C.F. First Aid Training and Manual Handling

Occupational First Aid Cardiac First Response Child Care First Aid & New Mothers Emergency & Basic First Aid First Aid Responder (FAR) Manual Handling

C.F. First Aid Training - First Aid is a knowledge that all should have. It can be as simple as putting on a plaster to keeping someone alive by giving CPR. I provide training for Fetac Level 5 Occupational First Aid which is a 3 day course and refresher training which is just 1 day. Cardiac First Response training, Defibrillator Training and Emergency First Aid training. If you are a childminder, a new mum or someone training in childcare, I provide you with the knowledge you need incase of any unforeseen circumstances. All of my certificates are valid for 2 years. Prices vary. The fact is, there is a much higher chance of having to do First Aid or CPR on someone you know or love.

Mission: First Aid can be the difference between life and death!

[02/11/20]   First Aid Responder 3 day course. Ran over 3 Fridays- 20th & 27th March and 3rd April. Books, masks, certs and refreshments provided. Booking is essential. Numbers are limited. €260pp. Held in Dungarvan.

I love my job, I always get to meet fantastic people.


Man, 19, dies and woman, 22, in hospital after taking ‘Red Bull’ MDMA

dailystar.co.uk Police were called at around 5am to The Assembly Rooms on Spencer Street in Leamington, following reports of a teenager becoming seriously ill


Coronavirus declared as a Global Health Emergency by the World Health Organization

No confirmed case in Ireland. Spread by coughing, sneezing and touching contaminated surfaces. Please take a read....

corksafetyalerts.com Coronavirus is a new respiratory illness that has not previously been seen in humans.


12-year-old boy dies at school after they confiscate his inhaler and lock it in principal's office


en.stories.newsner.com Tragically Ryan died after the asthma attack at his school in Ontario, Canada. His school didn't allow him to keep his inhaler with him despite objections raised by his mom and a doctor's note.

Channel 4 News

😪 an amazing woman! My heart hurts for everyone in Syria. It's heartbreaking what these people have gone through and what they are still going through.

Jon Snow has reported on the atrocities of war across the world for 40 years, but nothing has moved him like @waadalkateab’s Oscar nominated For Sama.

You can watch it on All 4 at: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/for-sama

and in the US it’s streaming on PBS Frontline at: https://www.pbs.org/video/sama-theatrical-version-dgbhlm/



Great idea


Tired 'N Tested

🤣 oh the memories 😂 happy Monday!

**NEW VIDEO** Birth Song...if childbirth had an anthem 😂
#LawrenceofAlabia #EpisiWHATomy
*Contains flashing lights, bleeped sweary words, and puns


Anger at crowds taking videos of people being pulled from River Lee; 'Common decency isn't so common anymore'

Unfortunately, this is the way alot of people react to bad situations now.

echolive.ie GRIEVING families are being forced to deal with the added trauma of bystanders capturing videos of their loved ones being recovered from the River Lee.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with these lovely people for 5 weeks. Wishing you all the best of luck, health and happiness!

Corks RedFM 104-106


Damien Galvin spoke on the Neil Prendeville show this morning about how he received a Facetime from his distressed 5 year old after her 35 year old mother Mary had collapsed. She had suffered a stroke. The quick actions of 5 year old Priya has given mum Mary the best possible chance of a full recovery and the medical staff told them if she didn’t get immediate help she could have died! Well done Priya. Local legend!

1850 104 106 / [email protected]

Lil Red's Legacy Sepsis Awareness Campaign

L.R.L. ❤🎗❤

Sepsis is a bigger killer than heart attacks, lung cancer or breast cancer.

The blood infection is a fast killer too. A person can be a very healthy fit individual one day and be dead the next morning.

Sepsis does not discriminate. Everyone, including the youngest and fittest of us, is potentially susceptible,
There were more than 15,000 recorded cases of sepsis in Ireland in 2016, and 3,000 resulted in death. Six out of 10 hospital deaths are sepsis-related.

Sepsis can kill in 12 hours, and that is why it is so critical that everyone in the community is empowered with the information to ask: ‘could it be sepsis’? These four words could save your life.

The symptoms of sepsis mimic those of the flu — high temperature, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, pain, pale or mottled skin, and generally feeling very sick.

The main difference between sepsis symptoms and flu is sepsis will come on very quickly whereas flu comes on over days.

“Within possibly six hours you are going to be feeling incredibly sick. If you think the symptoms have come on way too fast when you dial 999, ask could this be sepsis?

There is a 10% increase in mortality for every hour where treatment with antibiotics is delayed.

Every cut, scrape or break in the skin can cause infection. All wounds need to be cleaned quickly with clean water. If you have a wound that can’t close, then you most likely need stitches and you should get to a hospital.

Please share and help us raise AWARENESS about SEPSIS ❤🎗❤

Drew Koehler

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas. I hope you all get to spend time with friends and family. This is 1 of my favourite Christmas songs. A great rendition of it 😂

This baby singing Oh Holy Night had me cracking up!!

C.F. First Aid Training and Manual Handling

First Aid Responder refresher 2 day course. Friday 10th January and Friday 17th January. Booking is ESSENTIAL and must be booked soon. A copy of your previous certificate is needed and must be within 30 days grace period of final date. Refreshments provided. Stationary and resuscitation mask provided. €160pp. Venue to be confirmed but will be in Dungarvan.

[12/18/19]   First Aid Responder refresher 2 day course. Friday 10th January and Friday 17th January. Booking is ESSENTIAL and must be booked soon. A copy of your previous certificate is needed and must be within 30 days grace period of final date. Refreshments provided. Stationary and resuscitation mask provided. €160pp. Venue to be confirmed but will be in Dungarvan.


Public outcry after two defibrillator units stolen in two separate incidents this weekend

Absolutely disgusted there are people out there who would do this. I believe in Karma.

thejournal.ie The crimes happened in Wicklow and Louth.

Support for Nurses, Midwives and Frontline Staff in Ireland

Something else to seriously think about!!!

How many of you leave timber beside your stove?

A house in West Cork had a lucky escape recently when a pile of timber that was stacked next to a stove caught fire. When the brigade arrived at the scene the house was full of smoke. Firefighters wearing Breathing Apparatus entered the house and because of the density of the smoke had to use a TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) to locate the source of the fire. Once the fire was extinguished and the timber removed the house was then ventilated.

Cork County Council

Amazing Stories


This little angel is about to become a superhero. 😥😥😥

Credit: Coralynn Angels https://bit.ly/2pVGEmR


Dad calls for lollipops to be BANNED after his son, 5, almost choked to death on sweet

thesun.co.uk A DAD has called for lollipops to be banned after his son almost chocked to death. Brett Cole said his son Bobby, 5, “went floppy” and went unconscious when he started choking on the sw…


The work that the Irish Community Rapid Response does in the community wouldn't be possible without volunteer work from doctors such as Dr. Tomás Barry. At Renault Ireland, we're proud to support the ICRR.


Drink drivers face automatic disqualification from midnight as new laws come into effect

thejournal.ie The new law removes a concession in previous legislation by which some drink drivers received penalty points instead of being disqualified.

Kirby Central Studio

A Superb refresher being held in the Studio by 'C.F First Aid and Manual Handling' Contact Cora today to book in. #refresher #firstaid #certification


🤗🤗🤗🤗 he was my hero as a child, and now my hero as an adult

Today Michael J. Fox turns 58!

Help us congratulate and honor this amazing man on his birthday! ❤️🎉

C.F. First Aid Training and Manual Handling

Still spaces available. Booking is essential!

REFRESHER First Aid Responder 2 day course.
Friday 15th November
Friday 22nd November
€160 per person. A copy of previous cert is needed, it must be within 30 days of expiry date. Refreshments included.


RTÉ News

Giancarlo Isacchi was competing in the Dublin Marathon when he took ill. Luckily, Garda Niamh Connaughton was on hand, and was able to use her CPR skills to provide urgent medical assistance. He is now doing well in hospital, and welcomed a visit from the hero who helped him. #dublin #marathon #hero

It's Worth A Share

This incredible woman gave wounded WWI veterans a second chance in life ❤️

[10/23/19]   ****STILL PLACES AVAILABLE ****
REFRESHER First Aid Responder 2 day course.
Friday 15th November
Friday 22nd November
€160 per person. A copy of previous cert is needed, it must be within 30 days of expiry date. Refreshments included.


[10/21/19]   First Aid Responder 3 day course recognised by the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council.
Thursday 14th Nov
Wednesday 20th Nov
Wednesday 27th Nov
€260 per person. Cert, book, Resuscitation Mask, stationery, refreshments included.

REFRESHER First Aid Responder 2 day course.
Friday 15th November
Friday 22nd November
€160 per person. A copy of previous cert is needed, it must be within 30 days of expiry date. Refreshments included.


Had a fantastic few days with this talented bunch #musicgeneration

Charlie O'Brien

EDIT NOTE: I can’t believe how far and wide this video has reached! So glad it’s helping.

Ps this video is from two years ago and my daughter is now a thriving toddler, thanks for asking xx


I stumbled across this on my phone and thought it may be useful to share

When Luna was 4 weeks old she had a really quiet day of sleeping and barely any crying (unusual for Luna!)

I was watching her sleep next to me and realised it didn’t look right. I unbuttoned her babygrow and this is what i saw.

Sucking in at ribs is a sign to get your baby or child to hospital.

She had bronchiolitis and her oxygen levels were very low. Luckily after a night on oxygen she made a very good recovery.

We’re heading into the dreaded season of non stop colds coughs and viruses so thought it was worth a mention xx

Organ Donation.... think about this....speak to your family

Meet beautiful Lexi
To think that beautiful little girl would not be here, if she didn’t get an organ donation
Like & Share to create Organ Donation Awareness

She and her family will be forever grateful to the donor, a hero in their eyes.

Look at the difference you can make
Be a donor it’s a no brainer ❤️❤️❤️

An amazing woman ❤

Its not the best photo of us but let me assure you this is the most incredible woman. If you don’t know her, this is Ruth Coker Burks and in the eighties she stayed by the hospital bedside of men with AIDS whose families had abandoned them. She spoke tonight at the inspiring #attitudeawards where there were so many amazing people in the room. Ruth’s story made me cry. She said when she was 25 she was visiting a sick friend in hospital where she saw a man who was dying in a room all alone. He was crying out for his mother. The nurses were all pulling straws to see who would get the short one and have to tend to him. They told her to stay away from him but Ruth snuck in and spent 13 hours by his bedside. His name was Jimmy. Ruth phoned jimmy’s mother to beg her to come and visit him but his mother said ‘my son is already dead to me’. He died with no family to come and collect his body. After he died, ruth found a funeral home that would take him and then she and her then 2 year old daughter buried jimmy’s ashes in a cookie jar in the cemetery in her family plot because ‘who wouldn’t want to be buried in a cookie jar?’. Over the next 30 years she helped over 1000 men who had been diagnosed with AIDS. She took them to appointments, helped them get their medicine, offered whatever support she could including burying a further 40 in her family plot. What an incredible act of human kindness and love. I couldn’t get over it. I told her ‘your story is one I will never forget’ and she said, ‘they were all buried with love’. People can be truly wonderful sometimes, can’t they? X

Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Due to high demand at hospital, we are running low on O NEG Blood! If you are O NEG please come to clinic and #giveblood!
You can check up your local clinic on the clinic finder on our website: https://www.giveblood.ie/Find-a-Clinic/Clinic-Finder/


New insulin pill could end daily injections for diabetes patients

news.sky.com Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a capsule strong enough to survive stomach acid.

Waterford Ambulance Station


Every year close to 800,000 people globally take their own life and there are many more people who attempt suicide and who need help.

Remember, you are not alone. Reach out to Somebody, Anybody, there is always a Tomorrow.

It’s good to talk.

National Ambulance Service (NAS)
HSE Ireland
Swords Ambulance Service
Tallaght Ambulance Service
Loughlinstown Ambulance Station
Wexford Ambulance Station
NAS Dublin South Central Ambulance Station

[10/10/19]   First.Aid.Responder. - REFRESHER.
November and another in January. 2 Day course.
Before I go booking venues, is there anyone who needs a refresher course? The refresher is now 2 days. This course has taken over the occupational first aid.

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I am dying LOL Lmao Mommy


Cases of Lyme disease soar in Cork/Kerry region

breakingnews.ie There has been a ten-fold increase in the incidence of Lyme disease in the Cork/Kerry region alone, amid concerns the extent of the disease nationally is being hugely underestimated.

Novo Nordisk

The world's first drone delivery of insulin to the Aran Islands in Ireland was a success! We are proud to be part of this innovative project to support people with diabetes in remote areas. Check it out! 📦


Sinn Fein proposing to introduce free medical cards for all cancer patients

irishmirror.ie Sinn Féin health spokeswoman, Louise O’Reilly, has worked to make it one of the party’s central planks of their alternative budget

PlayGround +

These tattoos let you know when you’re sick.


Vaping deaths rise to 11, with deaths reported in Georgia and Florida

Georgia and Florida have announced the first deaths in the states connected to vaping. Georgia's health department said 'the victim is older' and had a history of heavy nicotine vaping, but not using THC.

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