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Sycamore Green Adventure Centre

Our Reception children and staff recently enjoyed an amazing trip to Sycamore Green Adventure Centre. Whilst there we were able to engage in craft activities, soft play, water play, a sand area, playground and much more! We were even able to eat our lunch around a camp fire. Have a look at our fun-filled day!
Sea Life Centre

Year 2 Oak had a wonderful day yesterday, at Birmingham's Sea life Centre. The children really enjoyed looking at the sea creatures and discovered lots of interesting facts about them. They all had fantastic manners and were a credit to Loxdale! A great time was had by all.
Exploring Bread

Year 6 Elder have had a great day exploring different varieties of bread. Today, they have worked well in their teams to follow a 'Bread in a bag' recipe to bake a 50/50 loaf. Great Charlie Communication! Whoosh!
Meet 'Monty' our newest pupil at Loxdale. He will be joining us in September to begin his training to become our therapy dog. We cannot wait to meet him 🐾
Year 2 Sycamore have had a wonderful day at The National Sea Life Centre. We have enjoyed exploring the different areas and the creatures that live there including: jellyfish, sea turtles, blacktip sharks, clownfish and many more! We also had the opportunity to locate some of the characters from our Literacy topic 'Finding Nemo'. All of the staff were extremely proud of the children as they positively represented Loxdale Primary School.

Bread Making

Year 6 Poplar have had a great day making bread today. It looks, smells and tastes delicious!
COJO Awards
Last Day

To end our fun-filled week in Celders, we started the day with breakfast of our shortbread biscuits, that we made yesterday and a hot chocolate with marshmallows. To end our day we watched the film Zootropolis, with popcorn and juice. We want to thank you Celders for a great week. Mrs Morgan and Mrs Allen.

In maths, Year 1 have been using a Rekenrek to consolidate and deepen their understanding of number bonds within 20. They worked so hard with their partner today, using a Rekenrek to calculate the sums! Mrs Dullat is so proud of the hard work you are putting into all of your lessons!

Well done!
A big well done to ALL the children who took part in our Nursery sports day 2022! ⚽️. The children showed great resilience and team work skills and we are all so proud of them! Thank you to all the grown-ups who supported us and cheered us on :)

Year 2 Oak have been working hard all week, learning to tell the time. They have been recapping O'clock and half past and they have been beginning to learn quarter to and quarter past. Why not practise this skill at home to improve your skills!
Willow and Maple had a fantastic sports day and certainly made us proud. A big well done from all your teachers! :)
Today, Celders have been baking shortbread biscuits and taking part acting out their own press conference, as part of our mini project this week about the film Zootropolis.

Just a few photos from the start of the week at Boreatton. The children are an absolute credit and the instructors all want to work with the children from our school. We are so proud of each and every one of them- they are just fantastic! 🤩
Today was the 'Battle of the classes' in an exciting, explosive and tiring game of rounders between The Mixers and The Celders. All children and staff enjoyed the afternoon and everyone showed good sportsmanship. Congratulations to the winning team - The Celders - but overall we were all winners.
Celder's Tower Competition

As part of our activities this week we are concentrating on teamwork and communication. Our new temporary class of Y5 and Y6 ( Celders) as named by the children, have been having fun building bridges and creating the tallest towers using only newspapers. Everyone proved that they could work well together.

Well done Celders!

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Operating as usual


The past week, Year 6 Poplar have been creating a set of instructions based on "The Hobbit". Anyone who needs help being rescued from a giant 8-legged spider, a fierce dragon or a strange creature, who goes by the name of Gollum will be okay. We used Boom Writer to write up our instructions and voted our favourites. Congratulations to Maris, Summer, Millie, Georgia and Kzyiah.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 20/03/2023

Nursery enjoyed taking part in lots of 'Comic Relief' themed activities on Friday. Take a look at what we got up to...

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 17/03/2023

Year 6 Elder have enjoyed improving their batting skills in cricket today. It ended with a very competitive game which gave us an opportunity to show off our sportsmanship.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 17/03/2023

This week we began a new book in our topic lessons called 'The Way Back Home'. The children were surprised to see that an aeroplane had landed in our outdoor area! They came up with some amazing predictions as to how the boy could get back to earth from the moon and can't wait to see what happens next in the narrative!

Better Health: Rewards | City Of Wolverhampton Council 15/03/2023

Better Health: Rewards | City Of Wolverhampton Council

OSWBA will be supporting the community on Thursday 16th March when they host the ‘Better Health: Rewards’ bus. The bus aims to promote better health for adults (18+) by giving advice and getting more community residents signed up to the App and tracking their health and fitness. As part of the programme, you can order a FREE fitness tracker and be rewarded by using the points you earn to:

• Food shopping
• Pay towards cinema tickets
• Days out
• Much much more

For more information go to www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/health-and-wellbeing/better-health-rewards or visit Ormiston SWB Academy between 1000 and 1400

Better Health: Rewards | City Of Wolverhampton Council The FREE Better Health: Rewards app is now available to download until the 31st March 2023 in Wolverhampton.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 14/03/2023

Year 5 Cedar have enjoyed taking part in our new interactive lessons using Now Press Play. We took part in a maths lesson which helped develop our problem solving skills.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 14/03/2023

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed The Hobbit production in school today. One of the best yet! Thank you Mrs Poole for organising it!


This morning, Year 2 Oak enjoyed their assembly with Luke the football coach from AFC Wolves. A member of our class was selected to show their football skills and she did amazing! We are all looking forward to the taster sessions after Easter.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 13/03/2023

Year 4 have watched the NSPCC Online assembly. They have learnt that worries do not have to be dealt with alone.
Out and Stay Safe! | Childline

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 13/03/2023

This morning, Year 6 Poplar took part in an assembly with a football coach from AFC Wolves, where some children were lucky enough to show off their passing skills. Even Mr Fleet and Mr Johnson took part! Everyone is looking forward to when Luke returns for a taster session.



Hi there! We are MCS LTD we run our popular Breakfast Club and Tea Time Club here at Loxdale Primary School.

I am very excited to share with you all our recent OFSTED inspection report.

It was our first inspection and we are so incredibly proud of the feedback we received.

OFSTED were very complimentary of our setting, our staff, children attending and our parents.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on the day and your continued support.

And an extra special thank you to all the lovely staff at Loxdale who support us every single day. 😊

See you all soon.
Leanne and the Team 😊👍



Congratulations and well done to our CO-JO Award winners for this week!

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 09/03/2023

Year 2 Oak have enjoyed their virtual history lesson this morning, going back to 1666 to the Great Fire of London.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 09/03/2023

Nursery have enjoyed taking part in our new interactive learning experience by using the headphones this week. We had to listen carefully to an interactive story all about Spring, which developed our knowledge and helped us to remember what the weather is like in Spring time😃! We had to go on a Spring walk, count the daffodils and even spotted ducklings using our imagination.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 09/03/2023

This week a special letter arrived for Reception which caused great excitement! The children were told that there was a clue out on the school field which would reveal what their new Literacy book was all about! They have really enjoyed listening to the story and came up with some fantastic ideas as to how the boy could catch the star!


Year 4 Rowan showed great resilience today during 'Forest School'. The snow came down but that did not stop the children from taking part in different activities and getting stuck in. At the end of the session the children got to warm up with a hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the firepit. Well done Year 4!

Find out more here https://www.loxdaleprimaryschool.co.uk/post/forest-school-1

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 09/03/2023

Year 4 Spruce have had such a fun afternoon. We took part in an interactive history lesson about 'The Romans' which was fantastic, ask us all about the adventure we went on. To finish our afternoon we had a lovely time at our silent disco 😃

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 08/03/2023

Year 4 Rowan have been fully immersed in an interactive French lesson and were hand selected to be secret spies, you will have to ask them about their mission. We loved every minute!


A big congratulations is in order this week. Isaac attended his first Karate competition in Gloucester, representing his karate squad and came away with a silver medal in the kickmaster category. This is a fantastic achievement. We are really proud of you, keep up the hard work!

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 07/03/2023

This afternoon, Year 6 Poplar have fully immersed themselves in their interactive science lesson. They investigated how to create an electric circuit and the function of wind turbines. Ask them at home about what they did today in lesson.


Year 1 Elm had lots of excitement yesterday morning, taking part in our new interactive learning experience. They listened to an interactive story, which helped them to understand how to use capital letters and full stops.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 06/03/2023

Reception had a fantastic 'World Book Day' and all looked amazing in their costumes! We really enjoyed talking about our favourite books, painting pictures of story characters, designing book covers and practising our story telling!


⭐ We were absolutely blown away this morning to hear that Maddison in Reception Maple has won double bronze at the English Championships for Taekwondo!!! We are so so proud of you Maddison - I think we have a future Olympian here at Loxdale. ⭐


Thank you to the parents who attended our online safety parent meeting on Friday morning.

It was really worthwhile looking at some of the online safety issues that our children are facing and discussing some of the ways in which we can support them when they are engaging with the online world.

We are going to host another meeting in the summer term, which will be an evening session. We are looking forward to welcoming even more parents/carers to this session.

We will send further correspondence out about this closer to the time.


Exciting news!

On Monday 6th March, Heather Small is releasing her charity single Proud, with our very own choir (including a couple of the staff) as her backing singers from the Young Voices choir.
All money raised will go to the children's mental health charity- Place2Be.

We are all looking forward to hearing it!


Wow! What a fantastic day we have had in Year 5 Cedar. We have had the opportunity to take part in a team building and problem solving day with the army where we worked as a team to complete the tasks given. Year 5 Cedar look forward to using their skills in and outside the classroom.

Thank you to Mrs Scott for organising such an unforgettable learning experience!

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 03/03/2023

📗📕 Well done to Sukhjeet, Alysia, Naomi, Callum and Harman for earning their golden coins for the book machine. Keep up the great reading!📗📕

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 03/03/2023

Wonderful writing this morning in Year 2 Oak! A special well done to our Wizard writers.


Congratulations and well done to our CO-JO Award winners for this week!


Here is a photo of our lovely new Hall display. Our children have really enjoyed reading it to find out about healthy lifestyle choices.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 03/03/2023

Year 1 Elm have had lots of fun during our World Book Day celebrations. The children created a pictogram of their favourite books, they wrote about who they were dressed up as and they enjoyed visiting our library to browse the books that were on offer.

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 02/03/2023

📕What a fantastic day Year 4 Spruce have had for 'World Book Day'. 🧙‍♂️👸👩‍🚀🦹‍♀️📕

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 02/03/2023

Year 6 Elder have been reading The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien this term, this inspired some of our outfits for World Book Day. To celebrate, we made our own Bilbo Baggins bookmarks and created our own fantasy kingdoms.


Congratulations to Connie who won best dressed for 'World Book Day' from Year 4 Spruce!👸👩‍🚀🦹‍♀️🧙‍♂️



Year 5 Cedar have had a wonderful day celebrating their love of books and reading.

Look at their amazing costumes - can you work out which character they have dressed up as?

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 02/03/2023

Chestnut have had a booktastic day celebrating World Book Day 2023!
We started our day by creating 3D replicas of our favourite class Dragon - Elliot from our new writing unit (Pete's Dragon)! We took part in an illustrating workshop lead by Quentin Blake - the illustrator of our current class reader; 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'. We even took part in a Year 3 reading competition against Year 3 Beech!
We are all readers at Loxdale, and we love being able to celebrate that on World Book Day!
Well done to all of you for coming to school in your amazing costumes and showing what super readers you really are!

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 02/03/2023

Wow!!! What a fantastic World Book Day it has been today. Year 6 Poplar have taken part in so many fun activities, including a live BBC reading lesson. We all dressed up to celebrate our love of reading and even held a competition for best dressed. Congratulations to Georgia, who dressed as Lyra from His Dark Materials. Take a look at our costumes...

Photos from Loxdale Primary's post 02/03/2023

Year 3 Beech have had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day, a big well done to Alfie for winning the best dressed character.

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