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Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 19/03/2024

3 Hepworth have had great fun making pizzas as part of their DT lesson. Firstly, our Year 3 Griffins looked at where the ingredients came from. They then wrote instructions and then followed them to make their pizzas.

In Science our Griffins have looked at seed dispersal and made their own models of sycamore seeds. Well done 3 Hepworth.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 19/03/2024

Year 2 were ‘Exploring Elephants’ when they joined Dr Jenny Watson for a live lesson during our science weeks. It all started with the children asking questions to a real scientist which the children were all very excited about!

Working scientifically, they identified the properties of different materials. Next, the children experimented to see the effect of water on the different materials. During the experiment, our ‘Concentrating Crocodiles’ made excellent observations.

For the second experiment, the children built a tower of sugar cubes and added water and food colouring before making observations such as, “The bottom cube is dissolving.” “The tower fell,” and “The cube is changing shape!” To extend their thinking, they thought about how they could speed up the experiment coming up with their own ideas such as: adding more water, use a different liquid as well as changing the temperature.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 18/03/2024

As part of their Science leaning, Reception had a very interesting spring walk around the school grounds. Pupils learnt how to spot signs of the seasons changing into spring and lots of new language was learnt along the way.

Following on from this, our Reception Griffins bought in photos of themselves as babies and they looked at how they had changed. Once again 'super words' were introduced and pupils were extremely 'proud peacocks' of their growing achievements.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 17/03/2024

As part of our annual Griffin Science Symposium and British Science Week, our year 5 Griffins have delved deeper into the world of science, interacting with a range scientists, who work within different scientific fields, ranging from sustainability, energy and climate change to aerospace engineering and oceanography. They had a fantastic time asking the scientists a variety of different questions about their current careers, job roles, previous work history and education. Our year 5 Griffins now understand how great things come from small beginnings!


Our first football match of the season, against Wrens Nest, was a thrilling encounter.

Bramford dominated the first half, leading 4-1, showcasing their skill and teamwork. However, Wrens Nest fought back fiercely in the second half. The game intensified as both teams exchanged goals, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.

In the end, Bramford emerged victorious with a narrow 6-5 win, but both teams earned respect for their spirited performance on the field.

Well done, Bramford ⚽️


This week at Bramford, we will be taking part in the 'Big Plastic Count 2024'. We will be joining thousands of people across the country to count all the plastic we throw away. We invite everyone at home to participate so that we can work together as one large Griffin family.

To take part, all you need to do is count how much plastic packaging you throw away between the 11th and 17th March. Record the data on your tally chart and bring your tally chart back to school on Monday 18th March. With the results, we will investigate our school's plastic footprint and explore ways to reduce our plastic waste.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 10/03/2024

Founders Day 2024 was a very busy day at Bramford. Our Griffins and their families celebrated being part of the Griffins School Trust in style. Our theme for the year was “How to energise our community to support our community” and the children explored this in a variety of ways.

Our day started with a whole school assembly where Marco Longhi, our local MP, joined us to share how he energises our community.
Our Founders Day competition winners were also announced and their achievements celebrated. Thank you and well done to all who entered the competition – we were stunned by your fabulous efforts!

We invited Grandparents and other family members in to school for lunch with our Year 2 Griffins and our choir performed for their Grandparents in the afternoon. It was lovely to strengthen our links with Broadway Halls too, with some residents joining us for our performance.

At lunchtime, our Pupil Parliament met with Janet and Sarah from the Seventh Day Adventist Church to hear about how they energise the community and events they put on for families. The children are now very keen to join them to play dominoes! Our Eco-Warriors also met Claire and Sue from Woodsetton Community Litter Watch to share how we can look after our environment and how we can support them in the future. Year 4 Griffins then went to pick up litter and improve our local environment.

During the day, other activities included: the children making energising pizzas, creating engaging food bank posters for our fundraising element of Founders Day as well as discussing what qualities are needed in an energising community.

We want to thank all our Grandparents and other relatives for joining us on our Founders Day 2024 and to all our families for your continued support.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 23/02/2024

We're thrilled to announce that Bramford has received a brand new football kit from the Premier League! Everyone in school is thankful for their support and dedication to grassroots football and youth development. A huge shoutout to the Premier League for their generosity and commitment to our community! We can’t wait to use it in our upcoming matches!


Today, Bramford hosted a basketball competition for our Midland GST schools.

Year 5 and 6 children from Bramford, Chivenor, Perrywood and Brook competed to be crowned champions, and make it to the national finals at Oxford University.

Each school showcased their talent, with some impressive skills on show. After some hard fought games, it was Bramford who came out victorious in both the boys’ and girls’ competitions.

Well done to everyone involved - you should be very proud of yourselves.

Next stop… Oxford 🏆🏀

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 28/01/2024

Thursday was a busy day for Bramford’s sport stars with three teams in action. A team of Y5 and 6 girls and boys as well as a team of Year 3 and 4 children headed to David Lloyd Leisure Centre to test their skills against other schools in running, jumping, throwing and agility activities. We were so proud of both teams for their effort and technique and are delighted to share that Year 5 and 6 were WINNERS and Year 3 and 4 were 3rd. Congratulations to all teams.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 27/01/2024

Griffin Gardening club would like to say a huge thank you to all members working so hard this week.

It was lovely to see our area busy with families working together and contributing to making our school environment flourish. We have made bird feeders, set up our green houses, weeded lots of our raised beds and tidied up. Along with all this we have planted our first set of vegetables for the year. Comment below and guess what we are growing.

We look forward to your continues support.


Congratulations to Bramford’s netball team on their first win of the season. We hosted Priory Primary school yesterday and in a very evenly contested game the team were comfortable winners 6-1.🏀

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 26/01/2024

Our Wow Start in Reception Simmonds began when our Griffins found a penguin at our door-similar to the Lost and Found Story.
Following on from this, they have engaged in so many fun learning activities including: writing names for the penguin, researching facts and creating penguins. Reception Simmonds also learnt about other animals and even role played becoming Polar Bears! This week they looked at ice investigations, becoming Slinky Linky Snakes deciding how to melt and unfreeze the frozen animals.


Reminder - Mad Hair Day tomorrow.


Do you need some good quality school uniform? We have lots available, free to a good home. Come to the uniform shed by the hive at 2.50pm on Friday 2nd February to see what is on offer.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 25/01/2024

Year 6 had a wizarding time at the Warner Brother Studios recently, as part of their "You're a wizard, Harry" English curriculum.
Our Griffins entered the Great Hall, just as Harry, Hermione and Ron did in the Harry Potter stories and their breath was taken away by the sights and sounds they experienced. Also, they walked through Gringotts Bank and Diagon Alley just as Harry did, and were stunned by the costumes, props and rooms recreated from the films. Year 6 were especially shocked when they saw Hogwarts Castle. It was a truly breathtaking sight!
It was an amazing experience and one which we hope will inspire the children further to be Creative Chameleons and Innovative Iganas in their English work


This week at Bramford, we started our ‘WOW - Walk to School Challenge’, with the aim of getting our children more active in the mornings, reducing congestion and lowering pollution levels around school.

To mark this occasion, the WOW mascot, Strider, visited our children and parents on the playground at home time to spread the message of our new challenge. Strider’s presence made a huge impact, as the children seemed excited and curious as to why he was here.

If children complete one active journey to school each week for a month, they will earn a badge.

If you live too far away and have to drive your child to school, why not park 10 minutes away and walk the rest of the journey?

If you’d like anymore information, please visit:

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 22/01/2024

Our Year 4 Griffins were wowed and hooked into their new topic by completing a Viking themed escape room! The scene was set, our Vikings were on a ship crossing the seas ready to invade the next country. Unfortunately, the journey had taken far longer than expected so food was rationed, thinking ahead, our little Vikings had cleverly locked away some of their previous food in case the situation got even worse, which it of course did. They had fallen ill, and with food now non-existent on the ship, it’s a race against time to get to the hidden food! Unfortunately, they were so poorly they couldn’t remember the combination to the lock!

Year 4 had to work in groups to read some information about Vikings, answer some trivia questions and solve puzzles to crack the code! We were so impressed with our Go-for-it Gorillas who were also persevering parrots and slinky linky snakes. Five teams managed to escape and survive the perilous journey across the seas, whilst the rest of the groups you’ll still find in the North Sea somewhere!


Bramford families we need you!
Please come and join our community gardening club afterschool on a Wednesday 3:15-4:15.
Our aim is to create a community garden where you can spend time with your little ones, get your hands dirty and teach them about where food comes from and how it grows.
We are a small, friendly team of both staff and other parents. Gardening has so many benefits that both you and the children can enjoy so please come along. At the moment, we don't have enough members to create a space that can be maintained and flourish. We welcome both experienced and novice gardeners. We are open to any help, advice and looking forward to your support.
Thank You from the Bramford gardening Griffins.


This online safety guide focuses on Amazon Alexa. It takes a look at how to tackle a range of potential risks such as privacy risks, age-inappropriate content and insecure devices.


We are launching the Wow Walk to School challenge in school today. The children have listened to a presentation during assembly to introduce the scheme which aims to get children walking to school (being more active), reduce traffic congestion and lower pollution levels around the local area.

The pupil-led initiative will see children digitally record how they get to school every day. If they travel actively (walk/wheel, cycle, scoot or Park and Stride) at least once a week for a month, they get rewarded with a WOW badge.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 10/01/2024

Merry Christmas to all of our families. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.
Enjoy this little production this Christmas Eve. Mrs Clarke has worked wonders again! Enjoy!


Enjoy the Bramford Grinch performance.Happy Christmas


Our guide provides some valuable advice on setting up new devices so that children can use them safely.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 15/12/2023

Last week, at Perrywood, Year 3 and 4 took part in a football competition, where Bramford, Chivenor, and Perrywood themselves showcased their young talent. Both boys and girls teams from each school participated, creating a great platform for the students to display their skills and love for the game.

Bramford boys won their tournament by working well together and showing skill and determination. They played smart and celebrated their win with lots of energy, proving they were not just good individually but also as a team. As a result of their win, the boys have now qualified to play at the GST national finals at Oxford University in the summer.

In the girls' category, Chivenor emerged as champions, while our Bramford girls finished second. Their second place finish highlighted their commitment to the sport and their ability to work together.

We are incredibly proud of both teams. Well done, Bramford!


On Tuesday a group of Y5 & Y6 netballers braved the rain and the dark for our first away match of the season. A quick start was needed and at the end of the first quarter we were leading 2-1. Our lead grew in the second quarter and then tiredness on the big court got the better of us and at the end of the game it was all square at 4-4. Well done netballers we were proud of the team spirit. More fixtures to follow in the New Year.

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 14/12/2023

🔍🐛 Today, our Year 6 Griffins embarked on a science lesson right here on our playground. Engaging in active science, they have studied the fascinating world of invertebrates, scouring our outdoor space to discover their diverse features. The children worked together to find the characteristics of each type of invertebrate, that had been hidden around the playground, to complete their table of facts. Well done, Year 6! 🌿🔬

Photos from Bramford Primary Updates's post 14/12/2023

Our year three Griffins have used their STEM skills while studying Stone Age in their Creative Curriculum lessons. They built structures to form stone circles inspired by Stonehenge as well as other similar structures.

Year 3 have also made prototype models to help children learn about how a hand works Their aim was to see if they could make the fingers wiggle. Our Griffins were persevering parrots while they used card, straws and string to represent bones, tendons and muscles. Well done Year 3.

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Enjoy the Bramford Grinch performance.Happy Christmas
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