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Govt. Degree College was established in 2008, affiliated with University of Jammu falling in the win

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Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 01/12/2023

World Aids Day
Date: 01/12/2023,
Theme: “Let Communities Lead”
Venue: Conference Hall GDC Banihal.
Organisers: Red Ribbon Club of GDC Banihal.
Patron: Principal GDC Banihal.
Speaker: Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Mir.

The “WORLD AIDS DAY” celebration in our college was a meaningful and impactful event, aimed at raising awareness and promoting understanding about HIV/AIDS. The day commenced with an informative seminar where Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Mir shared valuable insights about the status of HIV/AIDS, prevention methods, and destigmatizing the condition. Various engaging activities were organized, including informative poster exhibitions, where students showcased their knowledge on HIV/AIDS. The event fostered a sense of unity and compassion as students to commemorate those affected by HIV/AIDS. Not only did it educate our college community, but it also highlighted the importance of empathy and support for individuals living with HIV. Overall, the AIDS Day celebration successfully combined education, awareness, and a sense of community responsibility, contributing to a more informed and compassionate student body.
The theme for “World AIDS Day 2023”, Let Communities Lead," underscores the vital role that communities play in combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic. By emphasizing community leadership, the theme recognizes the significant contributions communities make in offering prevention services, providing care and support, and advocating for those affected by HIV/AIDS.
A Pledge Ceremony was also held in the college. The pledge ceremony witnessed active participation from both students and faculty members. The pledge itself was a solemn commitment to spreading awareness, reducing stigma, and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS. Participants affirmed their dedication to promoting safe practices, encouraging testing, and advocating for inclusivity and compassion. The content of the pledge reflected a shared commitment to contributing towards the global goal of ending the AIDS epidemic

Dr.Shallu Samayal .
Media Secretary
Sajad Ahmad Sultan .

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 26/11/2023

Government Degree College Banihal hosts special lecture to promote voter awareness
Banihal, November 22, 2023 —Government Degree College Banihal, in collaboration with the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer Banihal, organized a voter awareness program on November 22, 2023, aimed at educating and empowering the youth about their crucial role in the democratic process. As part of this initiative, a special lecture was delivered by Mr. Sajad Ahmad Sultan, Assistant Professor.
Mr. Sultan's lecture captivated the audience with insights into the significance of active civic participation and the impact of voting on the democratic fabric of the nation. The event was attended by students and faculty members, all eager to enhance their understanding of the electoral process.
The lecture touched upon various aspects, including voter registration procedures, the importance of exercising the right to vote, and the role of the youth in shaping the future of the nation. Mr. Sajad Ahmad Sultan shared valuable information and practical tips to encourage eligible citizens to participate in the electoral process actively.Prof .Tajammul Islam, Senior faculty member and H.O.D physics 'managed the event and expressed gratitude to the speaker for his informative and engaging session. "We believe that an informed electorate is the cornerstone of a thriving democracy. This voter awareness program aligns with our commitment to nurturing responsible and engaged citizens," said Prof . Tajammul.
The collaboration with the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer Banihal further strengthened the program's impact, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information on voter registration was disseminated during the event. The proceedings of the event were carried out by Mr. Deepak Kumar (physical Training Instructor )and co.convener of Debates & Seminar Committee of the college

Dr. Shallu Samyal

Media Secretary
Sajad Ahmad Sultan


GDC-Banihal Volleyball team shines in inter-Collegiate Volley ball tournament organised by Department of Physical Education and Sports, University of Jammu

In the first match held on 6/11/2023, GDC Banihal beat ASCOM by 2-0( 25-15,25-18)
In the next match against IGGDC, which was held on 8/11/2023,GDC Banihal won again by 2 sets keeping the score (25-11, 25-21)

The Volleyball team of GDC Banihal showed same vigour and valour in the third match against GDC Doda and defeated them by 2-0 (25-23, 25-18)

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 31/10/2023

The Debates & Seminar committee and NSS unit, in collaboration with IQAC of GDC Banihal, jointly organized an open-air painting competition at the college's outdoor spaces on the occasion of UT Foundation Day, which took place on October 25, 2023. The competition revolved around two themes: "A Future Free from Corruption and Poverty" and "The Ideals of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat." A significant number of students from various semesters eagerly participated in this event.
The artworks created during the competition portrayed the government's accomplishments in promoting transparency and accountability through the vibrant online services system. The emergence of e-services has made information accessible to the public at large. The other aspect of the painting competition focused on a poverty-free future. The paintings illustrated how local artisans, through their craftsmanship, preserve cultural traditions and contribute to the country's overall GDP. The current government's emphasis on "vocal for local" was also highlighted in the artwork. Some paintings celebrated the proactive nature of self-help groups.
The students who enthusiastically participated in the competition included:
1. Qirat Furqana, Sem 1st
2. Urfat Ali, Sem 3rd
3. Snobar wani, Sem 3rd
4. Henan Nisar, Sem 1st
5. Rehana Parveen, Sem 3rd
1st position was bagged by Rehana Parveen, whereas 2nd position was bagged by Snobar Wani. 3rd position was jointly shared by Urfat Ali and Qirat Furqana.

Dr.Shallu Samyal

Media Secretary
Sajad Ahmad Sultan

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 25/10/2023

career counselling cell 'Debates & Seminar Committee in collaboration with IQAC cell of Govt.Degree College Banihal conducted career counselling and awareness program session for Ist semester students admitted in the current academic session under NEP 2020 .The program was held in the conference room of the college on 21-10-2023registering a maximum number participation from Ist semester students besides other students and faculty members.The main motive of the event was to aware the students about the multiple career options who sought admission through NEP 'opted Various Major and Minor subjects .On the outset prof Bashir Ahmad (H O.D ) physics introduced the Guest speaker and accorded him a warm welcome .The Guest speaker on the occassion was Dr.Masood Ayoub Kaloo 'Deptt.of chemistry from GDC pulwama enlighten the student community about the chosing of various career options after the completion of their four year under graduate course through his power point presentation .He further asserted upon the students to know their abilities within self and strive hard for achieving excellence and set up milestones in their academic endeavour .The session was organized under the supervision of Principal Dr Shallu Samyal'while the proceedings were carried out by Mr.Sajad Ahmad Sultan 'Asstt.professor Urdu and Convener Debates & Seminar committe

Dr. Shallu Samyal

Media Secretary
Sajad Ahmad Sultan
Asstt.professor Urdu

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 02/10/2023

GDC Banihal conducted Cleanliness Drive as a part of Swachhta Pakwara on 1st of October followed by Pledge taking ceremony under Nasha Mukht Abhiyan on 2nd October, 2023 on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti..

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 22/09/2023

Debate on Gandhian Principles of Truth and Non-Violence Ignites Intellectual Discourse at GDC Banihal
Banihal, September 22, 2023 —Students and faculty at GDC Banihal engaged in a thought-provoking debate centered around the timeless Gandhian principles of truth and non-violence, underscoring the relevance of these values in contemporary society. The event took place on 22/09/2023 in the college conference Hall and it was part of the upcoming Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations. The lively debate saw participants exploring the essence of Mahatma Gandhi's fundamental beliefs, analyzing their historical impact during the Indian independence movement, and contemplating their applicability in the present global context. Organized by the Debates and Seminar Committee in collaboration with History Department, the event aimed to foster critical thinking and promote a deeper understanding of Gandhian philosophy, which continues to influence social and political ideologies across the world. The discussion was framed around the following key aspects: Relevance of Truth and Non-Violence in Modern Society: Participants examined how truth and non-violence, as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi, can address contemporary challenges such as discrimination, conflicts, and environmental sustainability. Insights were shared on how embracing truth and non-violence could pave the way for a more harmonious and just society. Gandhi's Legacy and its Impact on Social Movements: The debate also delved into how Gandhi's philosophy has left an indelible mark on various social movements, inspiring change-makers globally. The speakers discussed examples of leaders and movements that have drawn from Gandhian principles to fight for justice and equality. Balancing Principles with Practicality: Engaging in a pragmatic discussion, participants explored the challenges in applying truth and non-violence in real-world situations. They debated the fine line between idealism and practicality, seeking to find a balance between these principles and the exigencies of modern society. The head of the institution expressed his satisfaction with the high level of discourse displayed during the debate, commending the students for their analytical thinking and eloquence in articulating their perspectives on this pivotal topic. The event not only deepened the understanding of Gandhian philosophy but also inspired attendees to reflect on the role of individuals in advocating for positive change through truth, non-violence, and compassion.


Counselling Schedule for Non-CUET category for Leftover candidates...


Students falling in the Merit List of Leftover Seats under Non-CUET category are advised to visit Govt.Degree College, Banihal on 18th of September, 2023 positively..


Admission Notice for Non CUET candidates against the leftover (vacant) seats...


Document 📃 verification schedule for Leftover candidate under Non-CUET category...


Merit list of different streams for Leftover seats under Non-CUET category


Document 📃 verification for SPOT ROUND candidates...

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Govt. Degree College Banihal celebrates Teachers’ Day with a Pledge for a Corruption-Free J&K
Banihal, September 05, 2023 — Govt. Degree College Banihal celebrated Teachers' Day with great enthusiasm and a strong commitment to building a corruption-free Jammu and Kashmir. The event brought together students, faculty, and staff to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the former President of India and a distinguished teacher.
This year's Teachers' Day celebration took on special significance, focusing on the theme "Brashtachaar Mukht J&K & Corruption Free Governance". The event featured a range of activities aimed at raising awareness about the detrimental impact of corruption on society and highlighting the pivotal role of educators in fostering integrity and ethical values among the youth.
The program began with an inspiring address by the In-charge principal Prof. Bashir Ahmed, who emphasized the importance of teachers as role models and mentors in shaping the future of the nation. Students expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers through heartfelt speeches and creative performances.
The highlight of the event was a debate on "Eradicating Corruption for a Brighter J&K." Student speakers as well as faculty members including Prof. Sajad Ahmad Sultan and Mr. Deepak Kumar PTI, shared their insights and strategies for combating corruption at all levels. The discussion encouraged students to actively engage in the fight against corruption and to be responsible citizens of a transparent and accountable society.
The celebration concluded with a pledge taken by students, teachers, and staff to work collectively towards building a corruption-free Jammu and Kashmir. It symbolized their unwavering commitment to promoting transparency, honesty, and accountability in all aspects of life.
Govt. Degree College Banihal continues its mission to empower students with the knowledge and values needed to create a brighter and more equitable future for Jammu and Kashmir. Through initiatives like the Teachers' Day celebration, the college aims to instill in its students the importance of upholding the principles of integrity and combating corruption at all levels.

Media Secretary In-Charge Principal
Prof. Sajad Ahmad Sultan Prof. Bashir Ahmed

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Spot Round for Seeking Admission to Semester-1st FYUGP for CUET Candidates. and information for Non- CUET candidates regarding admission procedure...

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 02/09/2023

Counselling cm Document Verification Schedule of 3rd Merit List for Non- CUET students...

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 31/08/2023
Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 29/08/2023

GDC Banihal Celebrates National Sports Day-2023
August 29, 2023. Department of Physical Education & Sports in coordination with IQAC of Govt. Degree College Banihal under an ambit of Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav celebrated National Sports Day today on 29th of August, 2023 in the conference room of the College with a record note of maximum participation of students and faculty members. The Speaker on the occassion was Mr. Deepak Kumar (PTI) of the College who shed light on the observance of the day and accolades the contributions and achievements of this great Hockey Legend 'known as Hockey Wizard of India. Major Dayan Chand is an exceptional figure who promotes sports culture in the Indian sports system and an inspiration of budding athletes of our country. Further Mr. speaker asserted upon the students community to take part actively in sports activities and make the physical exercise a daily routine .Simultaneously as a good gesture and practical implication of celebrating the day a Table tennis match was played among various designated teams/groups which was finally won by Liquat Qayoom a 3rd semester student by 3-0. Finally all the participants were felicitated with medals.

Media Secretary
prof. Sajad Ahmad Sultan .


2nd Round of Counselling Cum Document Verification Schedule for CUET Candidates..


2nd merit list under Non-CUET category


Document 📄 verification schedule for Non-CUET category of students falling in 2nd merit list.

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5 day Youth Festival at Bhaderwah .interested students shall go for registration by contacting Mr.Deepak Kumar (PTI)


Ist merit list of Non-CUET candidates for admission to UG - Semester-I, who applied online through Smarth Portal..

Merit list ZOOLOGY


Ist merit list of Non-CUET candidates for admission to UG - Semester-I, who applied online through Smarth Portal..



Ist merit list of Non-CUET candidates for admission to UG - Semester-I, who applied online through Smarth Portal..



Ist merit list of Non-CUET candidates for admission to UG - Semester-I, who applied online through Smarth Portal...



Ist merit list of Non- CUET candidates for admission to UG - Semester-I, who applied online through Smarth Portal..



Counseling Schedule for CUET Students who had applied through for seeking admission Govt.Degree College, Banihal are informed through this medium to come for counseling/document verification as per the enclosed schedule.

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 15/08/2023

GDC Banihal Celebrates Independence Day with Enthusiasm and Patriotism
August 15, 2023. Govt. Degree College, Banihal celebrated India's 77th Independence Day with fervor and patriotic zeal. The college organized a series of events as a prelude to India’s 77th Independence Day that captured the spirit of the day.
The celebration commenced with the unfurling of the National Flag, symbolizing the Nation's unity and pride. The fluttering tricolor was a testament to the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters who fought for India's Independence. The ceremony was accompanied by the rendition of the national anthem, which resonated through the college campus, reminding everyone of the essence of freedom. Following the Flag hoisting, students took center stage to express their thoughts and insights about the significance of Independence Day. Through, thought-provoking speeches, they reflected on the sacrifices of those who laid down their lives for the country's freedom and shared their aspirations for a brighter future.The patriotic fervor continued with a soul-stirring patriotic song that echoed the sentiments of unity and patriotism. The heartfelt performance brought together students, staff, and faculty in a collective celebration of the Nation's identity and heritage. Principal Dr. Shalini Sharma expressed her pride in the students' participation and the heartfelt enthusiasm displayed during the event. "Independence Day is not just a day of celebration, but a day to remember and honor the heroes who fought for our freedom. The dedication of our students in commemorating this day is truly commendable," Dr Shalini Sharma said. The Independence Day celebrations at GDC Banihal served as a reminder of the sacrifices made in the journey towards freedom and the responsibility of the younger generation to uphold and nurture the values of the nation. The event concluded with the felicitation ceremony wherein all the student participants were felicitated with mementos and certificates. The event was moderated by Mr. Deepak Kumar (PTI) and the vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Sajad Ahmad Sultan, Head Department of Urdu.

Dr.Shalini Sharma

Media Secretary
prof. Sajad Ahmad Sultan

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 15/08/2023

Independence Day in India is a momentous occasion celebrated on the 15th of August each year. This day holds immense historical significance as it marks the end of British colonial rule and the birth of the modern Indian nation in 1947.The entire country comes alive with patriotic fervor as schools, colleges, communities, and organizations organize various cultural programs, parades, and flag-hoisting ceremonies. Independence Day in India is not just a commemoration of past struggles, but a reminder of the ongoing journey towards a more inclusive, progressive, and united nation. It's a day to pay homage to the sacrifices of the freedom fighters and to reaffirm the commitment to upholding the values of democracy, liberty, and diversity.....
Some glimps of Independence Day Celebrations at GDC Govt.Degree College, Banihal
# Happy Independence day..

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 13/08/2023

illumination of the College Academic Block on the eve of Celeberation of the 77th independence day .

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 13/08/2023

Essay Competition: As a part of ensuing 77th Independence Day celebrations, Govt. Degree College Banihal today on 12-08-2023 organized an essay competition under “Meri Mitti Mera Desh” programme. The event witnessed a healthy participation of the students .The theme of the essay writing was “My Idea of India at 100th year of Independence”. A total of 31 students came forward to be its part and in their essay’s they expressed their aspirations about the India ,their motherland they wanted to live in its economical developments ,social and political harmony a well secured and healthy position available to the woman ,remarkable transformations in the health sector ,energy and means of transportation .All the participants expressed a great delight for being a part of such an event wherein they could express their ideas and aspirations .Their love for Nation ,patriotism and emotional bonds all reflected in the essays they penned down .Finally the essays were evaluated and positions were declared which will be awarded on the Celebration of 77th Independence day. Mehr ul Nisa student of Sem 3rd bagged first position, while Shakeel Ahmad and Urfat Ali student of B.A Semester 3rd bagged 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Photos from Govt.Degree College, Banihal's post 13/08/2023

Lecture on Drug Abuse: Following a series of events carried out under “Meri Matti Mera Desh” programme a lecture was organized by Debates & Seminar Committee, and NSS in coordination with IQAC of Govt. Degree College Banihal today on 11-08-2023 in the conference room of the College, which was attended by a good number of students and faculty members. On the occasion the invited speaker Guest was Prag Chaturvedi Adhoc Commandant XIII B.N.S.S.B Banihal. The guest speaker on the theme “Drug Abuse in India & the Vulnerability of Youth in J&K” threw light and gave a detailed account of drug users and raised concerns of combating this menace. He stressed upon the audience to remain away from these drugs and live a healthier life. Mr. Chaturvedi also shared some valuable information through PPT about the symptoms of drug users and raise the need to identify and measures of rehabilitation for them at individual and community level. Since we are celebrating the 77th Independence Day and are vowing to commit to contribute to the National Development by word, intent and action, but involvement of youth in drugs became a hindrance for it. We should not indulge ourselves in the menace of Drug addiction on the pretext of occasional failure in life. A documentary was also played which appeals the minds of audience. A student concentrated on studies achieved a great feat in life, while a youth being in the company of drug addicts gets involved gradually and perishes later. Simultaneously at the end a pledge taking ceremony was also held. The proceeding of the programme was put forth by Mr. Deepak Kumar (PTI). The whole event was conducted under the patronage of Principal Dr. Shalini Sharma and the vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Bhat (HOD English).

Dr. Shalini Sharma

Media Secretary
prof. Sajad Ahmad Sultan


Govt. Degree College Banihal and Department of Social Welfare, Ramban unite for successful pledge taking ceremony on Drug-Free Society under the banner of Nasha Mukht Abhiyan.
Banihal, 10-08-2023.In a resounding display of community solidarity, Govt. Degree College Banihal joined hands with the Department of Social Welfare, Ramban to host an impactful Pledge Taking Ceremony on Drug-Free Society under the banner of NashaMukht Abhiyan. The event, held on August 10, 2023, at the college premises, marked a significant step towards combatting substance abuse and fostering a healthier future for the region.
The collaborative initiative drew participation from students, educators, local leaders, and concerned citizens, all united in their commitment to eradicating the scourge of drug addiction from society. Mr. Musavir Ahmed Giri, Tehsil Social Welfare Officer, Ramban addressed the attendees, shedding light on the detrimental effects of substance abuse and the pivotal role that collective efforts play in creating a drug-free environment.
"Today’s Pledge Taking Ceremony was a testament to the power of unity and shared purpose. Govt. Degree College Banihal, in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare, Ramban, reaffirms its dedication to equipping our students and community with the knowledge and resolve, needed to overcome the challenges posed by substance abuse," stated Dr. Shalini Sharma, Principal of Govt. Degree College Banihal.
During the ceremony, attendees took a solemn pledge led by Mr. Musavir Ahmed Giri, to prioritize a drug-free lifestyle and to actively discourage and support those affected by addiction. The event also served as a launchpad for collaborative initiatives that will further raise awareness, provide counseling services, and encourage open conversations about the consequences of drug abuse.

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