Little Learners

little learners is a day care center and pre-school that is establish in the town of gouyave. we cater to the needs of children ages 2 months -5 years.

we have highly trained and educated staff that is equip to taking care of your child care needs...

Operating as usual

[08/21/20]   After passing our inspection we were cleared to reopen.
As off August 24th 2020, little learners will resume all services. Daycare opens at 7am.
For more information contact 533-4218.
See you on monday God's will..

[08/31/19]   Off to preschool they go

[08/24/19]   Registration would be opened from Monday God's will for the new term.. spaces are limited..


Our annual Christmas party for the kids. They had lots of fun..
A special thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the year. We want to wish you a very special,bright and prosperous new year.. from all of us here at little learners daycare..

[07/25/18]   We would be open both carnival monday and Tuesday day and night. WhatsApp 415-3453 for more info..


[08/07/17]   We will be open for the entire carnival season both day and night..
For more information call or WhatsApp 4153453

[07/13/17]   We will be open for both day and night care for the entire carnival season for more information call 4153453 or message any time..


Little Learners


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Little Learners

[08/15/16]   Good morning all registration for the new term begins today only $20 per registration for more information call 4153453.


Just some pics from career day last week


Profile Pictures

[07/25/16]   We would be open over the carnival holidays: Monday August 8th and Tuesday August 9th both day and night. Give us a call 415-3453


Clean hair is healthy hair.. Wash day today

[06/20/16]   It's that time again!!! We would be open on the following days for night care
june 28th street jam
June 29th fisherman's birthday celebrations

For more information you can call or whatsapp 415-3453


Color time!!

[06/02/16]   Pictures from yesterday's picture day soon be posted up


Our first field trip


From our annual Christmas party everyone all dolls up and having fun...

[12/18/15]   We would be open for night care on the following days:
Friday December 18th
Saturday December 19th
Thursday December 24th
Saturday December 26th
Thursday December 31st
Friday January 1st
Night care starts from 6pm and goes until next day. For more information feel free to call 4153453


Little Learners

[09/01/15]   Limited spaces still available at little learners day care only $20.00 to register your child for this upcoming term....

[08/06/15]   Want to go out and have fun for this upcoming carnival weekend and have no one to look after your child...then look no further give us a call 4153453, 4165658 or 4370815. Little learners day care is here for you.....

[06/14/15]   We would be open for night care this up coming Fishermans birthday celebration $50 per night for more information call 4153453

[04/26/15]   spaces are still available at little learners day care located upstairs dr.varmar gouyave st.john's come visit us today or call 4153453 for more information...

[02/22/15]   spaces are still available at little learners day care call 4153453 for more info

[01/16/15]   Do you want the best care for your child,do you want to be at work and be at ease then no problem little learners day care is here for you we are open Monday-Friday 7am-5pm only $20 to register come over and check us out.... 4153453

[12/30/14]   Good morning folks little learners would be accepting new students from January 5th 2015 spaces are limited only $20 to register... Blessed Tuesday everyone

[11/23/14]   come support our tea party schedule for the 6th december 2014 all proceeds go towards having a christmas party for the kids!!!!

[08/28/14]   only a few spots left for the new school term come in or give us a call on 4153453 4165658 for your child's spot at little learners daycare...

[08/06/14]   we would be open for the entire carnival season both day and night so feel free to drop by or give us a call 4153453 don't miss out on the fun because you have no one to watch your kids!!!!!!!!

[07/29/14]   we would be open for the entire carnival weekend baccahnal friday right up to last lap tuesday night.. 4153453


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