Crushing Dance Class

Crushing Dance School is offering Dance classes in Hip Hop and break dancing for children between the ages of 6 and upwards.


Crushing dance SKOOL is up an ready parents..if your child or kids are interested don't be afraid to link up, we'll be waiting..

[10/17/19]   Hey peeps crushing dance SKOOL are now having a fun time classes for adults every Wednesday at the youth centre 5:00pm.. you can contact us here for any information..


Big up to the rainbow divas dancers. Don't stop keep on pressing.

[06/01/19]   Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to took out a photo with the 3rd place but we wanna say big up to carriacou, allu go on good. To all the other groups who don't make it to the top don't give up your time will soon come.


We just want to take the time out to say congrats to the vigilante dancers for taking that 2nd place, you guys deserve it. .


On the behalf of crushing dance skool we jus wanna say Congrats to the golden hype dance group. 1st place you guys deserve it..


The kids are the future lets stare them to the right path..(keep thier mind occupied with positivity)

[01/01/19]   Happy new year to everyone and all the best in 2019..thanks for the support in 2018, this year we're looking forward for more supporter's please tell a friend so that friend can tell ah friend about crushing Dance school we does hiphop and acrobatic, it would be an honour to have your kids engaging with us.. We're openning on January 11 2019.. Kids from 6 years upwards..

[12/27/18]   Attention parents class will resume on jan 11th 2019 same time at the youth centre 5:00pm. I hope to see each and everyone there. To those of you who wants your kids to joined crushing Dance school you can contact me here or 420-8223 for more info.. Thanks to those of you who kids already a member of crushing Dance school.. 2019 you'll see alot more things that your kids can do..

[12/25/18]   Merry Christmas from crushing Dance school to your Family and friends ! 🎄❤️😄 On this Christmas Day, I’m sending you holiday wishes for a day filled with love and laughter — the important things that remind us how blessed we all are. And I’m sending extra special wishes of light & love to anyone out there who needs it! ✨❤️🎄

[12/23/18]   This is a new peiece i create with the kid..we still experimenting, 2019 will be the complete year for this...

[12/23/18]   Today was the closing of crushing Dance school the kids perform a short routine.. trust me they has come a long way and they still got more to go wait and see in 2019...

[12/13/18]   Hey everyone take note crushing Dance school is closing on the 21st December 2018, on that same said day the kids will be doing a little performance of the different stuffs they has learned at the youth centre 6 o'clock in the gym room..if you want you children to be apart of crushing Dance school don't miss it.. come see what you child is capable of doing...

[11/11/18]   We're up and running guys you can sign up your kids at anytime just contact me at 420-8223 or inbox for more info. Thank you..


Crushing Dance Class

Progression is a word that means so much to me,I promise myself from now on I'll be walking towards that path..

Debut of Crushing Dance. We had an amazing time with the kids.
Please watch and enjoy! :)
#DanceClass #473 #Kids
Crush Young Reginald Joseph Flex Greenlightz

[10/14/18]   Crushing Dance school is back in full effect guys,our operating days are Monday's 5:00pm-6:15pm ,friday's 5:00pm-6:15 and Saturday's 3:00pm-4:15pm.. if you're interested contact me for more info 420-8223 or in box...


Crushing Dance Class

[09/19/18]   Hey peeps get your kids registered now we're opening on the 1st october 2018. our operating days and hours are monday's 5pm- 6:15pm,friday's 5pm-6:15pm and saturday's 3pm-4:15pm..message or call 420-8223 for more


The small team and I...



Check out all the dancers killing it during the exhibition showcase from Turnt Up! Vol. 2 (1v1 Hip Hop Battle)!
Jonathan Def J Leon Fanytastic Kaita Aso Aryll Azlin Anne Mui Luqman B As'ad Semmy Blank Kyoka Yamamoto Maika Rush Ball

Full Video:

Filmed & Edited by Richard Prayoga


#👬The children 💎are the future👭#💪work💪#with#👑them👑#and#❤guard❤#thier#👣steps👣#.


First of all I wanna say thank you guys for having me, it was a pleasure to shared my experiences with uall. Heartful thanks to you Brett Soda George for recommending me to do this..


Believe in yourself doh matter how difficult things may seems jus keep on pushing towards your dreams..#Dance#workshop#onpoint#


Anything is possible let's keep our hearts 💞 open to those who are willing to learn whatever we can afford to teach them. #patient#is#de#key#


All Def

Who wouldda thought you could remix the Power Rangers theme song.. had this video on repeat all day! Excited to see the new Power Rangers Movie in theaters March 24 #GoGo #Ad

S/O to Ian Eastwood, Kaelynn "KK" Gobert-Harris, Dytto, Nonstop AKA Marquese & Sean Lew killing this Illmind Power Rangers remix.


Photos from Crushing Dance Class's post


Photos from Crushing Dance Class's post


The kids is all about Progress..


Baby freeze...The kids is doing very well..

[01/11/17]   Hey peeps to those of you who wants to bring your child or children to crushing Dance school our Wednesday's classes has just changed from 4:00pm to 3:30pm but Tuesday's and Fridays remain the same 4pm to 5:30 PM. All interested person's link up on my page or you can call 420-8223...


Photos from Crushing Dance Class's post


We had an awesome time today..welcome back everyone even to those who wasn't there.. #newyear#newroutine# come bring your kids to be apart ah that peeps..

[01/02/17]   Happy new year everyone crushing Dance school is opening tomorrow please god so feel free to come on down from 4:00pm to 5:30 PM.

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#👬The children 💎are the future👭#💪work💪#with#👑them👑#and#❤guard❤#thier#👣steps👣#.
Baby freeze...The kids is doing very well..
Crushing Dance Class #1
Bucket vs cooler odd. Mad fun





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