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CPD accredited Workshops for parents, educators and professionals that work with children on a daily basis to teach them simple and easy yoga and/or meditation programmes.

Mini Me Yoga offers workshops and training in a simple yoga and/or meditation programme for adults who can then use the programme in their educational setting or at home. Mini Me Yoga is a 15 minute programme for parents, child care providers, teachers to learn to teach their children simple easy Yoga whilst having fun. Our programmes include using mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga games amongst other positive thinking strategies and tools for life.

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It's never too young (or old!) to start yoga! Yoga is so much more than flexibility and balance! It's about play, imagination, creativity, fun, laughter, joy, relationships with self and others, awareness, understanding, progress and process.
The younger we start, the better! I'm using yoga and the techniques with my own daughter and have done since she was born! She may not do the poses as we envision she should but she's doing them her way, at her pace, learning to understand herself, understand how her body moves and all whilst having fun!!

If you'd like to introduce this into your nursery setting, get in touch! We offer half or one day tasters or we can train your staff!

Your Mini Breathing Toolkit for Kids | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! 04/04/2022

Your Mini Breathing Toolkit for Kids | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga!

Have you checked out my blog this week on creating a breathing toolkit for kids? I love using a range of props to help children understand and utilise their breath to help them calm down, relax and help manage their emotions.

Your Mini Breathing Toolkit for Kids | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! I love doing breathing techniques with the children I work with. Our breath is the quickest way to connect with our brains. Our breath sends messages to our brain to tell it that we are calm and relaxed, so the more breathing techniques we do, the more breaths we take, the calmer we are. However,

Timeline photos 25/03/2022

Timeline photos

Love always wins.
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Keep Calm and Go Back to School! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! 06/09/2021

Keep Calm and Go Back to School! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga!

Keep Calm and Go Back to School! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! We all get those back to school nerves- teachers, school support staff, parents, and of course our children. After a long summer break, the transition back to school can be...


Loving this Friday yoga flow!

Friday flow: This week's flow is Under the sea! Have a go at each pose and see if you can do them!

Can you make up an under the sea story that includes all of the yoga poses with your kids?

Flower Breath | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! 05/07/2021

Flower Breath | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga!

Flower Breath | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! For this activity you can either use a real flower, an artificial one, or even use your imagination, thinking of your favourite flower in your mind. Hold the flower in...

Timeline photos 29/06/2021

Timeline photos

Today’s Doodle: Happy Teachers ♥

Image description: A teacher in an orange robe is sitting outside with three students (one is wearing a pink robe, the other a blue robe, and the last one a green robe). They are learning how to meditate. The teacher looks happy and has one hand on his heart. He is explaining how to follow your breath. The quote says: ” Happy teachers will change the world.” by Thich Nhat Hanh. The artwork is by Mollycules. #buddhadoodles #mindfulness #love


I love using meditation and mindfulness with the kids I work with but also for the adults to enjoy! It gives us all a brain break, recharges us, helps with concentration and focus and calms and relaxes our physical body and mind!

If you like to know more about our training, please PM us or contact [email protected]

Meditation and mindfulness allows us to give our brains some down time, a break, a rat, time to rejuvenate and recharge! We all can benefit from this alongside so many other reasons to introduce meditation and mindfulness to kids!

Timeline photos 16/04/2021

Timeline photos

Today's Doodle


There are so many benefits to doing with kids but here are just a few!


The use of positive words and having a positive mindset really benefit our wellbeing and help us to reach our goals more easily!


Well, really it's a little work out: building strength and flexibility but not just in the physical body but the mind too!

Yoga Twist, Balance and Co-ordinate! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! 01/03/2021

Yoga Twist, Balance and Co-ordinate! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga!

Yoga Twist, Balance and Co-ordinate! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! We all know that kids are way more flexible than us as adults, they can get into yoga poses and positions much more easily than we can! A key aspect in a child’s development is also their balance and co-ordination as it really helps children to function effectively across environments and tasks. I...

Yoga Pose Jenga! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! 18/01/2021

Yoga Pose Jenga! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga!

Yoga Pose Jenga! | Welcome to Mini Me Yoga! In our house we love playing family games, and they do tend to get addictive. By the time we’ve played them over and over, we feel the need to get creative and add our own rules and change the game to become even more fun! Also, being a teacher I just cannot help myself and […]

Photos from Water Peace Project's post 13/01/2021

Photos from Water Peace Project's post


Happy new year to everyone!


Day 24 Advent Challenge


Day 23 Advent Challenge

Especially this time of year, there is so much to be thankful for. Use and repeat your affirmation throughout the day to remind yourself of all the things in your life that you are thankful for.

Why not pop us a comment below to tell us what you are thankful for!


Day 22 - Advent Challenge

Day 22 - Advent Challenge

Our Ambassador Aisling has shared a hot chocolate meditation that you can read to the kids! A great winter warmer!


Day 21 Advent Challenge


Day 20 Advent Challenge


Day 19 Advent Challenge


Day 18 Advent Challenge


Day 17 Advent Challenge

Today's advent is going on a sleigh ride yoga flow to help Santa deliver all the christmas presents!

Post your photos below! Which is your favourite pose and why?


Day 16 Advent Challenge


Day 15 Advent Challenge


Day 14 Advent Challenge


Day 13 Advent Challenge


Day 12 Advent challenge


Day 11 Advent Challenge


Day 10 Advent Challenge

Our Story

As a primary school teacher and counsellor, emotional and physical support for children is something I am extremely passionate about. Bringing positive thinking strategies into schools to support their wellbeing is paramount to having happy, healthy children within the classroom that enables them to reach their full potential.

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