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Bijilo Lower Basic School

Bijilo Lower Basic School is a household name in The Gambia. The school has produced tens of thousan

Operating as usual

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 17/10/2022


After many years of rendering a selfless service to Bijilo Lower Basic School and Bijilo village by extension, I’m finally and officially saying goodbye to the school and the community.

Bijilo LBS is a school that is so dear to me and I wish I could continue serving the school for many more years to come but unfortunately my professional status necessitated my transfer to a new school. Resultantly, starting from Today Monday 17th of October 2022, I will begin a new phase of my teaching career as a Graduate Teacher (English Language) at Greater Banjul Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in Fajara.

It’s a moment of mix feelings for me, starting with an overwhelming sense of deep sadness that I’m saying goodbye to the most adorable colleagues and pupils but glad that I am leaving after I had impacted and positivity shaped the lives of thousands of children; an achievement that beams so much pride in me..

I have no scintilla of doubt that my Bijilo experience is going to be the highlight of my teaching career.
I don’t think I would ever have a similar experience in my career again that’s as overwhelming as that of Bijilo. On every school day I wake up looking rejuvenated and excited because I know I’m going to an environment where quality teaching and learning are prioritized, teachers idolized and pupils magnified.

So be it, it’s sacrosanct and ideal that I acknowledge and appreciate the support and contribution of people who are instrumental to my professional development during my years of teaching at Bijilo LBS.

Thus, I first extend my gratitude to all the teachers that I crossed path with during my time at the school. You have all in one way or the other supported and encouraged me to become a better teacher that I’m today. It’s an absolute honor working with you all and I say many thanks to you.

To the head teachers and cluster monitors, especially Mrs. Sainabou Sanneh (HT) and Mr. Alagie Taal (CM), I thank you all for your guidance and mentorship and for being so understanding and flexible with me at some point during my career. Your contributions to my success stories are immeasurable.

To the lovely pupils both present and ex, it has been an exciting and pleasurable experience with you all. I feel proud and honored to have guided, mentored and taught you all. I hope the little knowledge i impact in you will have an everlasting mark on your lives. I can’t thank you all enough, for you have made teaching a hubby for me.

Finally to the beautiful community of Bijilo, most especially my two mother figures, Ya Suwadou Jallow and Madam Isatou Sanyang, I say jerejef and I pray Ya’Allah bless you all abundantly.
You have made Bijilo a home away home for me and I’m already feeling the nostalgia.
The avalanche of love and appreciation I ceaselessly receive from my pupils’ parents is also one thing I will miss the most.

From the bottom of heart I say gracias to you all.
To conclude, I beseech your prayers and good wishes as I set out on on a new adventure in a new environment.

*Mr. Lamin Fatty*


17th September at Bijilo primary school BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY nothing can cool ADVISER THE KING OF BIJILO will be there live PERFORMING my guys let come out and support the thing because kukor mboteh rekk mboteh nga lu borri , ADVISER TO THE TOP

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 03/09/2022


Earlier today the 3rd of September 2022, the Rotary Club of Bijilo, The Gambia launches a construction of toilets facility project at Bijilo Lower Basic school.

The maiden project includes a construction of two toilets blocks of four toilets each.

Speaking at the launching, the president of the Rotary Club of Bijilo, Mr. Momodou Samateh expressed his delight in bringing the project to Bijilo Lower Basic School. He stated that the project was awarded to Bijilo LBS after a successful assessment of the school’s sanitation facilities which reveals the school’s need for new toilet facilities for its pupils.
Mr Samateh further lamented on the specifications of the project which he said will include two toilet blocks of four (4) toilet rooms each. These he said will be accompanied by wash basins and side taps.

The Secretary of the club, Madam Maimuna Williams thanked the school administration for being accommodating and cooperative throughout the whole process leading to the launching of the maiden project. She urge the school to continue the same spirit of commitment in making the project a success. On the side of her club she emphasized her team’s readiness and commitment for a timely and successful ex*****on of the project which she said will precisely take two months from the commencement of the project (5th September, 2022).

On her part, the Head Teacher of Bijilo LBS, Mrs. Bajen Ceesay expressed her profound appreciation and gratitude to the Rotary Club of Bijlo for coming up with such a magnificent project that is geared towards addressing the sanitation needs of the school.

She said the project is apt and timely and that when completed will be one of the success stories in the history of the school.
She promised her office’s continuous support and and collaboration for successful accomplishment of the project.

The low profile ceremony ended with a tour and an official handing over of the project site to the Rotarians.

The end.

Bijilo Lower Basic School
Bijilo Village
September 2022

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 23/06/2022

Excursion pictorial

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 23/06/2022

On Our Annual Edu Trip

During the past weekend we accorded our pupils an indelible memories by taking them on a two day educational field trip to important and historical places within the Kombos.

As customary every year the school avails the Grade 5s and 6s an opportunity to tour some landmark sites in the country. This year the opportune pupils were taken on a tour to some of the most important landmark sites such as Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Centre, Katchically Crocodile Pool, National Museum, National Assembly Building, and Keye kenye Jamangn in Gunjur. These are all perfect spots that can enhance our pupils’ classroom learning.

At Bijilo we bring education to life by taking our pupils beyond the classroom. An experience that would have a life time impact on their educational journey.

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 16/04/2022


A perfect strike of professional and social butterfly. A colleague whose presence in and around the school makes a day super productive, educative, exhortative and fun for all.

Mr. Landing Bah is more than a colleague, he is a friend, a brother and a son to many. The admin and entire staff of Bijilo L.B.S are grateful to you for so many reasons.
Thus on this auspicious day of your life we join the rest of your family and friends to send you our warmest BIRTHDAY wishes.

We pray Ya'Allah the omniscient grant you wisdom, long life and success and may the blessings of this holy month of Ramadan shower on you today and every other day.

You are such a kind and hardworking colleague whose patience, hospitality and generosity is unmatched.
It's an honor working alongside you. Keep being yourself and remain steadfast in doing what you like most, for your kind heart and determination will surely reward you one day.

Once again a blissful Bday to you.

You are loved and cherished.

❤️ From Bijilo Teachers.

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 19/03/2022

It’s our annual Inter-House Competition today and our hardworking and energetic teachers are in their beautiful sport wears ready to make the a success.

Similarly, the pupils some in their athletic wears and some in their fashion dresses were all in high spirits looking forward to the much anticipated event of the year on the school academic calendar.
As customary, the four competing Houses/Kundas, Blue, Green, Red and White were all properly and beautifully positioned at their respective corners of the field. With nice music vibes, all were in jubilant mood; singing, dancing and drumming for their athletes who will be participating in various events.

The events kicked of with track and field events for all categories for both boys and girls in 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m. Musical chair and potato races were also conducted just before the half break.
At the end of the first round of events White led the table by a slim margin of 8 points, followed by Green, Red and Blue occupied the 4th position.

The second part of the competition has showed the houses competitiing in musical chair, sack race, bucket balance and relay.
The day was wrapped up by TEACHERS RACE.

Then the attention shift to the judges who were very professional and impartial in their recordings and calculations. After a careful arithmetic, the results showed little or no changes from the first round results. White House have maintained their momentum and paste and ultimately solidified their position in the first place and in the second position is the Green House, Red also maintained their grip on the unfavorable 3rd spot they held previously while Blue House under the stewardship and guidance of ever energetic and highly spirited Mr. Bah and Oustass Gaye failed to make any improvement in their performance and had to sit at bottom of table. Ironical indeed.

The mighty WHITE HOUSE are the newly crowned 👑 champions of 2022 Inter House Competitions

Congratulations to the entire White House and to every member of staff of Bijilo LBS for making the day a remarkable one.

To our present pupils and ex pupils we say a big thank to you all for making the day a memorable one.

To the administration, we are profoundly grateful for the support and encouragement. This event wouldn’t have been this successful without your support.

Finally our sincere appreciation to all the invited schools, ex-students, guests, and Red Cross for their immense attendance, participation and contributions in making the day a success.

You are all loved and cherish.

Bijilo Lower Basic
Sport Committee

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 14/03/2022

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 14/03/2022

Commonwealth Day Pictorial

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 14/03/2022

It’s Commonwealth Day, and here in Bijilo we uniquely celebrate it in grandeur.

Despite the controversies on the significance and worthiness of celebrating the day, we commemorated it by reflecting on our journey from being a British colony to an independent nation state.
The occasion was also used to manifest and display our cultural identity as a Gambian.

To make the day more colorful and entertaining our pupils also used the event to portray the culture and tradition of other member states, distinctively, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, India and England.

It was indeed a an eye catching display of multi talent by our kids.

Blessed Commonwealth Day from Bijilo LBS to you all.



Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 25/11/2021

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 25/11/2021

Shots from the debate

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 25/11/2021

Shots from the Inter Class Debate


Maimuna Sallah speaking


Abbie Kabba speaking


The Head Mistress Speaking

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 21/11/2021


In our quest to improve the academic standard and public speaking skills of our pupils, the administration with collaborative effort of the indefatigable teachers, on Friday 19th November, 2021 organized an Inter-Class Debate Completion.

As customary, such event is organized termly in every academic year with the sole purpose of preparing pupils to become good critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers and respectable pupils speakers.

Special thanks and appreciations go to the hardworking teachers and pupils for their enormous commitment and participation in making the event a success.
It was indeed intellectually inspiring.

Together we excel as a school.


Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 13/11/2021


Being cognizant of the significance of using appropriate teaching and learning resources in stimulating effective and interactive learning process, the school administration under the stewardship of Mrs. Sainabou L. Sanneh has today the 12 th of November, 2021 organized a day long school based workshop, centered solely on teaching and learning resource production.

The workshop which is one of many to be organized during the course of the academic year, brought together all teachers from different streams; Grade one to Grade six in preparation of aids for respective classes. The exercise is expected to narrow down the void in provision of fitting teaching and learning resources for various lessons that would be taught in class by individual teachers. Similarly, this would help teachers to effectively and aptly deliver their lessons so as to achieve desirable results in their quest to get the best out of their pupils. It is an established fact that every individual has a tendency to forget, thus preparing proper visual teaching aids would permanently help to retain concepts that are being taught.

The event was punctuated with refreshing and scrumptious food which keep the participants motivated and energized throughout.

The administration appreciates the participation and cooperation of all teachers in this vital and timely exercise.

The Management
Bijilo LBS.

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 11/06/2021


It is with immense sorrow and heavy heart to announce to you the untimely demise of our colleague, mother, aunt, and a sister, Mrs. Fatou Jammeh. The sad event occurred last night at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul.

The burial will be done today at Jinak Ka Jatta at 2pm depending on the timely receipt of the body from the mortuary.

Until her demise Madam Jammeh was an exemplary senior teacher, who is loving and devoted. She has served the country with profuse commitment, dedication and patriotism throughout her life long career as an educator.

Her demise has left a big hole in our hearts.

We pray that Ya'Allah forgive all her shortcomings and make make Jannah Tul Fridwaz her final resting place, Ameen.

From the school

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 06/06/2021


Being cognizant of the need to provide continuous professional development training for teachers, Bijilo Lower Basic School under the stewardship of Mrs. Sainabou Sanneh, on Friday 4th June, 2021 organized a school based workshop for its teachers.

The training workshop brought together the general staff of the school, the cluster monitor and other stakeholders in the educational sector.

Numerous areas of professional development were discussed and highlighted, ranging from monitoring and evaluation tools, results analysis, record keeping, scheme and lesson plannings and a guide to writing effective test questions.

The day-long session was very educative and insightful as various presenters proficiently delivered up to expectations on their assigned topics. With certainty, the presentations have inspired, motivated, energized and hiked the competency level of all participants, especially the classroom teachers.

In light of this the administration wishes to profusely thank and congratulate all those who attended and made the day a success. Your cooperation and participation are recognized and appreciated.

Special thanks and gratitude go to the outgoing cluster monitor, MR. ALAGIE TAAL, who has over the years been very supportive and inspiring to not only the admin but the entire staff in general. In the same vein we honorably want to take the opportunity to welcome the incoming cluster monitor MR. CAMARA into the United Bijilo Family.

To the cooks, your efforts didn't go unnoticed and we are saying thank you for nourishing us with the delicious and appetizing bennachin and refreshments.

All in all, without a scintilla of doubt the workshop is effective, inspiring and pedagogically highly relevant.

We hope the knowledge gained will improve the performance level of teachers and Keep them up-to-date in their subject areas and with the revolving educational policies.

Thank you.


Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 24/03/2021

End of second term exam in progress

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 20/03/2021

Presentation of prizes

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 20/03/2021



In the spirit of promoting academic excellence, the finals of the Inter Class Spelling Bee competition was successfully staged on the school campus, today 19th March, 2021.

Today's final followed the round of knockouts where 54 pupils were chosen from Grade 2 to 6 by their respective classes to represent them in the competition. This number has considerably been trickled down to only 20 contestants at the end of the knockouts.

As usual, the contestants were provided with their spelling word lists three days before the final. Often one can see the amazing finalists hanging around trees in the school garden and some hiding in an isolated and discarded building in the school. This manifests the excitement and the queasiness that accompanied the preparations towards the finals.

Undoubtedly, the final is one of it's kind. The lovely ambiance and the gleeful atmosphere created by the cheering fans made the day a memorable one.
Initially it wasn't easy to have an outright winner in each stream as all the contestants were armed to the tooth.
Interestingly, as rounds progress some started to drop and only the champions remained standing.

Each contestant went home with a hefty prize.
The even was wrapped up with presentations of prizes and photo shoots.

Special thanks and gratitude to the school administration for the support and encouragement.

From the organizing committee
Inter Class Spelling Bee Competition
Bijilo L. B.S

Photos from Bijilo Lower Basic School's post 09/03/2021

While it's celebrated virtually in many parts of the world this year, here in The Gambia more specifically in Bijilo, Commonwealth was uniquely celebrated on the school campus in a grand style instead of the traditional tour of the village.
Pupils and teachers of diverse backgrounds showcased their cultural identities in both their dress codes and food. It was a moment of reflection of what actually characterized us before the coming of the so-called colonialists.

Let's have a sight of how it was observed in Bijilo Lower Basic School......


Celebration after making it to the finals.


Madam Camara is a perfect pronouncer. Kudos to her.


It’s getting more and more interesting in Grade 6


Tough competition amongst the Grade 6s. All want to be in the final.

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Maimuna Sallah speaking
Abbie Kabba speaking
The Head Mistress Speaking





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