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Forensic Science at Wolverhampton Uni updated their address. 24/02/2022

Forensic Science at Wolverhampton Uni updated their address.

Forensic Science at Wolverhampton Uni updated their address.

It's now easier to send Forensic Science at Wolverhampton Uni a message. 30/10/2021

It's now easier to send Forensic Science at Wolverhampton Uni a message.

It's now easier to send Forensic Science at Wolverhampton Uni a message.

STEM Response Team - University of Wolverhampton on Twitter 11/02/2021

STEM Response Team - University of Wolverhampton on Twitter

STEM Response Team - University of Wolverhampton on Twitter “If last night's episode of 'Forensics: The Real CSI' sparked your interest, explore the courses @wlv_uni have to offer and potentially kickstart your #career! 🔎 ➡️ @wlv_alumni, Heather, discusses the course and future careers▶️ https://t....


The forerunner of modern DNA profiling

#OnThisDay in 1984, Alec Jeffreys discovered the technique of genetic fingerprinting, the analysis of DNA from samples of body tissues or fluids conducted in order to identify individuals.

This image shows the autoradiograph of the first genetic fingerprint alongside Jeffrey’s laboratory notes during the preparation of autoradiograph. You can see this for yourself in our Who Am I? gallery.

© Science Museum Group Collection 09/03/2019

Multi-isotope analysis demonstrates significant lifestyle changes in King Richard III

Interesting The discovery of the mortal remains of King Richard III provide an opportunity to learn more about his lifestyle, including his origins and movements … 05/02/2019

Job Opportunity at the University of Derby: Lecturer in Forensic Science 0.4 FTE - fixed Term until 31/07/2019

is this of interest to anyone? Short notice, but I've only just found out about it Challenging, interesting and constantly changing, the University of Derby is an extraordinary place to learn and an incredibly rewarding place to work.Ours is an extraordinary educational environment and because we specialise in identifying and... 30/01/2019

Why does the UK need a Human Taphonomy Facility?

Why a taphonomy facility is important Human Taphonomy Facilities (HTFs) are outdoor laboratories where scientific research is carried out on donated human cadavers in order to understand h… 10/12/2018

Who was the 'Thai bride' dumped in the hills?

interesting Fourteen years after a woman's body was found in Yorkshire, will the mystery of her death be solved? 04/09/2018

Postgraduate Open Evening 13 September 2018 - University of Wolverhampton

Next Post Graduate Open Evening:

13 September 2018 (Thurs)
Lord Swraj Paul Building (MU) AKA Buisiness School 02/05/2018

The 40-year hunt for a killer

Interesting. Use of genealogy databases catches a killer After four decades, police believe they've finally caught the Golden State Killer. 08/03/2018

The Incredible Human Journey

it may be short notice, but possibly of interest? Ten years on from making her landmark BBC2 series, The Incredible Human Journey, Alice Roberts explores the latest insights into the colonisation of the globe by our ancient forebears. Sometimes racing along coastlines, at other times seemingly staying still, with any advance blocked by great walls....


The Wolverhampton Rippers were on the case today #CluedUpp We figured out the killer!


The Career Development Week Forensic Crime Scene Reconstruction Competition! Our students and staff went above and beyond today to create amazing scenes, all based on real crimes. Warning ⚠️ Some of these cases are pretty brutal to look at.


Making murderers

A brutal murder, a gross miscarriage of justice, a cold case solved by advances in DNA profiling 7 JAMES STREET




The tomb of a fallen king


The burial site of Richard III






A frosty start, but should be an interesting trip to the Richard III exhibition
#wlvcareerweek 08/02/2018

Students' Union Awards 2018 The SU will be hosting their Annual Students’ Union Awards for the sixth year running and we have 19 awards up for grabs! 07/02/2018

Early Briton had dark skin and blue eyes

Interesting. lots of techniques relevant to forensic science used here. The channel 4 documentary should be good :) Scientists finally put a face to Cheddar Man, Britain's oldest complete skeleton from 10,000 years ago.


Rapist found thanks to dog attack DNA

The power of DNA to solve crimes from decades ago The 1993 rape victim died before Mark John Hemmings admitted committing the attack. 18/12/2017

The 'completely childish' man hanged for murder

an interesting case from the annals of history One of the last two men hanged in the UK was mentally unstable - but his lawyers didn't plead diminished responsibility. So was it a miscarriage of justice? 21/11/2017

Drug driving cases dropped over forensics

Serious cause for concern over this Thousands more cases - including violent and sexual crimes - could be affected by 'manipulated' tests.


Our certificates of accreditation have arrived from the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences! Well done to all the hard work done by our staff and students!


National Geographic

Just a few centuries ago, people were convicted of murder based on the idea that a corpse would spontaneously bleed in its killer’s presence.


National Geographic

Just a few centuries ago, people were convicted of murder based on the idea that a corpse would spontaneously bleed in its killer’s presence. 02/10/2017

DNA in the dock: how flawed techniques send innocent people to prison Many juries believe crime-scene DNA evidence is watertight – but this is far from the case. As forensic technology gets ever more sophisticated, experts are only just realising how difficult interpreting the evidence can be


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Just a bit of fun from the "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" page. Suggest new elements (or describe amusing properties of existing elements). Some of mine from the thread in that group:
Perterbium. More disconcerting than erbium or terbium
Praseodiddyum. Extols the virtues of short ententainers
Borisium. Closely related to Berkelium
Hefnium. The playboy element
Frankium. The element of honesty
Boron. An essential element for filibustering
Euphonium. An essential element for contacting people
Copernicium. An arresting element
Promethium. An important plot element in breaking bad
Indium. An element of escapist adventure movies
Palladium. A light entertainment element
Germanium. The most relevant element


Girl Doesn't Know How Temperature Works

Why units are important ;)

This girl was absolutely confused with how the weather works. She confused the degrees of a circle with the temperature outside. She believed that there was ...


National Geographic

Reports of pets scavenging their dead owners' bodies have popped up in the dozens over the years—and hunger often isn't the motivation.





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