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The use of scales when it comes to fat loss 🧐:

Can scales be useful? Yes🙇🏻‍♀️ Should scales be the only thing you’re using to measure your progress? Probably not.😬 Let me explain why 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

When we think of weight we think of numbers, so it’s understandable as to why so many people rely solely on the scales as the best indicator of fat loss.

However, the scales only show a numerical value. It either goes up ⬆️ stays the same or goes down ⬇️. It doesn’t show you whether that was due to a loss/gain in fat, a loss/gain in muscle mass, water retention etc. Some people see drastic changes in their physical appearance without seeing drastic changes in the weight on the scale. Here are some other ways that you can also measure your progress:
• take progress photos
• take measurements with a tape measure
• Assess how you feel/fit in certain clothes compared to before.

Don’t let the number on the scale get you down, there is more to it than just your relationship with gravity.

Change my mind😬


Today’s question: Do you think you have to be sore after every workout for it to have been a ‘good session’? 🤕

I pose this question to you because it’s one of the things many people believe. Keep reading 👇🏽👇🏽

Many people have been led to believe that the best indication of a good workout, is to have extremely sore muscles (DOMS-delayed onset muscle soreness) over the next few days. As DOMS are a physical feeling I can see why so many people rely on it as a sole indicator but here is something to think about 💭💭💭💭

🧠 If your goal is fat loss- if you are now extremely sore after a workout where you’ve chased muscle soreness, are you going to want to go to the gym again the next day? Are you going to want to take the stairs..go for a walk..park further away? Move off the chair? Probably not. Chasing that exhaustion phase has now caused 2-3 days worth of very little moving, so our energy expenditure has now decreased.. bare in mind that fat loss is calories in vs calories out.. do you get where I’m going with this?👀👀

As I always say, train hard but also train smart.


Just a reminder to not get disheartened when you don’t see instant results from your hard work. Let me explain 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

When it comes to building muscle a lot of people want the results yesterday and give up pretty damn quick when they don’t see growth as quickly as they’d like. This quick desire is understandable especially when you are putting in the hard work and there’s people out here selling you a “two week guide to get shredded”🙄

But it isn’t just you, it is important to note that those people who have built muscle, went through the same process. At one point, like myself, we were putting in the hard work without seeing instant results, but we keep showing up. Building. Muscle. Takes. Time ⏰

If you are trying to build muscle, are you considering the following:
• Are you eating enough?
• Are you sleeping enough? Getting enough recovery?
• Are you getting enough protein?
• Are you progressively overloading?
• Are you building that mind-muscle connection?
• Are you implementing the 3 mechanisms of hypertrophy?

Hard work will always pay off eventually. Keep showing up, keep consistent and understand that great things take time.

Over and out, Dynamic🖤


Some more food for thought 🧠

After speaking to a few people about this I thought I’d address it for those who also may be unsure:

It is still possible to overeat “good” food. The industry has categorised food into two categories “good” and “bad”. Annoying 🥱🥱 but this has led people to believe that aslong as they are eating foods that are “good” for them, that they won’t gain weight. I don’t mean to burst your bubble but it’s not true.

Calories are energy, weight gain is dependent on energy balance, if we are eating more calories than what we are expending, we will gain weight..facts. Making healthier food choices is fantastic as food is also fuel. But don’t allow the industry to trick you into believing that you can eat however much you want as long as it’s what they deem to be “good.”



A question when it comes to fat loss and why the number on the scale after the weekend often goes back up ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Are you continuing to put the hard work in over the weekend or are you rewarding yourself with too many calories for being so good during the week?🧐

A sentence I hear quite often is “I had takeaways over the weekend as a treat because I’ve worked so hard this week.” Having a treat over the weekend is not a problem, if during the week you have adjusted your calories to account for it, to keep you in a deficit.

When it comes to fat loss, it’s facts that we HAVE to be in a calorie deficit. If during the week you are tracking, meal prepping, getting your steps in etc…to then over the course of the weekend go out and consume way too many calories, chances are you’re putting yourself in a position where you’re no longer in a deficit and quite frankly undoing your hard work. Then you’re stood on the scales come Monday beating yourself up and telling yourself that a calorie deficit doesn’t work.

It’s okay to treat yourself, I’m all about and will always educate my clients on the importance of balance. However it’s important that we are making smart choices, not only mon-fri but 7 days a week.


Let’s talk about why repetitiveness is important👀

With a lot of workouts being posted over social media it can be easy for us to get overwhelmed or lack understanding of the importance of repetition. In order for us to grow we want to be applying the principles of progressive overload. Sometimes however, particularly as beginners looking for inspiration, we see someone posting different workouts everyday so we come to the gym and we do a different workout everyday- different exercises, not tracking the weights, not acknowledging recovery, not being aware of how many reps/sets we are doing etc..🤯🤯🤯

There is no harm in doing this, if that’s what you enjoy doing. If however, you are someone who is looking to grow/get stronger/build muscle, we need to be applying progressive overload. A way in which we can achieve this is through being repetitive, performing the same movements but changing the weights/tempo/rest periods/amount of sets/reps, TUT (time under tension) etc. Don’t worry about doing different things every single day.


Training with an injury 🤕

When it comes to training, the last thing we want is to experience an injury. Sometimes however it happens, I know that because I’m currently dealing with two of them right now.

It’s important to note however, that an injury doesn’t mean you should stop training. Instead of stopping training because of our injuries, we need to learn to train around them. We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us, because what starts as a minor thing can become something so much more.

It’s important that we make smart decisions. It can be the case of changing knee dominant exercises for hip dominant exercises if we are suffering from a knee injury for example. Or modifying an exercise so that you don’t feel pain or discomfort.

If something is causing you pain/discomfort, walk away. Something I had to do today. I had to make the decision to walk away from certain exercises today because I knew the only thing I was going to get out of it..was a more severe injury.

Train hard but also train smart.


“If your technique isn’t right decrease the weight”- One thing I’ve sort of addressed before but this is important❗️❗️❗️

First of all there is a difference between lifting weights and lifting weights correctly. When it comes to training it can be so easy to allow our egos to get the best of us and we end up performing exercises with weights that are too heavy with poor technique because we are more concerned with how much we are lifting rather than how we are lifting it.

Technique should always come first. Keep practicing how to properly execute the movement. Deadlifts are one of my favourite examples. I hear a lot of people say ‘Deadlifts are not a good exercise because they hurt your back”- the deadlift isn’t what’s hurting your back, it’s the way you’re lifting it that is the problem. Deadlifts are actually a great exercise when the movement is executed correctly. Reduce the weight and nail your technique first.


Todays question that I want you to think about 💭 Are you considering the importance of everything you do outside of training?

Are you considering your recovery?🧐
Are you eating enough to fuel your body? 🍇🍞🥚
Are you managing the stress of work and life?🤯
Are you prioritising your mental health? 🧠
Are you being consistent?🙇🏻‍♀️
Are you sleeping enough? 🥱

That hour that you spend grafting in the gym is so important but you need to remember that what you’re doing with the other 23 hours is just as important as they all tie in together and have an impact on your performance. Alongside a well structured, well executed training programme you should be considering the questions I have asked you above 👆🏼
Just some food for thought, have a good day. J💜


Why motivation is BS 💩

A sentence I hear time and time again “I’ll start soon, I need to get motivated.” How many times have you jumped on to the journey of becoming the best version of yourself to come to a stop after two weeks, cause you no longer feel motivated? 🤯🤯

I’m going to let you into a secret, motivation doesn’t drive long term change, discipline does🤐 Motivation will keep you running for a short period of time, but what happens when we have a a bad day, or life gets on top of us? That feeling of being motivated fades out and we are back to square one. It’s a vicious cycle. Start, stop.

Instead of needing to become motivated we need to strive to become disciplined. We need to turn up on the days we don’t want to and keep doing it until overtime it becomes a habit. Until we can turn up on the days when we don’t want to and do it like we love it.

Discipline beats motivation every time, stop waiting for the right time, the time is now👀


Good evening all! I’m going to use this post to quickly introduce myself and tell you abit about Dynamic Fitness!

So as a coach what do I actually do?

When people hear personal training they often think of someone who:
• stands and counts your reps for you whilst observing from the side line
•gives you a generic training programme and a meal plan from google 😬

As a coach, that’s not what I’m about.

Here are some of the things I am about:

• educating my team and providing them with the tools that they need to make sustainable changes to their lifestyle 🛠
• treating everyone as individuals. The way I coach is dependent on the people I work with, I understand it’s not a one size fits all approach. Therefore my coaching is tailored and not generic👀
• I work with my team to build a strong mind, discipline and confidence aswell as a strong body 🧠
• I apply actual SCIENCE rather than some of the 💩 those influencers are trying to feed you 🤫

I look forward to posting more for you guys moving forward.

Over and out, Dynamic 💥

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