BESU Confessions

BESU Confessions


Not actually a confession
Heard a lot about the below avg placements in IIEST
Students no doubt are very talented which is reflected in the
Internship offers,
But companies won't come unless they were sure about
finding better talents here.
And for team ROBODARSHAN, please make your introductory
seminars very serious.
Our respected senior in specs (can't remember the name, sorry)
was in a very light mood. Please be very serious.You can easily Show your powerful presence.
I'm posting this as the seniors asked for a review,and the hall is certainly not the place to put forward what I actually felt.
Now a general advice for BEings
Write about things that matter.
It was never about upgrading of BESU, it was if you were ready to change.Sh*t love comments have made this page filthy to read...
Saw no recent posts, please be active...
(please don't kill me in case you find me, PEACE!!)

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College Life is a time when we have lot of things going around and in process we create some memorable stories. Some which are open and known to all. But there are few which we keep hidden deep within our heart. Its your chance to share those untold moments,secret stories, crushes etc. College Life at BESU is more happening then anywhere so we beings have a lot of them. So just one question prevails:
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Operating as usual


#1773:Online recruitment for The "General" Candidate for a brand new DHABA near IIEST-Shibpur; Minimum and essential qualification:- 1)PhD enrolled candidate/ PhD registered candidate with NO Stipend/Scholarship. No AGE limit Nature of Job:- 1) W**D making (only Male candidate) 2) Preparation of Liquor - using Water/soda/Col-drinks/Ice (only for male candidate) 3) Cooking (both male and Female candidate can apply) * NO Application Fees and NO Recommendation letter. Salary- Equal distribution of Profit among the EMPLOYEE's


#1772:To the fat, over-dominating, nosy, bad-tempered,spiteful, nasty, vindictive, vicious, cattish, hateful, malignant, malevolent, venomous, wicked, abhorrent, abominable, beastly, creepy, deplorable, detestable, disgusting, execrable, gross, hideous, horrible, invidious, nauseating, obnoxious, odious, offensive, pesky, pestiferous, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, uncool, and vile bitch from the second year, listen to me! We haven't come here to see your attitude. So, just mind your own goddamn business and stop poking your nose at everybody else's business! And we'll be happier if you just cut short the bu****it coming from your mouth every time I see you.

Admins Note: Preparing for GRE. eh :P ??


#1771:To the didi of williamson hall (the newly constructed one just beside the swimming pool) who started dancing on her bed seeing us dancing on the road during bhasan on the 27th. We saw first you peeped out of the window and then unable to control ur excitement startd dancing on ur bed(unfortunately it was just beside ur window :-p).If i remember correctly it was on the g+2 floor. With all due respect please accept our warmest regards. Thank You. ;-P. Hope u remain alive till next bhasan of H-11. A boarder of hostel-11


#1770:So, I have spent quite a few days on this hellhole of a s**tty campus. And it's kinda hard to decide what I hate more - the place or the people who reside here. As for the place, I can't complain much. Uproot the weeds and they'll row back, send the fu***ng dogs to someplace else (not the bar, guys) and they'll reproduce all over again! Paint the walls and the plasters are sure to come off. But can the fu***ng people stop being such lowlifes? There are so many things wrong with IIESTians at so many levels! Let us take the cases of the genders separately. For the mademoiselles, #1. You are pretty, you are wanted, no fu***ng need to rub it onto others' face. Just because boys follow you like lost puppies is no reason for you to treat the rest of the girls as though they were subordinate to you in some manner because they are not. Get over yourself and get yo s**t s**t together! #2. Can you stop leading the guys on without any reason? You have a boyfriend who is not on this campus or worse still you have an on-campus boyfriend, then stop giving out mixed signals to rest of the ready-to-mingle male species on the campus. If you are not available, give out a clear indication that you will not entertain unwanted proposals. But for that, you need to make your own mind up. I have seen girls messing around with five guys at a time. IIEST girls are perfect example of wanton women. #3. Don't say yes to a guy because being in a relationship is so 'cool'. If you do not feel anything for a guy you have no right to play with their feelings. For the guys I understand so what if their feelings are based more on the girls' looks, at least they are sincere. But the girls here are maneuvering bi***es who go into a relationship just because they want to be a part of the crowd or need an ATM machine! I understand if you want to give a guy who has asked you a chance. Don't make things official from the beginning and try to stretch something which is not meant to be. Start off as friends and make sure that the guy understands that. DO NOT LEAD THEM ON. #4. Can the women folk be friendly amongst themselves. No wonder, the term's called cat-fight and not tom-fight. Yes, even the males have rivalry but the women here, or should I say the maidens, do not know the value of being a friend in need. They use their female companions as much as they use their male counterparts. Can you not sincerely feel for a fellow mate? Even guys have bros but the girls here will be selfish bi***es forever. For the kind messeigneurs, #1. I kinda wanna say GET A LIFE but I'd rather first, GET SOME FU***NG ENGLISH LESSONS!!! The kind of cheap s**t spluttering out of your stupid vocals really get on the nerves of those who know the language better than you do. If you can't speak English properly, then forget about impressing girls over Facebook chats. There is a minimum standard of English that each one should be able to put to use or else they aren't fit to be called literate. #2. Can you NOT message the fairer s*x every time you spot them online. It is seriously annoying and simply beats the s**t outta my pretty little head so as to how do guys come up with questions as intelligent as "What did you eat for dinner today?" to discuss over a chat stretched for over an hour long. #3. Guys never know when to stop. Be it the drinks or ci******es or hitting on the women folk, they simply don't wanna stop. An occasional drink is always refreshing, wallowing in the weak forces of attraction of liquids' atoms is NOT! Getting drunk and wasted for no reason and then missing classes is not cool, people! And so is the ring of inexhaustible smoke coming from the butt. I mean what's so cool about getting lung cancer? An occasional smoke during social gatherings is s*xy but taking a whiff whenever and wherever you please is frustrating for the people who are forced to be secondary smokers. #4. STOP thinking that you like a girl just because she is pretty. I must admit that physical attributes play a teensy-tiny role in the affinity you develop for a person but most of the people on this campus just dig for looks. Why can't you appreciate a girl for what is inside her head/mind rather than what is on her face. Now I am not asking you to fall for a gorilla (that'd be hilarious tho xD) but looks is not everything. Plus, if a girl is taken, move on. If not, make your moves strategically in real life and not on Facebook. And most importantly, it's not that much of a necessity to have a girlfriend. I don't know why but most of the guys possess this misconception. #5. Learn to take criticism positively. I once told this guy that his communication skills are horrible and he told me go to hell (Haha, talking to him was hell, so yeah...) Guys let every small thing get to their heads and the need to feed their ego is pretty ridiculous. Even for the little thing I have jotted out here will be turned into a jibe, I just know. People will try to find faults in my language just because they want to belittle me. I might not be perfect but I am better than you, and at least I try. Don't get defensive and definitely not evasive but try. Make an effort at making this better. I have seen so many wonderful people on this campus letting their skills and acumen go down the drain all because they didn't make an effort. They wish to float in oblivion. Ignorance is not a bliss in all cases, fellas. And you should be always grateful that there is someone whose help you can not acknowledge but he/she is there for you. And that, somebody cares if you stumble on your path and is willing to give out a sermon (I admit, not the most invigorating thing) on a public platform and wishes the best for you even if he/she doesn't know if you exist regardless of whether if you are aware of their existence or not. PS: Expect some more gratuitous words of wisdom in the near future. Till then, please try to implement what I'd like to think has percolated into yours brains.


#1769:Dekhe Bhalo lagche je SC/ST niye confession e lokjon fake kore SC/ST quota ke okaron support kor6e na. People are starting to face the truth instead of seeking likes and secular image, through their comments.


#1768:this is nt a cnfessn but a questn- what are done to the 3rd yrs till hall freshers? being a 3rd yr also do they get raggng? i know that nobody will tell, but m curious to know as after one sem we will also be a fresher to a hall.. -a curious 2nd yr BEing..


#1767:METIS:IIEST has got a wonderful brand new website.And now even the alumni website has the new age look and structure. Amader ch****r bhai er mto website ki knodino change hobe na?? First time ekhane ese dekhlam clg tender er ad university website er home page e dewa hoy._/\_ to the authorities.


#1766:Yes.Not only that Quota people gets call in IIM ABC with merely 80% That statistics is just for the SC category people. For ST,it is even less- some 65-70 is enough.However for OBC,it can require a 90% which is again a quite easy score.Also their tuition fee is less under certain cases. Coming to other exams,GATE cutoff is around 50% of General Cut off for SC and lesser for ST etc.And just as a previous post,these people are the ones who shamelessly fake their scores after exams,shouts about how unqualified and unfair our university is,how the topper lacks knowledge and is a purely studious dumb and what a good student he/she was in their past education lives.Have a look at IBPS cutoff in google,for more discrimination. Jhat jalar e katha.People who openly shows their generousness and secularism open forum are the 'like lovers\' and these people curses the category people in the mist ruthless way,behind their back.


#1765:MBA after Engineering is as important as Barsi after death. It doesn't make much sense, but the society feels good about you. :D


#1764:Ami jonmo theke SC (especially after obtaining y SC Certificate). amar chhotto ekta dadagiri niye kichu bolte chai. koyek bochor age ami BESU te ekta course e vorti hoi, with an JEE SC rank > 50. course e dhuke amar reservation niye monostotyo palte dilo amar e ek senior SC dada. se amake convince korlo Quota system er negativity niye. ar bollo... "ek bar BESU te dhuke porechis... dekhie de". aro sunlam or onek kahini... SC bole or proti classmates der hatred niye. amar course sesh holo... ami holam department topper. gotokal ami amar babar samne darie SC certificate ta chhire felechi. babar chokhe jol. kintu hese amake jorie dhorlen baba


Besu Confessions

#1763: While we all party today, cops will be on duty, away from their families to ensure that we're safe. Let us behave & make it easier for them. A portal to help people Confess


#1762:That awkward moment when you see that profile pictures of Koushik Mandal(Civil '15) get more likes than some of the most beautiful photos of our DPdidi Twisha Talukdar. #JorSeBolo_Autoliker


#1760:fourth year e ese hothat kre quota wala chelegulor upar khub jhat jolche . amra jekhane 99 percentile peyeo IIM er call pabo kina doubt ache , sekhane quota er maal gulo sala 80 percentile ei IIM ABC te chance peye jache. Age ekbar eta nie post krechilam , tokhn dekhlam koekjon antel er moto abar reservation ke support o kreche . R rahul bhadani , tumi ete comment na korlei khusi hobo. tomar jnno onek 1st to 4th er meyeder wall ache, okhanei busy thako . frustrated 4th yr ETC


#1759:ETC r dukkho: clg er moddhe amadr dept ei jee r top rank er stdnt ra ase. kintu amadr e kono core co. ase na. dept er sir e ra onekta gonobibaho r moto sobai microwave r antenn niyei RESEARCH kore. "Electronics and Telecommunication" nam to suna hi hoga :D electronics er ki hal ektu boli... VC porjnto dukho kore ek etc r stdnt er samnei bole felechhilen "jani tomader dept er obostha. X ar Y chhara to temon kono electronics teacher o nei". bhabbar bisoy... ekta dept e matro 2 jn thik thak professor!!! baki roilo telecommunication... amader telecommunication er teacher class ei bolen "e ja porchho sob 20yrs purono... totally obsolete". bolte bolte unio hasen amrao... gar to mariyei gechhe ekhn ar ki ba krbo?...


#1758:amader, mane engineer der onek e bole besi takar labourer. kharap kichhui bole na. kintu amader ei labourer life IT company te suru hoy na, suru hoy ei clg ei. eto gnat marte marte nijeke khub low class er labour mone hoy. je processing power r speed er jnno ei clg e elam tar kno value nei. 1st yr e ek senior bolechhilo tumi gnat marte paro? gnat na marle pass korbe ki kore? dept. er ek prof. jokhn dant ber kore bole ager 2-3 yr er question ghatlei sob common pabe tokhn mone hoy e kothay elam re. 4te bochhor nosto



#1757:Hello everyone ! I guess, everyone is very much aware of much waited REBECCA 2015 (the cultural festival of IIEST) which is going to held in the upcoming semester. Well, there is a notice regarding REBECCA 2015. here is the link. Becoming an IIEST has not only increased the integrity of our institute, but it has also risen the bar of expectations in all the aspects. It’s the time now for the whole IIESTians to work collectively for our upcoming big yearly cultural festival. There would be lots of works going on everywhere, and thereby, there will be need of every IIESTian in contributing for our institute’s cultural festival. The above notice is regarding the election of an organising committee for REBECCA 2015. Please go through the above notice and try to spread this piece of information to all the students of our institute. This is to decide in the short time about, who amonag us should be chosen as the right person for the concerned posts. And if you are really interested, please mention your interest, or at least cast your vote for the person you want someone to be in the available posts. If someone didn’t understood the notice or didn’t get clear about the whole thing about it, then do discuss here. The time to choose our right person for the organising committee has come, and your opinion will matter a lot for many of us. For all first yearites, you can tell who to cast your vote to a specific person from our batch or you can atleast discuss here, or any person who wants to file his nomination then do mention here, so that we can have an unanimously elected person before the nomination, as we want to go by the decision by all our first yearites. For rest of the posts which includes all our seniors, many of them are already in the preparation to form an efficient and trustworthy persons to choose to form a better organizing committee for the effort to be put in the upcoming cultural festival REBECCA 2015. Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur (Erstwhile Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur and Bengal Engineering College (Deemed University))


#1756:Well, this is to all of my friends and juniors who are "Engaged" or "In a relationship" or "It's complicated" . Let's see. There was, is and should be some traditional boundaries in dating, like maybe a restriction of access, time and privacy whilst the main difference lies in "commitment". You are in a relationship with a person if and only if you make a commitment to them. You are now dedicated to them. So please don't just do 14 hour fb/whatsapp with 13 different girls and meet with 12 girls in a week and declare that "It's complicated" ! OK, you can visualize this as a shopping transaction. You go to a shop to buy a shirt. That's equivalent to you meeting a girl to pick up a new "mal". You browse a bit in the shop until you find a good shirt. Similarly you most often stumble upon a girl - a random one with a pic having curves or shapes (take it 40-20-30). The shirt looks great, you are physically attracted to it. You go to it, pick it up, and observe further. This is not at all the term called "dating". You may be allowed to look closely at good some shirts at a time. Just like dating can sometimes be non-exclusive. This may be allowed, but, not recommended. With a handful of shirts i.e. with a handful of women, you do get confused. You will like something or the other of everyone, and it will be practically impossible to make a choice. Hence, the phrase, "are you currently seeing someone?". You are even allowed to try on the shirt. This is s*x - ok don't get offended (2 of my mates done it). Some shirts tell you that they aren't perfect. While you are looking for your desired qualities in the shirt, you may find some new ones which might take you by surprise. They may be good, or bad. After everything is done, pay the price, and leave the shop. This, is making a commitment. You just made a commitment to wear the shirt for the future. You can however, make an exchange later. It's feasible, but not so pleasant. This, is breaking up. This is a basic and also an expert opinion on a sheep called "RELATION". Guys n gals don't mix them up, clear up your conception, love your mate like mad but don't make it complicated to post your status "It's complicated" ---- Random Girl !

Admins Note: Only One Point, 40-20-30 isn't that too much to handle!!


#1755:When will there be better job offers and better placements from this College of "National Importance" ? Placements here is pathetic... why are placements so poor here where the average is less than 4 ? Are the students so poor that they get so poor job offers or The system inside is responsible? #Frustrated




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