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Shout out to my newest followers! Excited to have you onboard! Babaalieu Ceesay, Laminf Ceesay, Sanna Jallow, Yahya Jambang, Ailman Njie, Abubakr Siddiq Darboe, Buba Fofana, Jallowjerri Flo Jallow, Tiger Marena Solomon, Ebrima Secka, Faséckou Touré, Bakary Barrow


Shout out to my newest followers! Excited to have you onboard! Ebrima Jatta, Bamba M Swr, Alagie Gassama, Muhammed Camara, Sarjo Dampha


Good morning gambia today the Gambian people and say they are salbretin independen I ask is a independen country maby by voice but if you look at the reality you know we are not independent a country that can't vieed themself yet still taking taxpayers money going for fire farmers are complaining about their kiranote very sad issues that are really giving see lip les night to Gambian people yes still you go out their to so fasons coolots you where yet still you don't think about poor people mental health problems is happening I just don't understand what happened to African leaders and more of gambia do you really believe this year gambia thinking about independence no responsibility have to go through with bigger thinking for wayforwd thank you

Photos from Ebrima s kantora give advise's post 25/01/2024
Photos from Ebrima s kantora give advise's post 25/01/2024

Hello gambia my opinion and my advice is that before you protest against gff why you don't go out and protest against your ministry of sport you see this country if we don't stop this whichhonting nothing good will happen when is the gambia football team last play in this country do you forget about that independen stadium yet still is not ready why you don't go after your ministry and your government and your minister plies forget about the people who don't wish anything good for this country to use you and right now Gambian people are not saved in their own country and you have a leader who is the president of the gambia do you go out and protest against him and his government take my advice think about if you force kaba Bajo you will make a very big mistake okay thanks is ebrima s kantora give advice


Good morning gambia and Gambian people in 2016 Gambian come together to fight yaya Jammeh and his government yaya Jammeh file that he own the gambia and he can do anything even killing he own everything no Gambian citizens have a say on their own country than udp come with you adama Barrow and so you to Gambian people by that time you tell Gambian people darboe is my Father you give darboes name to all Gambian citizens but today it's not darboe is seedy njie tombo Jatta right now your government is not npp Haha is aprc government and how can a Senegalese killing a Gambian you come in and make sure that man is free I just don't understand you right now you are doing anything wrong and yet still you don't think about tomorrow mr president think about tomorrow


Hello gambia ebrima s kantora give advice I it's time now for all Gambian people forget about president adama Barrow and his government and his npp remember I tell you Gambian people that this promise that president adama Barrow is making nothing will work because he and his government does not know how to do things that give way to running the government and the country they have lost their way my advice is that you Gambian people president give you many promise that he can not deliver I'm calling all the Gambian people to come out and join the best party United democracy party Udp if you are really looking for progress of the country the gambia now is the right time for you thank you


Hello Gambian football fans and the lenders in football and the team players gambia good luck to you boys keep working hard for next time better time will come keep working hard but I ask gambia do you think we still need this coach Tom


Hello beautiful gambia and Gambian people what do you think about this meet the people to do you think president adama Barrow is really giving a right message to Gambian people


Hello gambia take a time and listen to the young Gambian m sabally with this very good quality advice thank you for your time


Hello beautiful gambia is your man ebrima s kantora give advice my advice to president adama Barrow you need to work very hard and make sure young people of this country can have a believe that they can make it here in gambia remember you come back door of promising the Gambian young people that you help them to have a better life and good living condsong but today their is nothing more for the Gambian young people listen to your people and know what they want all Gambian young people are really going outside of the Gambia looking for progress if you have done better for it will not be like this think about the young people and women of this country thank you


Thank you so very much appreciated the Gambian team you have done it again you take the country back to African cups good luck for hard work we can make it if we United together as Gambian people we United to move together today we Gambian people are happy together thank you the team gambia


Ebrima s Kantora May Allah help the Gambia and save the Gambia if this man can be minster of larnd another bad move for larnds but Gambia remember we tell you about this if you give your vote to Adama barrow is not going to do anything good here we are welcome to have a new minster like this man good luck to the Gambia and the people of the Gambia another good move for Adama barrow and bad move for the country I wish the All bess of luck I'm calling on all Gambian people to give Chan's to UDP we give you very good government that can make this country a better Gambia that you are looking for thank you is your ebrima s Kantora


Long live for Gambia 1 people 1 Gambia we love you baba and mr halifa this is very beautiful this how good leaders do to welcome each other in Good


Hello Gambia ebrima s kantora dark days of Yaya Jammeh now Adama barrow struggle continue in Gambia for freedom of democracy and himan rights but my advice to all Gambian people keep pushing for better Gambia and good govanas


Cogarajuleson senegal cogarajuleson Mr Mackey sallha and africa I really belive senegal learn from this to make very good lowers for the contrary right now need tamelimit and I really think the gambia will olso learn afta adama barrow is right time for afirca to move ahead with good governess long live the gambia long live africa thanks


Hello Gambia Ebrima s kantora give advice to all gambian people you have don a very nice and good Jobe for denaing npp and barrow not to vote for npp thank you so much but it's not over yet remember mayors are comin do not give your vote to barrow government and his party npp if you really love the gambia barrow government and barrow himself don't have nolege to run the government help gambian people to impure the life of gambian people so give your vote to all udp cadedet co congratulations to you voters and udp party united to keep Woking hard very hard to make so not is daie in this country the gambia tribalism is bad it can no longer have to be in this country the gambia thnks


Hello beautiful contey the gambia what do you think about the vicoh of the Gambia when President barrow government and barrow leadership continue in 2026 I don't know you But for me I believe gambia will lous his sovereignty to senegal and gambia will have governed many gambian people will be homeless and young people will be jobless and don think about justices so keep Woking hard to vote barrow out of pawer that you give him come out is your time to make things right for gambia young 1 comin good the gambia is Ebrima s kantora give advice to all gambian people this local government elections is coming know who to give your vote your vote is your right now if you really pawer belongs to people is time to make things right for gambian people

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You are the best lderliy strht man


It's a great day gem for the Gambia good luck to the Gambia team keep working hard to contju win fatou thank you

With my brother Captain Omar Colley.
Congratulations Team Gambia.

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