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Montessori Preschool / Playhouse & Library KinderHaven Preschool is a Montessori-based preschool for children ages 1.5 to 6 years.

We are a full Montessori preschool that focuses on both character building and academics through quality educational activities and fun play. Our students learn through hands-on experiential activities with special emphasis given to Biblical character building. All of our teaching staff are Montessori trained and certified with a combined 50+ years of teaching in reputable preschools. All preschool students receive free access to our indoor thematic Playhouse and Children's Library.

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Can you see the excitement on their faces as they start their new academic year? We sure can! 😍

Here’s to more days filled with fun activities 🥰 School can be fun

For more info on Classes and Registration, send us a DM or WA to


Jesus ascended to heaven, but he promised to be with us always. Happy Ascension Day, Moms & Dads!

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Hello Moms and Dads!

How are you and your little ones?

As always, health and safety remains KinderHaven's top priority. It’s critical that KinderHaven implements safety measures to keep schools open and also to keep students and staff healthy and safe from COVID-19. One key measure is regular swab testing.

Regular testing provides us with an accurate representation of the prevalence of COVID-19 and helps KinderHaven to stay safe. With the regular swab testing, we hope that all parents can rest assured that the children's safety will always be of paramount importance.

You are more than welcome to book your appointment for having the exclusive School Tour at our school by sending WA to 0819 0121 5151. See you soon!



Thank you for sharing with us your favorite activity with your little ones. You're such an amazing mother. Keep going strong, Mom. May you will have a wonderful year ahead.

Please send our warmest hug for Emily 🤗


Dear Moms, thank you for making our home the happiest place in the world.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day 💕 May you always be blessed with happiness and joy!

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Dear Mommies ♡
Let's join our Mommy & Me Photo Challenge and get a chance to win the special prizes!

1. Follow &
2. Share this post to your IG story
3. Use the frame template from and upload a photo that portrays you and your child spending quality time doing your favorite activity.
4. Write a caption about your chosen favorite quality time.
5. Don't forget to tag us & 3 friends!
6. Giveaway will close on Friday, May 13, 2022 . Winner will be chosen randomly on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

1. Fake account and Private account are not allowed.
2. Shipping fee will be charged to winner.

Wish you the best of luck!


Wishing a Happy Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate 🙏🏻🎉
May God shower you with His blessings and fill your heart with gladness, Moms & Dads!

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The clock is a circle. The door is a brown rectangle. That traffic signage is a yellow triangle. Our world is made up of colors and shapes!

Did you know the benefits of teaching colors and shapes to your little ones, Moms & Dads? Swipe to find out about them.


“Tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih menyenangkan, selain menimbulkan senyum di wajah orang lain, terutama wajah yang kita cintai.” – R.A. Kartini
Happy Kartini Day, Moms & Dads! 🌼
Feel free to SHARE/REPOST this post to your most wonderful woman on earth! 👩


Hallelujah! He’s risen! Jesus conquered death and came back to life to give us hope for salvation. Have a blessed Easter, Moms & Dads!


Have a blessed Good Friday, Moms & Dads! May the sacrifice of Jesus fill your life with stronger faith and new hope. God bless you, Moms & Dads.

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Are you ready to go to school?? Yes!

We are inviting all parents and your little ones to join our Intimate Open House in April 2022! By joining our Intimate Open house you will get the opportunity to:

✅ Have a meet and greet with our Academics Head and Teaching Team
✅ Have an On-site Class Trials (RSVP needed)
✅ Get free Class Trial Kit specially made for your little ones
✅ Get our SPECIAL offer for AY 2022-2023 enrollments

By joining the Intimate Open House you can get the complete information and also experience a hands-on approach to the school environment 😊

Limited slot available! Feel free to contact us to learn more about our Intimate Open House (WA 0819 0121 5151 or drop us a DM)

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Yay! We’re back to school! 🙌🏻

Take a look at the smiles on our students’ faces as they go back to school to do fun learning activities with their teachers and friends!

Do you want to know more about our program? Don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or DM! We also have free class trials every Tuesday 😊



Dear Parents,
We are so excited to begin another school year together with you! Thank you for joining us during Parents’ Orientation Day. We hope you are excited as we are 😄

We are so ready for this. We have lots of fun, engaging learning activities planned for your little ones. Let’s make home learning an enjoyable experience for our children. We can do this together!

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Here are some materials you can make at home to help prepare your child learn to read!

With Montessori activities, children will feel like they are ”playing” when in fact they are learning.


Moms & Dads,

There are many simple and inexpensive ways that you can do to support your little ones in doing montessori activities at home.

One simple activity you can do is to make a DIY coin box together as an arts & crafts project using a used tissue box or cardboard. Then, you can decorate it and either use it for your child to practice their pincer grip as they insert pretend coins in the coin box, or you can also use it to actually teach your child to save money by putting in real coins!

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Having a difficult time encouraging your child to eat fruits? Here’s an idea. Invite them to do the food prep! Preparing their own food will make them want to eat it afterwards!

This activity can be introduced to your child starting from 12 months old.

Let’s peel and cut a banana, and have some fun! Add some sprinkles at the end to make it extra yummy!



Presenting to you the KinderHaven way of helping parents do home learning!

Through our small group online teaching, home kits, and Class Dojo app - we make sure that all subject areas are covered, from Biblical character building, to all the Montessori subject areas (Math, Cultural Studies, Language, Sensorial Studies, Practical Life Exercises).

We understand that doing school from home can be very challenging. But don’t worry, Moms & Dads! Our experienced teaching team are here to help you every step of the way. Let’s do this together!

Drop us a DM for more info!

Photos from KinderHaven Indonesia's post 23/06/2020

Presenting to you the KinderHaven way of helping parents do home learning!

Through our small group online teaching, home kits, and Class Dojo app - we make sure that all subject areas are covered, from Biblical character building, to all the Montessori subject areas (Math, Cultural Studies, Language, Sensorial Studies, Practical Life Exercises).

We understand that doing school from home can be very challenging. But don’t worry, Moms & Dads! Our experienced teaching team are here to help you every step of the way. Let’s do this together!

Drop us a DM for more info!


This month, our Core Character Value is HONESTY.

Honesty is saying and doing what is true.

At a time like this, when there is so much anxiety in the world – let’s fill our hearts and minds with positive things.. And let us always trust that God is in control. Let us learn to trust in Him – the Creator of all.


This post is dedicated for all the new mommies!

Wondering which toys are suitable for your baby?

Starting 4 months old, babies like to put everything inside their mouth, and that’s okay! This is called mouthing. This is how babies learn about they surroundings. They do this to investigate different shapes and textures – Is it hard? Soft? Can I eat it? Does it make a sound? Does it taste good?

Just make sure that you provide them with engaging and safe materials for them to play with. Playing with their hands will help them develop their hand muscles and develop their eye-hand coordination. It’s good to provide them with toys that they can grasp with those cute little hands. The more they explore, the more they learn!

Here are some recommendations from us to you!

Discover great finds here!



Let’s match the letters on the grasshoppers to the letters on the leaves, and don’t forget to say the letter sounds as you go!

This Language Montessori extension lesson helps the children differentiate between different letters and their shapes, and identify their corresponding sounds too!

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It’s a MonYay! In this sunny day, let us work with Oranges!

Squeezing an Orange is also part of the Montessori Practical Life Exercise curriculum.

This food preparation activity will help your child develop independence in the kitchen.
it is also a great way to strengthen their eye-hand coordination and develop their fine motor skills to prepare for writing.

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Moms & Dads, let’s get your child involved in some daily chores at home!

This will help develop their independence, responsibility and self-esteem. Children love to copy what adults are doing. Getting them involved will really give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

But don’t forget to give tasks which are in accordance with their age to ensure that they succeed.

Once complete with a chore, say “YOU DID IT!” and see their face light up 



As a follow up of the parent-teacher dialogue previously held, we held a Parents' Info Session to address our parents’ insights regarding the children's learning journey over the past few months.

We also discussed about our Home Learning and Blended Learning program for the next academic year. We are so excited to go on this new adventure together with you!


At a time like this when staying at home is the norm, it is all the more important and urgent that we make sure our home becomes a prepared environment for our children.

What does this mean?

Ensure that your house is arranged in such a way that your child can practice independence. How?

Baby-proof your house to make sure the environment is safe for your child to move around (and place items they are not supposed to touch out of their reach and out of their sight, so you don’t have to say “No!” or “Don’t go there. Don’t touch that!”)
Provide your child easy access to items that they use everyday (e.g. plate, spoon & fork, water bottle, tissue, short stool to step on so they can wash their hands on their own, toys, clothes)
Display age-appropriate toys like puzzles and picture books that will invite them to do activities that are not only fun but are also educational

This way, your house will become a rich environment which provides many opportunities for your child to develop his skills and knowledge.

Photos from KinderHaven Indonesia's post 10/06/2020

I spy with my little eye…….something red, is shaped like a star…and can breathe through its skin gills!
Can you guess what it is?

This is one of our Cultural Studies Montessori extension materials used to learn about aquatic mammals. What a fun way to learn about their different characteristics!

You can use a magnifying glass to make this game more interesting, Moms & Dads!

Photos from KinderHaven Indonesia's post 09/06/2020

Dear Moms and Dads, let’s discover how the Montessori approach to learning can come alive outside the classroom.

Choose one activity from the list above and have some fun in the kitchen!


In Montessori we refer to all learning activities as “work”.

Work here does not refer to a “chore”, or the kind of work which you have to do but don’t want to do.

Instead, we should view the child’s work as something that gives him a sense of satisfaction, gratification, and most importantly – joy!

Remember, play is also the “work” of the child.


This month, our Core Character Value is HONESTY.

Honesty is saying and doing what is true.

Remember, children – God knows everything, both good and bad. He wants us to be honest. We do this by telling the truth no matter what.

An honest person does what he says he is going to do, and never lies, cheats, or steals.

Being an honest person will make you a trustworthy person. So let’s be honest at all times 

Photos from KinderHaven Indonesia's post 03/06/2020

Moms & Dads, What’s important before our children should even hold a pencil and start writing, is to first develop their eye-hand coordination and strengthen their hand and finger muscles.

Here are some activities to help prepare your toddler get ready to write!


Happy Pancasila Day!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Pancasila, the state ideology of Indonesia.

Moms & Dads, sudah mengajarkan 5 poin-poin Pancasila kepada si kecil belum?


Agar Moms & Dads tetap aman saat berbelanja di kondisi saat ini, coba simak tips belanja berikut yuk!

Here’s what to do when you need to leave the house for groceries!


Moms & Dads, have you ever struggled in dealing with your child’s tantrum?

Sebagai orang tua, Moms & Dads harus belajar dan mengetahui bagaimana menghadapi situasi ini dan lebih bisa untuk mengontrol emosi.

Yuk, simak apa yang harus Moms & Dads lakukan untuk menghindari dan menghadapi si kecil yang tantrum.


Happy Eid Mubarak 1441 H.

Wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid.

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