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Improving educational systems by connecting communities. CEI brings together multiple community stakeholders to collaboratively co-create Haiti’s first inclusive school, engaging parents, students, educators, administrators, architects, engineers, and government officials on both local and national levels.

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The journey to creating Haiti's first fully inclusive school has been long and challenging at times, but yesterday's celebration of the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities that took place in Les Cayes was a reminder that this journey is well worth it not only for students with disabilities but for all children. Along with Bureau du Secrétaire d'État à l'Intégration des Personnes Handicapées and Raniph - Secretariat National, CEI hosted an event where children danced, sang, and played together in an inclusive setting to celebrate #December3. Here is a small preview into the environment CEI hopes to create where (every) student has the opportunity to flourish.

Thanks for your ongoing support!


Inclusion Matters!
Today, CEI celebrates the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Help us promote awareness and galvanize support for critical issues relating to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society!

On Cornell Campus? Join us this evening from 6-7pm, 173 Warren Hall, to commemorate the day, discuss inclusion here at Cornell and learn how student groups are supporting the cause.


Cornell and Global Poverty Reduction - CornellCast

Check out CEI in Cornell University's video, highlighting campus efforts to reduce global poverty! The film was screened at Cornell's Charter Day Weekend, celebrating the University's Sesquicentennial!


Shout out to Eva Johnson + Jimmy Guo!

Highlights of work by Cornellians to reduce poverty around the world. The film premiered at the Charter Day Weekend event, 'Cornell and Global Poverty Reduction' held April 25, 2015.


With great pride, CEI wants to congratulate our senior Cornell project team members on all their incredible accomplishments with CEI and beyond:

Alexon Grochowski
Ed Hoffman
Eva Johnson
Katy Merckel
Shanika Perera
Nadia Shebaro
Minjia Yang

We'll miss you and the warmth you brought to our group each week. You are all such incredible people with so many skills and values that better this world. Good luck with all your choices moving forward, and never forget Ayiti Cherie!


Thank you to everyone who came to our spring showcase. We are so grateful for your continued support, as our work would be impossible without you! #CEI #meetourfamily #Cornell


Come join us tonight at Rulloff's for half off drinks to support CEI! #HalfOffForHaiti #CEI #Rulloffs #CornellUniversity #justiceleague


Come check CEI out at Student Innovators in Action! #CharterDayWeekend #My150Cornell #Cornell150


CEI was a part of RAW Expo, a great event showcasing a variety of student work from across Cornell's campus. Shoutout to @gojimmyguo for repping CEI! #rawexpo #raw #sharing #inclusion #aap #thumbnail


Tim sharing experiences with parents of children with disabilities in Les Cayes #tbt #communityengagement #haiti #inclusion


Disability shouldn't define your life! We need to work together to create more of these success stories.

“After I was born, I was the subject of a 45-minute dissertation at Columbia University. Almost all of my organs were born externally, and had to be sewn into my body. I don’t have a belly button-- only a scar where my feeding tube used to be. My mother even tells me that she wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to stand, eat, or drink. But now I can rollerblade. I can do a handstand on my crutches. I’ve got a core group of friends, a girlfriend, a college degree, and I’m helping to manage a radio station at the age of 23.”


Alexon speaking about the organizational development of CEI over the past year at CGI U 2015, an inspirational conference held by the Clinton Foundation. Thanks to Engaged Learning + Research at Cornell University for your support!
#clintonfoundation #cgiu #engagedlearning #elr


The CEI student team wanted to thank everyone who donated to Alessandro's hike across Patagonia. We ended up surpassing our goal and raised over $5,000 - we're one step closer to building the first inclusive primary school in Haiti!




View of Jalousie & learning about the hotel's seismic resistance at @kinamhotel #tbt


Julius making breakfast for the team to kickstart the day


Thank you to all of those who came to today's showcase, and thank you to Manndible Cafe for the delicious coffee and pastries!

Summer Trip 2014 28/11/2014

9 CEI students spend their summer in Haiti

Summer Trip 2014 27/11/2014

9 CEI students spend their summer in Haiti

Spring Trip 2014 27/11/2014

3 CEI student participants spend a week in Haiti during their Spring Break

Winter Trip 2014 27/11/2014

12 students travel for 10 days to Haiti during winter break


Our site in Les Cayes

Photos of the Day 27/07/2014

Sorry for the delay with the photos, our internet has ranged from barely useable to nonexistent in the past few days. Here are some photos from the past week


Sigal playing with one of the children in Les Cayes


Alexon and Laura watching the world cup. Somehow they remained friends.


Adventures with Bobby Duval, founder of L'Athlétique d'Haïti


Sorry for the delay in our #pictureoftheday, but due to internet shortages, we were not able to post last night. But fear not, we are back online.

Nathan Powell going over specifics of the project with the owners of R&R Construction in Port au Prince.


Sigal and Alexon giving a daily presentation to the team.


Newsletter May 19th


Dear friends and supporters,
Today we are going to be beginning our "One Photo A Day" campaign to bring you all closer to our project across the Gulf in Haiti.
Stay tuned for our first photo coming later today!!


Check out our first newsletter straight from Port Au Prince. Happy summer, everyone!


Thank you everyone for coming to our spring showcase!


Centre d'Education Inclusif - CEI's cover photo

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Come join us tonight at Rulloff's for half off drinks to support CEI! #HalfOffForHaiti #CEI #Rulloffs #CornellUniversity...
The CEI student team wanted to thank everyone who donated to Alessandro's hike across Patagonia. We ended up surpassing ...





Les Cayes

Autres Formation à Les Cayes (voir toutes)
Les Cayes, 51

Centre Diocésain des Arts et Métiers: Ecole primaire et Centre professionnel

RESH Institute RESH Institute
4 Jonc Levy, Camp-Perrin, P.O.Box: 195
Les Cayes

Institut Technique et Professionnel

Institut de Formation Hôtelière et Touristique - Iforht Institut de Formation Hôtelière et Touristique - Iforht
Route Nationale #2, Faugasse
Les Cayes, HT8110

L'IFORHT prépare les jeunes des 2 sexes à l'exercice de la profession hôtelière. Celle-ci est divisée en plusieurs branches, constituant chacune une spécialité : Réception / Accueil, Bar et Restaurant, Housekeeping / Entretien ménager.

Plateforme Cinquieme Pouvoir Plateforme Cinquieme Pouvoir
Rue Chataudin Cite Oxfam #8
Les Cayes, HTT 8110


ARISE Mentoring Center in Haiti ARISE Mentoring Center in Haiti
Les Cayes, HT 8140

We believe that Haitian youth can be the change we are waiting to see in Haiti and we teach them pri

Institut Laroque de Tae kwondo Institut Laroque de Tae kwondo
Les Cayes, HT 8114

Institut Laroque de Tae kwon Do, Une opportunité pour tous.

Assurance Qualite Laboratory Medical Supplies Assurance Qualite Laboratory Medical Supplies
50,Rue Duvivier Hall
Les Cayes, HT8110

L’Assurance Qualite Laboratory Medical Supplies a pour mission, renforcer les capacités de Diagnostics Biologiques via des formations continues.