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Dear leo, and the rest 😳. Thanks for your great advice.
Just come and spend a day with us and then you might think twice.
Please wash your hands on entry. Sit on a carpet tile.
Now shush! Here come the children. Please greet them with a smile.
Hello and welcome back, my loves. You’ll see some things have changed.
Yes, Charlie,Our room looks different. We’ve had to rearrange
The desks, the toys, the books and games, the paints and pencil pots..
No, leo!!Sit back down again and don’t move off that spot.
Now listen carefully, my loves. I’m going to try and seat us
In a safe and special place, with space between: two metres.
But, Miss! I never sit just here. I always sit by josh
I know that, Charlie, but now you can’t. Just blame Coronavirus.
Help, Miss! My head is itching! Can you see if I’ve got bugs?
Yes, Lizzie. Please, oh please, stand still. Where are my plastic gloves?
No, Ellie, Please put that ipad down. It’s not been cleaned with dettol.
And don’t touch doorknobs, spades or bikes. The virus lives on metal.
Miss! Can I have the dressing-up? I’m playing Spiderman!
No, Jacob, you can’t. I’m sorry, but all soft toys have been banned.
Please, Jack, can you wipe your nose? We need to stay alert.
Oh, no. Please use a tissue, love! Don’t wipe it on my skirt.
Miss, look! I’m on a pirate ship! I’m climbing, out of reach.
No, Zach,You’re not allowed on there. It can’t be cleaned with bleach.
Miss! Where’s the box of Lego ‘coz I want to build a farm?
I’m sorry, Heidi, but that’s gone too as small toys cause great harm.
They can’t be cleaned enough you see and will be full of germs.
Yes, Ellie! You’re right! I know I said that when you play, you learn.
Miss! Conors spitting water out, all over my lunch tray!
Oh! Can you get a fresh one and a disinfectant spray?
Miss! I can’t find the playdough and I want to make some worms.
Sorry, Jake. It’s in the bin. It’s full of nasty germs.
No, Jamie!!Give that bottle back as it belongs to Lily.
What? Yes, I know she’s being kind. Now’s not the time to share.
Yes! I know that sharing’s good. It’s contradictory..
Julia!! Please stop hugging Eva like that. Miss! Taylor’s done a wee.
Lily-Ella, please don’t chew that pen, as Ellie sucked it too.
Miss! Can you come and help me? I just did a huge great poo!
Ok! Stand in your safe space and I’ll don my PPE.
And Jacob, please don’t chew that book. You’ll be the death of me.
No, our school trip’s cancelled and our play and disco too.
And Heidi, Julia Ellie and Emme, will you stop swapping shoes?
Miss! Come and see the castles that I’m building in the sand!
Oh sorry, Eva, You can’t play there. It’s germy, so it’s banned.
What? Ava,s slipped and cut her knee? Oh yes! There’s lots of blood.
Have we got a plastic apron and another pair of gloves?
Miss, I’m scared coz my Mum said, to Nan and Auntie Joyce,
That’s school’s not safe? She’s got to work. She hasn’t got a choice.
And now I’m here. It’s not the same. Just not what I remember.
And Daddy said it’s dangerous and to stay home ‘til September.
I just don’t understand it and my head is in a muddle.
I know you said two metres but please, can I have a cuddle?
Oh Children! Please stop crying now. What don’t you understand?
Just stay alert, six foot apart and wash your flipping hands!
So leo and the rest ...I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay?
There’s nothing to it, is there? It’s just child’s play.


Thus is just amazing by local boy Adam 😀

This is the simple story of a 10 year old boy having to play on his own during the lockdown and looking forward to the day when he can meet and hug his frien...

This printable story is a good way to talk to children about the Corona Virus🌝

We had some very busy children the last few weeks lots of playing and baking being done. They were also very happy with the arrival of there postcards 😀😀

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Here is the full video tutorial of how to make our bird puppet as seen (in part) on IrelandAM this morning. Ciara and Alan did a great job but I wanted to make sure all the kids at home got to see the full how to tutorial.

If you have any questions about this project just get in touch.

The template for how to make your tree is on the creativity at home page - link below


Something to have a look at great crafts

The Craft Corner: Arts and Craft Classes, camps and events for all abilities. Based in Co. Kildare. We offer a wide range of activities including corporate events.

Readers reveal: How was the opening of Denmark's schools and kindergartens? I was crying in fear, admitted one Local reader of her feelings when dropping off her child at kindergarten on Wednesday. But most foreigners seemed impressed by the way the authorities managed the start of Denmark's reopening, according to The Local's survey.

We would like to wish all our wonderful children a massive Happy Easter and hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of nice treats....we miss you all and hope to see ye all very soon 🐰🍫💕

As the Easter bunny couldn’t get to visit all the boys and girls he decided to leave a little treat that we donated to the Staff at UMPC Whitfield for all the hard work they are doing at the moment. ❤️💙

[04/10/20]   Hi everyone, this morning Little Mischief had a phone call from Mr Easter bunny he was out looking for all the boys and girls but couldn’t find them anywhere, he was so so sad that he sent a video to you all as he misses you all so much but he is thinking of u all. He also said if you want to say hello to him take a little video or a picture and put it in the comments so he can see you all. 😢😢💕💕🐰🐰

For our last video of the term Teresa is off on a bear hunt. Enjoy everyone 😀

Denise and Ciara are going to show us an activity today to help with our counting and learn our numbers. This activity with enable children to develop hand eye coordination and also gross motor skills. To extended the learning you could challenge the children to put the same colours together hope you all enjoy it 😀

One Little Project


Full Instructions >>

Today we have a lovely Easter hunt activity with Kristine. Hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun doing it 😀

Lots of art, outdoor play and even some tyre changes this week....we have some very clever children 😀😀

Today Linda is making a watering can.....all you will need for this activity is a milk bottle. It’s a very simple and practical activity. Have lots of fun making them to keep the plants watered 😀

Croke Park

Colour in #CrokePark with the #GAA Kids Activity pack! 🎨 Beat the boredom with our new activity pack, suitable for all ages! Download it here

Hope everyone had a lovely Linda has done a lovely little science experiment making a Lava lamp. Enjoy and if you try it out send us your pictures 😀

[04/04/20]   Hi everyone Jane is looking for any old baby monitors in working order Or walkie talkies if any of ye have any...... Its to help the staff in the hospitals talk to the patients so they don't have to make as much contact.... Jane and some friends are doing this as part of a bigger collection. She can travel to collect them if needs be. Any help at all is much appreciated just send us a message privately or on WhatsApp if you can help. Thanks so much 😀

[04/04/20]   **Friday Family Challenge**

So this week we have decided to introduce a Family challenge this week we picked Dancing and Justin Timberlakes Can’t stop the feeling.

What we what you to do is. Pick a song and do a 1 minute dance including the whole family. Upload your video in the comments section when your finished so we can see.

This is all just for a little bit of fun and to brighten up the world in these dark times. I hope ye enjoy our video and have as much fun making yours as we did with ours 😀😀

Our last few photos of the week....some very busy children doing lots of hard work 😀😀. Have a nice weekend everyone and don’t forget our family challenges looking forward to seeing all your videos 😀

[04/03/20]   **Friday Family Challenge**

So this week we have decided to introduce a Family challenge this week we picked Dancing and Justin Timberlakes Can’t stop the feeling.

What we what you to do is. Pick a song and do a 1 minute dance including the whole family. Upload your video in the comments section when your finished so we can see.

This is all just for a little bit of fun and to brighten up the world in these dark times. I hope ye enjoy our video and have as much fun making yours as we did with ours 😀😀

Teresa and her assistants have done a lovely activity that you Can do out side..give it a try and post your pictures so we can see how you get on 😀

Some great washing going on in as inspired by Denise and Ciara 😀

Some great work being done by these amazing boys and girls 😀

Today Linda has done some Sensory activities and some small world play. For these activities you will need rice, paint and some sandwich bags. Post your photos in the comments section if you try it out 😀

Today Denise has done a little activity for the younger children with her assistant Ciara. The older children can of course do this aswel. Just a simple little exercise using both fine and gross motor skills. All you need is a bucket, basin, bowl some little toys or dolls and some water. Children will spend hours playing here washing there toys 😀

Lots of fun being had over the weekend and today.... lovely pictures being made, lots of outdoor play and painting 😀

Morning, hope everyone had a nice weekend. Today we are going to have story time with Teresa. What’s your favourite Story? Draw us a picture and pop it in the comments section under the video so we can see 😀

Our last few photos of the much fun was had......we really enjoyed looking at all your photos.....looking forward to next weeks photos 😃😃

For today’s Activity all you need is some pasta, string and sellotape 😀. To extend the activity you could paint the pasta. Here’s Margaret to explain. 😄

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