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In this club you can know different facts on Science, answers of questions of Physical science and enjoy Brain Teasers. In this club you can know different facts on Science and Mathematics, answers of questions of Physical science and enjoy Brain Teasers.

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When you look at the clock, the time is 1 pm. Between what and what time will the minute and hour hand meet each other?
a) 1:04 pm & 1:05 pm
b) 1:05 pm & 1:06 pm
c) 1:06 pm & 1:07 pm
d) 1:07 pm & 1:08 pm

Answer should be commented with logic.


What do you mean by Chandrasekhar Limit ?
Related with Astrophysics.

[09/30/14]   How can you make your own dynamic microphone? Wait for the next post.


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Do you know, what are gravitons ?


Hey guys, I am back after a long long long long long.........∞ time with another scientific question!
Can you tell the full form of Laser, which is a common monochromatic electromagnetic radiation and used in many fields?


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Here's something interesting to be told :

The front end of a remote control has a small light bulb. When you press a button on the remote, it sends out an infrared light signal. A detector on the TV gets these signals and tells the TV what you want it to do. Our eyes can't see this light - we can only see what's called the visible spectrum of light - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The visible spectrum makes up just a small part of the total light spectrum.

The visible spectrum is a small part of the total light spectrum. Infrared light has a slightly longer wavelength than visible light.

The remote control system won't work if someone walks between it and the TV because the infrared signal is absorbed by the person. Similarly, it doesn't usually work if you point it away from the TV because the signal doesn't hit the detector.

Light hitting a mirror will bounce off of it at an angle equal to the angle that it hit the mirror with (see the picture below). If you hold the mirror so that you can see the TV in its reflection and then point the remote at this image, you can direct the infrared light from the remote right to the sensor on the TV.

Light is reflected from a mirror at an angle equal to the angle that it hit the mirror.

But can we see the infrared light ?

Here's a process -
1.) Switch on a digital camera or handy-cam or any other type of camera. The camera in a cell phone can be also used.
2.) Take a T.V, A.C, Set Top Box or any other device's remote. Be sure that the remote is having the light bulb at front.
3.) Position the camera, such that the view of the bulb comes in the screen.
4.) Press the any of the buttons on the remote.
5.) You will be able to see the infrared light appearing as a bluish- white light.

You can use this process to see how much properly the remotes are working.


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[06/09/14]   now ?
The smallest guitar in the world is equal to the size of a Red Blood Cell ! It was made by the scientists of a university in the United States.

[06/09/14]   What will be the next number in the sequence ?
5, 7, 14, 16, 32, 34, 68, ?


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What property of water prevents its temperature to rise or fall in a small time ?

[03/30/14]   How can you change Hard water to soft water or vise versa ?


There are about 107 light sensitive cells in our eyes.

[03/21/14]   If we keep a small glass slab beneath glycerin, we can see everything beneath the glycerin except the glass slab. Why is it so ?


Are the sides of the square straight ?


What is the meaning of the figure ?


Why is some space left between rail two rail joints ?


Why is Hydrogen gas not collected by downward displacement of air?

[02/16/14]   How can seven trees be planted such that there are six rows of trees in straight lines consisting of three trees?

[02/10/14]   One day Albert Einstein and Issac Newton were playing hide & seek. When it was Einstein's time to seek. Newton did'nt hid himself, he just stood on a 1 square metre slab. When Einstein found Newton, Newton said, "You have found Blaise Pascal, not Newton. Because now I am Pascal".
- "How", asked Einstein.
- "Because I Newton, the unit of force have stood and applying on the 1 square metre slab, so I have become Pascal, the unit for pressure.

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There were 4 friends A, B, C and D. They 4 lived in 4 separate rooms, the rooms of the each friend are mentioned in the figure. One day C was killed by one of the friends, the police inquired A that what was he doing when C was murdered, A replied that he was reading newspaper, when the police inquired B, he replied that he was cleaning his room. And when D was inquired, he replied that he was sitting at the corner of his room, and the police busted D. How did the police came to know that D was lying ?


1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221. What will be the next number in the sequence?


What acid do we find in the ink of a ball or a fountain pen ?


Accelerated expansion of the Universe.

[01/22/14]   How is a Black Hole formed ?


3D projection of a tesseract undergoing a simple rotation in four dimensional space.


What do you think , the Universe is 3-D or 4-D or of some other dimension ?


What is the next figure in the sequence ?


The police raids a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don't know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is present in the house. The police bust in on a carpenter, a lorry driver, a mechanic and a fireman all playing poker. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman. How do they know that he is the culprit?


Derive the formula:
Force= Change in momentum/ Time taken


What helps the stunt man to show this type of stunt ?

Answer in the comment box.


Ram decided to offer five coconuts in a temple. To reach the temple, he has to pass through ten gates. At each gate he has to offer one coconut for each bag he carries. Each bag can hold only ten coconuts. How many coconuts should he carry from the main gate?





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