Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment


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25 Women Courageously Share Stories of Overcoming, Resilience, and Tenacity in The Million Stars Summit with Fatima Omar
This UNPRECEDENTED EVENT is happening from April 2nd to April 7th.
Each day, Fatima Omar will sit with these women, and have open and honest conversations with them on courage, coaching, and connection.
You will learn:
• Their stories of overcoming adversity
• How they re-created their lives
• Their secrets of success and healing
You will also get:
• Tips on money mindset
• Resources on effective mental wellness
• Tactics on emotional resilience
• Lessons of faith and spirituality
• & Success strategies
The MILLION STARS SUMMIT promises to move you, touch you and inspire you daily
It's FREE. It’s FUN. There are also daily prizes to be won.
Mostly, you will feel included in a community of magnanimous women who will motivate you to be the best version of yourself.
JOIN US HERE >>> http://MillionStarsSummit.com
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Million Stars Summit
Please like and watch this video.

Please like and watch this video.

i want to be member in the ngo

The great woman of substance has to know the goodwill in life so that she may not live as slave tool to others who have no respect for them.

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[10/26/20]   "A woman is the solid foundation of life progress" - Gyan Andrew

[09/30/20]   "Being a woman is a beautiful and authentic gift that can be used to make difference in life". - Gyan Andrew

[09/17/20]   "A woman is the main ingredient which can be added to every responsibility which takes place in life". - Gyan Andrew

[08/24/20]   "When a woman cries over pains the world lost happiness". - Gyan Andrew

[07/30/20]   "The woman heart contains what needed for the world to live in peace". - Gyan Andrew

[07/06/20]   ''The more you give much of yourself as a woman let people understand the concept of your beauty''. - Gyan Andrew

[06/15/20]   "Whoever treat a woman with respect always build a nation with respect". - Gyan Andrew

[05/07/20]   The world will never have a meaning when the responsibility of women is limited. - Gyan Andrew

[04/11/20]   A woman is being designed to solve problems when a man thinks there is no hope. - Gyan Andrew

[03/02/20]   Every successful life there is a woman. - Gyan Andrew

[02/10/20]   "Let the beauty in you as a woman reveals because you are powerful in your own way". - Gyan Andrew

[01/16/20]   Being a woman is not a by chance but it is God's plan. - Gyan Andrew

[01/03/20]   Dont regretted to be a woman because you are one the priceless gift God made for a man. - Gyan Andrew

[11/27/19]   Women are the sweetest aroma in life. Gyan Andrew

[11/19/19]   The love of a woman is her sense of strength to protect the world. - Gyan Andrew

[10/23/19]   A woman of good values turn to be the greatest queen in man's heart. - Gyan Andrew

[10/02/19]   A woman is a powerful tool that fix every pieces broken in life. - Gyan Andrew

[08/19/19]   Dont allow yourself to become a burden to your life as a woman because you have what it takes to be who you are in life. - Gyan A

[07/31/19]   A woman is key principle govern life. - Gyan Andrew

[06/26/19]   Let embrace women in everything we do because without them life becomes empty. - Gyan Andrew

[06/06/19]   A man cant be right without woman's responsibility - Gyan Andrew

[05/15/19]   Being a real woman doesn't base on the way you dress but the way you think and also how you access things involves life - Gyan And

[04/25/19]   Let your life as woman portray good woman attitude to make corrections in life - Gyan Andrew

Do know what takes to be a woman

Women are center piece of life that we must handle them with respect and love and also let them understand how useful they are in life. There is nothing that we can make it possible without the help of women. We must dig into details of their stories and also see how best we can help them to achieve their dream in stead of seeing them to be nothing. We must give them role to play in every activities which takes place in life because, the more we show concern to them is the more we are opening new page of life. Let not see women as they are capable of giving birth only but, we must see them to be helpers from God that we must count on them for any possible decision we made in life. Women are precious and also expensive than what money can afford. Men provide babies to women and its their responsibility to take care of the babies in the womb to be able to come out as living beings. We should not see women as just ordinary beings but rather, we must see them to be what God created to be able to share ideas with them. And also they have every right to defend themselves as human beings and not just women. - Gyan Andrew





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