Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School

Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School



A Charity Foundation Help Gambian Children that has been helpful since 2012 and build a renowned Nursery School named: Big Tree Nursery School in Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School , Faraba . The Foundation now comparisse of Germans and other European nationalists. It has established numerous schools , particularly nursery across the country.

Today Monday the 9th of May , the foundation coordinator Lady Kira Dalton and Mr. Kemo Bah awarded a fat prize to the most outstanding boy and girl in grade nine(9) in the present of the school Principal, Vice-Principals and other members of staff. The two most bright pupils were awarded certificates and a cash prize that amount to five thousand dalasis. (D5000). This cash is aim to take care of the educational demands of these pupils upon completing their Gambia Basic Certificate Examination (GABECE) in September. This prizes are always awarded to the most outstanding students in grade nine almost at the end of every term/academic year.

The two pupils both scored aggregate seven (7)in the first term assessment test . Both students are promising to keep up the good momentum that they’ve started. The Principal of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School, Mr. Lamin Sanneh thank the donors and expressed his delight in ensuring that students will get on producing positive results for the school.

The headboy of the said school closes the gathering by once again thank the donors for the excellent and helpful services they’ve been rendering in the country.

If lot is given lot is expected, kudos to the students for the incredible performance. Hard work always pays off!

The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education has rescheduled The Gambia Basic Education Certificate Examination (GABECE)and The Gambia Assessment Test (NAT) .

However, concerning the crisis going down at the Fonis , the Ministry has decided to rescheduled the examination for grade Nine, Eight and Five respectively . This was done the enable the affected schools to regain the contact hours lost during this period.

The rescheduled date did not shocked the Teachers and students of the schools since the previous date was pretty much prompt and numerous topics were not covered. This will give room for the uncovered to be covered by the teachers so as to enhance a much greater performance this year.
Hi guy's how are you all
Earlier last week, the Administration of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School in collaboration with the governing Committee of the Prefectorial council decorated 46 School councilors from Grade 4 to Grade 9.

This decorative event is meant to add value to their daily duties as well as establishing recognition and acknowledgement.
Kudos Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School Ex-Students' Association.

The Excursion Trip Schedule for Today 7th March 2020.

Students of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School totaling to over 195 students from grades 5, 6, 8 and 9
Over 195 students from the grades 5, 6, 8 and 9 of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School are embarking on an excursion trip to the Greater Banjul Area.

A trip that would take the attendees from the 6th to the 8th March 2020.
We are pleased to launch the Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's page and happily welcoming all of you that have hit the like button to join our first media gateway. Either you like the page because the school is your alma mater, you are a native of Faraba or the surrounding communities, you are or once a teacher, or you just like the school; we are saying thank you for your decision.

The page is open for any school-related agenda and here are its main objectives.
* To keep its followers posted on the activities running in the school.
* To interact with the school's well wishers on any agenda.
* To keep records of some of the school's activities
* To spread the name of the school as far as it can possibly get.
* And finally, to share some of the problems faced by the school to its follower for assistance.

We urge all of you to spread the name of the page by sharing it among your Facebook friends or others so they can also have the opportunity to follow and share.

Be informed, you can send us message at any time.

Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School is a public school in Faraba Banta Village, and it was established i

Operating as usual


Hello Colleagues,

As per the concluded WASSCE exams , there is an increased number of students who pass Mathematics and a decreased in English language. What are the reasons for this , you might think? I thought students always decry their problems in Mathematics but according to the MOBSE press release, there is a downward trend in English. What’s your take on this?

Share your thoughts!


My journey, my Profession !

In the world of work, we each find our place,
A profession's path, our unique chase.
With skills and passion, we pave the way,
Creating futures, day by day.
From teachers to doctors, artists to engineers,
Professions diverse, soothing human fears.

In every career, a purpose we find,
A chance to leave our mark behind.
So chase your dreams, with heart and soul,
In your chosen profession, reach your goal.

For in our work, we find our art,
And do our best on this earth
Even if we’re miles apart ,
Continue Crafting a life, a meaningful part.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 07/08/2023

Our School’s Principal bid us farewell!

Our venerable school principal, Mr Lamin Sanneh has successfully completed two academic years in Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School. He has been transferred to Kuloro Upper and Senior Secondary School.

We had a fascinating administration and numerous developments were registered on his leadership spell which includes but is not limited to; the recent unprecedented results, registration of GABECE examination subjects (Literature and Home Economics) construction of a masjid among other things. How we wish to continue working with him.

We thank him wholeheartedly for the achievements that he has made during his short tenure in the school. He always gives a listening ear to anyone that approaches him. We could gladly say, he has all the leadership charisma.

We pray for Mr Sanneh to continue rendering his utmost service to The Gambian communities and the country at large.

Mr Sanneh, we are going to miss you and the pain of losing you will stay with us each and every day.

Farewell, good MASTER!

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 29/07/2023

Photo session, Album 2

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 29/07/2023

Photo session, Album 1

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 29/07/2023

Hello Everyone,

Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School has closed school this Wednesday 26th July, 2023.

It was yet another successful academic year. Both internal and external examinations were conducted successfully. We still hope and pray that this year’s results would be exceptional and much better than last year’s even though the former was unprecedented in the history of the school.

Meanwhile, there would also be summer classes for both the upper and lower basic school. Interviews and intake for grades 1& 7 will be conducted on Monday 31st July 2023.

On behalf of the staff of the school, we thank you for your usual cooperation and be assured that we will keep serving the community to the best of our ability to ensure effective and efficient teaching and learning processes in the school.

At your service, we remain.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 05/12/2022

Congratulations to Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School.

Faraba Banta grabbed 1st&3rd position in the Kombo East Teacher’s Galla Spelling Bee Competition .👍

As the Kombo East Teachers’ Galla was premiered at Kafuta Upper Basic School on Saturday the 3rd December , 2022.

Participants of this competition includes schools in the Kombo East District Lower Baisc namely Faraba Banta ,Kafuta , Kuloro, Kufuta Tumbung , Tubakuta ,and Pirang respectively.
Meanwhile, the UBS schools include Kafuta , Faraba, Kuloro and Jiboro.
The LBS participants were given 500 words while the UBS were supplied with 400 words .

However after a tough tie competition, Faraba LBS grabbled first position. The architect of this well deserved victory were Sulayman Jallow and Assan L Bojang .

Elsewhere in the UBS , Isatou Marreh and Amie Bajo fought tooth and nail to give a replica of their juniors performance but a narrowly mispronunciation of words led to their drop down to the 3rd place .
All participants were rewarded with certificates and fat prizes .

On Monday the 5th of December, the children assembled to cheer up the tremendous work that the ever promising pupils have achieved. Also the participants were duly handed their certificates and prizes just to enhance motivation.

As the saying goes , learning doesn’t stop at the four corners of the classroom. The lesson well was thoroughly deciphered.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 19/10/2022

Happening now at Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School.
The big tree at the back of primary school suddenly fell on the class causing serious panic among students, teachers and villagers.

No injuries was sustained but serious damages were registered.


Good morning !

Here is the expenditure of the fund that was received so as to to get Abdourahman’s schooling on and running!


We have successfully enrolled Abdourahman at Maahad Senior Secondary School .

He has received a packet of exercise books, badges,two set of uniforms, calculator, school T-shirt.
We also bought him shoes .

Partially, his school materials are settled.

More is need for him to smoothly run his educational career. Our doors are always open for donors . No amount is small .
Thanks to everyone who has made this happen in one way or the other.


The World still have good people!

I write to appreciate all efforts made to put a smile on Abdourahman’s face. When we posted his ordeals, I knew fully well that it must touch a good man’s heart.
Ever since we posted about Abdourahman’s financial constraints that were about to cripple his educational career, positive responses have been warmly received. However, people from in and outside the country have taken healthy steps to remedy the boy’s schooling challenges.

To start with, I must say the people of Faraba have really shown what it meant to be a native. I decided to limit the post only to this platform because I knew fully well that someone from here would give a helping hand. I knew this story would emotionally touch a good man’s heart. This was the sole reason why the post wasn’t forwarded to other social media outlets. And so, our guesses were right! We received immediate responses at the very moment the message was communiqué on this page. It was really an immediate concern for all and almost everyone has rendered their support in one way or the other. We all appreciated all efforts to mitigate the boy’s frustrations and I pray that the Almighty Allah continues to strengthen the unity, peace, and harmony of this village.

Teachers of Faraba also, deserve a tap on the back! They have tried tremendously well to ensure other problems most notably the accommodation of Abdourahman were taken care of. It’s been a great concern for all teachers due to the plain fact that the boy ran his nine years of education in their hands. Quick responses and pledges were made by teachers who want to remain anonymous. We appreciate your kindness too.

Abdourahman’s parents, are soaked in joy and have expressed thanks and appreciation to everyone that has in any way contributed to the welfare of their son. “I am out of words, I don’t have anything to pay you guys but may the Almighty Allah reward anyone who invested even a single dalasi in brightening my son’s future “ his father concluded.

To sum up, we are glad to say, most of the problems concerning Abdourahman’s worries about being enrolled in a school have been solved. He will be starting possibly on Thursday and he will be studying pure science as he always wanted.
We are still seeking more donors and until his entire senior secondary school expenses are covered, the doors to help remain open.
Thank you.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 15/10/2022

That’s Abdourahman Jallow and his impressive GABECE EXAMINATION result.!


Please help Abdourahman !

Abdourahman is a promising student who bagged an excellent result in this past GABECE examination. He was part Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School’s best students. He scored aggregate fourteen(14).

He’s currently sitting at home because of this reasons: Abdourahman’s intention is go to Nursrat Senior Secondary School to study Science (Engineering) . He is unable to join his batch mates due to financial constraints. And also, he didn’t have accommodation around the intended choice of school.His father said he cannot afford to pay for the boy’s school expenses and therefore has no other choice but asked him(Abdourahman) to repeat grade nine(9) despite achieving this wonderful performance just to prevent him from becoming a dropout.

Lost in thought , Abdourahman sits at home frustrated while his colleagues are enjoying their new schools.

To help Abdourahman curb this difficult situation , kindly contact his mother on : 2828166/ 379 7455 or his sister on 261 8749. Abdourahman can be an asset to this country in the near future.


Act before Action!

It is generally agreed that this country (The Gambia)really needs help. Most of the dubious acts that do normally occur in our dear Motherland is unprecedented. The broad daylight robbery, the increasing corruption, the infant mortality ,the unimaginable brutal murders just to name a few. These and many other unusual calamities hit the country so hard.

How do we react to this alarming situation? What are the immediate actions that should be taken to curb this uncalled for situation?
Sadly , we Gambians don’t normally figure out solutions to problems when they emerge but only are fond of pointing out accusing fingers to the government of the day . We only sit at one corner and continuously blaming the government without taking any action. Most of us are dragged by the selfish write ups made by the so-called activist and “Join the list” ( journalist ) that are only looking for cheap popularity.We sometimes feel so lazy to get to the root of the matter and courageously keep on blaming people without proper findings.

We only know things that happened when disaster occurs. Very little do we mind finding out what’s going on in our country unless and until allegations are made mentioned. All this while the blame game is on the President’s speech and the Health minister is singled out to blame on the 66 children that lost their lives amid the Cough and Paracetamol syrups . We only blame them for some time and as time goes by we tend to forget about what has happened and move on.

How many times do makes findings about what is happening in others ministries or public offices? They might be doing worst than the Health minister who is on the limelight . We need to find out first before putting our accusing fingers at others . Let’s not solely depend on hearsay’s , that’s sometimes misleading and can cause chaos .

However, all what should be done now is to enlighten the general public to desist from giving this mentioned syrups to their children and those that already started it should immediately report to the nearest health center for examination.

Let’s bring out solutions to problems first then later we can decide to punish or pardon culprits for any form of negligence. We should focus on solving problems rather than castigating accused persons. I’m not defending the Health minister nor PORG what I’m trying to put across is that let’s solve the problem then later play the blame game.

Always act before actions, the blame game won’t solve anything at all.



Celebrating World Teachers Day!

Happy World Teachers Day!

As we celebrate yet another day of teachers, the innumerable roles that teachers play in national development cannot be spaced out. As Nana Grey Johnson said and I quote “ Education is a tool without which all effort is futile “ Teachers play a pivotal role in educating and shaping the pupils’ future. They train, they inspire, they guide, motivate,they counsel, they perform virtually all the roles help in bettering and brightening a child’s future. Teachers play the most important part in the development of a child from Kindergarten to senior school.
In most cases ,a teacher knows a child much better than even their parents. They can give out their last penny just to put a smile on a child’s face. Being a teacher is the most noble and professional occupation as it is always said.

Teaching is not as easy as it seems to be. As the reward is unearthly . Nobody can pay a teacher irrespective of the hand-to -mouth wages that they are given at the end of every month . A teacher can only be compensated, encouraged and motivated. Sadly, enough in The Gambia particularly, teachers are not given the least of encouragement that they deserve. What most teachers face in schools is debilitating and horrifying. They are never the problem, the problem is always coming from the top “orders” .A teacher might feel so much exhausted and irritated by orders passed by the top authorities and yet his tiredness is always washed away at the instant he/she gets inside the classroom. The bright faces of learners always rejuvenate their strength to continue.

It is not what anybody would think teaching is. Not everyone can become a teacher. The teacher most giver , who gives and wouldn’t expect much in return.
As we celebrate these nation builders today, how many of us would send our teachers a message thanking them on their job well done? Whatsoever be the case , whether you’re a teacher or not , your mind would touch a person who has played an unforgettable role in making you who you’re today . That person is a TEACHER!



Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 30/09/2022



On Monday the 9th May I posted two students who did tremendously well in their first term examination.They were in turn awarded fat prizes by a Charity foundation coordinated by Mr Kemo Bah and Kira Danton. These two students bagged out the best aggregate in the first term examination. Each of them was awarded a prize of five thousand dalasis. (D5000)And also an alleged was made that their senior school educational matters would be taken care of .

Today the 30th of September ,these two students namely Kalipha Camara and Isatou Drammeh bagged out the same aggregate eleven(11) in this year’s GABECE examination.

Isn’t this astonishing?This is why we always say “Hard work pays off”

Congratulations to Kalipha and Isatou I will be definitely missing your company and good luck to your endeavors.


Hello everyone !

We will like to update the page with the latest GABECE results for 2021/22

Our head boy Sulayman Barry is top for now with aggregate 08 .

Others are yet to collect theirs but this years GABECE results are by far better than last years . We thank the teachers, administrations and Parents.

As teachers we’ll continue to serve this community wholeheartedly. We need your support and encouragements!

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 19/09/2022

Schools have resumed in Region two (2) and four (4)in The Gambia

The 2022/23 academic year has begun today the 19th of July , 2022. The first week of the academic year started this beautiful Monday morning in region two (2) and four(4) in The Gambia. However, despite the Queen’s coffin bidding farewell in London , schools in region two and four resumes today .

It’s a public holiday in London so this greatly affected the turnout of students. Many have the notion that in as much as a Queen died , schools will observe her Majesty’s demise.

We welcome all students to yet another beginning of the journey. We hope and pray that all students will join the rest to set the ball rolling.

All parents of students and everyone that’s has in one way or the other came in contact with Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School, we are saying that schools resume today.

Sent your children to school for it’s about time.



It’s exactly six days to go for the resumption of schools. We hope to resume school on the 19th of September, 2022.

We hope that both teachers and students as well as parents have enjoyed the holidays.
We hope and pray to have a successful reopening of schools . Also we hope and pray that our grade nine (9)students that sat to the GABECE examination will come out with flying colours Ameen .

Looking forward to seeing the bright faces of students with their incessant noises .

Enjoy the rest of the limited holiday!


Refreshing William Shakespeare’s plays !

“ I am not what I am “ Iago “ Othello

“There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face “ Duncan “ Macbeth

“And from hour to hour we ripe and ripe, from hour to hour we rot and rot “ Jacques : As You Like it ”

“This gentleman, the Prince’s near ally , my very friend,has got his mortal hurt on my behalf, Tybalt who an hour has been my cousin. Oh ! Sweet Juliet thy beautiful has made me effeminate “ Romeo: Romeo and Juliet “

Drop your favorite Shakespeare’s quotes below ✍️


FBBCS invites you to its class of 2022 graduation ceremony

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 17/02/2022

The 2022 school trip was a success thanks to the school administration who supported the trip in many ways. Thanks to all the teachers that sacrificed their weekend and took all the risks to guide the students throughout the trip. Special thanks to the parents and guardians that funded the entire trip and for having the trust in the teachers who were with them. Other special thanks are reserved for the Alkalo of Faraba Banta for his support of the trip. Thanks to all the students for being obedient to all the instructions given to them during the trip. Also, a big thanks go to both public and private places that opened their doors for us with patients and hospitality.
The above mentioned circle contributed immensely in equipping both the students and teachers with firsthand information on what had been learned in the classroom and seen on tv.
Enjoy the pictures below.


Our best English spellers from the lower sector. They amazed everyone 👏🏾


Meet Isatou Bah, she is the runner-up to the French spelling bee competition.


Meet our best French speller Halimatou Jallow


It is with the saddest regret that Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School announce the demise of our recently retired principal, Mr. Laity Bahoum on 8th November 2021 in Faraba.
Mr. Laity Bahoum has been a valued member of our team since he joined us at the beginning of the last academic year and he will be missed by both the students and staff of the school. Please put Mr. Bahoum’s family in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time.
May Allah grant him Jannah.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 08/10/2021

On Thursday 7th October 2021, Andrew Demba and Rose Therese Demba together with their partners in Belgium through the coordination of Mr. Lamin Darboe presented learning materials like school bags and stationary to 25 students of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School. This was another edition of such a great presentation after a year break due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
The ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Sanneh the school principal, the two vice principals, the chairman, staff members, parents, and students. Both of the speakers expressed their gratitude to the donors and spoken about how such actions are needed by the school.
More students, more facilities, more areas, more departments, and more aspects need supports like this and any other assistance.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 13/09/2021

Schools open Monday, September 20th. Get your kids ready for the 2021-2022 school year.


The journey that Mr. Musa Laity Bahoum, the principal of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School took in 1985 came to an end after a 36 year of glimmering teaching career. He spent the most productive part of his life building the future of this country, he taught in multiple schools and various categories of students.
We were fortunate to work under him even though it was just a year's journey, we were able to learn a lot from him and achieve a lot of great achievements as a school under his dynamic leadership. Today we celebrate his retirement and wish him a happy life after active service. Thank you Mr. Bahoum 👏🏾

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 16/03/2021

These letters of appreciation goes to Mr Edrissa Jarju (NAWEC), Mr Omar Khan Kujabi (Alkalo) and Mr Nfansu Sanyang for their massive contributions to the success of the recent School trip (excursion). The trip would be narrated differently without their massive assistance and the school will forever be grateful of such generous responses.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 06/03/2021

The 2021 gardening season is underway and our agricultural science department is doing a great job coordinating the school gardening program. A hungry society is a lot but not a happy society.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 20/12/2020

The Faraba Banta Basic School Sports Department presenting a Bluetooth speaker with a pair of mic to the Administration.
The speaker is going to be very helpful in school assemblies, school based programs, meetings and many other occasions.
Thanks to the Sports Department for its consistent support to the school.

Photos from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School's post 03/12/2020

Good Afternoon from Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School.
Just look how beautiful their bag packs are, thanks to ‘School in a bag’ foundation.


Official Announcement!!
The Principal of Faraba Banta Basic Cycle School, Mr Kitabu Konteh has been transferred from the school to Kunkujang Keitaya Upper Basic School in Yundum cluster. This information was sent by him to the school’s staff WhatsApp group and it was indeed felt greatly by the entire staff.
Mr Konteh is a hardworking man who succeeded his predecessor in a very unusual way and managed to leave behind a well structured and organised institution. We are all wishing him well in life and in his future endeavours.
We will miss you greatly Mr Konteh!

We will update you when we know the incoming principal, thanks.


It’s been a rocky road through the academic year due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Schools have been closed countrywide and teaching and learning have been entirely disrupted.
Even though things are still frightening throughout the country specifically. We are pleased to inform you all that our grade nines are now on their transitional exams.
We are reminding all the students and parents to strictly follow the WHO guidelines and stay safe.
Good luck to you all on your exams!


As schools have been closed and will remain that way at least for a while. I urge all parents and guardians to continue monitoring their children’s daily engagements with their books. A conducive learning environment can be created within our homes were the senior ones can be helping the young ones to keep their learning spirits up.
Regarding the grade nines who can be taking their GABECE exams anytime from resumption of schools. We are discussing about a virtual WhatsApp classes were some important topics will be discussed. Stay alerted you will be informed if anything comes up.

Limit your movements and keep washing your hand frequently.
Your teachers miss you!




Beware of coronavirus. Protect yourself and those around you.

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Meet Isatou Bah, she is the runner-up to the French spelling bee competition.
Meet our best French speller Halimatou Jallow






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