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Today we delivered Risk Assessment training to a lovely nursery team. We worked through the 5 steps to risk assessment, identified hazards and how to minimise risk, used real case studies to explore how risks could have been mitigated and considered the importance of staff deployment, team work and communication. Really enjoyed delivering this and I know the team will use this new knowledge to make a great impact on their setting.

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Think this says it all really. We want to say thank you with every last bit of our hearts for everything you have done and still continue to do for Louie and Phoebe. You don't just educate the children you take care of, you nurture them, comfort them and inspire them to be the best they can be. Keep being you because you're all amazing ❤
Can't actually believe it's Connors last day today, want to say a huge thankyou to all of the amazing staff for making Connors journey with you so much fun, he really thinks the world of you guys, as do I. I honestly don't think I could have found a better setting for him to attend. We will both miss you all so much ❤️
I just want to say a massive thank you to all of the ladies at bees. You all do a fantastic job and put in so much effort from the little things to making every graduating child a cap, you're all wonderful. Just know that everything you do is greatly appreciated. Thank you for making our little bee the best he can be 💙
Still time to donate to our walk for autism week, wow look at those steps, link below 😊
Hi Bees, just wanted to leave a little review here regarding the REAL project (it won't let me leave another in the review section).

Louie and I have really enjoyed taking part in the project with Ella and Jess. I feel Louie has found it beneficial and has really enjoyed spending the time doing the activities. It's nice that there's a mixture of home visits and outings and I would definitely recommend taking part if parents get the opportunity.

Louie really enjoyed his visit to Santa, he enjoyed completing jigsaws at home with Ella and Jess and also reading his books and being read too.

Thanks for letting us take part.

Love Louie and Gemma # #
Fresh strawberries for pudding tonight ,🐝❤
Just wanted to leave this here for all you wonderful ladies at Bees. Phoebe came to you as quite a shy (I know, remember she was!) and not very confident little lady. Now she leaves confident, with a better vocabulary than me and having learnt so much from you all. She's proud to be a Busy Bee and Bees will always be a special place for all of us as a family. You work so hard to make all your little bees the best people that they can be and you should all be really proud of that. Im not very good with goodbyes, as I proved this morning. So I'm just going to say "see you later" and we'll be back in March with Louie. In the meantime keep doing what you do because you are the most amazing setting ❤🐝. Have a fab summer, lots of love, Gemma, Mike, Phoebe and Louie # #
To all you Amazing Queen Bees,

I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work, patience and the comfort you bring to your little Bees. You help to nurture them and support them, whilst giving them the confidence to grow in themselves when us mommies and daddies aren't there to do it. The care and love you show is felt with each child, I'm sure. You all do an incredible job, for which I am incredibly greatful. Look forward to seeing you all in September- I know Lilly is going to miss you all # # . Have a great summer, you all deserve it. Lots of love 💗💗💗
Will there be anything special on when they break up on Friday? x
Thank you for a lovely and very emotional morning. You ladies work so hard to help all the children be the best little people they can be. I'll save some tears for next week xx
Amys sunflower has finally shown its face!!

A Pre-school Nursery for children aged 2-5 We provide a unique community based service with close ties to the local churches and school.

Operating as usual

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Thursday update - another busy day but we still had time to welcome Kate and little Mila back for a quick cuddle.
We enjoyed the spinning tops today although they did make us dizzy, it was a good opportunity to take turns and push each other. Our radishes and carrots are growing well in our garden too

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Wednesday update plus a few pics from Monday too. We've been focusing on our mark making again this morning but with gloop. We got in such a mess but it was great fun. We had fun writing our letter from our name too.

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Thursday update - After our visit from the animal man last week, we decided to extend this interest outdoors. We created a hunt to find the pictures of the animals we learnt about last week. We remembered that the Gheko was called Custard and the Bearded Dragon was called Tango. It was great fun, although we had to hunt high and low for the pictures 😀


REMINDER: Can we have any remaining holiday club forms back by tomorrow pls, thanks 🙂


REMINDER: Our parent consultation week is week commencing Monday 10th July. If you would like to book a 10 minute telephone call with your child's keyworker, please speak to a member of staff 😀

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Monday update - we have carried on with the interest of minibeasts and animals today. We noticed in our tuff tray that some insects have legs and some didn't. We carried on this excitement outside looking for insects in the grass.

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Animal man part two

Photos from Barts Busy Bees's post 23/06/2023

What a wonderful end to the week. Our visit from the animal man was amazing. He brought in Cockroaches, two snakes, a bearded dragon, a Gheko, a baby owl and a skunk 😳. He was telling us about what they eat and what special things they can do.
Did you know that an owl can turn there head all the way around?
Did you know that a bearded dragon can change the colour of there beard by the mood they are in?





Reminder - Can we have any remaining holiday club forms returned as soon as possible pls

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Thursday update - following on from children's interests, we have added water to our sand and mud kitchens today which we collected from the rain we had. We realised that with water added, the sand can make better sandcastles and one child said the muds gone sticky and like chocolate cake.
REMINDER: Tomorrow is animal man day. We're super excited to see what he's going to bring. The children have requested an elephant, monkeys, horses and a unicorn 😀

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Wednesday update - What a busy few days 🙂 we've been working our little fingers so hard to enhance those fine motor skills through mark making, connecting, threading, gripping, scooping and much more.
We've also had a talk about the importance of sitting in our car seats and wearing a seatbelt when we are in cars and how they keep us safe.

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Friday update - it's funky Friday, so let's get physical 😃We've also been focusing on those fine motor skills in the mark making area. We are going to be finishing off with some ring games/ hokey cokey today as this is what the children have requested.

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Thursday update - little visit from our newest little bee, Mila.
The children were so gentle and mesmerized by this little beauty today

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Apologies for lack of updates. Here's a few pictures of the fun we've had this week so far.
Please remember to pop suncream on your child before each session and pop it in there bag so we can top it up accordingly. Also please provide a sunhat 🌞


Good morning everyone. We have something really exciting to tell you 🙊💕

Introducing our latest little Bee
💗 Mila 💗

Kate safely delivered a beautiful baby girl on 08.06.23. She weighed a lovely 8lb12oz. We can't wait to meet her, we're all very excited 🥰

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Wednesday 7th June update- Finally the sunshine is finally out after a couple of chilly days. We've spent a lot of time outside this morning and will be going back outside shortly this afternoon. We've been working super hard on our counting and numbers this morning as this is an area we would like to focus on for many of our children so we are incorporating it into lots of activities that we do.



Barts Busy Bees

Barts Busy Bees A Pre-school Nursery for children aged 2-5

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What a lovely first day back of the summer term. It's been lovely welcoming some new faces too. We've spent a lot of time outside today enjoying this gorgeous weather. Please don't forget to apply suncream to your child before their session. If they spend all day with us, pop the suncream in their bag and we will reapply accordingly. Don't forget the named sunhat too please


Barts Busy Bees


We are holding an open day on Sunday 9th July 2023 between 12pm and 6pm.

Please call 07855 915289 to book an appointment 😊
With daily sessions at just £38, places are filling fast! Oh, and we are Ofsted OUTSTANDING!!!

Barts Busy Bees A Pre-school Nursery for children aged 2-5

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Friday 26th May - what a lovely sunny end to the term. We've had a picnic outside this afternoon which was lovely.
See you all on Monday 5th June. Have a super break x
DONT FORGET - The photographer is in nursery on Thursday 8th June for graduation photos 📷

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Thursday update - back by children's requests, we have the hospital. So much focus and interest in this area at the moment so why not? We're getting so good at opening the little packets and strips just like the Drs and nurses do.

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what a wonderful Wednesday 🌞. We've carried on our interest from the children and planted some sweet peas today. Don't forget to give them a drink when you get them home to help them to grow.

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Monday update - we've spent lots of time outdoors today in the glorious sunshine. We are very lucky to get lots of shade on the garden during the morning so if everyone could pop suncream on your child before nursery, then if they are with us all day, we will reapply after lunch but don't forget to pop it in your child's bag with their name on. Don't forget the named sunhat too please 🌞

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The Animal Man will be in nursery on Friday 23rd June at 10:00am.

This will follow on from an existing interest that the children have had this term. They are so intrigued to look at nature when we are outside in our beautiful garden. We are all super excited to see what animals they will bring.

Please note - I know this means that not all children will be in to see this event but we do have availability to swap and change the sessions on this week. , please speak to Lorna if you wish to do so.

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Physical funky Friday - we've had a super day using those fine motor and gross motor skills. We enjoyed practicing our mark making skills with the paintbrushes in flour. We did some great teamwork with the wheelbarrows too. Snack was apples and oranges. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Thursday update - A child told us they had been to the hospital as they'd been unwell, so we followed on from this and made our own hospital. We had great fun bandaging Laura up and popping plasters on her poorly arms. We also worked out that if we hold the stethoscope on our friends chest, we can hear their heart beating. It was amazing!! We also had a lot of fun in the water tray too 😃

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Wednesday update - just look at how much fun we've had in the mud kitchens today 😀

Photos from Barts Busy Bees's post 15/05/2023

Monday 15th update - another busy day focusing on those gross motor skills, look how good we are getting at balancing. We realised that if we hold our arms out like an airplane, it helps us to balance better. Amazing!!
For snack today we had cereal or oranges.


Good evening everyone,
I hope you've had a lovely weekend, and fingers crossed the weather is changing now to warmer days 🌞
Can i let you know that OUR SEPTEMBER REGISTERS ARE NOW OPEN. If you are returning to us for another academic year, can you please let me know your requirements as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If your child turns 3 between 1st April 23 - 31st August 2023, then you may be entitled to 30 hours childcare. We provide a wrap around service to St Barts school nursery for morning and afternoon sessions, so if your child has been allocated their place there, you can split your 30 hour entitlement between the two settings. Please see me for any further details.

A reminder that our photographer will be in nursery on Thursday 8th June between 9.30 - 1.30pm to take all the childrens photographs and graduation pictures for all our leavers. If your child doesn't attend on a Thursday, you are very welcome to bring them along between the above times. Siblings are also welcome.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and we'll see you tomorrow.

Lorna x

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It's funky Friday 😃,
We got those gross motor skills going this morning with the spinning tops and hoops. It's quite tricky to do the hoola with the hoops but we learnt how you can do lots of other things with them too. We were brilliant at balancing on the bricks outside and learnt if you have your arms out, it helps you to balance yourself better.
One of the children wanted to paint a picture for her mommy so that's what they did. We're getting so good at putting our own aprons on too now.
Have a lovely weekend everyone and we'll see you on Monday x

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Thursday update,
We had another special visitor today come back to see us whilst she's on her maternity leave. It was lovely to see her before her baby makes an appearance but she's promised to bring her in for cuddles once she's here.
We had a great time working on those gross motor skills today with the soft play and the trampoline. We had to carefully watch the sand timer so we knew when it was time to let someone else have a turn. We managed to dodge the showers and have some time in the garden today too

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Wednesday 10th May - we had our Coronation Party. Thank you so much for all the food donations. We'll be using them up over the next few weeks too 😃

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Looking for a Nursery in Penn? Go and look at all the others at nearly twice the price, then come and see Barts Busy Bees at just £38 a day. We're Ofsted OUTSTANDING!
WV4 5HU 2-5 years. Places available to book for September. Funded places available.
Call Lorna 07855 915289


Tomorrow is our postponed Coronation party. Children are welcome to come dressed in red, white or blue if they would like too. Food donations are gratefully appreciated but not essential. We're going to have lots of fun and games. Lets hope for sunny weather ☀️ See you there 🥳

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Funky Friday update - a lovely end to the week. We concentrated so well with the cheerios to pop them onto the spaghetti. It was super tricky but we learnt that if we hold it steady at the bottom, it's easier to do.
Don't forget we are closed on Monday for May Bank Holiday so we'll see you Wednesday. Have a great weekend x


On Friday 5th May, we will be holding a Coronation Party at nursery. Children are welcome to come wearing red, white and blue. Please send in lunchboxes as per usual and any food donations are welcome but not compulsory. Hopefully the sun will be shining so we can hold this event outside.

Thank you x

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Thursday update - before our funky Friday, we've had a physical Thursday. Who doesn't love a bit of soft play. Always a big hit with the children to get those gross motor skills working hard. We've enjoyed toast for snack today and crackers this afternoon.

Photos from Barts Busy Bees's post 27/04/2023

Apologies for no update yesterday. Here's some pics of our time at nursery 😊

Photos from Barts Busy Bees's post 24/04/2023

Monday update - today we enjoyed doing some mark making in the flour. We learnt what letter our name starts with and tried to write it. We went outside and had a run around too. There were two pigeons on the fence, they came to say 'Hello'. This afternoon we made weather pictures and had a ride on the bikes. For snack we had cheerios and apple.

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Welcome to Barts Busy Bees 👋🏼🐝Where children love to learn and learn to love ♡Want to be a Busy Bee too? Call Lorna on 0...
Abit of 'Where's the time Mr wolf?' this morning. Always encouraging mathematics in our everyday learning 😊👍🏼
We are so pleased to be back and fully engaged in lots of different activities ❤
The pure focus, concentration, curiosity and independence in this short video is what we are all about ❤




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