Economy + Society PhD Summer School

The Economy + Society PhD Summer School is a week long residential programme in the convivial setting of Blackwater Castle, Ireland.

Weather for the week of #EconSoc18 looks dry but a bit overcast and not very warm. Fingers crossed for a dry Wednesday for the walk to the Abbey and Thursday so that the public interview can be done outside on the terraces.

Economy & Society Summer School - Summer Schools in Europe

Open for applications: 2017 Week long residential summer school in a castle in rural Ireland, with core staff and visiting speakers leading an intensive interdisciplinary discussion on Economy + Society.

Economy & Society President Michael D Higgins Address

Bathed in sunshine Blackwater Castle hosting the E+S PhD Summer School 2017.

Great line-up for the 2017 Summer school: Looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Econocracy review – how three students caused a global crisis in economics

Really inspiring to see students thinking like this. Unhappy at how economics is out of touch with reality and defined by an elite, Joe Earle, Cahal Moran and Zach Ward-Perkins sum up their explosive call for change

Six conference questions every academic hears

Hopefully a summer school escapes these pitfalls! Allan Johnson on the misunderstood B-sides of conference presentations

University as an Intellectual Asylum - The Philosophical Salon

Some thoughts on the Ivory tower that the summer school is trying to move beyond... Asylum today means both sanctuary from violence or oppression, but also a place of incarceration. The term originates from ancient Greek, where solun meant seizure, so asolun meant freedom from ... Read More

University as an Intellectual Asylum - The Philosophical Salon

Some thoughts on the Ivory tower that the summer school is trying to move beyond... Asylum today means both sanctuary from violence or oppression, but also a place of incarceration. The term originates from ancient Greek, where solun meant seizure, so asolun meant freedom from ... Read More

Economists versus the Economy

Another reason to return to theoretical debates about economics. If you believe that economies are like machines, you will likely view economic problems as essentially problems of mathematics. But the great economists throughout history, such as John Maynard Keynes and Joseph Schumpeter, have always understood that an approach emphasizing formal precision has sev...

We don’t have students any more – just customers Opinion: Irish higher education is increasingly commercial in its approach to teaching and research

Part 1/4 Economy + Society PhD Summer School 2016 Public Interview with Prof. Tom Inglis Part 1/4

A taste of the summer school - in the sort of glorious weather which is probable for the 2017 event.

Economy + Society PhD Summer School 2016 Public Interview with Prof. Tom Inglis, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at University College Dublin. In conversatio...

Save the date: Economy + Society Summer School 8-12th of May 2017

Lovely to see two Economy+ Society PhD Summer School alumni on this evening's Late Late Show.... Sindy Joyce and Michael D. shaking things up.

Want to be taken seriously as scholar in the humanities? Publish a monograph A survey shows the monograph is still central for shaping and sharing scholarship in the humanities. Let’s now make them open access

All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals

Free access to all papers a possibility...? Certainly the current model of academic publishing means that academics paid by states work for journals which often allow companies to cream off a profit. Results of research supported by public and public-private funds set to be made freely available to all

So... E+S over for another year. A magical week, great talks and great people.... all drinking in notions, ideas, paradigms, concepts and theories.

Economy + Society PhD Summer School

With one more sleep until #EconSoc16 kicks into life, it looks like we are in for a wet week in Blackwater Castle- so indoor reading groups.

With one more sleep until #EconSoc16 kicks into life, it looks like we are in for a wet week in Blackwater Castle- so indoor reading groups.

CV of failures: Princeton professor publishes résumé of his career lows

It's a rocky road, for most. Johannes Haushofer bravely posts document listing degree programs he did not get in to and academic positions he did not get

Queen's University Belfast: Stop the closure of BA Sociology & Anthropology at Queen's...

If you would be so good as to support and sign this petition. Please forward on to anyone you feel might be interested! Queen's University Belfast have passed a proposal entitled the Size & Shape Review which amounts to a huge attack on particular schools at QUB. Single Honours Sociology and Single Honours Anthropology have been scrapped, despite their academic excellence in UK Higher Education. Student places..…

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

The result is that workers, job-seekers and public services of every kind are subject to a pettifogging, stifling regime of assessment and monitoring, designed to identify the winners and punish the losers. The doctrine that would free us from the bureaucratic nightmare of central planning has instead created one. Financial meltdown, environmental disaster and even the rise of Donald Trump – neoliberalism has played its part in them all. Why has the left failed to come up with an alternative?

Mind the gap: the stark class divide in access to third level

Class filters right through higher education - gender becomes increasingly important up through the levels - compare the number of undergraduates, post-graduates, lecturers and professors Students from disadvantaged areas are still much less likely to progress to higher education. The challenges have been identified, but how do we go about bridging the social divide?

President Higgins: Universities facing ‘intellectual crisis’ He says colleges should foster dissent and allow for rejection of dominant ideologies

[04/04/16]   4 spaces remaining at the 2016 Economy and Society Summer School:
Apply now: [email protected]

Cheer up, my academic colleagues! We're so lucky to do this job

Starting the year on an optimistic note!

How many hours a week should academics work?

"Four hours a day is probably the limit for those looking to do genuinely original research, she says. In her experience, the only people who have avoided burnout and achieved some sort of balance in their lives are those sticking to this kind of schedule." Some surveys show faculty putting in at least 60 hours a week, but research casts doubt on whether this is a productive routine

The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems — The Development Set

Reminds me of Pels work on spokespersonship “If you’re young, privileged, and interested in creating a life of meaning, of course you’d be attracted to solving prob…

Summer Schools

Check out this year's IPA summer school by Lake Bolsena! Summer School 2016 Walling: breaking and barring reality, creating an unreal state and the absurd with to overcome it Contemporary challenges related to borders and encirclement, such as colonisation, migration, integration, can only be understood properly in a long-term perspective. This summer sch…

Ending unemployment should not mean punishing those who are out of work

Reflecting on the choices about welfare Ireland has... Fine Gael and Labour are going into the forthcoming General Election with the promise of ending unemployment. For a country bruised by the scourge of unemployment, haunted by recession

Academics are being hoodwinked into writing books nobody can buy

This occasional blog is quite good:

Higgins says unaccountable forces are running EU

Great speech by Michael D. Higgins last Friday, emphasising that the current economic and political paradigms are running aground, and also challenging the new Centre to rethink not just national questions, but global flows, like the massive migration into the EU due to war, poverty & oppression elsewhere in a highly interconnected world. After just a few hours of digesting that challenge, we heard of the events in Paris. President says democratic structures at risk from new financialised global order

Great launch for the Centre for Moral Foundations for Economy and Society with Irish President Michael D. on hand to do the honours. His speech caused a bit of a stir

John O'Brien (WIT) and Lorcan Byrne (UCC) did a bit of explaining on the Seán Moncrieff show . Glad that no photos are known to exist of the after launch party.

Economy & Society Summer School

2016 Economy + Society Summer School Open for Applications!

Check out the schedule - really good combination of new and old faces and formats - and please spread the word!

Exposed: the huge class divide in our universities

Interesting report with analysis from the other tom boland. The big class divide in third-level education is exposed in new figures showing how students from better-off families take most of the places in the country's universities

President Michael D Higgins: four years in

As an overview, this article could do more to acknowledge the depth that MDH has brought to public discourse. We should remember how lucky we are to have a real intellectual rather than just a figurehead. Michael D’s public success, popular touch and work rate have confounded sceptics who doubted if a 74-year-old with a bad knee could do the job. But behind the scenes are episodes of tetchiness, a high staff turnover, and tension between the President and Government officials

Irish think tanks don’t think any more

What few think-tanks we have unfortunately are restricted to quite narrow agendas... Our think tanks tend to lack a core thesis on what the Irish experience should be about.

Letters of rejection

We've all had submissions rejected - even up to as many rejections as papers, and sometimes the papers accepted immediately aren't as good or as cited as those that take a few rejections before acceptance. So...Look on triumph and disaster and see those two imposters as the same. Having an article rejected is always an undesirable experience that all scholars have undergone, or will still go through, in their professional career. This editorial will present the main motives why a manuscript is rejected, soon after submission or during the review process. I have grouped these…

Lecturers cry foul over Trinity’s overseas recruitment plan

Making the early years of academia more precarious, & based on 'performance', a hybrid of theatre and capitalism Forty assistant professors to be employed under five-year ‘tenure-track’ contracts

Don’t let the Nobel prize fool you. Economics is not a science | Joris Luyendijk

Good article, arguing that Economics is a social science - needing qualitative research not just 'hard' "facts". The award glorifies economists as tellers of timeless truths, fostering hubris and leading to disaster

The Neoliberalization of Irish Higher Education under Austerity

Relevant to all of us, whatever our relationship to Higher Education institutions. This paper discusses the transformations that have taken place in Irish higher education under neoliberalism and, in particular, during the period of austerity since 2008. We adopt a critical political economic framework conceptualizing Ireland as a prototypical neoliberal state and maintain that th…

Seeking a role: disciplining jobseekers as actors in the labour market

This article concerns any 'jobseekers' but is very relevant to the sort of self-positioning that aspiring academics have to negotiate. Recent decades have seen the category of unemployment transformed into job-seeking. Attention has generally focused on the disciplining effects of interventions, procedures and techniques within social welfare offices, or on scrutinizing policy documents as political expressions of neo-liberalism. T…

Jobseeking Surrounded My Fictions, Myths And Convenient Narratives | Welfare Weekly

The use of old-style propaganda - i.e. false information - by the Dept. of Welfare in the UK prompted our reflections on the wider cultural narratives surrounding unemployment and jobseeking. Jobseeking is generally surrounded by fictions, myths and convenient narratives; all of which support the systems rights over the individual.

I feel like I'm working for the social welfare officer

The welfare system and regulation of the labour market is one of the most crucial intersections of economy and society. The ?back to work? mantra is used to force people, despite their skills and training, into precarious work

National Economic & Social Council - State of Play Review of Environmental Policy Integration...

This just recently out from Ger Mullally, a regular contributor to the E&S summer school. NESC, National Economic and Social Council, Ireland, Research Series, Environmental Policy Integration Literature, Environment, UCC, University College Cork

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Founded in 1994 classes are offered in a range of instruments which include flute, whistle, piano, keyboard, concertina, button and piano accordion. Students receive professional, personalised tuition in a friendly encouraging environment.

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“De La Salle College, Waterford, is an all-boys Catholic school.

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At Waterford School of Guitar we provide the highest quality guitar lessons. Using custom made programs ensuring each student reaches their musical goals.

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