Phaedra Brickwood - Vocal Coach

Phaedra Brickwood - Vocal Coach


HI Phaedra would you view share our song/video 4 the NHS & Key Workers around the World will return the favor
Hi Phaedra - please can you check your facebook messages when you get a moment as there's one waiting for you from me. Thank you x

Vocal Coach / Singing Teacher
Providing one to one singing lessons in Wolverhampton & online
All Ages & Abilities
All Styles of Singing
Fully CRB Checked

Phaedra graduated from Wolverhampton University in June 2005 after gaining a Dip HE in Drama; she then went on to study at Birmingham Conservatoire gaining a Bmus in Classical Vocal studies and is now working as a freelance musician. Phaedra works as a Vocal coach privately at home and for Several Music Services providing singing lessons to a wide range of pupils, entering them into examinations a

Operating as usual


Please be aware there are scheduled road works and temporary traffic lights due to be on the Island outside ours starting tomorrow. Please factor this into your journey & leave yourself enough time to get to your lessons.


Check out Master D in his singing lesson last night. He was given this song last week and he is doing great… what an achievement at the age of 4!!!


Face to face lessons are continuing as normal but can I ask for all pupils (no matter of age) & parents/carer to arrive wearing a mask, these can be removed once in the music room. Also if accompanying a pupil can we keep it to one Parent/Carer only.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided (or your own) before entering the premises.

Please do not attend if you have Covid Symptoms or are awaiting results, lessons will automatically be moved to Online to accommodate you.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.

🥂 Here’s hoping 2022 brings you peace, health and happiness. ❤️


🎄 Wishing you all A Merry Christmas 🎄

I am currently closed for business to spend time with my family, I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!


Fun Fact:

Over a hundred muscles in your body work together for you to sing. They include the muscle of the tongue, lips, neck, chest, jaw, and abdomen (to name a few!) 👌🏻

So keep fit by singing!! 😉


Wednesday Fun Fact:

Less than 2 percent of the worlds people are tone deaf. If you are, it usually happens from a high childhood fever. However if you cringe when you hear a singer miss notes, or can’t endure a bad violin player, then you are not tone deaf…. You just require some work putting together your ear with you vocal chords….. so book a singing lesson 😆😉


Heads up Music Theatre fans…. You can now stream the 25th Anniversary performance of Miss Saigon on Netflix… time to catch up on the show


A huge Congratulations to Annabelle for gaining a place with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. Hard work and commitment reaps rewards! I’m a very proud teacher!


Did you know that when we’re singing, sound comes out of our mouths at around 750 miles per hour!

Photos from Phaedra Brickwood - Vocal Coach's post 04/11/2021

Photos from Phaedra Brickwood - Vocal Coach's post


Singing Lemurs anyone? Now I know why I loved meeting these so much! Check out the article!

“This is the first evidence of the presence of a typical trait of human music in another mammal.”

Timeline photos 19/10/2021

Open for anyone ages 9 - 24. Great experience for those budding performers!


The Alexandra Stage Experience is back and applications are now open for our 2022 production of Fame 💃🕺

Open to anyone aged 9 - 24, participants will work alongside our industry professional Director, Choreographer and Musical Director to mount a full-scale production of Fame in just two weeks!

Performer and technical places available. Find out more and apply now 👉

Deadline for applications: Friday 13 May


Today is world Menopause day… did you realise the menopause has a direct effect on the vocal mechanism?

Estrogen deprivation causes substantial changes in the mucous membranes that line the vocal tract. As levels decrease, laryngeal tissues begins to absorb water causing vocal folds to swell, blood vessels to become enlarged, and vocal fold mass to increase. You may see/feel/hear a decrease in vocal flexibility, vocal range, hoarseness or a ‘breathy’ tone, along with a slight decline in respiratory function.

Changes in the voice can be dramatic for some and not for others.

Don’t let this scare you, whilst these changes happen it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your singing career. Just that care and attention to vocal technique is required.

So, keep singing, after all the act releases Endorphins and Oxytocin… those Happy Hormones we love so much! 😉🥰🎤🎶🎵


Here’s a nice fact for you: Did you know your vocal folds are the most unique musical instrument to exist?

One of the world's leading voice scientists, Ingo Titze suggests it would be virtually impossible to create an instrument that can be as flexible, vibrate and elongate the way the human vocal folds do.

If that’s not perfection… what is?


Today is Young Minds Mental health day… in my opinion this should be everyday. Check in with your little/big ones, with your friends/family and remind them that you have their back.

There are lots of groups out there if you need help or support. is just one of the many organisations to help support you or someone you love.

Let’s all be kind and have time to listen to others.


Today I’ve been teaching some lovely Nina Simone, such a beautiful voice and a strong female.
Go and put one of her songs on and have a listen…


A general weekend thing to do..!


Who’s with me in this?


Congratulations to everyone picking up their GCSE results today… I know you all have worked so hard and your results will have shown that. Keep aiming for the stars! X


Wishing All pupils collecting A-level results the best of luck. Well done for getting through the last 18months +. No matter what grade and what subject, remember the world is your oyster and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


For those pupils that come for lessons via Goldthorn Hill, Penn, please be advised to pre plan an alternative route as it is closed for the next two weeks.


Extremely pleased, yet again, with the outstanding results for LCM Music Theatre Exams. My pupils are all amazing, they never fail to sing their heart and soul out…. that’s how they ALL get DISTINCTIONS! Congratulations, I am a very proud Teacher!


I’m not great at keeping regular posts on this page... mainly due to always being so busy teaching.
I’d like to say how wonderful all pupils have been throughout the pandemic and your continued commitment to keeping up a health vocal routine online!

It’s even better now that we are back to in person “face to face” lessons. This past month has been so amazing seeing you all again and hearing you voices live!

The option for online lessons will now always be there & those that are having them further afield maybe one day we will be able to meet “in person”!

Thank you to everyone and keep up the good work!


It’s that time again... National Youth Choir Auditions for 18 - 25yr olds...


We’re looking for gifted singers from all backgrounds and communities across the UK, aged 18-22 (25 for existing members) to join the nation’s flagship youth choral ensemble.

More info / Book a FREE place at one of our Open Events:


So proud of my pupils whom have worked tremendously hard this year (& many years). Reaping the rewards, gaining places at top Vocational Schools to further their Music Theatre training.

This year has been even more challenging having to audition virtually, if you’ve never had to this, it’s extremely hard to preform in your living room to a camera. You have no “audience” connection or atmosphere that you would usually get in an audition. Not only did they have to do this once, but also twice and in some instances 3 times, with recalls.
But now the offers are coming in fast and strong & still more to come! Did I mention I am extremely proud?!? 🥳❤️

Music Education SEN Mainstream | Inclusic | Wolverhampton 30/01/2021

Music Education SEN Mainstream | Inclusic | Wolverhampton

For those budding song writes out there....

Music Education SEN Mainstream | Inclusic | Wolverhampton Making music for everyone. At Inclusic we specialise in Music Education for the SEN and Mainstream provisions, and community based projects

BBC One - Musicals: The Greatest Show - Take Part in Musicals: The Greatest Show! 19/01/2021

BBC One - Musicals: The Greatest Show - Take Part in Musicals: The Greatest Show!

This is one for all my wonderful singers to get involved with, let’s see if we can all take part...

BBC One - Musicals: The Greatest Show - Take Part in Musicals: The Greatest Show! Do you fancy performing alongside a West End leading man?


To say I am Proud and Thrilled is an understatement... Congratulations to all pupils who took their Singing Exams just before Christmas you all received such high marks (93/100 & over) resulting in Distinctions for you all!!
To say it’s been a challenge would be underplaying the fact, but you all have over come everything and proved you are all amazing Pupils!! Super duper Proud Teacher!!! ♥️🍾


Wishing each and everyone of you a Happy New Year. Let’s hope we are all able to see one another and sing together in person soon!


Tier 4 means that ALL lessons will be ONLINE. If we are working on Auditions and exams don’t stress, just keep practicing and sending me your videos so I can give you extra support through the week between lessons. X


Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Whilst it may not be the one we expected, let’s be thankful we get to celebrate one at all. So sing loud and enjoy your day the best you can ♥️ Love and Best Wishes from us all at Phaedra Brickwood - Vocal Coach


Yesterday was an emotional day saying goodbye to my lovely pupils whom I’ve had the honour of teaching for the last 7 years. Bethany & Richard I will miss you both dearly, but I know we will stay in touch!!
Thank you for my gorgeous Roses, my bottle of Champagne and for the lovely memories we have together. Miss you already, but I will be coming on my holidays to visit you!!!!

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I’d like to thank Liz for bringing this short video to my attention..... do watch it thoroughly, goes to show everyone (...
Here’s Elle-Mae singing a version of Kodaline “All I Want” ..... beautiful, big round of applause 👏🏻
It’s Thursday....not 8pm yet and some may have seen this yesterday but here I am having a little sing for you all. Stay ...
Let’s have a round of applause for the beautiful Rachael with her take of Guns N Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” she’s fierc...
As the weeks roll along I want to spread some love through music. Some of my wonderful pupils (old and new) have kindly ...
Amias wants to cheer you all up with a short song...
Frazier's Singing Lesson on an Italian Aria
I've been quiet on here lately, so here's a pic of my daughter and one of my pupils in London this week as we went to wa...
Check out Lily-Jane smashing "Sombody To Love" in her lesson. Such a talented young lady.   Oh and the mic is only for p...
Happy Easter everyone.... don't forget to save me a chocolate egg! 😂😜




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