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Hi Lora I was watching the video you posted on You Tube 'Is the Morrigan calling you? What are the signs? I can't catch the book titles/authors you mention as a good place to start understanding this. Could you please post the titles as I would very much like to read more after watching the video. Many thanks. Alison
Just finished the Imbolg class, and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a non-Irish speaker (but someone who has registered for a class to learn the basics) I especially enjoyed receiving the extra tips on Irish pronunciation and grammar. Authentic instruction from practitioners who live what they teach.
Many wonderful lessons in a supportive yet challenging enviroment. The Introduction to the Lore is a wonderful way to learn a little bit about several famous stories and personalities while being introduced to the source lore (not retelling of retelling) and excellent resources (persons, sites, books) to further your own studies.
I'm looking for books or online sites on stories for kids. I'm trying to keep the fireside story telling going and am fast running out of good stories.. HELP :) .
Lora is a very knowledgeable instructor of lore on Morrigan and does an excellent job of getting that information to you in an easy to learn and easy to access way. Thanks Lora
I am so fortunate and grateful to have stumbled upon Lora O’Brien and the Irish Pagan School! Lora O’Brien puts an incredible amount of work and time into everything that they do and it is of a great benefit to anyone who seriously wants to learn Irish Pagan spirituality. I have taken a few courses now and will definitely be revisiting the classes I have completed. There is so much information in each that you have to repeat them a few times to glean everything that is being taught and the myriad resources that are recommended/referenced. I am also super excited and grateful for the recommendation of the Blindboy podcast! It’s nice to have a little over an hour of art and intelligence after dealing with the public all day!
I'd really like to learn about the heritage of my family. I'm blood relation to O'rourke, White, and Vincent. all from ireland and migrated to america in the early 1900s. Ive always been fasinated by Ireland and want to go there some day. until then I'd like to learn the native language gaelic and about their true religion rooted in pagenism. So any advice, websites to visit etc would be appreciated.

Monthly Live Online Classes on Irish Paganism, and Class Downloads on a multitiude of Irish Magic and Spirituality topics.

Mission: To provide authentic, genuine Irish (third level quality) educational materials to the global Pagan Community.

Meeting Queen Medb (Maeve)

Meeting Queen Medb (Maeve) - Two Classes

Medb of Connacht is an ancient Irish Initiator, Brehon and Sovereign Queen. And what of her priesthood at Rathcroghan, and Inis Clothran? It is soon told...

Based on Lora O'Brien's 15 years experience living, working, and guiding folk in the home of Queen Medb, this interactive presentation will take you through what we know of this ancient Queen of Connacht, the western province of Ireland, and her roots as an Irish Goddess, Initiator, and Sovereign Ruler of the West.

What can Queen Medb teach you? Two Classes on Queen Medb of Connacht, ancient Irish Initiator, Brehon, Sovereign Queen, and possible Goddess... with native Irish Draoí, Lora O'Brien.

‘O grandson of Conn, Cormac,’ said Carpre, ‘what are the dues of a chief and of an ale-house?’ ‘Not hard to tell,’ said Cormac.

Good behaviour around a good chief,
Lights to lamps,
Exerting oneself for the company,
Settling seats,
Liberality of dispensers,
A nimble hand at distributing,
Attentive service,
To love one's lord,
Music in moderation,
Short story-telling,
A joyous countenance,
Welcome to companies,
Silence during a recital,
Harmonious choruses
‘those are the dues of a chief and of an ale-house’ said Cormac to Carbre.

From 'The instructions of King Cormac Mac Airt: Tecosca Cormaic' (Kuno Meyer).

Our clocks went forward last night, so Go to google and type "5pm in Ireland in YOUR NEAREST CITY".

This is the easiest way to check your local time zone - eg it is 12 noon in New York - for attending our Live @5 session and other Irish Pagan School classes today!

Part 8 – Flidhais – Who’s Who of Irish Mythology Series - Lora O'Brien - Irish Author & Guide

Part 8 – Flidhais – Who’s Who of Irish Mythology Series
Placement ~ Ulster Cycle
Pronunciation: Flee-ash. Also called Fliodhais, Flidais.

If she is known at all, it is as a Goddess of cattle or deer. The main surviving tale we have concerning her from original source material is “Táin Bó Flidais”, which has two versions. A short version appears first in Lebor na hUidhre, The Book of the Dun Cow, an 11th Century text. A similar short version can be seen in the Book of Leinster, from the 12th Century, and also in a manuscript from the 15th Century called the Egerton manuscript. But perhaps a more interesting version, for it’s additional esoteric elements, appears in the 15th Century Glenmason manuscript. “Táin Bó Flidais” is one of the Remscéla or ‘Fore-tales’ which precede, and explain, the happenings of the epic Táin Bó Cuailgne, the ‘Cattle Raid of Cooley’.

Read the Rest -
#WhosWho Part 8 – Flidhais I found a Book Proposal from 13 years ago, that I had agreed to write before life took a different turn for me – a ‘Who’s Who of Irish Mythology & How to Work with Them’. I may or may not turn it into a book at some stage…?! But for …

Síd ar Cruachán – The Mórrígan’s Cave

The Cave of the Mórrígan
Síd ar Cruachán – The Mórrígan’s Cave… and Caves as Places of Power in Ireland.

Humans have long gone underground to do our sacred spiritual and magical world in this world, and connect to the Otherworld.
In this Class, we will examine Irish Caves as places of power through history – with a particular focus on Uaimh na gCait (the Cave of the Cats, Rathcroghan), known as the Síd ar Cruachán… the Mórrígan’s ‘fit abode’.

You will get the unique perspective of a native Mórrígan Priestess, a Draoí who has studied Her lore directly, and lived right by the Mórrígan’s ‘fit abode’ for over a decade; guiding people – both physically and spiritually – on a daily basis, to seek the presence of the Great Queen.

The class includes 110 minutes of Teaching Presentation, then a separate Guided Journey (30 min) to visit the Mórrígan's Cave directly – using Lora’s native Irish Otherworld Journeying method. This Class, and the Guided Journey, are suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in other traditions.

Get Access - In this Class, we will examine Irish Caves as places of power through history – with a particular focus on Uaimh na gCait (the Cave of the Cats, Rathcroghan)

‘O grandson of Conn, Cormac,’ said Carpre, ‘what is best for the good of a tribe?’ ‘Not hard to tell,’ said Cormac.

A meeting of nobles,
Frequent assemblies,
An enquiring mind,
Questioning the wise,
Quelling every evil,
Fulfilling every good
An assembly according to rules,
Following ancient lore
A lawful synod,
A lawful lord,
Righteous chieftains,
Not to crush wretches,
Keeping treaties,
Mercifulness with good customs,
Consolidating kinship,
Weaving together synchronisms,
Fulfilling the law,
Legality of ancient alliances,
A covenant without curtailment,
Warrior-bands without overbearing,
Manliness against foes,
Honesty towards brothers,
Just sureties,
Full compensations,
Righteous judgments,
Honest witnesses,
Keeping a bargain without detriment,
Interest on detriment,
Evenly balanced substances,
Ready hiring,
Hostages for honour,
Lending without stint,
Acceptable loans,
An equivalent for every good,
A dignified response,
Legitimate measure,
Learning every art,
Knowledge of every language,
Skill in variegated work,
Pleading with established maxims,
Passing judgment with precedents,
Giving alms,
Mercy towards the poor,
Pledges for (carrying out) judgments,
Honest guarantees,
Listening to elders,
Turning a deaf ear to the rabble,
Guarding the frontier against every evil,
Let him not be smooth-faced where the good of the tribe is concerned,
Let him not be greasy in the mead-court house —
that is best for the good of a tribe.

From 'The instructions of King Cormac Mac Airt: Tecosca Cormaic' (Kuno Meyer).

An Interview with Lora O’Brien - Lora O'Brien - Irish Author & Guide

An Interview with Lora O'Brien...
Q.1: What does a Draoí mean and what does it entail in your everyday life?

The modern definition of the term is a little muddied, but technically the word Draoí means: druid, wizard, magician, augur, diviner. In practice, for me, it means that I follow the native spirituality and magic of Ireland as closely as I can in my everyday. This means that my worldview and actions are informed and shaped by the indigenous wisdom of our ancestral heritage, as far as that is possible...
[READ MORE] - Samhain Interview with Lora O’Brien First Contact Hi Lora, I hope you’re keeping well. My name is Lisa [###xx] and I’m a freelance journalist for the Irish [###xx]. I am currently working on a Halloween special for the newspaper and I would like to include a feature on modern Irish women who p...

Working with Sacred Sites

Working with Sacred Sites
An Online Course on how to build relationships with sacred sites, Irish archaeology, and how to walk in right relationship while in Ireland.

Having worked for 20+ years as an Irish Pagan Priest, then as guardian and guide to the home of Queen Medb and the Mórrígan – in Cruachán [Rathcroghan], County Roscommon, Ireland… as well as being born and reared here on the island, our Tutor has a fair bit of time spent building intensive relationship with Sacred Sites in Ireland.

In this class, we’ll explore the archaeology and spirituality of Sacred Sites, utilising her professional and personal knowledge of Irish examples as a baseline. From there you can learn how to build relationships with sacred sites in your region, if you're not in Ireland (yes, you do have them!), and how to be respectful and get the best possible experience if you’re working with sites here, or visiting Ireland – now or in the future. Online Course on how to build relationships with sacred sites, Irish archaeology, and how to walk in right relationship with the land - Lora O'Brien

‘O grandson of Conn, Cormac,’ said Carpre, ‘what is the true right of a king?’

‘Not hard to tell. The right that rules upon the surface of the earth, I have it, let me make it known to you,’ said Cormac to Carbre.

Let him restrain the great,
Let him slay evildoers,
Let him exalt the good,
Let him put down robbers,
Let him check theft,
Let him adjust relationship,
Let him consolidate peace,
Let him plant law,
Let him check unlawfulness,
Let him enslave criminals,
Let him set the innocent free,
Let him protect the just,
Let him bind the unjust,
Let him proclaim robbers,
Full forfeiture for every hand with fines,
Composition (?) with full fines where there was knowledge, with half fines where there was ignorance,
With due respect for a king,
With due exactions (?) for a lord,
Let him perfect the proper due of every man, of whatever is his on sea and land,
With just substances to the tribes which are his, for crimes of hand,
Walking about of feet,
Looking of eyes, for crimes of mouth,
With hearing of ears,
With tests of conscience,
Let him study the right of every chief,
Let him bring each one under law —
for those are the duties of a lord towards tribes.

From 'The instructions of King Cormac Mac Airt: Tecosca Cormaic' (Kuno Meyer).

The Other Crowd - Na Daoine Sidhe

The Other Crowd - Na Daoine Sidhe
Working with the Irish Sidhe, the Fairies; the tribes and traditions of the Good Neighbours of Ireland. (Two Classes)

Learn about the Tribes and Traditions of Ireland, na Daoine Sidhe - TWO classes in one.

In these classes I will share my work, knowledge and experience with the Other Crowd - the Irish Sidhe or ‘Fairies’ (the people and the places), and how you can stay safe while doing the same.

Everybody wants to work with Fairies (unless you’ve taken one of my classes on the Sidhe – then maybe not so much?) – but how do you do manage them out in the wilds, or in and around your home without being over-run, having your tasty liver eaten all up, or, never being able to find ANYTHING you’re looking for?

This course (2 classes) looks at types of Sidhe, when and how to work with them (or not), and how to stay safe* in the process.
Learn More -

*Not a contract, nor a guarantee. Working with the Irish Sidhe, the Fairies, The Good Neighbours of Ireland. Learn about the Tribes and Traditions of Ireland, na Daoine Sidhe with Lora O'Brien.

‘O grandson of Conn, Cormac,’ said Carpre, ‘what is best for a king?’ ‘Not hard to tell,’ said Cormac. ‘Best for him

Firmness without anger,
Patience without strife,
Affability without haughtiness,
Taking care of ancient lore,
Giving truth for truth,
Hostages in fetters,
Hosting with reason,
Truth without addition,
Mercifulness with consolidation of law,
Peace to tribes,
Manifold sureties,
True judgments,
Fasting upon neighbouring territories,
Exalting privileged persons,
Honouring poets,
Worshipping great God,
Fertility during his reign
Taking cognizance of every wretch,
Many alms,
Mast upon trees,
Fish in river-mouths,
Earth fruitful,
Inviting barks into harbour,
Importing treasures from over sea,
Forfeiture of sea-waifs,
Silken raiment,
A sword-smiting troop to protect every tribe,
Raids across borders,
Let him attend to the sick,
Let him benefit the strong,
Let him possess truth
Let him chide falsehood,
Let him love righteousness,
Let him beat down fear,
Let him crush criminals,
Let him give true judgments,
Let him foster every science,
Let him consolidate every peace,
Let him buy treasures,
Let him improve his soul,
Let him make known every clear judgment,
Abundance of wine and mead,
Let him utter every truth,
for it is through the truth of a ruler that the Gods give all that.’

From 'The instructions of King Cormac Mac Airt: Tecosca Cormaic' (Kuno Meyer).

Irish Otherworld Journeys - Getting Started

Q: Why do you want to meditate/Journey? (response from a student)
"I meditate for peace of mind, to find answers, to connect with ancestors."

Getting Started with Meditation & Guided Journeys
Level One - a simple, Free mini Course to get you started and build a strong foundation for future Journeys in the Irish Otherworld.
Enroll Now - Level One - a simple, free Mini Course to get you started with Guided Journeys in the Irish Otherworld, with a native Draoí, Lora O'Brien.

Good God! An Introduction to The Dagda

Good God! An Introduction to The Dagda
Meeting the Dagda: Tuatha de Danann Chieftain of the Irish Gods. Who is He anyway?!

Our Online Course introducing the Dagda: Tuatha de Danann Chieftain of the Irish Gods - with Jon O'Sullivan, an Scealaí Beag.

An exploration with a native Irish Dagda priest and storyteller, looking at:
-- The Dagda in Irish Lore
-- The Dagda as Deity
-- Finding The Dagda Today
-- Daily Practices for Honouring The Dagda.

You will receive lifetime access to all of the recorded course materials.
Your Course access enrollment includes:
-- Class Presentation Slides
-- Class Video
-- Class Audio
-- Class Chat Log/Resources

"I can honestly say you won't find a better teacher to explore the many facets of The Dagda. At the Tuatha dé Danann conference l really enjoyed his teaching style. He includes the important things like good resources and the lore. He also reaches students with his wonderful storytelling bringing the old lore to a modern audience with heart and learning all rolled into one. "
- Pamela Holcombe

Take this Course - Online Course introducing the Dagda: Tuatha de Danann Chieftain of the Irish Gods - with Jon O'Sullivan, an Scealaí Beag

Fáilte - Lora O'Brien - Irish Author & Guide

‘O grandson of Conn, whom do you deem the deafest you have heard?’ ‘Not hard to tell.’

A fey person who is being warned,
one who is asked what he does not like,
the tattle of a silly [person].

From 'The instructions of King Cormac Mac Airt: Tecosca Cormaic' (Kuno Meyer). For more authentic Irish resources, Join Our Community at Resource Topics include:Irish Mythology, History, Society, Spirituality, Storytelling & Travel... plus other news and offers from Lora O'Brien, Irish Author & Guide.

Live @ Five

Yesterday we shared many amazing stories about the spiritual an personal significance of tattoos in our pagan community meet up.

What will it be today? Join us and find out. Presenting a Free, Hosted, Community Engagement Space for casual catch up and sharing. This is not a live teaching environment, but some recording may occur to capture Q&A of value to our wider community. We would ask our community to come in kindness and share with respect. Jon & Lora

My First Year with the Morrigan – Guest Post - Lora O'Brien - Irish Author & Guide

My First Year with the Morrigan – Guest Post

It began at a hospital bedside in Western North Carolina.
Holding my grandmother’s hand as she took her final soft, short breaths. She was surrounded by the people closest to her, being loved and supported as she slipped away into the Otherworld.
There was something mesmerizing about that moment. In the days that followed, as the grief settled in, I replayed it over and over in my mind.

Despite the pain, there was something so peaceful and beautiful there. I wished I could go where she’d gone… except for the permanent part. Like a death nap, maybe. Where I could wake up in a couple hours.
I’m not sure if She had noticed me before then, but that’s when The Morrigan really began reaching out to me. As the ache of loss threatened to drown me, She appeared... It began at a hospital bedside in Western North Carolina. Holding my grandmother’s hand as she took her final soft, short breaths. She was surrounded by the people closest to her, being loved and supported as she slipped away into the Otherworld. There was something mesmerizing about that moment. ...

Decolonising Your Druidry

Decolonising Your Druidry & Spiritual Practice - Learn about the roots of the Druid Religion & how to ensure that modern practice is authentic and respectful.

Learn about the Celtic Druids' beliefs, Irish Druid religion mythology, folklore and magic of the druids in Ireland, and how to ensure your modern pagan druidry practice is respectful - with native Irish Draoí Lora O'Brien.

Do you have colonial heritage? Did your ancestors take things from indigenous people that did not belong to them? Does your modern pagan Druidic practice continue that imbalance?

Are you willing to break that cycle?
Enroll Now -

The course presentation covers:
-- What is Colonialism?
-- The Development of Modern Pagan Druidry... Influences, Societies, Religious Druidry, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.
-- Post Colonial Nationalism and Other Complications.
-- Ancient Druidry... Classical Evidence, Specifics, Survival, Skills.
-- 7 Steps to Modern Druidry
-- Resources for Decolonising Your Spiritual Practice
-- Guided Journey... 3 Questions with the Ancestors on the 'Wattles of Knowledge'.

Learn how to practice a modern pagan version of Irish Druidry that is more authentic, in balance, and respectful to the native history and traditions.

Your Course access enrollment includes:
-- Class Presentation Slides
-- Class Video
-- Class Audio
-- Class Chat Log/Resources
-- Guided Journey Video
-- Guided Journey Audio (for you to repeat the Journey)

Learning from and honouring your ancestors, or native Irish cultural and religious traditions, does not have to continue cycles of disrespect and damage. Take the steps to change things for the better, for the future... starting with this course.
Enroll Now - Online Course about the druid religion, and modern druids from an indigenous perspective - with Irish Draoí, Lora O'Brien

Authentic Irish Pagan Teaching

This Online School was co-founded by Irish Authors and Heritage Educators, Lora O’Brien & Jon O’Sullivan, as a platform to promote and support genuine native Irish teaching and teachers.

Online Courses at the School may include quality education from sources outside Ireland, only if they are respectfully aware and mutually supporting native based educators and communities.

You can find Lora’s website and mailing list, for further resources, on

Jon’s website and mailing list (also known as An Scéalaí Beag), is at

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