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Wolverhampton Speakers Club


Huge congrats to our very own Debbie Willetts who achieved her Speakers award from Wolverhampton Speakers Club on Monday! 🎉🎉
Huge congrats to Tracey for reaching the halfway stage towards her certificate in public speaking! Thanks to Wolverhampton Speakers Club for the training you guys are awesome! 👍
Thank you for awarding me the cup this week. It was another fun evening
It's the weekend! Do you know what that means?



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looking for speakers for the Towns Women's guild in Penn Wolverhampton for Wednesday evenings 7pm for approx one hour, we are booking for early 208 now anyone interested please send details [email protected], thank you
"Some people talk about "broken heart syndrome", known more formally as stress cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. According to the British Heart Foundation, it is a "temporary condition where your heart muscle becomes suddenly weakened or stunned. The left ventricle, one of the heart's chambers, changes shape."

It can be brought on by a shock. "About three quarters of people diagnosed with takotsubo cardiomyopathy have experienced significant emotional or physical stress prior to becoming unwell," the charity says. This stress might be bereavement but it could be a shock of another kind. There are documented cases of people suffering the condition after being frightened by colleagues pulling a prank, or suffering the stress of speaking to a large group of people. It's speculated that the sudden release of hormones - in particular, adrenaline - causes the stunning of the heart muscle."

The stress caused by fear of speaking in public can literally change the shape of your heart. Wow! (From: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-28756374)
The Two Skills

Whether you are an employee, a manager or an entrepreneur, do you believe you have what it takes to move your career or business forward? Did you know there are two critical skills in business, which although many people can do to a reasonable level, few spend the time to develop beyond this point, which leaves open a large gap in the market for people like you and me.

You do not have to be brilliant at these two skills to have success. So few people are good at them that just understanding how they work to a good level will be enough to distinguish you, from others. Of course like with any skill, it takes time and practise, but of all the skills, these are two of the most rewarding you will find in the world today. Being good at either of these skills will put you in the spotlight, as these skills attract attention. You, your abilities and your work will be showcased for all to see, and you will be admired for your craft.

These two lucrative skills are speaking and writing. I imagine as you are reading this article you can already do these to a good level, but there is something else.

Imagine, you have a powerful new idea that could revolutionise the world´s economy. A new financial product, with inspiration from Bitcoin, the latest developments in cryptography and your innovatively designed new application. The only problem is you haven´t the capital to fund the project development and there is little financial lending available.

Many businesses find themselves in this situation. Imagine all the potential world-changing products that never got to benefit the world. What if the light bulb had never been invented? What if Ford didn´t exist? Or the personal computer? How different would our world be. And how different could our world be, if it is a world where your project, your business and your ideas exist.

Now see yourself, standing in front of a large crowd of investors, talking confidently about how your product will radically change global finance. You share your passion, ideas and your vision and as you look around the room you notice their faces, illuminated and excited by the potential profit and impact this will have.

Your spellbound speech started a bidding war. From being kicked-out of banks, you now find your arms being chewed-off by investors. You have come a long way. One of the investors comments that your speech was “brilliant”, “you’re a natural”. You graciously accept the comment, but you know in your heart you are not. You had to work hard to go from speaking like the typical fumbling fool we find in most presentations, to being the cool, calm, and collected speaker that you are today. But it has been worth it, because once you sign those contracts, that one speech will have been worth hundreds of thousands. And because you have this ability you can do it over, and over and over again.

After you start your business and create your new financial application, you decide now is the time to start marketing it, so you hire a company to create a professionally designed website, and you set-up the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and a blog. After all is set-up, now the magic begins. You think to yourself, now is the moment for all that time you invested developing your writing skills. Now is the moment, for which I spent learning about rhetoric, copywriting and structuring a sales letter. Now is the moment to put into practise everything I learnt and to reap the rewards.

So you write your first article, post it onto your website, and on other websites around the internet. It´s about the current state of the global financial system and what it needs to change, and thanks to your strong writing abilities, it´s a success. You continue to engage your audience with your captivating writing style and over time develop an authoritative reputation for financial matters. Soon you have thousands of people coming to your website to read your posts and to buy your products.

Your posts and comments reach a broad audience and you soon find yourself getting invited to speak at events, first locally, then later, larger national events, and again you display gravitas.

Can you see how developing your speaking and writing skills can dramatically accelerate your progress?

You may be aware that public speaking ranks high on the list of fears for most people, so do you realise this means there are very few who are good at it. You will easily be able to distinguish yourself from the rest, with a little time and practise.

Writing similarly is a craft that is used by many but honed by few. When we read or hear good writing or speaking, we do notice the difference, think of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, or Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and T.S. Eliot.

But you do not have to be Martin Luther King to communicate effectively, let me give you an example from a previous blog post:

Imagine, your team are having a meeting. You all sit around a table and begin discussing the progress of your project which must be completed by Friday, the leader asks everyone for an update.

“We discovered new risks in planning that we had to mitigate. Considering the amount of time we had for this project it seems a tall order to get it all done by Friday and we should have had a few more people on the team in order to cover all the necessary skills and deliver the project on time.”

Can you see what is wrong with this? Below I have slightly rewritten it. Notice the key change is the use of tense, from the past tense to the future perfect (we are going) and the future (we will).

“We have discovered new risks in planning and we are now going to mitigate the new risks that we found. We believe with the limited time that is left, in order to cover all the necessary skills and deliver the project on time we are going to need additional people to join our team, that way we will be able to get everything done by Friday.”

Do you notice how this simple shift in tense also shifts the conversation from one about blame to one about choice? It is certainly a more productive conversation.

This is just one simple rhetorical tool in action identified by Aristotle, created thousands of years ago. And there are many more you are not currently aware of, imagine how more powerfully you will be able to communicate, when you get to know them.


Develop your speaking and writing skills by learning copywriting and how to structure a sales letter. Study rhetoric as it is the art of how to inform, persuade and motivate. Finally, join a Toastmasters International or an Association of Speakers Club to develop your speaking skills.

To your success.

well done for getting this up and running

Speaking and communication is a key skill for university, your career and in life. Find your voice and join the Wolverhampton Speakers Club today.

Operating as usual


Speeches from contrasting ends of our speaking spectrum last week: Stephen and David gave us their introductory speeches, while Alex was successful in his certification speech and was awarded our WSC Certificate in Public speaking. He is now ready to embark on our advanced exercises.

Timeline photos 23/09/2021

Another great evening last night and a well done to Sian on winning the Bill Murray cup for delivery of her first speech on the fear of speaking, we heard about the art of selling and the meaning of Gold, silver and bronze placements. #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 15/09/2021

A successful evening was had last Wednesday with prepared speeches on paper, names and incorrectly addressed mail. Topics on meals for 2. Well done to Peter for winning the Bill Murray cup #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 04/09/2021

It's our first meeting back on Wednesday, so don't forget to let us know you are coming. #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 01/09/2021

Only one week left to wait! Exciting times ahead. Lots of speeches planned and also a chance to get up there yourself (if you want to) and have a go.... what's not to love #confidence #wolverhampton #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 18/08/2021

3 weeks until we meet again.... we can't wait. Pop by and have a look at what it's all about, for free! #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 12/08/2021

We have moved!!! Our new address from 8 September is Tettenhall Wood Institute Wood Road Tettenhall Wood Wolverhampton WV6 8NF. Why not join us at 7.30 pm, it's free for your first 2 visits... #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 12/08/2021

Speaking in public is not just about being part of a club, it's about removing #barriers, inspiring your greatness and helping you find #confidence in your voice. #Wolverhampton #Publicspeaking

Timeline photos 06/08/2021

Why do we need #publicspeaking ? It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. #wolverhampton #confidence

Timeline photos 30/07/2021

We may have broken up for our summer break, but we are all thinking about our return to face to face speaking, why don't you pop along and join us on 8th September and see what its all about.

Timeline photos 02/07/2021

After a great evening of competition speeches from our experienced members, the audience voted both Debbie and Alex to win the virtual rose bowl, well done both! We will see you all again September #wolverhampton #publicspeakkng #confidence

Timeline photos 22/06/2021

We had a fun evening recounting words from nursery rhymes, taking in Britishness, coffee and beds and sleeping! Well done to Brian on winning the cup and all gearing up to our final meeting of the speaking year next week #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 07/06/2021

Making a speech is more than just having great content, it's about #confidence and #preparation. Let us show you how you can do this within our nurturing environment at #wolverhampton #speakers. #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 04/06/2021

Last week saw 3 speeches about inequality, curiosity and career aspirations and superhuman topics to get creative impromptu juices flowing. Debbie won the Bill Murray cup for an education on using your voice. Join us and improve your #confidence #wolverhampton #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 24/05/2021

Join us this #Wednesday for #publicspeaking over #zoom! All welcome, contact us for an invite. (PS. it's #free whilst we are over zoom) #confidence #wolverhampton


We had another great evening last Wednesday, hearing about being British, lucky and a fresh start with an education on Chairing, as well as topic on giving advice to your younger self! Well done to new member Stephen on winning the cup #confidence #publicspeaking #Wolverhampton

Timeline photos 05/05/2021

A great night of speeches again with talk of dancing, lockdown, plastic pollution and rowing boats and a big well done to Petula for her award. Join us next Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Zoom. We look forward to seeing you. #wolverhampton #publicspeakers #confidence

Timeline photos 26/04/2021

It's time to meet again! We have an exciting agenda this Wednesday evening at 7.30 pm, with 3 speeches planned, why not pop along and see if you can gain control of your speaking nerve with #wolverhampton Speakers Club #publicspeaking #confidence

Timeline photos 15/04/2021

Another great evening was had, speeches on the death of social media, music, football, end of COVID plans and education for evaluation techniques. Congratulations to Alex who was awarded our Bill Murray cup #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton #joinusnexttime

Timeline photos 06/04/2021

Speeches about neuropsychology, parenting, geo thermal energy, virtual spending of £150.000,000 and an education on etiquette A great evening and Carolyn was well deserved winner of the cup. Pop along and join us 14 April. All welcome #confidence #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 02/04/2021

Happy Easter from all at #Wolverhampton Speakers Club

Timeline photos 30/03/2021

We're getting ready for an exciting meeting tomorrow with 4 speeches using construction, visual aids and a demo from a committee member as well as topical impromptu speaking. Join us and see if you can improve your skills with us. #wolverhampton #publicspeaking #confidence

Timeline photos 19/03/2021

An evening of fortunes, the Middle East, Net Zero, innovation and man overboard..... random and exciting. We heard speeches from early in our exercises to an advanced speech. Well done Brian and Steve for their achievements. #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 17/03/2021

Our last meeting boasted lots of really great #speeches Why don’t you join us tonight to see how #Wolverhampton speakers club can improve your #confidence in #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 07/03/2021

Change CAN’T into CAN with Wolverhampton Speakers for FREE over ZOOM. Learn the art of speaking with #confidence to groups of people, chairing meetings and how to structure speeches for the best impact with #wolverhampton speakers. #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 24/02/2021

It’s been a week since our last meeting and we had such a variety of speeches on Aron Ralston, Bitcoin and myself, the Bill Murray cup went to Graham for a topic session on complimenting and complaining. Very British! #wolverhampton #publicspeaking #confidence

Timeline photos 20/02/2021

Our team are dedicated to helping you with your speaking journey. Meet Peter, Maura, Carolyn, Brian and Graham who head our committee and Tracey and Debbie, membership. #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton


Learn a new skill of #publicspeaking and #confidence with #Wolverhampton speakers club and all for #free at the moment... no reason not to take the plunge

Timeline photos 05/02/2021

Well, what an evening! Congratulations to Theresa for winning the Bill Murray cup this week with her first speech about her passion. This was followed by one on exercising and a demo speech in jokes from bygone years. The evening rounded up with a fun topics section that got everyone talking. Why not join us for free on zoom on 17th February and see for yourself what it’s all about? #Wolverhampton #confidence #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 30/01/2021

Ever wondered how to create a showstopper speech: See Debbie's final stage tips on adding that bit of extra polish her 1920's speech #confidence #wolverhampton #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 22/01/2021

Ever wondered how to create a showstopper speech: See Debbie's 2nd stage tips on speech sections on the 1920's #confidence #wolverhampton #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 21/01/2021

Another successfull zoom meeting with speeches on citizenship, The Arts and Mindfulness, not to mention being stranded on a desert island! Congratulations to Brian for winning the nights Bill Murray cup. #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 20/01/2021

Why not join us tonight on our zoom meeting and listen to a speech using construction and 2 demonstrations by experienced members. Request the link and we will look forward to seeing you there from 730 pm #confidence #wolverhampton #publicspeaking

Timeline photos 15/01/2021

Ever wondered what a certification speech is made? Debbie shared some tips in the making of her 1920's speech, more coming watch this space #confidence #publicspeaking #wolverhampton

Timeline photos 07/01/2021

What a great evening of speeches! We explored space, the roaring 20’s and had a Danish hug, why not join us next time and hear them first hand. #confidence #wolverhampton #publicspeaking

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