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Olá, my name is Neyda Sousa. Benvindo(a) to my Blog! Veterinary nursing and animals are my passion,

The purpose to this page is to allow nurses to connect, share, learn and thrive together. I will also share a bit about myself, educational materials and information.

Operating as usual


Today is Veterinary Nurses Day

Wear that Badge with Pride 💝

Don't forget you are not just a Veterinary Nurse, we are key team members in Veterinary profession


Today is Mental Health Awareness Day 💫🧠

Please, be kind to other & yourself.
Check on your friends.
Take you time.
Don't believe everything you brain tells you.
Take one day at the time.

& always remember after every storm there is a rainbow 🌈 ✨️ 😊

Hoje é o Dia da Conscientização da Saúde Mental 💫🧠

Por favor, seja gentil com os outros e consigo mesmo.
Verifique seus amigos.
Tome seu tempo.
Não acredite em tudo que seu cérebro diz.
Leve um dia de cada vez.

& lembre-se sempre depois de cada tempestade há um arco-íris 🌈 ✨️ 😊

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 09/10/2022

BVNA Congress 2022


What a great weekend 🙌 ☺️


BVNA Congress 2022


Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 28/07/2022

RVN 2021

Graduation ceremony 2022 📜🦩🌻🎓👩‍⚕️🥳


My biggest accomplishment 🎓👩‍⚕️🐾

All the sweat and tears, working and studying throughout the pandemic and I managed to achive my qualif**ation as an RVN con't be any Happier 🥳🙏💝

Be Kind, Stay curious ✨️, say thank you abd always ask why? Main advice of today to take with me for life.


⚠️Hot weather advice⚠️

☀️🕶PLEASE do not walk dogs in the heat - it can be fatal.!!😢

This week will be will hot 🥵 - Walk your dogs in the morning and evening when it is cooler - don't over do it during these times either.

Signs of heat stroke include -

Excessive Panting (first sign)
Excessive thirst
Increased heart rate
Drooling (thick salivation)
Bright red tongue
Weakness and staggering around
Aggitation and restlessness
If you suspect your pet has heat stroke please contact us IMMEDIATELY.
Don't forget brachycephalic animals and overweight animals are at a HIGHER risk of heatstroke BUT if your dog is fit and healthy don't assume they are OK to be in the heat. Elderly dogs struggle in the heat too.
All dogs are at risk of overheating if in extreme heat.

☀️🐾Top tips for the heat wave 🐾☀️-

☀️Provide plenty of water
☀️Provide plenty of shade
☀️Do not walk your dogs during the hottest times and when you walk them in the morning and evening DO NOT over do it
☀️NEVER leave your dog in the car even if it's just a minute
☀️Pavements can get too hot for your pets feet
☀️Don't forget about small furries- provide shade , lots of water-you can place an frozen water bottle covered by a towel and they can choose to lie on it if they wish.

⛱Enjoy the heat but be sensible--if you think it's too hot then don't do it - it's far better to be cautious and safe 🐾

Timeline photos 07/07/2022


Jo Oakden, BVNA Senior Vice President and DIWP Chair, celebrates DIWP role models;

"Thank you so much to our amazing role models, who have come forward to share their journeys and experiences and to bring visibility to VN's in our profession.

Everyone can be a veterinary nurse, whatever their background. We need to have the role models to look to, that people can identify with, relate to and be inspired by.

I think we can all agree that we have had some inspiring stories shared. We can work together to widen participation into the veterinary nursing profession, and open up conversations and increase awareness.

Since the start of the campaign, we have had more come forward as role models so we will be sharing their stories with you as well.

All of our role model's voices will be vital to the forward movement of the DIWP group, and all their stories and bio's will live on the BVNA website soon!"


Self care & You🌻 ☯️🧘‍♀️🕉🧘‍♂️🌻

Remember you are always there to look after your patients, colleagues, family and friends, but remember you also have to look after you.

🌻 Take that you time.
🌻 Make that you time.
🌻 Care for yourself.
🌻 Love yourself.

Happy Sunday 🌻🙏


Viva a Madeira 🌻🏝


Rabbit Awareness Week 🐇 2022 🌻

RAW starts the 27th of June Until the 1st of July.

Why do you think it is important to raise awareness about rabbits?

In the public eye rabbits are an eye pet and ideal for children. In the veterinary field we all know that is not the case.

Rabbits are very sensitive and fragile, they require specific care regime including:

🐰 Adequate diet
🐰 Enrichment
🐰 Adequate Shelter/enclosure (to be able to express natural behaviours).
🐰 Grooming
🐰 Regular dental checks and treatment/ surgery.
🐰 Prophylactic treatment to prevent parasites.

& much more 🐰🌻🐇 let's raise awareness.

Semana de Conscientização do Coelho 🐇 2022 🌻 e começa de 27 de junho até 1 de julho.

Por que você acha importante aumentar a conscientização sobre os coelhos?

No olho do público os coelhos são um animal de estimação que é facil e ideal para as crianças. No campo veterinário todos sabemos que não é o caso.

Os coelhos são muito sensíveis e frágeis, requerem um regime de cuidados específicos, incluindo:

🐰 Dieta adequada
🐰 Enriquecimento
🐰 Abrigo/recinto adequado (para poder expressar comportamentos naturais).
🐰 Asseio adequdo
🐰 Consultas dentárias regulares e tratamento/cirurgia.
🐰 Tratamento profilático para prevenção de parasitas.

& muito mais 🐰🌻🐇 vamos nos conscientizar.


Positive message of today ✨️

Make it count 🌻


Today let's talk about dogs and sticks. 🐩🪵🚫

Look at the picture, can you see a wooden stick across the roof of the patients mouth? ✅️

The stick got stuck in the patients mouth while playing with it.

Now you may ask how would you know that the patient/pet got a stick stuck to the top of his/her mouth as if close you can't see it?

So the main behaviours displayed are over salivating, pawing at their mouth, being restless and in some cases coughing and retching, when something is stuck in the mouth or throat.

It is very important to avoid allowing pets to play with sticks, as there can lead to many potential serious injuries and this can be also be very costly to treat.

Sticks can be impaled in the dogs mouth or throat and this can cause life threatening injuries such as: lacerations of the vital structures within the neck as well as multi-resistant bacterial infections.

If any of these happen to your pet, please seek veterinary treatment as soon as possible.

Hoje vamos falar de cães e paus. 🐩 🪵 🚫

Olhe para a foto, você pode ver uma vara de madeira no céu da boca do paciente? ✅️

O pedaço de madeira ficou preso na boca do paciente enquanto brincava com ele.

Agora você pode perguntar como você saberia que o paciente/animal de estimação ficou com um pedaço de pau preso no topo de sua boca como se de perto você não pudesse vê-lo porque a boca esta fechada?

Assim, os principais comportamentos exibidos são a produção de saliva excessiva, mexer na boca, f**ar inquieto e, em alguns casos, tossir e vomitar, quando algo f**a preso na boca ou na garganta.

É muito importante evitar permitir que animais de estimação brinquem com paus de madeira, pois isso pode levar a muitos ferimentos graves e também pode ser muito caro para tratar.

As varas podem ser empaladas na boca ou na garganta dos cães e isso pode causar lesões com risco de vida, como: lacerações das estruturas vitais dentro do pescoço, bem como infecções bacterianas multirresistentes.

Se alguma dessas situações acontecer com seu animal de estimação, procure tratamento veterinário o mais rápido possível.



Por favor, tenha cuidado com este clima quente e seus animais de estimação.

Forneça-lhes bastante água e abrigo.

Evite passear com seus cães nos horários mais quentes do dia, das 10am às 8pm. Ou caminhe com eles logo de manhã ou no final da noite.

Lembre-se de que seu cão não vai morrer por pular uma caminhada, mas pode morrer de insolação!



Please be careful with this hot weather and your pets.

Provide them with plenty of water and shelter.

Avoid walking your dogs at the hottest times of the day, from 10am to 8pm. Either walk them first thing in the morning or at late evening.

Remember your dog won't die from skipping a walk but could die from heat stroke!


Happy Portugal 🇵🇹 Day.

Miss my second Home.



O Dia Mundial dos Oceanos é celebrado em 8 de Junho.

O objetivo desta data é relembrar a importância dos oceanos para o equilíbrio da vida no planeta Terra.

Cuidemos no nosso planeta 🌍

World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th.
🌊🐙🦈🦀🐋 🐬🦐 🐟🦑🐠🐚🐡🐳

The purpose of this date is to remember the importance of the oceans for the balance of life on planet Earth.

Let's take care of our planet 🌍


💝 Diversity & Inclusivity please read.

And what a fantastic and inspirational role model Betsy is! 🤩🤩

Head over to the BVNA (The British Veterinary Nursing Association) page where we'll be sharing more role model stories like Betsy's during the Diversity, Inclusivity and Widening Participation Group campaign in June 👇👇👇

"Despite the challenges we face, the veterinary profession is a rewarding and developing one and therefore we just have to understand how crucial diversity and inclusivity is when shaping the future of veterinary medicine.

Embracing our differences, irrespective of our backgrounds, and tapping into a wider and more diverse pool of knowledge needs to become the ‘norm’ if we want to drive the profession forward. I worry that without creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce talented individuals will be less inclined to speak up and put ideas forward which only holds us back." 💚💚

BVNA's President interviews role model Betsy Malamah-Thomas about her career and diversity within the profession 👇👇


Progress is progress 📈

How many of us struggle with our confidence at work?

As a SVN? 👩‍💻👩‍🏫📚

As an RVN? 👩‍⚕️🩺

In different areas such as:

Working in the lab 🥼🧪🧫
Dealing with emergencies🆘️🚑
Reception duties ☎️📞
face to face time with client 👩🏼👩‍🦳👨‍🦱🧔‍♂️🧔👵
Placing cannulas? 🧤
Taking bloods 🩸💉
Exams 📝

Remember that practice makes perfection, but we don't have to be perfect, all we have to do is be better than what you were yesterday.

Practice on the areas that you struggle the most, get out if your confort zone, ask your piers or work colleagues to guide you.

Remember progress is progress 📈

Progresso é progresso 📈

Quantos de nós lutamos com nossa confiança no trabalho?

Como estudantes de enfermagemveterinária? 👩‍💻👩‍🏫📚

Como enfermeiras veterinárias? 👩‍⚕️

Em diversas áreas como:

Trabalhando no laboratório
Lidando com emergências🆘️🚑
Deveres de recepção ☎️📞
tempo presencial com cliente 👩🏼👩‍ 👨‍ 🧔‍♂️🧔👵
Colocar cânulas? 🧤
Tirando sangues 💉
Exames 📝

Lembre-se que a prática leva à perfeição, mas não precisamos ser perfeitos, tudo o que temos a fazer é ser melhor do que você foi ontem.

Pratique nas áreas em que você mais dificuldade, e saia de sua zona de conforto, peça aos seus colegas do colegio/ universidade ou colegas de trabalho para guiá-lo.

Lembre-se progresso é progresso 📈


"Success is a journey not a destination"

Keep working on your goals, doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there. Life is a jorney and we can achieve anything that we set our mind to. 🌻

"Sucesso é uma jornada, não um destino"

Continue trabalhando em seus objetivos, não importa quanto tempo leve para chegar lá. A vida é uma jornada e podemos alcançar qualquer coisa que nos propusemos. 🌻


Today we celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the first British monarch in history to achieve Platinum Jubilee - 70 years of reign and service.

Happy 70th Jubilee to the Queen 👸 🇬🇧🎖👑


Feliz Mês do ORGULHO 🏳️‍🌈 ́amor

O orgulho é comemorado durante todo o mês de Junho e essas celebrações incluem desfiles de orgulho, piqueniques, festas, oficinas e concertos.

Os eventos do Mês do Orgulho LGBT atraem milhões de participantes em todo o mundo.

O orgulho gay ou orgulho LGBT é a promoção da autoafirmação, dignidade, igualdade e maior visibilidade de lésbicas, g**s, bissexuais e transgêneros como grupo social.



Happy PRIDE Month 🏳️‍🌈

Pride is celebrated throughout the whole month of June and these celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, and concerts.

LGBT Pride Month events attract millions of participants around the world.

Gay pride or LGBT pride is the promotion of the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of le***an, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as a social group.



Today is the last day of The Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month VNAM 2022 🫁👩‍⚕️📚🩺🫀

Here I stant proudly with a wonderful team of registered veterinary nurses- RVN's & veterinary nurse students- SVN's.

Everyday we work to the best of our abilities, to help our Veterinary Surgeons to look after all our patients.

We are:

🩺 Anaesthetics
🪡 Surgical nurse
🆘️ Emergency nurses
☢️ Radiologist
🩸 Phlebotomist
🔬 Laboratory technicians
✂️ Groomers
👩‍⚕️ Consultants
🥗 Nutritionists
📞 Receptionist
🐈 Behaviourist
🐕‍🦺 Dog walker
🦴 Physiotherapist
🥼 Midwifes
😭 A shoulder to cry on
🫂 Best professional huggers
🦄 Amazing unicorn
👩‍🎤 Rock stars 🌟

Hoje é o último dia do Mês de Conscientização do Enfermeiro Veterinário VNAM 2022 👩‍⚕️📚

Aqui estou orgulhosamente com uma equipa maravilhosa de enfermeiras veterinárias registradas - RVN's e estudantes de enfermagem veterinária - SVN's.

Todos os dias trabalhamos com o melhor de nossas habilidades, para ajudar nossos Cirurgiões Veterinários a cuidar de todos os nossos pacientes.

Nós somos:

🩺 Anestésicos
🪡 Enfermeira Cirúrgica
🆘️ Enfermeiros de emergência
☢️ Radiologista
🩸 Flebotomista
🔬 Técnicos de laboratório
✂️ Groomers
👩‍⚕️ Consultores
🥗 Nutricionistas
📞 Recepcionista
🐈 Comportamental
🐕‍ Passeador de cães
🦴 Fisioterapeuta
🥼 Parteiras
😭 Um ombro para chorar
🫂 Melhores abraçadoras profissionais
🦄 Unicórnios incríveis
👩‍🎤 Estrelas do rock 🌟.


VetNursesHive is helping to Celebrate this special month by featuring a few of our veterinary nursing colleagues. 🥳

& Today we are Featuring Hollie 👩‍⚕️🌻🩺🐾

Hi I'm Hollie. Registered veterinary nurse, head nurse, clinical coach and SQP.

I qualified in 2013 after completing my degree and moved practices abit until I settled in Vets4pets Wolverhampton where I got promoted to head nurse in 2019. 🐕

I have a keen interest in nurse clinics particularly the nutrition ones and I also enjoy anaesthesia, inpatient care and teaching the student nurses.

I love teaching the next generation of nurses and helping them grow. I also believe in leading by example so get stuck in and help my team wherever I can. 🙂

I love being a nurse, the job can be very challenging at times, particularly in my management role but I love it ❤️


VetNursesHive is helping to Celebrate this special month by featuring a few of our veterinary nursing colleagues. 🥳

& Today we are Featuring Nicolé👩‍⚕️🩺🐾

Hi my name is Nicolé and to me, being a Veterinary Nurse is all about giving animals the voice they don’t have. 🥰

To be able to give compassion, support, and understand the ones who can’t express their needs like we can. To give them the love they deserve and do everything in my ability to give them the best chances of life and the best quality of life possible.

To know that all my hard work and stress is worth it if it means that an animal is given a second chance at life and is able to live to enjoy another day on this earth.

To me, being a Veterinary Nurse is unconditional love and dedication no matter what.🩺🙏⚖️📚💖🌻


VetNursesHive is helping to Celebrate this special month by featuring a few of our veterinary nursing colleagues. 🥳

& Today we are Featuring Amanda👩‍⚕️👩‍🏫🐾

Hello I am Amanda and I qualified in 2012 and have been in practice for just shy of 15 years. My career has had some incredible ups and some big downs! 👩🏻‍⚕️ 🩺

I have worked my way through a variety of different clinical practices and have now moved onto teaching 👩‍🏫📚the future of the profession as a lecturer of SVNs.

If I could look back at my younger SVN/RVN self I would tell myself to never doubt your ability, it is easy to do when something goes wrong and you think what could you have done better or could you have changed the outcome.

For me the way to cope with this was to reach for books and articles and read more, learn more but actually even if I had know more I may not have changed that outcome.

I would now tell my younger self that you should always celebrate the wins and use the losses as a lesson but know that with everything you do you grow and flourish 🌺 we place a huge role in developing clinical practices and never let that curiosity stop 🧐


VetNursesHive is helping to Celebrate this special month by featuring a few of our veterinary nursing colleagues. 🥳

& Today we are Featuring Jasmine 👩‍⚕️🩺🫀🐾

Hi my name is Jasmine, and I have recently started a job at a large referral hospital 🏥 as Assistant Nursing Manager👩‍⚕️ and although I still love emergency and critical care nursing,🌡🫁🫀🏥🩺 the favourite part of my job is supporting the nursing team to be the best they can be ❤️ 🤗🫂🥰

Please Check out ! thank you 😊

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Feliz Páscoas 💐🐰🐇🥚Por favor considerem imenso antes de comprar um coelho como animal de estimação nesta Páscoa.
Happy Easter 🥚🐇🐰💐Please consider before adopting or buying a pet bunny this Easter.
When you want to sleep but your brain has other ideas 💡 🤣
Throw back 2017! When I purchased my Pink Bible (veterinary nursing book) Ready to go for when my Journey started. 🙏📚📖🎒3...
Animal Welfare Act 2006 🐾The Welfare Act includes more than 20 legislations into this Act. The main aim is to provide an...
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