Tanji Lower Basic School

Tanji  Lower Basic School


Our future are the children !
(English see below) Menschen zu helfen, kann so direkt und so schön sein. Das ist Modou, Schüler an der Tanji Lower Basic School. Er ist ein sehr guter Schüler, sagt sein Lehrer Lamin Koopmans . Modou hat einen der beiden Rollstühle bekommen, die wir neulich dem Lehrer für seine behinderten Schüler übergeben haben. Jetzt kann Modou auch alleine von zuhause in die Schule kommen. Sein Schulweg: fünf Kilometer!! Diese Geschichte hat uns wirklich zu Tränen gerührt.
Helping people in need can be so direct and so beautiful. Please meet Modou, a student at Tanji Lower Basic School. He is a very good student, says his teacher Lamin Koopmans. Modou got one of the two wheelchairs that we recently gave to his teacher for his disabled students. Now Modou can come to school from home on his own. The distance from home to school is like five kilometres. This story really moved us to tears.

Fotos: © 2021 Project Aid The Gambia / courtesy by Lamin Koopmans
Luttermann GmbH
(English see below) Versprochen ist versprochen. Heute haben Haddy Sillah und Muhammed Diab Ghanim von unserem Projektbüro Bett und zwei Rollstühle für behinderte Schüler:innen persönlich zur Tanji Lower Basic School gebracht. Lehrer Lamin Koopmans sagt: "Die Unterstützung kommt zur rechten Zeit, und wir danken Euch sehr. Abaraka Baake!"
Promise made - promise kept. Today Haddy Sillah and Muhammed Diab from our Project Office team personally delivered one bed and two wheelchairs for disabled pupils to the Tanji Lower Basic School. Teacher Lamin says: "The support is so timely and we appreciate every single bit of it. Abaraka baake!"
Foto: © 2021 Project Aid The Gambia
Universitätsklinikum Essen Luttermann GmbH
(English see below) Lehrer Lamin Koopmans freut sich über zwei Rollstühle für körperbehinderte Schüler:innen an seiner Tanji Lower Basic School. Und auf dem Bett können sie sich bei Bedarf jetzt gemütlich ausruhen. Morgen bringen wir ihm die Sachen mit unserem Anhänger nach Tanji. Lamin engagiert sich außerordentlich für seine Schüler, seine Schule und bedürftige Menschen in der Nachbarschaft. Hut ab!!
Teacher Lamin Koopmans is happy to receive two wheelchairs for his disabled students at the Tanji Lower Basic School. If necessary, they can now rest comfortably on a bed. Tomorrow we'll deliver the donations with our trailer to Tanji. Lamin is extremely committed to his students, his school and to underprivileged people in his community. Kudos to you!!

Fotos: © 2021 Project Aid The Gambia
Universitätsklinikum Essen Luttermann GmbH
Tanji Primary School
707 0302
Hi keep the good work. The sky is the limit. Thank
They look so enthusiastic for the sportsday and the two giant teachers in the picture are Mr Momodou Darboe & Mr Sedat Jobe of red and blue house respectively....
These couples are very generous and kind person's to the school according to them they will continue to support the children of the school because school children are there to be assisted to achieve their goals and dreams in the future
These couples are now part and percel of the school annually they brought school materials to the pupils of Tanji lower Basic school
Today at Tanji lower Basic school


We strive to provide all our pupils with a curriculum and experience which they

Operating as usual


Kids Poem By: Sedat Jobe✍️


Beach parties, don't be late!
Go Go club, never contemplate!
Desist to incriminate
Refrain from discriminate
Do not yarn to proacastinate.

School boy!!
Be proud of your joy
But don't be a jack-toy
Divulge with friends and stop being coy
Be sure in your arithmetic of cuboid.

School girl!! Never bleach your face
Mr Jobe is vigilant to trace
Even if you hide in the darkness place
School rules are meant to embrace
School girl!! Stick to the pen and avoid the p***s
Good knowledge remains but, ignorance perishes


Tanji Lower Basic School was established in 1981. It is a co-educational institution without any discrimination based on clan, colour, creed, gender or race and is run under strict rules of discipline and academic performance.

For well over a quarter-century now, the school became household name in academics and it's products are currently serving in various institutions in The Gambia and beyond.

So many educationists passed through the ranks of the school, and currently the headmaster of the school is Mr. Baboucarr Bojang.

In Tanji Ex-Students Association since existence has been playing a key role in helping their alma mater in anyway possible, so kudos to all on the frontline stirring the wheel.

Sincere thanks and gratitude goes all out to one standout organisation based in Austria that goes by the name Help2Unify- they’ve been really instrumental in supporting the school on different projects ranging from the garden, poultry establishment, vendors canteen, water pumping machine, taps within the school and providing proper sanitation for students and teachers alike.

We hope and pray that the same trend of development that has tremendously taken place over the past couple of years continue to take it pace and cause.

We are resuming sessions for the new academic semester (2023-24) on the 18th September,2023. On that note, we are urging on all parents and stakeholders to come and enrol their children before sessions proper begins, and that message clearly is for the new intakes.

For The Gambia our homeland ♥️🇬🇲🤲🏻



Meet Mrs. Fatou Drammeh of Tanji Lower Basic School a true beacon of inspiration for the entire community of Tanji. Her unwavering dedication and altruistic spirit shines brightly as she selflessly utilized her hard-earned teaching salary to breathe life into the children’s life in school, thus creating a haven of knowledge and nurturing for children. With the support of devoted teachers by her side, she selflessly has forged a path of educational enlightenment, offering this gift of education free to all children on their shoulders and young minds eager to explore and learn vigorously from her garden of knowledge and wisdom. Fatou’s endeavor stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and determination, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of children in the aforementioned institution and others she taught. Truly, she embodies the essence of a visionary and compassionate leader, and her laudable efforts deserved to be cherished.

In 2019, when I came to Tanji Lower Basic School as a classroom teacher I noticed those unchanged qualities in her. She brought together in the first phase about fifty (50) students together and guided them through so many life-changing activities that they will never ever forget. She guided them on poetry, drama, spellings, writing skills and most importantly the effective speaking and writing of English in and outside the four corners of her classroom. She succeeded in nurturing those attitudes in the heart and minds of students.

What really blows my mind away about her is that, anytime an activity or event is coming up in school she will selflessly scout a new badge of students from different grade levels and guide them within a short time frame and their performance becomes mind blowing in the presence of audience. A true beacon of hope and compassion for the entire community of Tanji.

Fatou is a mother of two (Adama & Ousman) she's an aunty , an Idol and role model to many in her family, community and beyond. Her cooking abilities is next to none, as even before the food is served the aroma that penetrates through the windows blows the minds of the patient gentleman or woman waiting to be served. Her hands are purely magic.

I feel extra privileged to have worked alongside her since my inclusion to the staff profile of Tanji Lower Basic School from start up to date. Truly, she embodies the essence of a visionary and compassionate leader, and her laudable efforts deserved to be valued and celebrated.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope ♥️✅🎙️✍️



By: Sedat Jobe

Life is believed to evolved from water which forms an essential part of procreation.

Through HELP2UNIFY and their country representative Lamin Colley(Koopmans) Tanjilbs was able to realise a successful completion for drinkable water project of 7 taps 20/07/2023. With an increasing number of children ready to attend school from diverse backgrounds of the coastal fishing village Tanji.

H2O. Water is a substance formed by two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, so its chemical formula is H2O. The chemical bonds between the oxygen atom and the hydrogen atoms form a 104.5º angle. In addition, water molecules can form hydrogen bonds with neighbouring molecules.

Besides, the Scientific facts. Water is essential for our survival and naturally, children need adequate hydration for their good health and proper growth. Adequate water intake in children will keep them hydrated, improves blood circulation and digestion, and also aids in gaining proper weight.

We all know why do we need water. We all understand the importance and dependency of water in our lives. Everything on Earth relies on water like humans, animals, trees, etc.

Water is a transparent, tasteless, odourless, and almost colourless chemical substance, it makes up for 71 percent of the Earth,.and roughly up to 60 percent of the human body.

Therefore, we need to teach our kids the value of water and make them appreciate the bounty of nature all around by telling them about how water is important to us

Water is of major importance to humans. We can see various reports which say water is important for humans. The majority of our body organs also need water to function properly.

Water is not just for quenching our thirst. It also regulates body temperature and keeps the tissues in our body moist and hydrated. You can explain to them with an example. Illustrate to them how it feels when we don’t drink water for a long period of time, our eyes or mouth get dry, and then we may feel dizzy.

Therefore, drinking water helps retain the optimum amount of moisture in our skin and increases blood circulation in the body.

"Every child has the right to clean water and basic sanitation facilities"

Going forward, UNICEF will focus on sustaining the gains registered through several measures and strategies, including:

"For every child, proper sanitation"

"Improving access to basic sanitation in schools and riverine communities"

HELP2UNIFY has complement The Government of The Gambia in achieving NDP goals and SDG 6, in ensuring universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water, adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) on water and sanitation, adopted by United Nations Member States at the 2015 UN Summit as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides the blueprint for ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Moreover, Lamin Colley CEO of Jamorai Gambia Foundation is ensuring access to water in vulnerable communities with his water well projects while paying a special attention to the needs of women and girls and of course those in vulnerable situations.

With his effort he has facilitated many life changing philanthropic gestures to support needy children in schools, vulnerable family support programs, health and socioeconomic factors like gardening and an ongoing er****on of a poultry house in Tanji.

Henceforth, providing access to more drinking water in Tanji LBS would save time, avoid long queues, ensures health and most importantly improves children's classroom attentions.

We the staff of Tanji LBS thanked him and all his donors for a life changing experience.

Sedat Jobe,

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 21/07/2023


I have today successfully completed and handed over sanitary taps (6) to the aforementioned institution and it was fully funded by Help2Unify organization based in Austria. It was such a delightful day for everyone in the school ranging from the students, teachers and even the vendors- because water in every environment benefits every single person regardless of your destination, race or gender.

A few years ago, few members of Help2Unify organization visited The Gambia some of whom for the first time and others second time in the smiling coast of Africa- upon their arrival we have undertaken so many activities and projects but one school they have been so impressed with was sincerely Tanji Lower Basic School due to it’s warm nature and welcoming spirit most especially from the students of the school. They (group) felt they could do something to change the outlook of the school and now it has started with taps (6) in the middle of the school. These taps would ease the access of clean drinking water thus making sanitation a household name in our school henceforth. The burden of water now will be the thing of the past as from today.

Water is essential for our survival and naturally, children need adequate hydration for their good health and proper growth. Adequate water intake in children will keep them hydrated, improves blood circulation and digestion, and also aids in gaining proper weight.

I want to sincerely use this opportunity to thank the school administration most especially for allowing me undertake this project in the school premises without any burden. Special thanks to all teachers who helped in one way or the other in making it a success. Not also forgetting my workers (tile-men & plumbers) for the accurate work.

Special appraisals and thanks goes out to Help2Unify organization for the support and we hope for more of this kind in our school.

Together we are a powerful force to reckon with Help2Unify


“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” – Lon Watters

Access to education not only improves the lives of children but also the communities they live in. Here's to a brighter tomorrow 💡

Slogan:Bringin Back Hope ❤️🇬🇲✍️

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 25/06/2023


The birds chirping on top of the trees, the gentle wind blew, trees sway and the birds sang melodies as signify the marvel moment. The place was warm and promising. The horns of vehicles and ferry as well as the bray of donkeys eminenated from the beautiful McCarthy Island River and it's harbor. Sleep was in its highest ebbs, the wind and warmth added more Joy to the rest.
It was exactly 5:09 am, most students had already waken and knew exactly what is at steak. Did the complusry fijir prayers, bath and parked their luggages mats into the bus. We collectively clean the school environment, arrange the furniture.
Immediately after breakfast we visited old slave house, McCarthy and laminkoto ferry crossing point, the slave market and the freedom tree. We glanced the governor's office and residency and Armitage senior secondary school which was established in 1927. After a short tour of the school, we puse for photos and finally left for our bus.
The bus departed janjanbureh at 11:00am. The gigantic bus nuff and puss its fuse on the full length of the narrow road sides were dominated by faros and fresh green grasses. The rice sway it leaves to wave goodbye McCarthy island.
We arrived at Bwim at 14:50 pm alighted from the bus and walked for almost 2 kilometers to Dobong village in a shurbs and cluster of trees. We heard the sounds of animals along the bushes all of a sudden salamander crosses the muddy road and dives into the bush. Pigs were having the enjoyment of their life time, taking advantage of the quite environment and bath in a stagnant water.
The cooking pot has been here for almost a century and no one knows who had put it there. Its a source of blessings and protection within the 3 neighbouring villages. The Whites had tired several times to remove it but all failed and fruitless. Anyone passing by can offered charity of any kind and pray for their wishes, which is always answerable by God ", said the Dobong alkali, uncle Gibba.
From Dobong village we went back to Bwim, upon arrival had our lunch and rest for few minutes.
Pupils were singing melodiously in a tune that depicted the power of the words of elders in our African societies..
("Beering beetaah sarataala eeh Alfaa duaa Kaa jabbiee leeh"). which translate, while leaving we had taking permission, eeh elders prayers are answerable. They sang joyously and dance while the driver keep accelerating the engine.
We safely arrived at Tanji at 18:47 pm.
To whom much is given much is expected.
Thanks to the almighty Allah for the blessings and favour bestowed on us. our parents for the prayers, the pupils and their parents. The school administration for their cooperation. Teachers who are unable to make it due to one reason or the other, our auxiliary staff players and their selfless dedication, the cooks for their warmth and prayers.
Special thanks goes to the following teachers for their cooperation, dedication, compassion, commitment, self sacrifices, energy and time to be with this kids for the past 3 days, despite this trying moment of our time. They sacrifice their freedom for the freedom of our future leaders. They are worthy emulating.
Mr Burma Suso, Mr Sedat Jobe, Mr Lamin B Fatty, Mr Lamin Saidy, Mr.Momodou Lamin Colley(Koopmans), Mr Ebrima Sanneh, Mr Yusupha Sonko, Mr Ansu Touray, Mrs Fatou Drammeh, Miss.Isatou Jobe, Miss.Rosalinda Mendy, Miss Yassin Ceesay.
The sun will surely shine bright, the future is promising and the zeal is there. One good turn deserve another. Every cloud has a silver lining.
One people one nation.
The pen is mightier than the sword.

It was the last and final day of the adventure but I was purely eventful full of cacophony moments!

In Tanji Lower Basic School, we are always extra motivated and willing to innovate and explore!

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 24/06/2023


The crowd of c***s belongs to ones household but the voice is the property of every neighborhood no wonder it Sharp voice pierce the ear drum of our energetic and tireless Mr.Ebrima Sanneh who wake Mr. Sedat Jobe and Mr. Ansu Touray jump from the mat and followed suit like sacrificial lamb. They lit the fire to prepare for breakfast while jobe and Touray went for breads.

It was exactly 4:35 am. The wind blew puff the sky it breeze cascade down like a waterfall. It seems that God has open the seven doors of heaven breeze embrace us into its abode.
After a long and tiresome journey and late night rest, the pupils start to wake in numbers to observe the dawn prayers which was later follow by bath and finally breakfast at 7:25am
Immediately after breakfast we parked or loaded our luggages and foodstuffs into the bus. We departed farafenni at 8:25am
Farafenni is the umbrella of provencal Gambia its location and position and population in the heart of north bank has an interlink to all part of the country and Senegal in all angles. Business flourish and all activities as well.

Along the tarr road few nem trees sway it leaves to wave goodbye and the magnimity of its people was incredible as they astonishingly watching in bilwerment absolutely super amazing and cacophonic.
When we arrived Wassu it was 9:41 am, we alighted from the gigantic bus and walk eagerly to the ground. We gather under the neme tree the tour guide Ebrima Krubally injected us the brief history of the place and how the stones came into the place. The former burial site has 170 stones, 59 fall and 111 remain standing. After we tour the meaume and followed by photos.
The road to Sami karantaba was tiresome and hot. We arrived at mungo Park obelisk at 12:08pm. After a tour of the site, photos then beach Walk, we walked under the hot blazing sun which lurk its venom into our flesh like a burning water. A heavy wind blew, the harsh carried dust in our eyes and scattered the leaves and dirt all around us like war veterans. upon our arrival at the main village, we had refresh and ponder our chances of achieving the miracle.
After Jumuah prayers we proceed the journey and left Sami karantaba for Basse at 14:35 pm. It has been a lot afternoon so far as the fierce sun cast its rays on our bus we dranch into pool of sweat. Despite the hoteness and the challenges, eagerly ready and feeling excited about the prospect of viewing Basse.
As the bus passed sandugu bolong pupils cheers in joy and glance the magnificent bolong with renew hope of cheriousity.
We reached Basse Samba Juma Bride at 15:46pm cross it safely to the main Basse.
It was a life time experience to view Basse, the administrative capital of Upper River Region. We passed through Basse and drove to Janjangbureh. After almost 5 hours we arrived Georgetown at 17:24 pm and logged at Methodist Lower Basic School.The school was built by the former colonial masters and the Methodist church was established in 1835 and was therefore the one of the oldest functioning Methodist Church in black Africa. Thanks to the determination of the Methodist ministers, mc Carthy island became one of the first places in the Gambia to benefit from Western education.
After arrival, pupils and teachers had an orientation after we accomdiate into various rooms for rest.
The cooks, Drammeh and Co tirelessly took to their heels and cook a palatable Stew and jollof rice.
As we were anticipating for the enticing meals, the aroma and delicisy fill our nostril with moist our tongue sniff for supper.
All of a sudden a heavy wind blew kiss the trees in the school, it sway the trees birds flew for their safety. The wind increase it velocity and acceleration followed by downpour. It rains for an hour plus. Immediately after supper pupils and teachers went to bed. The beautiful McCarthy Island was warmer than expected it was a blissful night, night of glory, purity and magnimity with the favor of God.

More updates on our last and final day follows soon.

In Tanji Lower Basic School, we have such a vibrant young staff who are always willing and ready to work together in a cohesive manner to make every dream a reality.

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 23/06/2023


Thursday morning was calmed and gay. The atmosphere was tense and promising for the mission to accomplish.
A giant blue and white bus landed at the village square and accomodiate 114 pupils and 12 teachers of Tanji Lower Basic School. The students wore on their school uniform and their traveling bags. After some moment the driver on the engine, and we departed Tanji at about 7:45 am. The atmosphere was marvelous as the jovial colley lead the pupils with traditional songs that depicted merriment and joy. The pupils follow up to make the journey enticing. We arrived at Banjul at about 8:40 am. Upon arrival we followed the protocol and bought our tickets. It was a tooth and nail follow up and confrontation to win the encounter and God was on our side we won convincely.
We enter the ferry and took our sit on the top floor of the ferry to have a view of the beautiful river Gambia with beautiful birds flew over our heads and ducks swim along the Bank. Different types of boats, ship and Canon all added value to our educational field trip.
The ferry left Banjul ferry terminal at 10:21 am, the beautiful kunta kinteh anchors Barra at 10:57 am. We alighted and walk to the main gate to catch up our bus which drove us fort bullen. The fort was built in 1826 to keep slaves. The slaves were subjected to all forms of inhumane treatment, separate from their family and love ones for eternity. Some die before the arrival of ship others during the journey. The kids wept out of sympathy for our great grand parents.
After tour of the place we settle down under a giant baobab tree besides the river to take the warmth and our breakfast.
After our late breakfast we boarded the bus again and left fort bullen at 12:51 PM.
The road to Alberda was partly tarr and gravel. It was another experience. Few dry grasses and tall trees dance along the narrow path of the road the humid wind puff the trees it suway and dance to accompany us to our destination. Entertainment was at it's highest ebbs. We arrived Alberda at 14:07 and had our afternoon prayers, negotiate for our boat trip to kunta kinteh island. After almost an hour, we boarded a boat to the island of about 2 and half kilometers. Kunta kinteh island also remind us the past and Mr Steve guide us to the tour of the island and the explanation of the rational behind the place. It was the greatest crime against humanity and one of the unforgettable and forgiven act of human beast.
According to Steven, the island was huge and wide and it's the greatest treasury of our national heritage and few in Africa. But the shape and size is ebbing away as as results of global warming, climate change and other natural factors.
We left the island and have a tour of the mesume.
From the mesume we depart for farafenni, we passed away many villages and shurbs and the mimiming bolong.
We arrived farafenni 19:50 pm, had shower, rest and dinner finally bed!

More updates will follow soon as the journey unfolds!

In Tanji Lower Basic School, we are always ready and willing to open room for innovation and undertake unforgettable adventures!

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 20/01/2023


Students and teachers of the English Club of Tanji Lower Basic School today got all certified thanks to a three days long intensive program they attended under the leadership of Hon. Lamin B. Fatty AKA Professor Gugutiango McCarthy, and so today we all rejoice!

Basically, the English club is purposefully established with the aim of helping develop children’s reading, writing and public speaking skills, as most of these children would someday somehow yearn to be either aspirant authors or journalist in the near future. Of course under the pragmatic leadership of Lamin B. Fatty efficiency, competency and deliverance is no exception. He ( Lamin) is now a household name when it comes to authors in The Gambia and currently he holds a key position within The Gambia’s Writers Association and far within the subregion in areas relating to the aforementioned skills centered.

In a nutshell, the children of Tanji Lower Basic School and her surroundings are blessed to have Lamin B. Fatty within their midst ready to mingle and serve at the ultimate apex. Hats off to participants.

On the most serious note, I want to use this singular opportunity to thank all those contributed meaningfully in making sure this program was a massive success!

In Tanji Lower Basic School, we are always ready and willing to inculcate a good culture of reading & writing into the children to excel.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope 🤲🏻✅📚✍️

Life as a teacher in Africa (Gambia) | Help2Unify 03/01/2023

To give you an insight into school life in The Gambia, we from Help2Unify have something special in mind. Together with YouTuber we interviewed teachers including Lamin Koopmans at Tanji Primary School.
🎙️ You can find the link to the video here. ☺️😍

Life as a teacher in Africa (Gambia) | Help2Unify Tanji Lower Basic School (Grundschule) in Gambia



Earlier today, we did some onion transplanting the school garden project with some enthusiastic and passionate students. It has been a very busy week for us in school with the end of term examination coupled with the extra curricular activities too. Despite all that we feel we can fast track the transplanting of the onions 🧅 and in few months time we can enjoy seeing them flourish.

The most amazing thing about our school garden is that, we allow children to fully demonstrate transplanting and watering of their veggies with the guidance of the garden master, Ebrima Sanneh and they do the rest at their own comfort. Students mostly come to the garden for watering and weeding during school break hours and in a routine format, and they love to see the veggies growing rapidly.

I want to sincerely thank all the students who speared their leisure hours just to come and help in the garden that fully belongs to them.

In Tanji Lower Basic School, we are fully committed to innovating new methods and techniques in different cater of the school to live and promising institution that we all will love at it’s apex.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope 🧅🇬🇲🌱✅

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 21/12/2022


Earlier today, we did some onion transplanting the school garden project with some enthusiastic and passionate students. It has been a very busy week for us in school with the end of term examination coupled with the extra curricular activities too. Despite all that we feel we can fast track the transplanting of the onions 🧅 and in few months time we can enjoy seeing them flourish.

The most amazing thing about our school garden is that, we allow children to fully demonstrate transplanting and watering of their veggies with the guidance of the garden master, Ebrima Sanneh and they do the rest at their own comfort. Students mostly come to the garden for watering and weeding during school break hours and in a routine format, and they love to see the veggies growing rapidly.

I want to sincerely thank all the students who speared their leisure hours just to come and help in the garden that fully belongs to them.

In Tanji Lower Basic School, we are fully committed to innovating new methods and techniques in different cater of the school to live and promising institution that we all will love at it’s apex.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope 🧅🇬🇲🌱✅

Photos from Tanji  Lower Basic School's post 15/12/2022


End of first term examination kicks start Monday at Tanji Lower Basic School, were students will be assessed in all subjects taught in a period of 3 months, that’s from September to December. Please wish them good luck! 🍀🤞🏽



“The basis of education shouldn’t always be based on strictly reading, writing and doing sums but rather teaching logic. When you teach the children logic, it helps them to become logical thinkers and even when they grow up the culture of logic remains with them.” Lamin Koopmans

Today in grade three (3) red, the topic of discussion is MONEY and SHOPPING and in this very interesting topic it creates an avenue for the children to learn how to take care of a shop and equally come to a shop and do shopping when the need arise. Virtually, this is an idea that grooms children in two folds; one to become a good shopkeeper and second to be good in doing shopping on their own. As the facilitator ( teacher) of the whole process in class, I was deeply touched and felt extremely humbled that very small children can demonstrate freely on their own without someone’s guidance. In a nutshell, it’s a clear testament that they can even be able to go for shopping even while at home alone. I have said this before and will again say it again that, we should not be teaching our children what to think but rather how to think. If you teach children how to think you’re in turn providing them all the necessary details, but if you allow them to think on their own freely you’ve in turn created a suitable environment where they can explore their potentials.

The LOGIC in this topic is that, children are taught how to use their monies wisely while doing shopping and also discourage the lavish culture of shopping!

Sending all my keen followers and well-wishers a hearty thanks and gratitude from the other side of the Atlantic The Gambia, Tanji.

The name of the school is Tanji Lower Basic School and we have an official page on which you can follow and know all the latest happenings inside the classroom and of course outside. So feel free to give it a like and enjoy our comportment at the highest level.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope 💴🛍🇬🇲



Poetry can be a powerful teaching tool, helping students improve their literacy. It can also allow writers to express their emotions and allow readers to connect to those emotions. Poetry is also connected to aesthetics, or the exploration of what is beautiful in the world.

Poetry, like any other form of artistic creation, is one of the pillars of the humanities. By following the paths of emotion, sensitivity and the imagination, the poem transmits knowledge and human values. Better still, it shapes the human being, body and soul.

“Creating a suitable platform that brings out the best out of kids should be a matter of not when and how but rather must.” Thus, a highly motivated and passionate kids group that goes by the name "TANJI LOWER BASIC SCHOOL ON A MISSION " has taken up the right track to lead and this is certainly the other half of the end product". Lamin Koopmans

It makes me feel so much jocund and excited to see young spirited students reading high touching poems that can touch even the heart of a stranger passing by- it’s a great sign that education is taking it’s cause in the aforementioned institution thanks to the committed teachers and patents who allowed us to mould their children in such an exciting way.

If you want to see more exciting performance from the children of Tanji Lower Basic School, please kindly visit the school premises tomorrow afternoon to get yourself entertained with all kind of musics, dramas, comedy, miming and freestyle dance by both students and teachers respectively. A historic day awaits tomorrow!

Slogan: Tanji Lower Basic School On The Move 🎤✍️♥️👏📚

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The school for the poor pupils The school for the poor pupils
Foni Bondali

This is community school that need help

Kembujeh Nursery And  Lower Basic School Kembujeh Nursery And Lower Basic School
Kembujeh Makasutu Highway

The main purpose of the page is for unification of both ex, current students and teachers, to give out information about what happens in the school, to make links with outsiders

Tawfic Islamic School Tawfic Islamic School
Brikama, Gunjur High Way

Tawfic Islamic institute is one of the best Arabic institute in the Gambia.

Empowerment for child education Empowerment for child education
Brikama Sanneh
Brikama, 00220

This page is to empower the education of the children as we all know the children are the future lea

bubaluqman_njie bubaluqman_njie
Farato West Coast

Help volunteers to Donate blood 🩸 safe life of a baby and mother

$Sarjo19 $Sarjo19

MY name is Sarjo a young Gambian boy working very hard to make ends meet.

Education Students Association-UTG Education Students Association-UTG
Brikama Nyambai

The Education students' Association of the University of The Gambia, is the umbrella body of all stu

Madarasatu At-Tahfeez Masjid Sheikh Fatty Madarasatu At-Tahfeez Masjid Sheikh Fatty

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah

It World-Net Academy-Brikama It World-Net Academy-Brikama
Brikama, <>

This is an internet cafe located in Brikama town west coast, where we provide internet services, pri

Sheikh Kandaffeh Colley Islamic Institute Sheikh Kandaffeh Colley Islamic Institute

Sheikh Kandaffeh Colley Islamic Institute, was established in 1995 by the late Sh. Kandaffeh Colley.

Maahad ICT club Maahad ICT club

The club is created to help young people to learn the basic of computing...