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Photos from National Youth Parliament-The Gambia 1's post 18/11/2023

Today, we successfully conducted a march past to pay homage to young lives lost at sea. We also called on the government and stakeholders to take measures to curb by providing meaningful job opportunities for our youth and making them a national priority.

Hon. Abdou Bah, Head of the NYP’s Standing Committee on Youth Employment, Enterprise and Migration, who led this initiative, said it's high time that government has taken action and save our youth by providing quality jobs with good wages.

Deputy Speaker, Hon. Ndegen Jobe, in her speech called on the National Assembly to prioritize youth in the National budget as the 2024 budget session begins. She reiterated NYP’s commitment to ensuring that young people are empowered and provided with meaningful job opportunities.

The National Youth Parliament is committed in advocating for youth empowerment by calling on the government to Provide decentralized employment opportunities for young people, as well Increase the salary of civil servants to discourage irregular migration and brain drain.

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Following the laying of the report, Speaker Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta reminded the House of the importance of this report, urging all Hon. Members to carefully examine it and engage in constructive consideration with a serious approach.

Subsequently, Member of Old Yundum, Hon. Abdoulie Ceesay, moved a motion for the report to be referred to the FPAC for detailed consideration.

The motion was seconded by the Member for Upper Niumi.


The Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Seedy Keita, laid the Report of the Auditor General on the audited Financial Statements of the Central Government of The Gambia for the year ended 31st December 2020.

While laying the report, he emphasized that there has been improvement in the government financial statement.


Today at the NA, the Finance Minister will move a motion for the House to consider the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for Fiscal Year 2024.

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Hon. Bukary Gaye, our Sabach Sanjal representative, invited to lead the Kani Tenda Youth Congress, emphasized on the pivotal role of the youth in governance.

He outlined opportunities for active involvement in youth leadership, sparking a dialogue on shaping the community's future.


As we honor the lives lost to , 📢 Join the KM Youth Parliament in a peaceful march on Saturday, 18th Nov, 8:30 AM, from Bambo to Westfield Monument.

We urge the Government to take swift action, while calling on all stakeholders to synergize efforts to advance youth development and employment.

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Earlier today, we had a productive meeting with the Inspector General of Police to explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration in implementing crucial Security Sector Reforms and addressing hate speech and cyberbullying in our society.

We further discussed mechanisms to foster CSO and Police relations, thereby recognizing the importance of their harmonious coexistence.

Additionally, we submitted resolutions derived from our previous National Sittings to the IGP, emphasizing our commitment to fostering positive change and promoting peace and security in the Gambia.

During the discussion, the IGP outlined the need for more sensitization on the role and responsibilities of the police, emphasizing that for effective policing, they cannot work alone; there needs to be collaboration.

He assured us of their commitment to working with the in sensitizing the public, thus complementing their efforts in the areas of community policing for National Development.


Hon. Foday Member for Basse calls for a collective discussion among all stakeholders to address the critical issue of Female Ge***al Mutilation/Cutting .

Synergising efforts to end this harmful practice and protect the rights of women and girls💪✊

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Yesterday, we had the honor of meeting the Vice President, where we discussed issues concerning young people, including irregular migration. We also presented the Resolutions from the First Ordinary Session of the National Youth Parliament in the 2023 Legislative Year, which included measures to be put in place by the government to curb irregular migration and prioritize youth in all its endeavors.

During the discussions, our Speaker, Hon. Omar Cham, emphasized the need for the government to come up with urgent measures to empower youth and restore hope in them to curb irregular migration.

VP Jallow outlined ongoing plans by the government to empower the youth, assuring their inclusion in the implementation process of the Recovery Focused National Development Plan.

The National Youth Parliament remains committed to advocating for issues affecting young people through engagement with stakeholders and policymakers.

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Following intense discussions and debates on youth matters, we held a press briefing today to announce our resolutions from the national sittings.

We call upon the and to prioritize youth as national concerns, integrating them into all aspects of the National Development Plan and other national frameworks.

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Earlier today, the Deputy Speaker Ndegen Jobe was hosted at Eye Africa TV to discuss the recent Irregular Migration tragedy in The Gambia.

During the interview, she discussed the role the NYP is playing in advocating for policies that would create meaningful job opportunities, aiming to avert unprecedented migration.

She mentioned the resolutions passed by the NYP from the recently concluded National Sittings, calling on the government and other stakeholders to prioritize young people and consider them in all aspects of development.

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This week Members of our 8️⃣ Standing Committees convened to develop a workplan for 2024.
This process is quite important to ensure the inclusion of inputs from all areas of intervention of the

This workplan will guide our operations throughout the year of 2024 and beyond.

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Yesterday, the and NAMs came together for a meet & greet session. This gathering aimed to foster collaboration and partnership between these stakeholders, as they work towards achieving the

During the event, the NYP and NAMs had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other’s work and responsibilities. This interaction helped to build support systems and establish a foundation of understanding and trust between the NYP and policymakers.

As policy advocates, it is crucial for us to engage with and gain the support of policymakers. By establishing these connections and fostering collaboration, we can enhance the work we do in our respective constituencies and contribute towards the achievement of the and many other commitments.


It’s a wrap! 👏🏾 Following a productive 3-day session and the adoption of resolutions, the Youth Parliamentarians will now head back to their respective constituencies.

Throughout this event, we witnessed incredible debates among young people, who passionately discussed and addressed the issues that directly impact youth in their communities.

Their commitment and dedication to finding solutions and advocating for positive change were truly inspiring. We are confident that the outcomes of this Youth Parliament will have a lasting impact on the lives of young people across the nation. 🌟


The Speaker of the National Assembly graciously acknowledged the presence of the National Youth Parliament and commended the incredible work we have been doing. He encouraged all members to continue addressing the pressing issues that affect young people, emphasizing the importance of being non-partisan and contributing to the overall development of youth in The Gambia.

The National Youth Parliament would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire staff of the National Assembly for their unwavering support over the years. Their technical expertise and assistance during our sittings have been invaluable in ensuring the success of this event. We sincerely appreciate their dedication and commitment to empowering the youth of our nation. 🙏🏾


The member for Brikama North and the Minority Leader Hon. Alhagie Darboe underlined that the Bill should have undergone proper consultation with the victims and not institutions.


“I am in full support of the Victims Reparations Bill. This bill is very progressive, but I would like the Minister of Justice to tell us how inconclusive this bill was in terms of consultation." - NAM for Banjul North.


No government exists without victims. Did Jammeh torture people from the start? Even the current government has victims. Gambians await accountability." - Hon. Amie Colley, Foni Brefet Member.


“This Bill should have come much earlier, I am not against the Reparations Bill, my only issue is to force it on us. This Bill has been there for seven years and now you want us to treat it as certificate of urgency”- NAM For Serek***a west.


During her submission on the Reparations Bill, the Member for Banjul South, Hon. Fatoumata Njie, stated:

"I support this bill, but I disagree with the way it has been presented to us as members. The urgency with which the president brought forward this bill has been misused. I don't see it as an urgent matter. Yes, the bill is crucial for the community, but it should follow the correct procedure. It feels rushed to us for passing, possibly enabling more embezzlement. My stance on this bill is for it to return to the various committees of the house.”

She added that;

“This is why most of us voted 'no' for this bill—not because we oppose reparations, but because it should adhere to the right procedure. We are still awaiting full disclosure of the proceedings, and this is why some of us voted 'no'."


Since 31 members of the house voted 'yes' for the first reading of the Victims Reparation Bill, while 14 voted ‘No’, the Minister for Justice moved motion for the second reading of the aforementioned Bill.


We are back in the NA Chamber to observe the First Extraordinary Session of the National Assembly in the 2023 Legislative Year.

Below is the Order Paper.

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Today our Members are here at the National Assembly chambers to observe the first Session of the 2023 legislative year.
Today the House will look at the ff Bills;

➡️ The Victims Reparations Bill, 2023

➡️ The Ban from Public Office (TRRC) Bill, 2023.


We join the rest of the country to mourn 😔

Our hearts go out to the families affected by the tragic loss of Gambian youth in the recent tragedy. It’s time to address the root causes and provide better opportunities for our youth.


"We have observed instances in which young individuals encountered circumstances that had the potential to lead to violence, but instead, they opted for peaceful dialogues to ensure the preservation of peace and security.

The significance of the youth's contribution to the maintenance of peace and security cannot be understated. I suggest that the government should actively include young people in matters pertaining to peace and the resolution of conflicts; He added.

Member for Latrik***a Sabiji


Everyone should be interested in because its absence can cause a collateral damage. The government should create a platform to listen to voice of the youth in terms of plans and strategies in building and maintaining peace in the country.

Member for Brikama South


Moving on to the final motion of the day;

"Be it resolved that this august Assembly do consider
and adopt the motion for the Government to involve youth in reconciliation and peace building processes and maintenance of security of the State"
Tabled by the Female Rep- URR


Moving on to the second of the day.
Hon. Member for Kombo South moved a motion for the August Assembly to consider and adopt the motion for the government to take measures to enhance youth employment and curb irregular migration.


is just a culture and culture is a mindset that can be change. It has no good effect and this inhumane treatment should be stopped. FGM has no good effects!

Member - Jeshwang Hon. Fatoumata Daffeh


Nominated Member - WCR Hon. Sarata Ceesay I’m her submission underlined that;

“I don't understand why men think they know women issues more than women. Looking at this country, if the women’s Act is properly implemented all these problems would have been solved.”


Women and girls live matter and I believe this house should talk about the dangers FGM. Looking at our generation, you will believe that men have no empathy for women. We should all go back to our constituencies and advocate to . Member for Sabach Sanjal.

will never support and even if you’re paying me millions, I will never support FGM. We are not here to make noise, and I am in support of anyone against this practice; he added.

Photos from National Youth Parliament-The Gambia 1's post 31/10/2023

Good morning from the NA🇬🇲

On Matters of the Day; the Member for Latrik***a Sabiji moved the motion - Government's responsibility to protect the right of women and girls against FM/C and all forms of harmful practices.

Photos from National Youth Parliament-The Gambia 1's post 31/10/2023

On Today's Session, Members will debate on the ff .

➡️Protection of the right of women and girls against FGM/C and all forms of violation.

➡️Enhance youth employment to curb irregular migration.

➡️Involvement of youth in reconciliation and peace building processes.


The highlight of todays session is having the Senior NAMs observe deliberations of the junior parliamentarians.

Photos from National Youth Parliament-The Gambia 1's post 30/10/2023

As we conclude today's session, Members have adopted the motion that Government should amend the 1997 Constitution and provide a that will enhance Women’s participation in leadership and governance.

99% of Members voted for, while 1% voted against.


Hon. Sarata while whining the motion stressed that;
“NYP as an institution has provided a quota system for women. Look at their membership, it has high number of women representation, the secretariat as well. This is show how committed the institution is in empowering women."


"Why should men question our capacity? If any man thinks that way, let them stay back home and do the home chores. They want to decide what we do but they will not support us equally as we are doing to them."

Hon. Nominated member for URR:


Hon. Fatoumata Daffeh Member for Jeshwang said;
“I believe the reasons why women are lacking behind is because of the mindsets we have. Many believe women only belong to the kitchen. This quota system should be enacted to enhance women participation in leadership.


Nominated Member for WCR, Hon. Sarata, moved the second motion for the house to Consider and Adopt the motion for the Government to Amend the 1997 Constitution and provide a that will enhance Women’s Participation in Leadership and Governance in the Gambia.


"If we keep calling for the young people to be prioritized then we have to be consistent because you cannot talk about prioritizing youths and also marginalizing women who formed 50% of the population.

Deputy Speaker - Hon. Ndegen Jobe

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