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High Performance Training provides proper person-to-person training with questions and discussions and feedback and practical exercises and stuff ... Training that actually works. See www.highperformancetraining.net for full details on the training courses that we offer to care homes and carers as well as other industries.


We are pleased to confirm that our usual email address of [email protected] is up and running again and you can contact us on that address once more. Unfortunately, however, we have not been able to get hold of any emails sent to that address during the down time and fear these might be lost in the ether forever.


If anyone needs to contact us, we have arranged the following temporary email address: [email protected]. We are currently looking for a new service provider who will allow us to migrate our normal email addresses and will repost once this is done.


Unfortunately sometime at the end of June our email, highperformancetraining.net, stopped working and our service provider, Speednames, have not yet sorted it out. We will update here as soon as we have more information but in the meantime our telephone number is still working, 01922 414759.



The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is aware that people holding Offshore Medic (OM), Offshore First Aid (OFA), First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificates nearing expiry date, might experience disruption to access to requalification training as a result of events or circumstances generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

HSE’s current guidance on the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981: https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/priced/l74.pdf and the Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (First-Aid) Regulations 1989https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/priced/l123.pdf is that those holding an OM, OFA, FAW or EFAW qualification should undertake retraining before their original certificate expires and HSE strongly recommends that employers, and individuals holding those qualifications should plan for requalification training well in advance of expiry dates.

If however requalification training is prevented for reasons associated directly with coronavirus or by complying with related government advice, it is reasonable and practical to extend the validity of current certificates by up to 3 months. Anyone taking advantage of this extension should be able to describe clearly their reasons for delaying requalification training, and demonstrate steps they have taken to undertake the training, if required.

This guidance comes into effect for certificates expiring on or after 16th March 2020. HSE will review this matter over the coming months and will issue further statements as necessary.



Resuscitation Council UK has published statements on COVID-19 (.) These are designed to inform both healthcare professionals and members of the public. Please read: http://bit.ly/39tL8Ti

Photos from High Performance Training's post 07/08/2019

Love the fact that Public Access Defibrillators are becoming more and more common. I might seem weird to other people enjoying their holidays but mine often involves shouting out, "Oh, look, a defibrillator!" 😜A few from a recent holiday.


How To Help Someone Who Is Taking A Seizure


We've stated the obvious before, but we'll state it again- don't damage defibs! One day, they could be used to save a loved one, or even yourself. http://bit.ly/2R1RlgB


Unresponsive Not Breathing Baby


Brilliant! Go, Scotland!

It's all happening in Scotland! Glasgow and Aberdeen schools are adding CPR to the curriculum; and now the rest of the nation is considering following suit! http://bit.ly/2L0Y8Y5


How to save someone from drowning

I'm always glad to see advice like this being handed out to reach as many people as possible. However following this program I had a few people on Emergency First Aid at Work courses who had got a little confused. This advice is specifically for children and specifically for drowning. But still great to know.


Defibrillators are becoming more and more common nowadays but was quite surprised to find this one in a rather remote corner of the Isle of Mull. The prevalence of defibrillators however is the reason why we now include defibrillator training in our first aid courses, as required by the Health and Safety Executive. If you want to know more, call us or check out our website, www.highperformancetraining.net.


All our trainers are now qualified as competent persons for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). We offer this service on two levels. Firstly, if we are visiting you to deliver a course, we can test a small number of appliances for you when the course is finished. Typically these will be things that you have recently purchased or things that relatives have brought in for service users. After a day of training and with (often) a long drive ahead, we would not be wanting to do a large number or spend too much time wandering around the home to find various bits and pieces so, as far as possible, we will ask that you let us know what you need in advance and that you bring the appliances to the trainer.
So this brings me to the second level of the service because we can also arrange for someone to visit you specifically to carry out testing. This is where the unlikely sounding concept of “Caring Portable Appliance Testing” comes in. It means you can have someone come into your care home to carry out your portable appliance testing who understands your environment. Who will not need to be chaperoned by a carer who has much better things to do. Who will not leave the front door open while they fetch something. Who will not attempt to pick up a fallen service user using the drag lift. Who will not chortle about “the mad old lady in room 7” in front of other service users (or in front of anyone, come to that) or walk into a service user’s room without knocking. Oh, and we won’t steal anything! We will have a better understanding of your fire systems than most and know how important that little bit of extra care and attention can be. This is Portable Appliance Testing carried out with sensitivity and respect. This is Caring Portable Appliance Testing.
If this is of interest to you, please contact us for prices and more information.


Changes to first aid regulations come into effect

From 1st October 2013, the requirement for the Health and Safety Executive to approve training companies for first aid training has been removed. There is therefore no such thing any more as "accredited" first aid training. The reason for this change, according to the HSE itself, is as follows: "Removing the HSE approval process will give businesses greater flexibility to choose their own training providers and first aid training that is right for their work place, based on their needs assessment and their individual business needs." (see www.hse.gov.uk/press/2013/hse-first-aid-regulations-changes.htm).
In practice, it could however easily mean that the industry will get more and more "cowboys" offering cheaper prices but poorer quality training. And in first aid, that could end up being fatal for someone!
Having been registered with the Health and Safety Executive, you can be assured that the training from High Performance Training will still be of the same high quality required by that registration. Also, although the HSE have removed the approval process, they are still providing strict guidelines. Any organisation who decides not to follow those guidelines will have to show a very good reason for doing so, particularly if something goes wrong (and it would appear that some well-know first aid training organisations have decided to go their own way, against those guidelines).
Please refer to our website, www.highperformancetraining.net for the first aid courses we are offering, as well as the other courses we can provide.

Changes to first aid regulations come into effect Businesses now have more flexibility in how they manage their provision of first aid in the workplace following a change in health and safety regulations.


With the hot weather lately, one of our trainers was finally driven to taking a course outside onto a shady patio - much better than the alternative which was a conservatory! But training is hard in this weather, isn't it?


So nobody seems to know exactly what type our mushrooms are. However we can tell you that nobody should eat mushrooms found in the wild unless you are a mushroom expert. If you suspect you or someone else has eaten a potentially poisonous mushroom, do not delay and telephone or visit your doctor or nearest hospital as soon as possible. Ideally take a sample of the mushroom with you. There is not really any first aid treatment for this.


No answer yet on our previous mushroom question so thought I might give you this one to try out, also found around here. Any idea what this is?


Found these mushrooms in the fields around here. We might know a little about first aid but we don't know mushrooms. Does anyone know what they are, are they poisonous and most importantly, what should be done if someone eats poisonous mushrooms? Whilst we can't answer the first two questions for you, we will post some ideas for the last one soon.

lolhome.com 24/05/2013

Parked do*****ag

Complaints of parking problems today so I thought I would post this. Doubtless been done loads of times but still good fun. I wonder how the person who was driving the car feels and maybe he/she just snatched a space between lots of other badly parked cars and then came back to find it looking like this.....

lolhome.com Google Maps is the new tool to spot the do*****ags around the globe.


One of our clients referred me to BVS who sell on line training today. They actually say on their site...."Although not a substitute for practical training, our online courses will provide underpinning knowledge in the relevant subject areas......" Right, so watch (and pay for) the DVDs and then get it done properly. Excellent.


Untitled Album


Welcome to our page, now that we have finally entered the 21st century. If anybody who has done training with us lands here, please leave any comments (good or bad). If you would like more information on our courses, please go to our website www.highperformancetraining.net.


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