Jesus Cares International School,Obuasi

Jesus Cares International School,Obuasi


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Indeed Jesus Cares ix having de best cadet #Squad
A trip to 4 #infantry battalion
#mighty forth...
De only skul dat can groom ur ward to become a #future leader*:":#;*
I really...miss ma school.....JesCar made me the way I am today...tnx be to God... Trust in the Lord.
j cares keep shinning

Welcome to the Official Page of "Jesus Cares International School,Obuasi."Not only do we train the children academically,but also morally and spiritually.


Jesus Cares International School,Obuasi


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Pls help me congratulate this young man for his creativity and innovation. As I always say he has a very very fine brain. This he is also imparting to his students. Teaching them to make different designs of beautiful flower pots. Sir Emmanuel we are proud of you. He needs some accolades


Career and Creativity Day. It was fun.


2017 BECE Candidates. To God Be The Glory.

[04/03/17]   I would rather have it said that he lived usefully than he died rich...... Benjamin Franklin
It is very good to make good money but it is far better to make good memories in the heart of people. In the end your life will be measured by your impact, not by your riches.
Money is a measure of your wealth but your usefulness is a measure of your worth. Deep within everyone are the treasures of love and talents to make the world a better place.
Focus on what you can do instead of what you can have. Remember, God will always give you what you need to do what you must do. Have a great week.

[02/03/17]   Whatever you transform certainly transforms you....... Shadrack T. Asiedu.
Life is a boomerang, when you are committed to doing good, your life will be good and when you are committed to doing evil, your life will be evil. When you mess up your environment, your own life becomes a mess up but when you organize the things around you, your life becomes well organized.
Whatever actions you do are first created within yourself, either consciously or subconsciously. In essence, your are the first receipient of your own actions. Whatever you do is first done to you.
Be committed to developing whatever you lay your hands on, for by so doing you are committing to your own development. Have a great day.

[01/26/17]   If you can lead yourself rightly, you can lead everyone else......... Shadrack T. Asiedu
The most difficult person you can ever lead is yourself. Great leaders are those who first live by their own standard of leadership. Out of this birth integrity which is the magnet of trust.
Trust is the pillar that holds every leader, the stronger the trust the stronger the leadership. When the trust is broken, leadership becomes just a position with no influence.
The world thirst for leaders who live by their words; you can be that person. You only have to keep leading even when no one is following because by that you will be leading your own self. Have a great day.

[12/30/16]   Becoming the right person will make you more successful in life than getting the right things........ Shadrack T. Asiedu

You are the root (cause) and your results (effect) are the fruits. A change in results requires an adequate change in the cause. If you can develop yourself well enough in spirit, in character and in mind, your results would be amazingly successful. Keep moving. Enjoy a beautiful day.

[10/28/16]   There are no people without problems, rather there are those who have grown bigger than their problems...
Shadrack T. Asiedu

Greatness resides above the storm. Never lose hope, keep moving. Enjoy your day.

[10/27/16]   Life is like war, victory goes to the warriors and defeat to the worriers... Shadrack T. Asiedu.

Learn to fight the storms of life, even if you fail today, you grow your spirit to win tomorrow. Never give up. Enjoy your day

[10/12/16]   You will always follow to the point where you will continue alone....... Shadrack T. Asiedu

Learn to walk alone for out of that, men develop their greatest strength. Never give up. Good morning.

[10/11/16]   Focussing on the problem leads to further tension and stress, focussing on even the least you can do about the problem produces hope and confidence.... Shadrack T. Asiedu

Problems are common but attitude makes the difference. Hv a great day.

[10/10/16]   A person who cannot sacrifice will never belong to himself; he belongs to whatever he was unwilling to give up......... John C. Maxwell.

To succeed, you need to give up some things today for greater gains tomorrow. Have a great week.

[09/16/16]   It takes a change to make a change........
Shadrack T. Asiedu

As Mahatma Ghandhi asserted; 'Whoever wants to change the world must first change himself'. The best form of influence is to be a reflection of the change you want to see in others. That is the mark of a true leader. Enjoy your day.

[09/15/16]   Information reaching me says that the 2016 BECE results are out. Pls if anyone has checked his/her we would like to know how things went..... Thank you

[09/14/16]   Great men don't compete, they only give their best.....
Shadrack T. Asiedu

Comparison is a hinderance to optimum performance. Strive to give your best and not to be the best. Have a great day.

[09/13/16]   Peace is the most conducive environment the human soul can ever have. Life without peace is in pieces......
Shadrack T. Asiedu.

Make sure in everything you do you end up with a sound mind and a clear conscience. Hv a great day.

[09/12/16]   I felt as If I was walking with destiny and that all my past life had been a preparation for this hour and for this trial.... Winston Churchill (His words during World War II).
See everything you are going through as a preparation for the ultimate task ahead of you in life. Don't complain and never give up. Hv a great week.

[09/11/16]   I am not where I need to be but thank God I am not where I used to be....... Joyce Meyer.

The Lord has been so good to us all. Happy Sunday

[09/10/16]   There are things you can do nothing about, they are not problems, they are mere facts of life...... Brian Tracy.

To enjoy life to the fullest we need to skip some things and move on with our lives. Enjoy your weekends to the fullest.

[09/09/16]   A good man apologizes for his past, but a great man corrects them.....Joel Tackie

There is a very thin line between those who fail and those who succeed. And that is whether or not one learns from his mistakes. Have a great day.

[09/08/16]   The more you know, the more you are known........
Shadrack T. Asiedu

Knowledge is power, seek it at all cost. Enjoy your day.

[09/07/16]   If your behaviour is positive in negative circumstances, it will build character and self-respect........John C. Maxwell.

After the World War I, a reporter named Ernest Hemingway wrote in the press: 'The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places'. Choose to a part of those who get better and stronger after every challenge. Enjoy your day.

[09/06/16]   True perfection is the ability to perfectly accept the imperfections of others........
Shadrack T. Asiedu.

You can"t change anyone, you can only change yourself. The moment you change the way you see things, the things you see begin to change. Choose to see the bright side of today and fill your life with hope. Enjoy your day.

[09/05/16]   In reality life is very difficult, the only way to make life easy is to grow stronger.......
Shadrack T. Asiedu.

As it is commonly said, tough times dont last, only tough people do. Make your week successful by becoming better than your troubles. Enjoy your week.

[09/03/16]   Never spend money because it is at hand. Spend money because a higher value in return is much needed.....
Shadrack T. Asiedu.

Make every penny count. Make your expenses an investment and improve your financial security. Never waste money. Enjoy your weekends.

[09/02/16]   Optimism is the belief that things will get better, Hope is the faith that together we can make things better......
Jonathan Sacks.

As Napoleon Hill rightly puts it, 'leaders are dealers in hope'. To lead any mission, you must Never lose hope, never give up and always keep moving. All will be well. Enjoy your day.

[09/01/16]   It is easier to go from failure to success than it is from excuses to success.......
John C. Maxwell.

Failure teaches more lessons than success. Make no excuses, accept your mistakes, learn from them and grow stronger. Hv a great day.

[08/31/16]   A thing is priceless when it costs nothing to have and yet costs everything to loose....
Shadrack T. Asiedu.

Value your life, health and love ones. Enjoy your day and keep smiling. #Priceless

[08/29/16]   You are physically and mentally healthy to the degree at which you freely and easily forgive others....

The Law of Forgiveness.

Practise forgiveness and enjoy good health. Happy Sunday.

[08/29/16]   You are physically and mentally healthy to the degree at which you freely and easily forgive others....

The Law of Forgiveness.

Practise forgiveness and enjoy good health. Happy Sunday.

[08/26/16]   The moment you put yourself aside, everything you do then becomes meaningful to you.....

Shadrack T. Asiedu.

Seek a purpose higher than yourself. Hv a blissful friday.

[08/25/16]   There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important things........
The law of Forced Efficiency.

Improve the quality of your life today by focusing on the main important things. Enjoy your day.

[08/24/16]   It takes a step to make another.... Shadrack T. Asiedu.

Keep moving and never give up. Enjoy your day.





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