Barony of Gaultier Historical Society

Barony of Gaultier Historical Society


Does anyone know what year bell lake school closed?
WATERFORD VOLUNTEERS: Does anyone know anything of a group called the "Waterford Volunteers". I came across a referenced to it in the log of HMS Hawke noting the arrival of a contingent of new recruits that it called the Waterford Volunteers. My great grandfather joined the Royal Navy in 1859 as part of this group. They gathered in Waterford and were transported to Queenstown (Cork) on HMS Magpie on 15 May 1859 where they were embarked on HMS Hawke and signed up with the navy. I have not been able to find any other reference to Waterford Volunteers in any other document. I would be immensely grateful for any leads others may have about this group.
While this may well bore many people to tears (ironically enough), the revisiting of Charles Stewart Parnell's heyday during the Brexit brouhaha in the House of Commons this week prompted me to finish a piece about Joe Biggar: a political eccentric who came to own Butlerstown Castle towards the tail end of his career. The Belfast native was Parnell's right-hand man, with "the leprechaun" (as he was dubbed by Tory prime minister Benjamin Disraeli) standing tall as the Irish Parliamentary Party's filibusterer-in-chief during the 1870s and '80s; an era when obstructionism was used to stymie government and focus attention on the Home Rule/Nationalist cause. He was proudly known as one of the greatest time-wasters ever to set foot in Westminster. An abiding friend and ally of C.S., the "uncrowned king of Ireland", Biggar inherited Butlerstown Castle from his relation Samuel Ferguson and spent the last three summers of his life there. (Originally posted in Butlerstown-Kilmeaden History and Photo Archive Group)
An exploratory meeting was held in the Granville Hotel on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 to explore how the very early history of East Waterford (with special attention, giving to the Creadan area, in light of the many, very early rare finds found), can be fostered and advanced for the benefit of Waterford’s early unrecorded history . The meeting was low key and by invite, to put the project in motion. Discussed were the following: 1/ Brief update on the findings included; Visit of Professor Stan Green ,Feasibility Study, 2,800 year antler pick, Dr Mattew Parkes opinion regarding the very rare Fossil Stone found at Creadan and the Flint tool picked up by a trawler off Hook head. 2/Setting up of an advisory board 3/Completion of recording the finds from East Waterford 4/Protection of sites 5/Public information night 6/ Proposals going forward. The meeting was informed by Noel Mc Donagh of all updates and finds. It was agreed that a small working group would be set up to put the advisory board in place. Joy Rooney, kindly offered to come back with how best the working group may proceed. A time scale of two weeks was giving for the completion of the working group and a further four weeks for the advisory board to be put in place. The working group would also look at the best way to protect the bronze age site and also they would, work with The Barony of Gaultier Historical Society and Waterford Archaeological and historical Society to select a venue and date for the public information talk covering the findings and related disclosures. Anyone who feels that they may have a contribution to make, can contact Noel Mc Donagh at [email protected].
Looking into Creadan's past over 300 million years ago
Today Santa called in the form of an email from Professor Nicky Milner a person whos work I have followed for many years. For those who do not know Professor Nicky Milner..Professor Nicky Milner is an archaeologist and deputy Head of the Archaeology Department at the University of York. She was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2009. Her research focuses on the Mesolithic period, and the transition between the Mesolithic and Neolithic. She has worked at the iconic site of Star Carr in the Vale of Pickering for over 15 years, and has directed excavations at the site since 2004. Nicky completed a BA in Archaeology in Nottingham in 1995 and a NERC funded PhD in Cambridge in 1998, which developed a method to analyse seasonality information from the European oyster, which was then applied to Danish shell midden sites. This was followed by a Sir James Knott fellowship at the University of Newcastle in 1999 and then a Lectureship in 2001, before moving to the University of York in 2004. She became a Senior Lecturer in 2009 and Professor in 2012. Her research focuses on the Mesolithic period and the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition and she currently runs the project POSTGLACIAL. She has worked on shell midden sites in Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Portugal and has co-directed excavations at Howick, Baylet, Star Carr and Flixton Island. A very special person indeed.
The Waterford Women’s Centre history group has nominated the Waterford Cockle Women for a Civic Trust blue plaque in March 2019. As far back as 1901 the census reveals Waterford women who considered their principle occupation to be cockle pickers and sellers. However there is anecdotal evidence that there were cockle sellers in Waterford in the 1870’s and probably longer. In the 1911 census 20 women from Waterford city and county listed ‘cockle picker’ as their occupation. Many of these women were either single or widowed and this occupation was their sole means of providing for their families. Some were married and cockle picking/selling supplemented the income of their husbands. It was hard work for little pay and also dangerous as the tide could trap them and sometimes did. Under the Towns Improvement Act in 1926, the fish market in the city was moved from Michael Street to Peter Street, and many of the cockle women were before the court for blocking the passages selling their cockles. In one such case a women from Waterford in defence of the women who was being charged, said that Peter Street had been used by cockle women since the 1870’s and should not be now moved on to make it a fish market. She had sold cockles there, she said, since she was a child. She was then 64. The women were prosecuted for this same offence over a two year period. The solicitor defended them by pointing out their poverty and hard work and the fact that many of them travelled a 16 mile round trip to Tramore and elsewhere to pick the cockles. Ref; Breda Murphy
Over the past years I have rescued a number of bones from the sea at Creadan, close to where I found the Fulacht Fia . To understand better the area I had a feasibility study done to find out more about the bones and area. The report came in that the bones had no historic value, fine , this year I gave one of the bones to specialists over here from the USA to be carbon dated ,this week I got the results the bone was 2,800 years old dating to the building of the Fulacht Fia. It was a pick and was most lightly used in preparing the ground. I make this point to highlight the fact that we should not take as the bible everything we are told even if they are experts.
Clipping from” RAMSEYS WATERFORD CHRONICLE”. Saturday 5th December 1812. Caution: I do hereby caution the public against giving credit to my wife, Julia Nugent, other-wise Power, on my accounts as I am determined not to pay any debts she may contract after this notice. Michael Nugent, Kilmacthomas, December 2nd 1812 Apprentice Run Away: Where as about the first instant, James Furlong, an indentured apprentice to the “Snow Thomas” , of Whitehaven, Jonathan Drewry, Master, absconded and quitted his duty, Notice is hereby given, that whoever shall dare harbour or employ him, the said runaway apprentice, will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law. N.B. The said James Furlong is a native of Passage of Waterford, Ireland, about 17 years of age, fair complexion, and about 5 feet 9 ins high and slender make
Going through some of my history documents today I came across a booklet called “ The Irish Educational Review dated June 1909 priced 6p. The interesting thing from a Waterford perspective was an article by a W.C.Foley Ferrybank N.S Waterford on the advantages of the metric system. Such a forward thinking person of his time I looked to see if I could find out more about this special person. I did get a photo Studio photo of Mr Foley. I wonder if this person was ever recognized for his forward thinking? I looked in Google but found nothing only moraines arguing about boundaries . I would like to give this booklet to a living relation if they have not got one. Further info: William Canice Foley who was a teacher.and, the grandfather of Irish Times Journalist and author Donal Foley whose father Dan was also a teacher." A comment from a Margaret Kearns Hi. i'm Philip Foley, a great grandson of William Foley. Looking at the photos above I can see a strong resemblance to my own father and my nephew David Foley. My father is Tom Foley. His father was Dan Foley, Labour candidate. Dan Foley was also the Principal of Ferrybank National School. He died in his forties when my father was aged about 8. I was intrigued to see the names of my father’s uncles and aunts in the census.

The Barony of Gaultier Historical Society is an organisation that promotes both local and national history within the Barony of Gaultier.

The Barony of Gaultier Historical Society was formed by a group of individuals from the fishing villages of Dunmore East, Passage East, Cheekpoint and the surrounding rural areas. Barony of Gaultier Historical Society during the winter months holds a number of talks with various guest speakers. Every year we produce a calendar from which all the proceeds are given to a charity. We also hold a Harvest Field Day each summer which the proceeds are also given to a charity. We also try to visit a historical site each year. Our members are very active and endeavour to improve the Society each year. Within the Barony of Gaultier which spreads from Creaden Head in the east to Ballinaneesagh in the west there are a number of historical sites. The Giants Grave in Harristown is one of these sites and the Society members visit it a number of times each year. Membership of the Society is free. Admission to the talks is €5

Battle of Britain pilot at 100: ‘The only advice I can give to people is be Irish’ Second World War veteran John Hemingway now lives quiet life in south Dublin

Waterford City and County Libraries

A musical performance for you to enjoy this evening - Tramore musician Eamon Duffin and son performing folk song Hares on the Mountain with the tune of Three Sea Captains.


Were you up to the challenge?

Yesterday we asked you to 'Name the Goal' and as promised, we have the answer below!

GAANOW Rewind takes a look to to when Austin Gleeson scored this crucial solo goal for CLG Port Lairge - Waterford GAA in the 2017 All-Ireland SHC Semi-Final against Cork!

Jack Meades Bar and Restaurant

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Dunmore East Lifeboat

One from the archives.... Thanks to Louise Flynn for sharing

L- R
Frances Glody, Ciarán Mullins, Minister Michael Woods, John Walsh, Walter Abrahamsson and John Flynn

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Irish Surname Maps – Based on the 1901 and 1911 censuses of Ireland Surname Maps Maps are based on data from the 1901 and 1911 censuses of Ireland. Not all surnames are covered at the moment since it takes time to generate the maps. If you would like to see a surname added, please message me here on Facebook. Enter surname: Since I have put a lot of work into deve...

Waterford County Museum

Irish local history is, for want of a better expression, very local. There are quite a few groups & individuals operating in Waterford specialising in a locality or a topic. They can be hard to find on Facebook so here's a directory. If your page is not listed please don't be offended just drop me a line & I'll include it. I'll list Facebook Groups later in the week. Willie Whelan


Ardmore Grange Heritage Group – founded to preserve, protect and promote the rich and diverse heritage of Ardmore and Grange.

Ballinacourty Times Past - sharing history, stories and photos from times past in Ballinacourty.

Ballyduff Upper History & Heritage Club – a community-run club preserving the history of Ballyduff Upper.

Ballyvoyle History Group - a community group with a focus on the area of Ballyvoyle near Stradbally.

Barony of Gaultier Historical Society – this group focuses on the coastal villages of Cheekpoint, Passage East and Dunmore East.

Cappoquin Heritage Group – preserving and promoting awareness of Cappoquin’s rich local heritage in as many ways as possible. A non-profit voluntary group under the umbrella of Cappoquin Civic Link.

Copper Coast Geopark – the Copper Coast UNESCO Geopark is famed for its geological and mining heritage and rugged coastline. Discover more at the Geopark Visitor Centre.

Déise Medieval – a Waterford-based amateur society for living history and medieval combat enthusiasts.

Lismore Heritage Centre – housed in the old Lismore Courthouse it offers visitors and locals a unique insight into Lismore’s rich history.

Mallow Fermoy Lismore Waterford Railway & Branch Lines – recording the railway, past and present, with text, photographs and maps.

Portlaw Heritage Centre – helping to protect and preserve the history of Portlaw.

Stradbally, Co. Waterford - Present and Past – a community archive for Stradbally, recalling times past and recording times present.

Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society – publishers of the historical journal Decies. The society organises an annual lecture series from September to May as well as historical outings in the summer months.

Waterford City and County Archive –the local authority archive for the city and county of Waterford. The archive collects archives and records of the history and development of the city and county and provides access to these records to the public. A fantastic resource.

Waterford Civic Trust– a voluntary organisation whose purpose is the enrichment, preservation, protection, promotion and improvement of heritage in Waterford city.

Waterford County Museum – Dungarvan-based‏ volunteer-run museum preserving Co. Waterford’s history.

Waterford Community Archaeology:Gallowshill – A sub section of Waterford County Museum, this Dungarvan-based‏ volunteer-run group focus on community archaeology.

Waterford Harbour Tides & Tales - A project run by Andrew Doherty. With a focus on the Cheekpoint area and Waterford Harbour Andrew is particularly strong on Waterford's maritime history.

Waterford Treasures – three museums in the Viking Triangle, the historic quarter of Ireland's oldest city.

Waterford County Museum

Facebook Groups can be very busy and overwhelming with lots of posts but if you want a question answered this is a great place to start. Many of the Waterford local groups focus on recent history. Of particular note due to size, contributors and the broad range of history covered is the Waterford History Group. A lot of the groups require you to be approved as a member before you can post or join.

Ballymacarbry / Nire Historical Society a local history group operating in the northern part of the county, along the border with Tipperary.

Butlerstown and Kilmeaden History & Photo Archive old images and historical information about people and places associated with Butlerstown and Kilmeaden. The main contributor is Jamie O’Keeffe who assembles very readable posts across a wide range of topics.

Kilmacthomas Photo Archive, Past and Present – a photo archive of life in the village of Kilmacthomas. This group is hidden so you need to be invited to join it. Notable photographic & video contributions from Andrew Kelly.

Tramore of Yore - a place to post old photos of Tramore. Mainly recent history but contributors Ivan Fitzgerald and Thomas Jones are very knowledgeable.

Things You Miss About Dungarvan & Abbeyside - very strong on recent Dungarvan history and families. Administered by Damien Geoghegan who seems know every person in Dungarvan born after 1900.

Waterford City Genealogy Group - a place to dicuss and share family history and genealogy relating to Waterford City.

Waterford History Group - the largest discussion group on Facebook for Waterford history. Admins are Dermot Power, Michael O’Sullivan, Tommy Deegan and Vinny O’Brien. Very knowledgeable contributors, particularly strong on Waterford city history.

Waterford Maritime History - a mix of modern and historical maritime information.

Waterford Railway History - a group for enthusiasts/historians of Waterford railway history.

If I have missed any group please let me know.

Oifigeach Gaeilge Phort Láirge

Táimid ag dul soir go dtí Baile an Bhuitléaraigh an uair seo le Emma Verling ó Choiste Logainmneacha Phort Láirge.....Placenames Committee member Emma Verling takes us through the townlands of Butlerstown. Waterford Council Waterford City and County Libraries Waterford City and County Archive

Do you know the area of the Barony of Gaultier. Several of the townlands in the present Waterford City are actually part of the Barony of Gaultier. Grange, Bishopscourt, Ballybeg, Ballytruckle, Kilcohan, Ballynakill, Farranshoneen, Ballynaneashagh and Grantstown to name a few. Here is a map of the Barony of Gaultier.


Is é laoch mór Cork GAA, Jimmy Barry Murphy, an duine is deireanaí ó ‘Halla Laochra CLG’ atá á cheiliúradh ag GAANOW Rewind!

Waterford Sport

In this week's paper: Gaultier Gaa's Aaron Jones claimed Munster glory for the Déise and went all the way to the All-Ireland Final in the first ever FIFA Inter-County GAA competition.......

Charles Stewart Parnell: Irish nationalist & lost English cricketer? Charles Stewart Parnell referred to as the ‘uncrowned king of Ireland’ was leader of the Irish Home Rule movement in Westminster from 1882 to 1891. A titan of Irish nationalist history, Parnell was an adept cricketer in his youth. Such was his ability, he was even invited to play for an England ...

Jack Meades Bar and Restaurant

Thanks to all who supported our first very successful weekend doing takeaway.

This week we will be doing Takeaway on Thursday 3pm - 8pm
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To celebrate we would like to give someone the chance to Win a Voucher for Take-Away for 2 people!

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1,000-yr-old English Mill Rushed Back into Operation to Meet Demand A historic English mill is being recommissioned to handle the needs of its local community. Flour made the old-fashioned way is making a comeback. The

Football and the First World War Read the essential details about the footballer who went to fight in the First World War. The 17th Service (Football) Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment was established on 12th December, 1914. This group became known as the Football Battalion. According to Frederick Wall, the secretary of the Footb...

Irish Language Learners

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"If we don't have our own language, our own games and our own culture, then we're no different to anyone else."

Ciara Ní É - Saol Trí Ghaeilge | Dé Céadaoin ar TG4.


The Vietnam War A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick "The Vietnam War documentary was an unmissable triumph for director Ken Burns. FIVE STARS" – Daily Telegraph The ten-part, 18-hour documentary series directed by the Oscar winning chronicler of modern times, Ken Burns, tells the epic story of the Vietnam War as ...

Photography: The Mind’s Eye

Henri Cartier-Bresson
Ireland, 1962

May photo of 2016 Calendar

Tug-o-War Cloghernagh 1982

Back row L – R: Vinny Foskin, Ballygunnertemple; John Delahunty, Harristown; Michael Corcoran, Kilmacleague West; Dick Doyle, Kilmacleague West; Davy Whittle, Ballyshoneen.
Front row L – R: Michael Power RIP, Kilmacquage; Tommy Kehoe, Rathmoylan; Eddie Walsh RIP, Ballygarron; Matt Phelan, Orchardstown; Declan Walsh, Ballygarron; Willie Hogan, Graiguearidda.

The May photo from our 2020 Calendar.

Passage East “Feile Na Scoileanna”
This photo shows the pupils from Passage East Primary School who presented “Our Little Country Garden” at the 1991 “Feile Na Scoileanna”.
Back row L-R: Paddy Lynch, Joanne Connors, Michael Walsh, Richard Doyle, Ronan Doyle, Ronan Harcourt, Neil Bolger, David Carey and Ms N. McKenna, Teacher.
Rear Middle Row L-R: Fergal Doyle, Susan Fowler, Tracey Gunnip, Joseph Upton, Edward Flynn,
Front Middle Row L-R: Ricky Duffin,Ian Condon, Danielle O’Neill,Richard Moynan, Robert Harcourt, Patrick Galvey, Diarmuid Mason and Sean Mullen.
Front Row L-R: Nicholas Quinlan, Karl Cummins, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lynch and Mairead Kennedy
Photo courtesy of The News and Star
Article by John Burke


Yesterday we asked you to 'Name the Goal'!

Did you guess correctly?

GAANOW Rewind takes a look back to the 2005 All-Ireland Quarter-Final as Owen Mulligan scored this famous goal for Tyrone GAA against Dublin!

May Pole, Co. Waterford (27th of April 1909)

Here’s a treat for you - some images taken on the 27th of April 1909 in Co. Waterford. Although the May Bush tradition was most popular in Ireland, the May Pole tradition was also practiced too and this is related to the wider May Pole tradition found in Wales, England and across many northern European countries.

These images were taken for a Mr. Knight and feature in the Poole Collection which is now in the National Library. There were 3 images taken and I’ve included them and zoomed some detail which caught my eye such as the boys in the dresses/smock tops and the girls with the flowers in their hair.

I will share some film footage of this tradition in the next few days but in the meantime enjoy these and as always please like and The Wexford May Bush Festival for more material like this.

Text: Michael Fortune
Image Credit: Poole Collection/NLI

Irish Naval Service

#HeroesAtSeaShoutout is happening tomorrow Friday the 1st of May at midday. All ships will sound their horns as part of a global salute to seafarers who continue their efforts to transport food, fuel, goods & vital medical supplies during the #Covid19 emergency. #InThisTogether 🇮🇪

Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

A great endeavour from Mount Sion Primary School and Mount Sion CBS Secondary School, we're all eagerly awaiting to see the students projects! Well done to all involved, particularly Colette Kearney and Paul Keane!

Passage East Ferry Company

A look at the A3 map in our brochure highlighting almost 30 attractions in both Waterford and Wexford. There is an abundance of activities locally for us to do once the timing is right. If any businesses would like some of our brochures just let us know. Please share our area wide and far 👍😊
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Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Our wonderful Heritage Centre has just launched a new, online exhibition titled, "Irish Medicine in War and Revolution." Looking at the role of medics in Irish history between 1914 and 1923, this was originally part of an exhibition we hosted back in 2016 at our historic home on Kildare Street.
You can find the exhibition at the link below:

Mc's Outdoor Store

Just a quick (8 minute) video going around the store showing various stock that you might be interested in, have some questions on or maybe you just miss calling in and having a look around. If you require any information on our products feel free to contact us on 051 857554 or email us [email protected]
Finally please forgive my shakey camera work..

New research highlights impact of microplastics on marine life New research from Queen’s University Belfast and Liverpool John Moores University reveals how the microplastic pollution crisis is threatening biodiversity.

Killea Crooke and Faithlegg

Irish Chaplaincy offers contact service for anyone in Ireland with concerns about vulnerable older family or friends isolated in London

The Irish Chaplaincy in London is a registered charity which provides an outreach service to three main groups: elderly Irish people (the Seniors’ Project); prisoners and to Travellers. At this challenging time caused by COVID-19 social restrictions, the Chaplaincy is offering support to anyone in Ireland with concerns about an older family member or friend living in London. On their behalf the Chaplaincy can make direct contact with vulnerable older Irish living but isolated in London. The Chaplaincy is also a link to services and community groups on the ground local to where a person is living in London.

This is a free service and contact can be made to the Chaplaincy from Ireland by post: PO BOX 75693 London NW1W 7ZT; by email [email protected] and by phone 0044 (0) 20 7482 3274. Please leave a message and a representative will contact you.

o The Irish Chaplaincy Seniors Project services consist of: regular visits to older Irish people in their home, in hospital or residential care home and spending quality time with them to offer positive support and encouragement; maintaining regular telephone contact to ensure isolated older Irish have someone to talk to and share their hopes and concerns with; liaising and advocating on their behalf with health and social care providers and a range of other organisations as required; helping them to reconnect with their families back in Ireland; supporting those who want to move back to Ireland and making this transition as smooth as possible; offering a knowledgeable and comforting presence, in relation to end of life questions and concerns, and providing advice on funeral planning in London and in Ireland; exploring older people’s faith and spirituality with them, and linking them to a local faith community if requested.

o Some of the services provided by the Chaplaincy’s support for prisoners include: visiting Irish prisoners and providing them and their families with advice and information; keeping in contact by letter; assisting families in Ireland to visit prisoners in England and Wales; offering pastoral support if requested; researching, identifying and responding to prisoner needs; and, working closely with other organisations and prison departments caring for the welfare of Irish prisoners and their families.

o The Travellers Equality Project works closely with the Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service; provides information, advice and free bespoke resources for practitioners working with travellers; holds Traveller forums in prisons; provides diversity training for support group; and, carries out thorough research to identify the needs of Irish Travellers.

Our Story

The Barony of Gaultier Historical Society was formed by a group of individuals from the fishing villages of Dunmore East, Passage East, Cheekpoint and the surrounding rural areas. Barony of Gaultier Historical Society during the winter months holds a number of talks with various guest speakers.These talks consist of three Autumn talks(September, October and November and three Spring talks (February, March and April) Every year we produce a calendar which features historical photos from the Barony of Gaultier. The cost of the calendar is currently €8 and for a copy please email the Society. During the month of May the Society holds its annual outing. We also try to visit a historical site each year. Our members are very active and endeavour to improve the Society each year. Within the Barony of Gaultier which spreads from Creaden Head in the east to Ballinaneesagh in the west and Cheekpoint in the north and Brownstown Head in the south, there are a number of historical sites. The Giants Grave in Harristown is one of these sites and the Society members visit it a number of times each year.

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Dunmore East
Other Waterford schools & colleges (show all)
Waterford Teachers' Centre Waterford Teachers' Centre
Newtown Road

The Centre provides CPPD courses for all members of the educational community working in Primary, Secondary and Further Education Colleges in the SE of Irl

Billy O Sullivan's School Of Kickboxing Billy O Sullivan's School Of Kickboxing
Store All Industrial Complex
Waterford, WATERFORD

Classes in Kickboxing, Boxing, Circuit Training And Self Defense

WIT soccer WIT soccer
Wit West Campus
Waterford, 051

WIT soccer: the home of the futsal leagues. state of the art facilities now at hand for both mens and womens teams.

Drama Attack Stage School Drama Attack Stage School

Drama Attack Stage School is an after-school drama club for Primary School children in county Waterford.

Connect Programme Connect Programme
Old Kilmeaden Road
Waterford, X91 DT2D

The Connect Programme local training initiative is offering a choice of two major QQI Level 5 awards Contact Centre Operations or Office Administration.

Easy A Revision Ebook Easy A Revision Ebook
De La Salle College

More details to come soon

A Walk of Art A Walk of Art
Waterford, WATERFORD

A walk of Art, an art appreciation page. A window to display a plethora of art. Solely for the love of it.

WIT Sport and Health Science Society WIT Sport and Health Science Society

The aim of the Sport and Health Science Society is to develop and promote academic, social and community activities within the department. We also aim to strengthen the link between undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Health, Spor

De La Salle Waterford De La Salle Waterford
Newtown Road
Waterford, X91 DT68

“De La Salle College, Waterford, is an all-boys Catholic school.

Evolve Training & Recruitment Evolve Training & Recruitment
Canada St
Waterford, X91PP2R

Recruitment Consultancy to the South-East Region

Nóra Kavanagh School of Music          MA. MA. BA - Hons Music, ALCM, TTCT Nóra Kavanagh School of Music MA. MA. BA - Hons Music, ALCM, TTCT
Online Tutorials

Founded in 1994 classes are offered in a range of instruments which include flute, whistle, piano, keyboard, concertina, button and piano accordion. Students receive professional, personalised tuition in a friendly encouraging environment.

Mount Sion CBS Secondary School Mount Sion CBS Secondary School
Barrack Street,

All-Boys, Catholic Secondary School in Waterford City, Ireland. This is the Official Page of the School.