighbouring Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is 40 kms from Christ International School via Kuzhithurai - Thiruvananthapuram National Highway NH47. Motto: Let your LIGHT Shine! (Matt: 5:16, Holy Bible) LIGHT - Learn, Inspire, Grow, Help & Thrive Name & Emblem: Name of the school is Christ International School. “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one” or “chosen one.” From the Board of Directors to the education system, the plan is to maintain international standards. Logo has a book (Bible) and a flame of light. “God is Light”, according to scriptures and LIGHT removes darkness. “Leading Light Academy” is inscribed on the top of the logo by keeping the school emblem simple and clear. Our Values: We value active and meaningful learning experiences in our classrooms and school. We value learning, collaboration and teamwork in all we do. We value relationships with our students and their families. We value partnering with parents and community. We value our passion for excellence and commitment. We value inclusiveness in caring, cooperating and helping others. We value in the diversity of worldviews. Our Integrity: Every aspect of our operation must reflect personal and corporate truthfulness and obedience to God's Word. Special Features: Our Legacy: As a Team we will continue to serve by investing our gifts of time, talents, and finances to endow the next generation with a solid foundation of high quality education. Christ International School will provide a completely individualized learning program with continuums in both affective and cognitive domains in order to meet individual student’s needs. 1. Individualized learning programs will be achieved by the implementation of the following: Low teacher to student ratio; Individual time with the teacher daily; Constant assessment and diagnosing the cutting edge of student achievement; Planning intervention for students with low concept mastery; and Tracking student progress on a weekly basis. 2. A learning program that focuses on the affective and cognitive domains will be achieved by the implementation of the following: Investment of energy – Our task in education is to encourage students to invest some of their energy into working to learn. Self-esteem – Our task in education is to validate and praise all energy put forth in learning, as well as validating all successes in learning in order for the student to feel good about themselves. Goal setting behavior – Our task in education is to encourage students to set realistic goals that they are capable of achieving. Independency – Our task is for students to work on their own functionality that students can invest energy, set goals for themselves, and complete the goals independent of teacher validation, pressure, or threat of negative consequences. Value development – Teaching a system of values and helping students assimilate and integrate those values into their self-structure serves as a foundation for continuous moral and ethical development. Responsibility – Our objective is to teach the student to take ownership of their actions based on their assimilated value belief system. Concept mastery – Our task in education is that all areas of subject matter be mastered completely in order to ensure that there are no holes in a student’s education. 3. Christ Christian School will also provide quality education for all students. Provision to missionary kids to study. Scholarships for poor and needy students. Students from any region or country.

Mission: Mission Statement: Glorify God through coaching and nurturing of students in their life. Vision Statement: To equip, challenge and inspire our students through holistic education.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Why is Education Necessary?

Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this because education gives people the knowledge and skills they require. Education is important to people of all ages and it has no limit. Children require education in order for them to learn how to speak and to write. Students in higher education level require knowledge in order to gain valuable information regarding what they are studying about. Managers in companies require education to improve them in decision making and adapting to changing environment. One cannot say that they do not need any further education no matter how smart they are because the quality of education is always improving.

This is the reason why education is becoming increasingly important and it has now become a necessity to everyone. In the past two decades or so, parents did not see education to be important for their child as they believed that their child only needs knowledge on certain issues. If parents still have the same mentality today, their child will find it difficult to make a living in today's world which has become very competitive. Even in lower education level, students are already competing with each other to determine who will get the highest grade in class. If these students are already so competitive in school just imagine how competitive would they be when they move on to higher education and after that, work.

With the standard of education getting higher, an organization's demand for an individual's level of education is also getting higher. Many years ago, a fresh graduate is able to apply for any job they want with a high school certificate. A few years on, expectation grew and the minimum requirement was a diploma certificate. Today, many students with degree level certificate are unemployed unless for those are holding certificates from prestigious universities. Imagine, if degree holders are already missing out on jobs, how those with only high school or diploma certificate fare? The level of standard and expectation of education has grown to a level where one cannot afford have insufficient education. This has how important education has become.

Google review of Christ International School by Ajith Kumar ★★★★☆ "A good well maintained school."

An evening to Celebrate the Love, Care and Faithfulness of God!

An evening to Celebrate the Love, Care and Faithfulness of God!

The cross of Christ shows us that God's love is of deepest descent universal distribution and of eternal duration.

Let Lord Pave Your Path

Annual Day Celebrations message from Pastor Alex Abraham. Thank you Sheba Sanal Valiyathottathil for you efforts. God bless!

Praise the Lord,

Lets Watch this Beautiful video about an Apple by Pastor Alex Abraham.

We are Dedicating this to Christ International school Kanyakumari for their 04th Annual Day.

Stay tuned

Credits:Sheba Sanal & Joseph Vijayakumar

Annual Day Celebrations - 2019 countdown begins: Go higher and higher, don't even dream of coming down.

[03/22/19]   Let your LIGHT (Learn, Inspire, Grow, Help & Thrive) Shine!

World water Day is celebrated on 22nd of March annually. It is celebrated to spread awareness of water, its importance in our daily life, how one can save water and to drink clean water for healthy life. Conserve Water Conserve Life!

Admissions Open - 2019-20

Admissions Open for the academic year 2019-20!

Staff Wanted!

Christ International School's cover photo

Management, staff and Students of CIS, Cordially invite you to the School Annual Day Celebrations...

Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.

Kids Art & Craft

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Kids 💖

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

In the midst of darkness, light persists.

Let your light shine with authenticity, and the people and opportunities best suited for your soul’s evolution will pursue you. You don’t need to chase what you want in life; the light travels with you, the joy follows you, and the peace meets you in each step.

Academic year 2018-19

Let your LIGHT Shine! - Academic year 2018-19!!!

Let your LIGHT (L-Learn, I-Inspire, G-Grow, H-Help, T-Thrive) Shine!
You have it for a reason and though it can be dimmed and forgotten, it cannot be lost. You can’t lose who you are. This wellspring of light within you is all you need to illuminate your life as well as the lives of all those you meet on your journey of life. God bless!

Drums - CIS Kids

An Evening of Fun, Reflection and Thanksgiving - Annual Day 2017-18.

Bless the Lord O my soul - Action song

Annual Day Celebrations - 2017-18

Little Angels in Action

Annual Day Celebrations - 2017-18

An Evening of Fun, Reflection & Thanksgiving!

An Evening of Fun, Reflection & Thanksgiving!

Minnale minnale thazhe varu..

CIS Students - Annual Day Celebrations 2017 - 18

Minnale minnale thazhe varu Marathaka maalakal theerkuvan ponnu tharu Pavizha pookale varu pulakachinthumayi varu Ponmani manjale varu pranayavasnthame varu ...

Let your LIGHT Shine!

Greetings from Christ International School!

Principal, Staff and Students of CIS, invite you to the Annual Day celebrations.

An evening of fun, reflection and thanksgiving..

We will take you through our journey of 2017 -18, showcase the talents of our students and felicitate our successful students. Your presence will be a great morale booster for them… and us too. Please do come with family and friends.

Hebrew Alphabet

Happy New Year - 2018.

Write a beautiful one....

[11/30/17]   #CycloneOCKHI over Comorin area moved west-northwestwards with a speed of 20 kmph & lay centred at 1430 hrs;over S.Kerala coast;Lat 7.9º N & Longitude 76.4º E,120 km west-southwest of #Kanyakumari,180 km south-southwest of Thiruvananthapuram & 360 km east-southeast of Minicoy.

ஓக்கி புயல் காரணமாக கன்னியாகுமரி மாவட்டத்தில் பள்ளி, கல்லூரிகளுக்கு நாளை விடுமுறை அறிவிப்பு..#CycloneOckhi

Christ International School, Malamary, organised a science exhibition which was constructed and demonstrated science Models.
Students performed many experiments and learned the concept Application of Science. The motto of the programme was to "Creativity"
It was a huge success and the efforts were appreciated by every spectator including the principal and parents.

Christ International School, Malamary, organised a science exhibition which was constructed and demonstrated science Models.
Students performed many experiments and learned the concept Application of Science. The motto of the programme was to "Creativity"
It was a huge success and the efforts were appreciated by every spectator including the principal and parents.

Let your light so shine ... - Let your holy life, your pure conversation, and your faithful instructions, be everywhere seen and known. Always, in all societies, in your studies, in all business, at home and abroad, in prosperity and adversity..

I Am Proud To Be An Indian

Success mantras from successful people _/\_ _/\_

Via :: Awesome India

How to sharpen your study skills?

Your memory is going to be your friend. Good study techniques are the key to exam success. Plan now for the summer and you will achieve better learning in less time. Here's how
People who study well are often accused of being swats, grafters, nerds or workaholics. The reality is that good study techniques lead to better learning in less time. If you're in an exam year, do yourself a favour. Adopt effective study habits and save yourself hours of frustration, wasted time and panic.
The first thing you need to do is change your attitude to the exam. It's not a colossal test of everything you've ever learned. You don't have to memorise every last line of every textbook in order to succeed. Think of the Leaving as an Olympic event. If you are competing in the 100 metre sprint, you don't train for the marathon. Find out what your event is about and practice exactly that.
Your best friends are your books of past exam papers. Buy these early in the year and make sure they are dog-eared by June. If you regularly test yourself with questions from past exams, you are training correctly for your event.
Charles Garavan has spent years studying effective memory techniques. He started out as an average student himself. He admits to an undistinguished career at second and third level - barely scraping through exams despite putting in the effort. He decided to take on the Institute of Taxation examinations at around the same time that he started to study memory techniques. He came away with the highest marks in the country and an award for outstanding achievement.
"I learned that my approach to study was all wrong," says Garavan, who runs an training programme for students called the Memory Academy. "I was reading material over and over, trying to get it stuck in my head. It was a frustrating and ineffective technique, and when you look at how the brain works, it simply doesn't make sense to try and learn that way."
Anyone with a mobile phone will admit that they don't remember phone numbers like they used to. Why? Because the brain knows that the information is available in your phone. Every time you go to make a call you look up the number. You have trained your brain not to retain this information. If you looked at the number once and then tried to write it down, however, you would quickly tell your brain that this is information that must be kept. Effective study works on the same principle, says Garavan.
"If you are not consistently testing your learning as you go, your brain will not save it," says Garavan. "We receive so many messages from our senses and environment every day that our brains learn to discard any information that it does not regard as important. You tell your brain what's important by testing the knowledge as you go."
So how does this method translate in a study setting? Rory Mulvey, director of Students Enrichment Services, describes the method.
"Before you begin studying a topic, quickly test yourself. Jot down roughly on a piece of paper everything you know about the subject, no matter how little. Spend about three minutes on this exercise and then open the book. Quickly read through the relevant section, taking brief notes. If you come across an important diagram, close the book and practise it quickly, then open the book and correct your attempt. When you have worked like this for about 20 minutes, close the book and notes.
Now comes the important part. Quickly test your knowledge by jotting down all you now know. This can be done in two minutes - don't write sentences, just key words. Then check your notes to see how you did."
This method works for two reasons. Because you call on your brain to retrieve the information before and after the session, your brain learns that this is information it needs to store. The act of testing yourself before and after gives you a clear idea of where the gaps in your knowledge are. That way you don't waste time reading over information that you already know. By the end of the session, you have a clear idea of what you have learned and what you still need to learn. This sense of progress and awareness of work to be done is the essence of effective study.
This whole exercise should take about 25 minutes. By the end you are ready to move onto something else, knowing that you have made the most of this session.
However, 25 minutes can easily be wasted tidying the desk, responding to text messages, nipping down for a bite to eat - by the end of the session you've achieved nothing and you feel a sense of dread because the end of your study session is nowhere in sight. Sound familiar? Once you get into the habit of studying in the way described, three or four 25-minute sessions per night can yield great results. That's less than two hours. You could easily spend three or four hours at your desk daydreaming, procrastinating, worrying and fiddling. It's no fun so what's the point? The way to get the best from the method is to plan each session in detail. It's not enough to say "In this session I will study physics". You need a clear goal such as "In this study session I will learn about the Doppler effect". Write what you know, open the book, read the chapter, taking notes and testing yourself on diagrams as you go, close the book and notes and test yourself by writing down key words

The world celebrates Gandhi Jayanthi on October 2 every year. Gandhi Jayanti (the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi) is the occasion, when people come togethor to remember the man who was influential in shaping the modern world with his ideas and struggles. Mahatma Gandhi, as a philosopher of education, was ahead of time. Mahatma Gandhi had talked about everything related to education, from school to primary education to technical education to idea of university to importance of exercise in a students' life. Mahatma Gandhi's ideas have influenced Indian education system in its full strength.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Painting is by nature a luminous language.

This year's theme for World Heart Day is 'Share the Power', encouraging people across the world to take care of their heart and inspire others to do the same.

The heart is the most important organ, whose job is to pump blood throughout the body. However, we put the heart through so much every day. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, use of tobacco etc., can lead to diseases like arrhythmia, heart clogging, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases. A person diagnosed with any of these is evidently at a higher risk of a heart attack. Heart problems are still very much one of the biggest killers and the dangers of acquiring heart disease loom large over those who hold an unhealthy lifestyle close to their heart.

It is probably for this reason that the World Health Organisation (WHO) founded World Heart Day in the year 2000 – to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year. It is celebrated on September 29th every year. This year's theme for World Heart Day is 'Share the Power', encouraging people across the world to take care of their heart and inspire others to do the same. Therefore, this World Heart Day, we tell you five warning signs and symptoms of heart disease so that you don't ignore the red flags. Have a look!

Roughly defined, heart disease refers to conditions that include diseased vessels, structural problems and blood clots. It is an umbrella term for any type of disorder that affects the heart. When your heart begins to fail, it means it is no longer operating at its best and is unable to pump blood effectively. This may be due to some form of damage to the muscles of the heart, a chronic high blood pressure problem, faulty heart valves, a genetic problem (congenital heart disease), heart valve disease, and complications from rheumatic fever (causing rheumatic heart disease). The trigger could also be coronary artery disease, which leaves your arteries clogged with cholesterol or plaque, blocking them partially or almost completely preventing normal blood flow.

Coronary heart disease or ischemic heart disease is the most common form of heart disease. If you have this problem, your heart muscles are unable to receive the oxygen and blood they need, leading to symptoms like chest pain, arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, and even heart attacks. Pain is one of the most common and widely known symptoms of heart disease. Also known as angina or chest pain, it is a result of inadequate oxygen-rich blood supply to the heart muscle. Common heart attack signs and symptoms include: Pressure, tightness, pain, or a squeezing or aching sensation in your chest or arms that may spread to your neck, jaw or back, Nausea, indigestion, heartburn or abdominal pain, Shortness of breath, Cold sweat, Fatigue, Light-headedness or sudden dizziness etc.

How to Help Prevent Heart Disease
Preventing heart disease (and all cardiovascular diseases) means making smart choices now that will pay off the rest of your life. Lack of exercise, a poor diet and other unhealthy habits can take their toll over the years. Below are some tips on lifestyle changes can help prevent a heart attack and heart disease.

• Eat for your future. Add plenty of fruits and veggies, grains, and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like fresh tuna or herring to your diet. Eat less salt, saturated fats, sweets, and red meats. Avoid trans fats. Avoid food with “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” ingredients. Variety in your diet is a good way to get all the nutrients you need.
. Take it easy. Find a relaxation method that works for you. Yoga, meditation, dedicated time to unwind after work -- these can help keep your stress levels down. Stressful emotions such as anger and hostility may also lead to heart attack risk, so keep calm and be cool.
• Ban smoking. If you never started smoking, kudos! If you already quit, excellent. If you still smoke, stop. Talk to your doctor to find out what method will work best for you. Even people who smoke fewer than five cigarettes a day can have early signs of heart disease. Start now. In just 1 year you can reduce your risk of a heart attack.
• Keep tabs on your blood pressure. If it’s too high, your risk of a heart attack and heart disease goes up. Stress management, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can help you manage your blood pressure. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to lower your levels.
• Mind your blood sugar. Too much sugar in your blood can damage your arteries, even if you don’t have diabetes. Work with your doctor to control your levels. That may lower your chance of having a heart attack or stroke. Remember, you can’t tell if you have diabetes (or high blood pressure, or high cholesterol) based on how you feel.
• Be smart about cholesterol. When blood flows through your heart, it can drop traces of cholesterol, fat, and calcium, creating a build-up of plaque in your arteries. Too much of it makes a heart attack more likely. If you don’t know your cholesterol levels, ask your doctor for a blood test. Keep in mind, there are two kinds of cholesterol. One is bad for your heart (LDL), and the other can protect you from heart disease (HDL). You can improve your levels with exercise and a diet low in unhealthy fats. Some people may also need to take medicine that lowers cholesterol.
. Don’t wait to lose weight. If you have extra pounds, it can put your heart at risk. Exercise and a good diet help. Ask your doctor or a dietitian what your weight should be and how to get there.
• Ask about aspirin. Talk with your doctor about taking an aspirin every day. In some people, this reduces the risk of heart attack.
• Get a move on. Hit the treadmill or the trail. Walk around the neighbourhood or go for a swim. Whatever activity best fits your needs, do it! Regular exercise can prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, and improve your cholesterol levels.
• Be social. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Research shows that people with more social support are less prone to heart trouble. As you grow your network and make new friends, know that you might be good for their heart health, too.

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Admissions Open - 2019-20
In the midst of darkness, light persists.
Let your LIGHT Shine! - Academic year 2018-19!!!
CIS - A School with a difference!
Let your LIGHT Shine! - by Divya David
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Motto: Let your LIGHT shine! (LIGHT - Learn, Inspire, Grow, Help & Thrive)
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