Little Scribblers Pre-School

Little Scribblers Preschool will not be posting any of the childrens faces adhering to Tusla child protection regulations.

Her View From Home

Preschool is one of the most important times in a child’s life. The foundation of what is to come. We are just as sad as ye are to not be able to continue to lay this foundation 💕

Worth a read.

It was just preschool, right?
Just preschool.

I keep reminding myself that you have so much time. You’ll get to do all these things, God willing. But still, it was your year. Preschool is where you found your place. Preschool is where you thrived.

Just a little reminder 🥰

So many things can be made with Lego great for a children 👌

Beautiful day again why not get out the back and play a few of these scavenger hunts 😃good luck 👏which one is your favourite? I like the rainbow scavenger hunt

Hi everyone 😊hope the Easter bunny gave ye all a nice Easter egg 💕here’s a few activities 😊we know how much ye all love handpainting 😊

Happy Easter to all and enjoy the Easter eggs 👌🐣💕😊stay happy, healthy & safe xx

Virgin Media News

🐰Health Minister Simon Harris has clarified that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker, but the Government has asked that it regularly washes its paws

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this fab weather 👌⚽️🥅🪁⛹️‍♀️🏓🪀🚵🏻🚜

Another One of Kayleigh’s Nature Hunts for anyone who lives close to the beach

We’re going on a bear hunt 🐻

[04/06/20]   Enrolling Now At Little Scribblers Preschool for Sept 2020 - very limited places available
msg me ASAP

It's Gone Viral

I need to try this game with my kids! 😂👏🏼

Photos from Little Scribblers Pre-School's post

The Gruffalo

Story time from the lady who writes all our favourite books 💕

We're very pleased to announce the very first weekly broadcast of 'Julia Donaldson and Friends.' This week Julia Donaldson is sharing a performance of the song, 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and some drawings of the characters from the illustrator Axel Scheffler.

A few simple ideas to pass a bit of time😊hope ye are all well

The Stuart Robinson Show

A change from the happy birthday song as some children can’t have their party at the moment and I know they all love baby shark

Since it’s for a good reason🦈 🧼 👇

Story time 💕

Morning everyone a few simple Fine Motor activities to do if little ones are looking for something to do 😊


Washing your hands song instead of happy birthday one

Entertain your kids as they wash their hands by singing our Handwashing song with RTÉjr’s Clara and friends.

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing

Thanks Olivia Pender Houlihan for sharing 👍

Written by Kim St. Lawrence Read by Ryan St. Lawrence Note from the author: No children's story should be written in a weekend, but I wanted to get this out ...

RTÉ News

I think Simon H. explained it all in a lovely child friendly way 👌

A lot of children have questions about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister for Health Simon Harris joined RTÉ news2day to answer questions from some of our younger viewers | Read more:

Here’s a little poem I came across it gave me a lump in my throat and tears to my eye
I hope all our little scribblers and families are doing ok throughout this tough time xx stay safe 💕Rosie, Linda & Kayleigh

Here’s a lovely story from Linda.. hope all our little scribblers enjoy it ☺️

Hi hope all our little scribblers and families are keeping well, stay safe xx a few simple pics and ideas that might pass an hour or two with the little ones 💕😃

These didn’t quite make it home but they are in a safe place waiting for all our wonderful mammies 💕

[03/22/20]   Hope all the mammy’s had a love day today 💕

Lovely idea 💕

This is a very tough time for all, but in particular it can be quite a lonely time for our residents due to the lack of visitors! So, we would like to invite people to send some post into our residents. If you or your children would like to draw a picture, write a letter or send us in pictures please send them in the post to any of our Nursing Homes and address them to the Activities Team! You can also e-mail in items to [email protected] and we can send them on! Also, if you want to send in some Mother's Day messages it would be much appreciated. We hope this will boost the spirits and moral of all our residents and our staff and we hope make this time a little less frightening and lonely. We really look forward to receiving any of your creations #CareChoice #InThisTogether

Happy St Patrick’s day To all our kids families, friends and childminders 🇮🇪☘️here’s a few activities we were working on, we were planning on doing our own parade on Friday but due to closure it didn’t happen🙈
kids can learn so much at home get them to count the spoons and bowls etc setting the table, do some baking with them make homemade play dough with a bit of water and flour brilliant for strengthening their fine motor skills, do some colouring, get a blank page draw a picture get them to guess what your drawing and vice versa, you will get such a laugh out of what they draw you 🤣🤣
Get your washing pegs and ask them to pin them onto a piece of card again to help fine motor. Get them to fill up the log basket and count how many logs it takes to do that. Get them out the back kicking a ball or on their trikes. Get the kids to make nice pictures and cards and post them through the grandparents letterbox it will bring so much joy to both of them . Read lots of stories especially when in bed it will help them sleep and take their little minds off all what’s happening in this world at the moment. Stay happy & positive and enjoy this staycation at home with your little ones in years to come ye will think of all the great memories ye made with them in this very difficult time. So stay safe everyone and Happy St Patrick’s Day please god we will see ye all again soon xx Rosie, Linda & Kayleigh

Oliver will take over from Linda at story time for the next 2 weeks. A great idea and well worth tuning in to listen to these great books being read 📖

For all you folks stuck at home in the coming weeks. Starting on Monday, at 6pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST
I will be reading one of my books every weekday, and talking about some of the things that went into making it.
We are all at home, but none of us are alone.
Let’s be bored together.
Also, my pal, and one of the best storybook writers in a generation @macbarnett will be doing the same with his books daily, an hour later.
And the genius minds behind @kaleidoscopeire are doing a daily creative project called ‘Home Club’, also starting Monday.
I will make it available to watch later for those in other time zones.
Stay tuned for more details.

Busy week at little scribblers great getting out in the fresh air bug hunting

Happy St Valentines Day 💕💕😍decorated buns today and they were yummy 💕

Interesting Poll try it at end if the read 😊

A major study has revealed that we are starting our children in school too early.

What do you think?

So busy yesterday changing the room around they were the best helpers 👌

Busy Little Scribblers doing some winter activities 💕

Activate Waterford

Introducing our Softplay Sensory Evenings💫

First Friday of every month starting February 7th!

Dimmed Lights✅ No Music✅ Like Minded People✅Relaxed Atmosphere✅

Brilliant advice for families best I’ve read in a long time


There is a silent tragedy that is unfolding today in our homes and concerns our most precious jewels: our children.
Our children are in a devastating emotional state! In the last 15 years, researchers have given us increasingly alarming statistics on a sharp and steady increase in childhood mental illness that is now reaching epidemic proportions:

Statistics do not lie:
• 1 in 5 children have mental health problems
• A 43% increase in  diagnosed ADHD
• A 37% increase in adolescent depression has been noted
• There has been a 200% increase in the suicide rate in children aged 10 to 14

What is happening and what are we doing wrong?

Today's children are being over-stimulated and over-gifted with material objects, but they are deprived of the fundamentals of a healthy childhood, such as:
• Emotionally available parents
• Clearly defined limits
• Responsibilities
• Balanced nutrition and adequate sleep
• Movement in general but especially outdoors
• Creative play, social interaction, unstructured game opportunities and boredom spaces

Instead, in recent years, children have been filled with:
• Digitally distracted parents
• Indulgent and permissive parents who let children "rule the world" and whoever sets the rules
• A sense of right, of deserving everything without earning it or being responsible for obtaining it
• Inadequate sleep and unbalanced nutrition
• A sedentary lifestyle
• Endless stimulation, technological nannies, instant gratification and absence of boring moments

What to do?
If we want our children to be happy and healthy individuals, we have to wake up and get back to basics. It is still possible! Many families see immediate improvements after weeks of implementing the following recommendations:

• Set limits and remember that you are the captain of the ship. Your children will feel more confident knowing that you have control of the helm.
• Offer children a balanced lifestyle full of what children NEED, not just what they WANT. Don't be afraid to say "no" to your children if what they want is not what they need.
• Provide nutritious food and limit junk food.
• Spend at least one hour a day outdoors doing activities such as cycling, walking, fishing, bird/insect watching
• Enjoy a daily family dinner without smartphones or distracting technology, let everyone feel valued
• Play board games as a family or if children are very small for board games, just let the pretend to play it
• Involve your children in some homework or household chores according to their age (folding clothes, hanging clothes, unpacking food, setting the table, feeding the dog, etc.)
• Implement a consistent sleep routine to ensure your child gets enough sleep. The schedules will be even more important for school-age children.
• Teach responsibility and independence. Do not overprotect them against all frustration or mistakes. Misunderstanding will help them build resilience and learn to overcome life's challenges,
• Do not carry your children's backpack, do not carry the homework they forgot, do not peel bananas or peel oranges if they can do it on their own (4-5 years). Instead of giving them the fish, teach them to fish.
• Teach them to wait and delay gratification.
• Provide opportunities for "boredom", since boredom is the moment when creativity awakens. Do not feel responsible for always keeping children entertained.
• Do not use technology as a cure for boredom, nor offer it at the first second of inactivity.
• Avoid using technology during meals, in cars, restaurants, shopping centers. Use these moments as opportunities to socialize by training the brains to know how to work when they are in mode: "boredom"
• Help them create a "bottle of boredom" with activity ideas for when they are bored.
• Be emotionally available to connect with children and teach them self-regulation and social skills:
• Turn off the phones at night when children have to go to bed to avoid digital distractions.
• Become a regulator or emotional trainer for your children. Teach them to recognize and manage their own frustrations and anger.
• Teach them to greet, to take turns, to share without running out of anything, to say thank you and please, to acknowledge the error and apologize (do not force them), be a model of all those values ​​you instill.
• Connect emotionally - smile, hug, kiss, tickle, read, dance, jump, play or crawl with them.

I thank you if you share it.

Article written by Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos Psychiatrist.

The photo is from Deborah Emotional Therapy

Wow aren’t we the lucky boys and girls at little scribblers Linda found 2 big sacks of lovely new toys for us to play with 😊I think Santa must have left them 🎅🏻💕🎉Also welcome back Tadhg to our group at little scribblers 💕

[01/10/20]   If anyone is doing a clear out and have some Lego pieces they don’t want, please drop it into us and we will pass it onto Nina for Jack & Jill Children’s foundation

Thank you

I had the best birthday ever with all my little Scribblers 💕💕xx thank you so much Linda & Kayleigh for everything ye are fantastic and I’d be lost without ye xx

I have to agree a few simple jobs will do children the world of good

Happy New Year everyone 🎉🎊we reopen on the 06/01/2020 see ye all then 🎉🎊

Happy Christmas & thanks for all the lovely gifts, we hope Santa brings lots of lovely presents 🎅🏻🎄🎁🎁

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