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Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 08/05/2024

On the auspicious occasion of Rabindra Jayanti today, the NSS unit of Narajole Raj College paid homage to the great poet Rabindranath Tagore by garlanding his portrait. The event was graced by the presence of Professor Anustup Chattopadhyaya and Professor Asis Bhattacharya, along with Education Worker Anupam Ghosh, who were joined by enthusiastic students from the college. This gesture not only honored Tagore's profound contributions to literature and culture but also symbolized the enduring admiration and reverence that the college community holds for his legacy.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 21/04/2024

A survey programme was conducted today by the Intellectual Property Rights Cell of Narajole Raj College in the villages of Madur Shilpi and Patachitra in Sabang and Pingla Thanas. The survey was conducted to examine the socio- economic status of artists who did not receive GI(GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION) numbers. The detailed report of the survey will be sent to the West Bengal Government. To day's survey was led by Professor Mangal Kumar Nayak, Head, Department of History ,Prof. Nimai Sannyasi, Prof.Rabindranath Maiti and history students Sujit Kundu, Supriti Samanta and Rikta Maiti were also involved in the survey.

Prof. Rabindranath Maiti arranged lunch for the survey team in the afternoon and his management was impressive. Congratulations to the professors and students who participated in this survey despite the hot sun.

All the financial responsibility of the today survey was taken by the principal of the college, Dr. Basudev Mandal. Sincere gratitude to Sir and thanks to the college authorities.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 06/04/2024

The students of the Department of English of Narajole Raj College organized the third edition of 'Rhapsody', the annual departmental fest that welcomed the new 1st Semester batch and marked the farewell of the outgoing 6th Semester group. The programme was entirely planned and managed by the students who put in a lot of effort to make it memorable and beautiful for all present. Students of the department displayed their wonderful skills in singing, dancing, recitation and compering and collectively demonstrated their zeal, enthusiasm and bonds of togetherness. The programme was presided by Dr. Basudev Mandal, Principal, Narajole Raj College and was attended by the Vice Principal and professors of all other departments.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 22/03/2024

Narajole Raj College observed the World Poetry Day today on 22nd March 2024 in a fascinating manner. The Observation was organized by the Dept. of English of the college and contained two sessions. The programme was presided over by Dr. Basudev Mandal, Principal, Narajole Raj College and was convened by Pragna Paramita Mondal, IQAC Coordinator and Head, Dept. of English. Prof. Soma Debray, Prof. Manas Barik, Prof. Samir Kuilya and Prof. Milan Mondal of the Dept. of English of the college were also present on the dias. The first session hosted an invited lecture by Poet Arpita Kundu on "Poetry: In Concept and In Practice". Arpita Kundu is the recipient of the Paschim Banga Bangla Akademi's Shakti Chattopadhyay Smriti Samman and the Krittibas Purashkar. She spoke lucidly on poetic consciousness, artistic conscience, poetic practice, emotional integrity and aspects of imagination and psychological interconnections among poets and readers across ages and cultures. Her deliberations were infused with wonderful readings of select poetic pieces and a curated representation of her own works. The diversity, depth and simplicity of her presentation touched our audience. It was really illuminating for the students and reconnected all of us with the sheer beauty of poetry. The second session contained a Poetry Collage Competition on the theme of 'War and Peace" for students from all departments of the college. This novel format of poetic expression and creative articulation excited our students and several of them participated in the competition. Winners were given prizes and certificates at the end of the programme and all contestants were awarded participation certificates.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 21/03/2024

Narajole Raj College participated in the Faculty Development Program on Intellectual Property Rights organized by the West Bengal State Council of Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal, from 18th to 20th March 2024. Pragna Paramita Mondal, IQAC Coordinator and Dr. Poulami Adhikary Mukherjee, Head, Dept. of Zoology, both members of the WB Govt. approved IPR Cell of Narajole Raj College, joined the FDP and participated in the interactive and technical lecture sessions. The FDP was co-ordinated by Dr. Mahuya Hom Choudhury, Senior Scientist and Nodal Officer in Patent Information Centre (WBCSST) and contained illuminating and informative lecture sessions on IPR, Innovation, Patent Regime, Copyrights and IPR Laws by Dr. S. K. Mitra (Former Controller of Patents) and Prof. Anirban Mazumdar of NUJS Kolkata. The closing session was dedicated to introducing participants to territorial and global patent databases which was followed by the valedictory remarks of Shri Dipanjan Bhattacharyya, WBCS (Exe), Special Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal and the certificate distribution ceremony. Dr. Tapanendu Kamilya is the Nodal Officer of IPR Cell of Narajole Raj College.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 16/03/2024

It was a novel and profound learning experience for our students and faculty at the Hulladek Honours 2024. The Expo and Panel Discussion on Sustainability and Waste Management organized by Hulladek at the Dhano Dhanye Auditorium on 15th March 2024 revisited pertinent issues in the areas of sustainable development and environmental protection. It also challenged conventional concepts of consumerism, market culture and redefined eco-friendliness in a pragmatic way. The award ceremony and panel discussions were attended by Dr. Poulami Adhikary Mukherjee (Head, Dept. of Zoology) and Pragna Paramita Mondal (IQAC Coordinator). The highlights of the event were meticulously covered by our dedicated students Dola Chakraborty of 6th Semester, Zoology Honours and Sayan Samanta of 6th Semester, B.A. General, who will also present project reports based on their findings at the expo and industrial fair. Hulladek has partnered with Narajole Raj College to offer sustainable waste management solutions at the institution and has helped renew its pledge for promoting environmental awareness within a collaborative framework.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 07/03/2024

On the eve of International Women's Day, a Seminar and Prize Distribution ceremony was organised today by the Dept. of Political Science in collaboration with the Internal Complaint Committee, Entrepreneurship Cell and NSS, Unit 1 & 2 in the Smart Auditorium of Narajole Raj College. Dr. Basudev Mandal Principal of Narajole Raj College presided over the program and Dr. Nilanjana Das Chatterjee, HOD, Dept.of Geography, Vidyasagar University was present as the Resource Person of the seminar. She talked on the topic entitled " Inspire Inclusion: The Ground Reality". Her informative and analytical speech enriched the audience. In the students' presentation segment , Madhumita Mandal a student of Sanskrit department and Dibyendu Nayek from Bengali department expressed their views on the significance of the International Women's day. Winners students of cultural competitions organised to celebrate the Students WEEK- 2024, cultural competitions organised by the Entrepreneurship Cell, Electoral Literacy Club were awarded trophies. Smt. Madhumita Adak and Smt.Basanti Rani Sasmal, Assistant teachers of Singaghai Primary school were felicitated in this program. Spontaneous and overall participation of the students, teachers and non teaching staff made the program a grand success.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 06/03/2024

Today, Electoral Literacy Club of Narajole Raj College has organised Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Awareness Program. Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India and the Education Directorate of West Bengal Government , several programs like Rally from College to Narajole Bazar, New Voters Selfie point, Seminar on awareness of SVEEP, sharing of information material, Voters Pledge taking, special Screening of AV Content and updating of the Electoral Literacy Board were held . Students in huge numbers took part and it worthmentioning that their spontaneous and overall participation made the awareness program a grand success. .A few glimpses of today's program.(SVEEP) Awareness Program. Dr. Basudev Mandal, Principal of Narajole Raj College presided over the program. Sri Sumon Biswas, SDO, Ghatal Sub Division was the chief guest and two Assistant Program Officers of Daspur Block were also present as Special guests.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 01/03/2024

The Entrepreneurship Cell organized an Essay Writing Competition on 28th February 2024 where students penned essays on "Who according to you is the Best Indian Entrepreneur?". Names of winners of the competition were announced on 29th February during the Debate Competition results announcement. All participants were commended by the judges for their keenness and enthusiasm. The list of winners were as follows:
Sayan Samanta (1st), Anupam Nayek (2nd) and Payel Das (3rd).

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 01/03/2024

A Debate Competition was organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Narajole Raj College on 29th February 2024 at the Smart Auditorium. Students of different departments participated enthusiastically in the competition and spoke in favour of and against the Motion: "Startup India is the Solution to India's Unemployment Problem." Pragna Paramita Mondal, IQAC Coordinator and Convener of Entrepreneurship Cell conducted the programme. Dr. Rajasree Debnath, Dr. Tanuka Acharya and Dr. Nilanjana Bhattacharyya presided over the debate as esteemed judges. The winners were as follows: Sayan Samanta (1st), Sudipa Samanta (2nd), Krishna Maity (2nd) and Oisi Chattopadhyay (3rd). The judges, participants, audience members and faculties were duly thanked for their positive contribution in making the programme successful.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 28/02/2024

It was an intensely emotional and proud moment for the women from Boramara (adopted by Narajole Raj College) who completed their Tailoring Training today and were immediately offered jobs at the Panchayat run SHG in their village. With happy tears in their eyes they narrated how this opportunity provided by our college liberated them from the confines of their homes and helped them pursue self-reliance and financial independence. They are content because they can now take care of their families and also earn money respectably. This was the kind of experience that trainees shared at the Valedictory Programme of the Beautician & Tailoring Training Courses offered by the Skill Hub of Narajole Raj College during the last 6 months. Students of the college and women from the adopted village successfully completed the two courses and were awarded certificates. The valedictory programme was presided over by Principal Dr. Basudev Mandal and was attended by Pragna Paramita Mondal (IQAC Coordinator), Prof. Baisali Guha (Course Coordinator), Prof. Barun Rout, Prof. Asis Bhattacharya, Dr. Dipak Shom, Prof. Nimai Sannyasi and trainer Mrs. Asima Kar. Students, trainees and guardians were also present during the programme. The second edition of these courses will soon be launched by the Skill Hub in the upcoming session and will cater to an extended number of beneficiaries this time.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 23/02/2024

In the heart of I & II Circle in Narajole, Barun Rout, a dedicated Nodal Teacher, embarked on a remarkable journey to conduct the PM Poshan (Kitchen Garden) survey. The true essence of success in this endeavor was not a personal achievement but a living testament to the unyielding enthusiasm and dedication emanating from the participating students.

As the survey unfolded, the expertise of Dr. Parimal Dua, Dr. SK Mohammad Aziz, Prof. Pragna Paramita Mondal, Dr. Rajshree Debnath, Dr. Mangal Kumar Nayak, and Prof. Nandita Bhakat madam became the guiding lights, illuminating the path to a smoothly executed initiative. Their invaluable guidance played a pivotal role in the seamless implementation and enhanced efficiency of the project.

When challenges arose, a cooperative spirit enveloped the team, underscoring the effectiveness of teamwork. This collective effort beautifully illustrated that overcoming obstacles is not merely an individual achievement but a shared success, echoing the sentiment that together, we are stronger.

In adherence to the directives of the Government of West Bengal, special support from NARAJOLE-I and II Circle SIS Sir, along with heartfelt gratitude to the associate teachers of the school, added an extra layer of significance to the initiative. The story of the PM Poshan survey in Narajole resonates with the narrative that holistic collaboration has the transformative power to turn difficult tasks into manageable and celebrated successes.

Barun Raut
Nodal Teacher

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 21/02/2024

The International Mother Language Day was observed today at Narajole Raj College with great fervour and intensity. The programme was organized by the Departments of Bengali, English and Sanskrit and the NSS Units I & II under the supervision of the IQAC and the Cultural Sub-Committee of the college. It was presided over by Principal Dr. Basudev Mandal and featured speeches and cultural performances by faculty members and students of the college. Prayas, the departmental magazine of the Bengali department, was also published on this occasion. Students and teachers joined together and offered their tribute to the glory of the Bengali language and commemorated the language martyrs in the context history of the language movement in Bangladesh. They also pronounced the importance of linguistic diversity and varied cultural expressions and the need for preserving the worldviews of different language groups in our country.



Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 26/01/2024

Today the 75 th Republic Day is celebrated in Narajole Raj College with grandeur and patriotic fervor. Honourable Principal of the College,Dr. Basudev Mandal unfurled the National Flag and received the guard of honour from the NCC cadets of the College. After that different cultural programs were held highlighting the great national importance of the day. Students delivered lectures on the significance of Republic Day, sang patriotic songs, danced on patriotic songs. The most interesting program was the Quiz competition. Students of different departments took part in the Quiz competition on Indian Constitution. Dept of Bengali, the Dept of Sanskrit and the Dept of Botany won the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd place respectively. The celebration program ended with singing the national anthem by everyone present accentuated the powerful expression of unity and patriotism.

Photos from Narajole Raj College Official's post 23/01/2024

The atmosphere at Narajol Raj College was steeped in reverence and reflection as students marked Netaji's birth anniversary by hoisting the national flag. Professors Asis Bhattacharya, Anustup Chatterjee, Milan Mondal, Uttam Kumar Singh, and Non-teaching stuffs Prabir Bhunia, Prashant Bera, and Nabakumar Dolai collectively graced the occasion, participating in discussions that delved into Netaji's extraordinary life and his pivotal role in India's freedom struggle. Beyond the ceremonial aspects, the gathering evolved into a platform for meaningful conversations about patriotism, unity, and the enduring relevance of Netaji's vision in contemporary times. Students departed from the event not only with a deeper understanding of history but also with a shared commitment to uphold the values championed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

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