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1. ALL this, whatsoever moves on earth, is to be hidden in the Lord (the Self). When thou hast surrendered all this, then thou mayest enjoy. Do not covet the wealth of any man!
2. Though a man may wish to live a hundred years, performing works, it will be thus with him; but not in any other way: work will thus not cling to a man.
3. There are the worlds of the Asuras 1 covered with blind darkness. Those who have destroyed their self (who perform works, without having arrived at a knowledge of the true Self ), go after death to those worlds.
4. That one (the Self), though never stirring, is swifter than thought. The Devas (senses) never reached it, it walked 2 before them. Though standing still, it overtakes the others who are running. Mâtarisvan (the wind, the moving spirit) bestows powers 3 on it.
p. 312
5. It stirs and it stirs not; it is far, and likewise near 1. It is inside of all this, and it is outside of all this.
6. And he who beholds all beings in the Self, and the Self in all beings, he never turns away from it 2.
7. When to a man who understands, the Self has become all things, what sorrow, what trouble can there be to him who once beheld that unity?
8. He 3 (the Self) encircled all, bright, incorporeal, scatheless, without muscles, pure, untouched by evil; a seer, wise, omnipresent, self-existent, he disposed all things rightly for eternal years.
9. All who worship what is not real knowledge (good works), enter into blind darkness: those who delight in real knowledge, enter, as it were, into greater darkness.
10. One thing, they say, is obtained from real knowledge; another, they say, from what is not knowledge. Thus we have heard from the wise who taught us this 4.
11. He who knows at the same time both knowledge and not-knowledge, overcomes death through not-knowledge, and obtains immortality through knowledge.
12. All who worship what is not the true cause,
p. 313
enter into blind darkness: those who delight in the true cause, enter, as it were, into greater darkness.
13. One thing, they say, is obtained from (knowledge of) the cause; another, they say, from (knowledge of) what is not the cause. Thus we have heard from the wise who taught us this.
14. He who knows at the same time both the cause and the destruction (the perishable body), overcomes death by destruction (the perishable body), and obtains immortality through (knowledge of ) the true cause.
15. The door of the True is covered with a golden disk 1. Open that, O Pûshan, that we may see the nature of the True 2.
16. O Pûshan, only seer, Yama (judge), Sûrya (sun), son of Pragâpati, spread thy rays and gather them! The light which is thy fairest form, I see it. I am what He is (viz. the person in the sun) 3.
17. Breath 4 to air, and to the immortal! Then this my body ends in ashes. Om! Mind, remember! Remember thy deeds! Mind, remember! Remember thy deeds 5!
18. Agni, lead us on to wealth (beatitude) by a good path, thou, O God, who knowest all things!
p. 314
[paragraph continues] Keep far from us crooked evil, and we shall offer thee the fullest praise! (Rv. I, 189, 1.)

[11/06/18]   Celebrate the magic and joys of Diwali

Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan Samskrita Mahavidyalaya Banchao Committee's first meeting

[04/11/16]   MJN Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya is still having the potential to be the epicenter of 'vidya' in this region...

[01/16/16]   The protector of Cooch Behar, LORD MADAN MOHAN is also suffering from penurious condition!
As far as my concern goes, actually He, the Lord of Universe is testing His Children…
Please be awake and do something for this iniquitous happening… do raise your voice why?
Why and how such mean act could occur?!?

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[11/30/15]   We are hopeful that your good self will definitely stretch the hand of blessings to restore the glory of this institution followed by the sentiment of a good number of people of this region considering the factsmentionedbelow:
That this is the birth centenary year of the lastMaharajhaof Koch dynasty Jagaddipendra Narayan Bhup, the donor of the land of this institution.
That the land/ building/ any part of this holy institution can’t be leased out or handed over to any institution in place of its central purpose as per the guideline of the letter issued by the lastMaharajha.
That there is only one AdarshaVidyapeeth of RashtriyaSamskritaSamsthanam in Bengal and there is an urgent need of the same in the region (Especially in North Bengal), where this institution is situated and the Traditional Degrees of R.S.S., Under the Ministry of H.R.D. GOI, is now recognized throughout the Globe.
That since the birth of NBU there is no provision of Sanskrit P. G. degree in it. So a huge number of students aspiring P.G. degree in Sanskrit has to be migrated every year. Even the newly set up University at Cooch Behar does not have the Department of Sanskrit.
That turning up of this institution will definitely strengthen the socio-economic condition of this region followed by the legacy of lingo-cultural heritage.
That the decision to lease out or banned the institution is taken in 2007 absolutely in a politically motivated way.

[11/30/15]   There is a twofold division of Sanskrit learning i.e. 1. Traditional Method – through which in-depth study of core subjects is prevailing in Sanskrit; 2. Anglo-Sanskrit Method – where Sanskrit is being taught as G.K.through any languages. MaharajhaJagaddipendra Narayan SamskritaMahavidyalaya, Cooch Behar is one of the recognized institutions of such Traditional Method of Sanskrit learning.
Since the present district of W.B. – Cooch Behar was a princely Hindu State; the MJN SamskritaMahavidyalaya took its shape under the patronage of Koch reign. After independence and Merger the lastMaharajha of Koch dynasty H.H. MaharajhaJagaddipendra Narayan allotted 1.5 bighas of land to this institution, vide letter No. D/O 236/II – I P.C. dated 26 November 1953, signed by the Secretary to His Highness Mr. R. Singh addressing to Dharani Shankar Bhattacharya M.A. set up its building. Moreover, it was resolutely mentioned that the sole purpose of this land is traditional Sanskrit learning. Accordingly the Govt. of W.B. – Department of Education, Education Branch issued a letter to execute the will vide Memo No. (4357-Edn)/(51-6-54) dated 24/25 April 1957. Thus the said institution started its voyage under the control of Education Deptt. Govt. of W.B. i.e. D.I. Primary &BangiyaSamskritaShikshaParishad (Estd 4th May 1949) carrying six branches viz. Vyakarana, Kavya, Vedanta, Naya, Jyotisha and Smriti along with modern subjects and 1 Principal, 5 - Sanskrit teachers, 2 teachers of other subjects and 5 non-teaching staff and the cost of running the institution was to be borne by the fund provided by the Royal family, a very resourceful library comprises of many valuable & rare books and manuscripts. The last principal of this institution was Sri RajendraSmrititirtha.
From the last decade of the twentieth century due to a conspiracy of the the then Govt of WB degrees of this institution has become irrelevant in terms of employment. So, the institution has become student-less although the students were offered stipend.
In 1996 considering its student-less condition the staff were shifted to D.I. Primary and finally the building has become a storehouse of books of D.I. primary.
It could turn into a place where not only students but also many interested people in the main stream of Indian heritage can study and enrich themselves followed by dissemination of a harmonious social atmosphere in terms of expression which is somehow deficient in contemporary period.
This institution played a vital role to carry the legacy of rich lingo- cultural heritage and production of a band of scholars and has immense potential to employ a good number of unemployed youths followed by real study of Hindusthan.

[11/30/15]   This Mahavidyalaya is actually a “Tola” (Traditional School of Sanskrit), which coiled the legacy and emotion of the entire region of North East is under a perilous condition for almost last two decades due to ignorance and gratuitous stands & moves from the Govt. of West Bengal. Recently, the Govt. of W.B. has decided to lease out the property of this important institution to Thakur PanchananMahilaMahavidyalaya, Cooch Behar.

Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan Samskrita Mahavidyalaya

Present Perishing Condition of an important center of learning patronized by the Koch dynasty

Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan Samskrita Mahavidyalaya's cover photo

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