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Lily Lily Dily you don't know me hun
Students from Mac Donald College graduating class 2017 please collect your packages this Morning at Digital Memories Photo Studio. Thank you

Institution where learning and morals are of the highest standard!!!

Operating as usual


[09/12/18]   Persons who wrote the 2018 CSEC Examination is informed that your slips can now be collected at the school.

[10/29/17]   Hey people, it's here again. Mac Donald College presents its annual fair and dance. When you say?? Friday November 3rd. Come get lots to eat and get your drinks North pole style. You don't want to miss this one!!!

[10/17/16]   Who was the student in 2012 that topped CXC/CSEC exam??

St. George’s, Grenada –27 September 2016
Further to developments of Tropical Wave of interest Invest 97L, a meeting of the National Emergency Advisory Council (NEAC) of the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) was held at 2:00 p.m. NEAC has advised the Prime Minister and the following decisions were made:
1.The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) will be partially activated later this evening.
1.The general public is advised to take some flood precautionary measures especially persons in low-lying areas. Should the system develop further, persons should be prepared to move to higher ground:
2. Schools would be closed on Wednesday 28th September, 2016.
3. The public is advised to remain indoors as much as possible until the system has subsided
4. That employees secure important documents and equipment on the worksite
5. That Marine interests pay attention to warnings given earlier
6. That NaDMA will continue to provide information to radio and television stations. Citizens are asked to stay tuned for regular update.
It is good time to ensure that families have a battery-operated radio, flashlight and extra batteries.
7. NAWASA, in order to safeguard its treatment facilities, will be shutting off some of its systems by 10:00 p.m. Persons are advised to fill water in clean covered containers, and shut off water tanks
8. Citizens are also encouraged to continue to keep drains cleared
9. Farmers with irrigation pumps are asked to secure them
The Reconnaissance Aircraft is currently investigating the system and an update will be given at 6:00 p.m. NaDMA reminds persons to keep calm. The decisions you make now will help to protect lives and property.
NaDMA is the official source of all disaster related information and will continue to monitor this situation as long as is necessary. Please continue to monitor the radio and television stations for additional updates.

For addition information, please contact the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) on 440-8390-4 & 440-0838, or email address [email protected].
Ruth Jacob-Roberts
Sr. Information Officer/PR- NaDMA
Ms. Valarie Phillip
Administrative Assistant

[06/15/16]   ALL students of 2016 graduating class of M.D.C, you are to report the Digital Memories Photography at 9:00 am SHARP!! It is for taking picture that will be placed on the certificates so please keep hear neat and tidy and cut low if you don't wish to be sent back.

[04/24/16]   Follow us on twitter: @CollegeDonald

[01/13/16]   Wacky Wednesday Trivia. Guess who the statement from: "Hey there! Come from there!!"

[10/03/15]   The #RBTTrightStart Season has opened so let's go out and support the #MDC male and female squad as they make their way to the finals...#DohBeatUp 01/10/2015

How To Disable Automatic Video Playback on Your Facebook Timeline

For the persons needing to REMOVE the annoying feature!!! I understand why Facebook did it. Automatically playing videos will allow Facebook to claim higher viewership, which will in turn allow them to tell their current and future investors as well as advertisers about how amazing Facebook is at getting your brand’s video to be watched by a boat load. Mea…

[08/17/15]   Students/Candidates registered with Mac Donald College for the June CSEC/CXC exam, please note that results can be collected at the school from this Thursday August 20th onward...again, please take note and pass the word around!!! 07/08/2015

Download the Grenada Red Cross Society Hazard App using the "Use App" button above today and let us all save life's. Please ensure you use your smart phones to access the App. Androids and iOS only. 07/08/2015


Dr Richard Robertson on Kick Em Jenny Heightened Activities July 2015

Pleassseeeeeeeee listen people!!! I am a Red Crosser!!

Dr Richard Robertson Director of the Seismic Unit at UWI Trinidad makes a statement on the heightened activities of the under water volcano Kick em Jenny.

[02/13/15]   So Fridays House has taken it on this Friday 13th February, 2015....the question was asked if they will and YES they have!!! Congrats #TeamFriday

[12/06/14]   Update on points standing:

Friday - 168 (Red)
Nyack - 122 (Green)
Taylor - 136 (Blue)
Wright - 121 (Yellow)

[11/12/14]   House Point Standing:

Friday - 91 (Red)
Nyack - 71 (Green)
Taylor - 84 (Blue)
Wright - 61 (Yellow)

[10/29/14]   The Environmental Club of Mac Donald College is currently in the process of doing some repairs and needed decorations in and around the school and is therefore soliciting the help, advice and assistance from anyone/past students who can give that help. Your participation are greatly anticipated and will be welcomed.

[10/26/14]   MDC Annual school fair, Friday October there and be on time...bashment after and lots of eats and drinks will be available.

[09/06/14]   Afternoon to everyone...just saw something done on a school show; what do you all think of the school having a Student Justice team with two (2) judges and a chief Justice?? They will be responsible for carrying out some of the minimal roles such as suspension and other law enforcements around the school and having the students being more responsible on the compound.

[08/29/14]   It's #OrientationDay tomorrow at the school, for all parents, guardians and well-wishers. Please be there and on time at 9:00am Sharp for that's the starting time and have the students in proper uniform...Night Blessings to All!!

[02/27/14]   Who will be the champion tomorrow for the entire year again?? Taylors - T?? Fridays - F?? Wrights - W?? Nyacks - N???

[02/16/14]   Mac Donald College-Grenada annual sports meet will take place on February 28th, 2014. Come see who will be the champion and the fastest male and female in the school. Time - 12:30pm. 04/05/2013

Who will be crowned Ms. Mac Donald College tonight??? Answer it now!

[05/02/13]   Just want to take this time to express our heartfelt condolences to the Franklyn and Jeffrey families who have lost the passing of lil Kaya Jeffrey....Keep strong in a time like now and just remember that God is standing by your side so.

[12/14/12]   Come out in your numbers and support the White on the Hill event, to be held at the School Auditorium on the 21st of December at 10:00 p.m until.




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