Darai Sabar Gambia

Darai Sabar Gambia

Darai Sabar offers a unique experience in Gambia. Discover the golden beaches, explore the vibrant markets & dance all night to the beat of a Sabar Drum.

Darai Sabar is a drumming and dance lodge based in Kartong. Offering a selection of holiday huts which are the perfect base for when you are exploring Gambia. Experience a different culture with Modou, his friend and family who really enjoy introducing visitors to their way of life. Learn Sabar Drumming:
Sabar drumming originated in Senegal, West Africa and is a closely guarded tradition that has

Operating as usual

[11/11/17]   Last minute call to anyone interested. Modou will be teaching Sabar drumming for two weeks from 22nd Nov 2017 plus the chance to do balafon and or Kora. Not too late to book!

[07/18/17]   We're planning a trip to Darai Sabar this November - we're trying to get enough people together to do a week or two of sabar drumming workshops - let us know if you're interested!


It was great to see everyone from the February trip to Darai Sabar at drum camp last weekend..... hope to see you all in Gambia again soon!!!

[05/11/16]   Not long now until Modou arrives for his summer tour..... Make sure you check out his summer workshop schedule posted below!


Here is a video of a sabar drumming class at darai sabar. It features the youngest two of Modous family who were great fun with them when they came to visit us!


Japo at Kartong Festival

Check out our performance at the Kartong Festival, we had a great time! https://youtu.be/qCC_xmC_NVc

Sabar drumming by UK drummers, Japo, along with Modou Diouf and Gana Diop. This took place at the Kartong Festival, The Gambia over 5th -7th February 2016.


After 2 weeks of playing some of the drums need a little TLC!

[02/10/16]   We are happy to hear that our most recent guests have all landed safely back in the uk. We had an amazing time with you all! Please upload any pictures and videos from your trip and add any friends to like the darai sabar page..... But most importantly come back soon!!!


We are very sad to be saying goodbye to most of our Sabar Family from the UK today. We had a wonderful time at the Kartong Festival. Here's just a few pictures..


Rehearsals for the Kartong Festival have started today... Everyone is enjoying the music... Some even more than others... :D


The new sign looks great!


There's lots going on at Darai Sabar today. The tailor came to take everyone's measurements for the festival outfits and Modou's drumming classes are well underway!

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A unique experience in Gambia. Discover golden beaches and Sabar.

Please spare a few minutes to check out the Darai sabar website! It's full of information about the beautiful darai sabar lodge and the things you can do whilst there!

daraisabar.wix.com Darai Sabar offers a unique experience in The Gambia. Discover the golden beaches, explore the vibrant markets and dance all night to the beat of a Sabar drum.

[10/18/15]   Just received the great news that Darai Sabar finally has running water, I'm sure the staff will be over the moon they no longer have to carry any buckets of water!


A lovely picture of the 2014 trip to the kartong festival!

[09/02/15]   Please feel free to upload pictures or videos from past visits to Darai Sabar we would love to see them!

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Darai Sabar


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Darai Sabar Gambia

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Here is a video of a sabar drumming class at darai sabar. It features the youngest two of Modous family who were great f...




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General information

PRICE INCLUDES: Gambian style round house or large rooms off the veranda available Ensuite toilet  Breakfast, lunch & dinner mosquito nets FOOD: Gambia is renowned for its flavourful West African dishes. At Darai Sabar all food is locally sourced and includes freshly caught fish from the beach. As well as a variety of tradition West African dishes, western food and a variety of vegetarian options are available. DRUMMING & DANCE CLASSES: Drumming and/or dance classes can be added to your itinerary. Drumming: £15 per day (4 hours) Dance:    £5 per 1 hour and a half