Chris Dempsey Personal Training

Quality personal training, group fitness instruction along with nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

Personal Training can give you the motivation to go and achieve your goals in terms of weight loss, strength and conditioning as well as other aspects of fitness. Weight loss, strength and conditioning, nutritional changes and lots more are catered for. Affordable prices guaranteed with many personal training packages on offer. Sessions include an exercise programme, diet plan and one on one training all from 20euro. PAckage deals include 3sessions for 50euro. Get in touch today and start on the road to achieving your fitness goals.

Mission: Aim is too: Help you the client achieve your goals and targets. Help you enjoy exercise aswell as getting results. Lifestyle changes in terms of diet to create a new and improved you.

[11/24/19]   Classes this week:

Monday Bootcamp in DBFitness @7.45pm.
€8 PM to book in.
Wednesday HIIT in OLR Fitness @6am
€5 PM to book in.

Don’t forget Christmas run in Special offer of 12sessions for €300 for one to one training or group training.
This offer includes nutrition and lifestyle advice. Also includes follow up exercise programme after your 12sessions.
Spaces limited so PM for more details 🤙🏻

[11/22/19]   *Christmas Run In Special*

Special offer of 12sessions for €300.
This offer includes nutrition and lifestyle advice. Also includes follow up exercise programme after your 12sessions.
Only 4weeks until Christmas so why not make the most of them.
PM for more details 🤙🏻

[11/03/19]   Classes this week:
Monday: Bootcamp @7.45pm in DBFitness €8
Wednesday: HIIT @6am in OLR Fitness €5

Personal training slots available:
Various times available both morning and evening slots. Both one to one and group sessions available starting from €25 per session. Packages available also. Message to book.

Chris 💪🏻

[10/06/19]   Classes this week:
*Monday 7th*
Bootcamp @7.45pm in DBFitness €8
*Wednesday 9th*
HIIT @6am in DBFitness €5
*Saturday 12th*
Bootcamp @8am in OLR Fitness €8

One to one and group training slots available on Tuesday and Thursday both morning and evening slots. Beginners to advanced welcome.
Get in touch to book your place
Chris 🙌🏻

[10/06/19]   Classes this week:
Monday 30th: Bootcamp @7.45pm
DBFitness €8

Wednesday 2nd: HIIT @6am
OLR Fitness €5

Thursday 3rd: Core, Flexibility & Mobility @8pm
OLR fitness €5

Limited spaces so message to book into any of the classes.
Also spaces for one to one or group training available with both morning and evening times to suit everyone.

Thanks and see ye soon
Chris 💪🏻

[09/30/19]   Classes this week
Monday 30th- Bootcamp @7.45pm
DBFitness €8

Wednesday 2nd- HIIT @6am
OLR Fitness €5

Thursday 3rd- Core, flexibility and mobility @8pm
OLR Fitness €5

All welcome but spaces are limited so message to book.
Also spaces for both one to one and group sessions with morning and evening slots available.

Get in touch,
Chris 💪🏻

[09/27/19]   Two evening Training slots now available!

Bootcamp Saturday morning 8am OLR Fitness €8

[09/04/19]   Extra 2 slots available (morning or evening) for one to one or group training. Message for more info 💪🏻

[09/02/19]   Classes this week:
Wednesday bootcamp 6am @dbfitness €5
Saturday HIIT 8am @dbfitness €8

Chris Dempsey Personal Training's cover photo

[08/12/19]   Available Classes every week:
Monday Total Body HIIT in DBFitness @8.15pm (€8)

Wednesday Bootcamp in OLR fitness
@6am (€5)

Saturday Total Body HIIT in DBFitness
@8am (€5)

Also two slots for personal training are available starting from next Monday so get in touch! 💪🏻

Classes available every week:
Saturday’s @ 8am
Wednesday’s @ 6am
Only €5 for a total body workout. Everyone welcome no matter what fitness level. Message to book in.

Also one to one or group training spaces still available so message to get yourself moving or get that extra push to achieve your goals.
#classlslots #earlybird #totalbody #everyonewelcome #fitlife #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

[06/25/19]   *Class slots available*

Delighted to have a few slots opening for a couple of my early morning classes.

Slots that are available are:
Wednesday at 6am in dbfitness
Saturday at 8am in dbFitness

Classes cater for beginners all the way to advanced. Guaranteed to be a sweaty and fun workout. 💪🏻
Cost is only €5 per class so no reason not to give it a go 🙌🏻 #class #morningfitness #getitdone #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

**Mind and Body**

For everyone the reason why we exercise can be different but we all would have a goal or target we are aiming to achieve! What’s stopping you from starting? A lot is to do with our headspace. Telling ourselves “I can’t do that” or “it’s too hard” which leads to creating the negative mentality towards you exercising. Changing our mindset from “I can’t do” to “I’ll try that” or “that was tough but I did it”. The most buzz we get as coaches is seeing you, the client, accomplish the different goals we set you. Start small and progress to bigger goals. The mind is one of the most powerful muscles that we can train and often we neglect it. Exercise should play a major role in positive mental health where possible. Positive mindset will lead to a healthier and happier you. #healthymind #positivity #trainthemind #trainthebody #changingmindsets #exercisegoals #starttoday #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

[05/21/19]   New slots for one to one or group training opening up next week. Whether you want to get a session in bright and early before work, after the morning school run or when you finish work in the evening there are slots available throughout the day and week so don’t hesitate to ask. Weekend times also available but are limited.
Beginners to the advanced, teenagers to older adults, we have something for everyone so message or call to find out what we can do for you!! #openingslots #getfitnow #getupandstarted #fitnessgoals #allfitnesslevels #makethechange #dbfitness #chrisdempseyPT

No matter what level of fitness or age you are there’s always a starting point for you when it comes to exercise. Something that you think is impossible to do for you now can always be achieved when you start with what we can do and progress through the process until finally the impossible becomes possible!

Having a trainer will always help you achieve the small steps by planning an exercise programme to suit your needs, coaching you in exercise technique and motivating you to achieve your target goals. All this will help with your progression until we can finally achieve what you thought it was impossible.
So no matter what age or fitness level we can cater for your every need from exercise and nutrition side, all the way to lifestyle management. Trust the process and everything will be possible. Get in touch and see what we can do for you. 💪🏻

**Follow the process**

For anyone who wants make Exercise and nutrition changes, it is a step by step process where you make small adjustments every day every week every month until you find the right balance between living your best life and exercise.

Everyone is different and everyone will achieve their goals at different speeds but trust your coach and trust the process and the results will always come!!
#thursdaythoughts #trusttheprocess #exerciseiskey #coachknowsbest #gymlife #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness


Personal training can be beneficial to anyone who wants to achieve a certain fitness goal! Below are key reasons why a personal trainer can help you. Going to the gym alone or exercising without a defined goal is pointless. Exercise is there to be enjoyed and structure and target goals is essential. We can put a plan in place for you to achieve all your targets so don’t be afraid to ask and start getting the results. #Midweekadvice #personaltraining #benefits #exercise #fitterstronger #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness


Most important part of training and exercising is that you are trying to achieve something or change your lifestyle for the better. You are trying improve your fitness, lose weight and build strength amongst other things. Saying you want it and actually doing it are totally different! If you want it, YOU GO GET IT.
Reason why I became a personal trainer is to help people achieve their goals through exercise and lifestyle habits. I love to see clients reaching goals and the improvement in the physical and mental well being.

So first thing, embrace the challenges of changing your lifestyle for the better and know what you want to work on and secondly do it for yourself and no one else.

If you need help along the way that’s what we’re here for to help you achieve what you want and in the best possible way including a friendly and enjoyable environment in dbfitness
Don’t be afraid to start and get in touch and we’ll help you achieve your goals.
#youandonlyyou #improveyourself #personaltraining #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #embracechallenges #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

[01/06/19]   Monday, Monday, Monday!!

Usually Sunday night can be a downer as we all know its back to another busy week!! But Monday brings us the opportunity to attack the week ahead with positivity and embrace the plans we have ahead.
So why not include exercise into your week as it can have numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. Without a doubt having exercise in your routine will improve your lifestyle right from the go!! No better time to start than a.... MONDAY!! #monday #startoffnow #nobettertime #positivevibes #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness #gymforeveryone

[12/30/18]   **READY FOR 2019**

Waiting to kick start the new year? After all the madness of Christmas and all that comes with it (FOOD & DRINK!!!) it’s time to get our routines back and if you haven’t before, start back into your exercise.

Hardest part is starting. But we will make sure you start with all the knowledge, proper exercise plans and nutrition as well as a comfortable and enjoyable environment to exercise in.

From one to one sessions or bring your friend we can cater for everyone from beginners to advanced. No matter what your aim is in 2019 we will work with you to achieve them and more!

For more details just drop me a message and start 2019 off on the right note. #newyear #newlifestyle #personaltraining #startitright #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness #motivation

••••Trainer and the Cleint••••

As a trainer my aim is to motivate you to achieve your fitness aims whether it’s weight loss, strength gain or anything else. But realistically without your drive and determination as a client anything that I do will only achieve minimum results. You are the most important part of any personal training session.
So what do you need to do for you to achieve the goals you want:

PREPARE- know what you want to achieve and have your realistic goals set
ACCEPT- that it will be tough and that you will face mental and physical challenges.
MOTIVATE- yourself knowing your doing it for a reason and drive towards it.
TRUST- your trainer, the programme your doing and the plan that’s been put in place.
ENJOY- embrace the exercises and enjoy the workouts (when it’s over!!!)

All the above along with the trainers knowledge, coaching and motivation you’ll certainly attain your goals. Last thing is you should always be proud of yourself no matter how big or small your exercise goal achieved is!! #Trainer #client #important #prepare #accept #motivate #trust #enjoy #exercise #lifestyle #fitness #beproud #selfpraise #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

[12/08/18]   *CHRISTMAS RUN IN*

Not long left till Santa arrives!!! With all the coming and going over Christmas you may find it hard to fit in that training session!! But it’s so important to keep getting them sessions in and don’t say “I’ll wait till the new year”. Keep going or start now and achieve even more over the holidays.
Make exercise part of your lifestyle not just a choice or a phase!

#christmastime #training #exercise #getgoing #keepworking #lifestyle #personaltraining #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness


*most important part of training and exercising is that you are trying to achieve something. You are trying improve your fitness, lose weight and build strength amongst other things.

So first thing, know what you want to work on and secondly do it for yourself and no one else.

If you need help along the way that’s what we’re here for to help you achieve what you want and in the best possible way.
Don’t be afraid to start and get in touch and we’ll help you achieve your goals.
#youandonlyyou #improveyourself #personaltraining #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

*Monday’s the best starting day*

It’s hard to hear when people say “I can’t start exercising cos I’m not fit enough” or “it’s been years since I last exercised so I can’t”. Yes it can be intimidating and bit scary when its been a while or it’s something new to you BUT everyone starts somewhere!!

Everyone starts as a beginner and that’s the truth. Don’t allow yourself be negative and instead of “I won’t be able to” change that to “I will be able to”. Don’t let another week go by without trying or starting something just because you think you can’t.

Beginning is the start, nothing to lose and so much you can gain.
#start #beginning #positivity #mindset #exercise #fit #personaltraining #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness


Its hard to avoid all the different fitness/nutrition Facebook and Instagram profiles which are all telling us what we should be eating and training we should do to LOSE WEIGHT or BUILD MUSCLE etc. Its even harder to see which ones actually are genuine. Its frustrating for myself to see people calling themselves "fitness expert" or "nutrition adviser" with little or no qualifications. Its way to easy to find links online and just print off a fitness/nutrition instructor certificate. Of course they might have the best intentions of helping people but mostly they look to make quick money or build up social following.

Obviously I would never say I know everything about fitness and nutrition but I have spent years through college and other courses to build my knowledge base and will continue to do so. Its important for any starters into exercise or even casual gym goers to make sure you get the right information and not just quick fixes.

WE want the best for our clients, WE want them to achieve their goals in the most professional, healthiest and informative way we can. At the end of the day it is your health and fitness that should come first and not those looking to build a social media base and following.

#chrisdempseyPT #exerciseandhealthstudies #bachelorshonourslevel8 #fitness #nutrition #realtrainer #socialmeadiaspoofers #research #experience #bestforyou #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #irishfitfam #coach #dbfitness


Creating and setting goals for your Training and exercising allows you to increase your motivation and drive knowing you have something to aim for. It can be losing certain amount of weight or increasing your strength and just increasing your fitness giving your an overall healthier lifestyle.
Goals are individual based and everyone will have different ones but just as long as they are realistic and attainable.

Personal training allows you to set these attainable goals and gives you the best possible chance of achieving them so get in touch and start seeing the difference that you can make.
#goals #setting #achievable #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness


Below are some of the benefits of personal training. Top of the list is MOTIVATION which is always hard to find when going to the gym alone or exercising with no plan or goal. Exercise is there to be enjoyed and structure and target goals is essential. #sundaythoughts #personaltraining #benefits #exercise #fitterstronger #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness

Every Monday is an opportunity to start fresh and get back into exercise. Full week ahead and with a positive mindset and good vibes you can achieve so much over the week and every week.
Don’t leave another week go by and get in touch and use exercise to bring a new positive energy into your lifestyle #newmonday #exercisestartsnow #startsomewhere #positivevibes #freshmondays #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness


Exercise Is not always about losing weight or gaining muscle although both these things will happen through participating in exercise. I really try help clients understand the benefits for both mental and physical health from exercise. Exercise should always be an option for improving mental health for everyone. Of course it’s not the same for every case but exercise will always have a positive effect on mental health.
#latenightthoughts #mentalhealth #exerciseessential #positivehabits #promoteexercise #itsforeveryone #chrisdempseyPT

Why Exercise Is So Essential for Mental Health


Don’t ever think exercise is not for you. It does not matter what shape, size or fitness level you are. Personal Training gives you a chance to gain your confidence with exercise and improve your fitness levels.

Hardest part is starting and you can do that by getting in touch and seeing what we can do for you. #personaltraining #chrisdempseyPT #dbfitness #startnow

Buzzing with the new tops! Thanks to Alfie Hale Sports for the tops and Graphic Image Ltd. for getting the logo looking great on it. #newtops #personaltrainer #looksgreat

Chris Dempsey Personal Training

**Motivation is key**

Motivation is the want or willingness to participate in activity or to do something. Motivation is vital in order to exercise effectively and to enjoy it. Personal training helps you find that motivation by chatting to you about what you want from exercise and setting realistic aims/goals for you to start working towards. Everyone has to start somewhere so drop a message and get exercising!! #motivation #mondaythoughts #exerciseforeveryone #aims #goals #justgoforit #chrisdempseyfitness

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