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Olá, my name is Neyda Sousa. Benvindo(a) to my Blog! Veterinary nursing and animals are my passion,

The purpose to this page is to allow nurses to connect, share, learn and thrive together. I will also share a bit about myself, educational materials and information.

Operating as usual


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Happy National Dog Day 🐾🐕




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Photos from Cat The Vet's post 16/08/2023

Feeling cute 🤎🍂🌻


Big shout-out to my newest top fans! 💎 Diane Morgan🥳


We made it to 800 followers 🥳🫶

Thank you. 🙏❤️


A year since you gained your wings 🪽

Working as a veterinary nurse sometimes makes goodbyes a little bit harder 😢🫶🐾😩

I will always miss you my big boy 🐾

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 03/08/2023

Here is a picture of Mango 🥭

This beautiful little pup decided to eat his mum's hair scrunchy.

Emesis was induced, and we found the scrunchy 🎊🥳

Mango, on the other hand, was feeling very nauseous 🤮🤢.... hopefully, he won't do it again 😅

If you suspect your pet of eating any foreign bodies or any medication, please contact your veterinary clinic as soon as possible so treatment can be provided.

Aqui está uma foto do Mango 🥭

Este lindo cachorrinho decidiu comer o elástico de cabelo de sua mãe.

A emese foi induzida, e encontramos o scrunchy 🎊

Mango, por outro lado, estava se sentindo muito enjoado 🤮🤢.... espero que ele não faça isso de novo 😅

Se você suspeitar que seu animal de estimação está comendo algo estranho ou algum medicamento, entre em contato com a sua clínica veterinária o mais rápido possível para que o tratamento seja feito.


Starting the week with a picture of Dougal and his bag with a picture of him!

My heart is melting, and you are too!

He was the best boy for us dental procedure.

Did you know that we have to give our pets the best dental care? It helps prevent gum disease such as gingivitis, helps keep the teeth nice and clean, and avoids infections and abscesses.

Regular brushing the teeth can help 🪥🦷
Giving your pet a dental food diet.
Using plaque off can help maintain the teeth nice and clean.

Have a great week 🎊

Começando a semana com foto do Dougal e sua bolsa com foto dele!

Meu coração está derretendo, e você também!

Ele foi o melhor menino para nós durante seu procedimento odontológico.

Você sabia que temos que dar aos nossos animais de estimação o melhor atendimento odontológico? Ajuda a prevenir doenças das gengivas, como a gengivite, ajuda a manter os dentes bonitos e limpos e evita infecções e abcessos

Escovar os dentes regularmente pode ajudar a prevenir problemas dentarios. 🦷🪥
Dando ao seu animal de estimação uma dieta alimentar dental também ajuda.
Remover a placa pode ajudar a manter os dentes bonitos e limpos usando Plaquee Off.

Tenha uma ótima semana 🎊

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 29/07/2023

Let's talk about catio's 🐈‍⬛️🐾

If you don't know, a Catio is an outdoor patio for your cat.

We recommend owners of indoor cats to build them a catio, as this allows them to still enjoy being outdoors safely.

Catio's don't have to be a boring mesh enclosure. It could be your chilling space with your cat, and you can enjoy both worlds.

Look at this amazing example of Dougal's catio. His parents made it into a relaxing place for the family and Dougal. ❤️

Dougal gets plenty of exploring and outdoors experience, as well as his owners' company, while outdoors.

I think this is great and I couldn't recommend it more 💫❤️🙏🐾🐈‍⬛️🌻

Vamos falar sobre catio's 🐈‍⬛️🐾

Se não sabe, um Catio é um pátio exterior protegido a prova de fuga para o seu gato.

Recomendamos aos donos de gatos caseiros que construam um catio para eles, pois isso permite que eles desfrutem de estar ao ar livre com segurança.

O Catio não precisa ser um espaço de apenas madeira e rede. Pode ser o seu espaço relaxante com o seu gato e pode desfrutar de ambos os mundos.

Veja este incrível exemplo do catio de Dougal. Seus pais o transformaram em um lugar relaxante para a família e Dougal. ❤️

Dougal obtém muitas experiências de exploração e atividades ao ar livre, bem como a companhia de seus donos, enquanto estiver no catio.

Eu acho isso ótimo e não poderia recomendar mais 💫❤️🙏🐾🐈‍⬛️🌻

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 28/07/2023

Today mark's 1 year since my graduation ceremony 🎊🥳

My biggest achievement and one of my proudest moments 🙏🌻

Remember, never give up your dreams ❤️💫

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 27/07/2023

Here is Dotty and her teddy 🧸 that look exactly like her! 🥰🧸🐾🐶

Let's talk about post spaying care for home. Post-operative care is very important to prevent post-operative complications.

Here are some tips.

🧸 Feed you pet some bland food, either boiled chicken breast, scrambled eggs, white fish with white rice, or some gastrointestinal food the evening of recovery little and often to prevent eating too quick and vomiting. The same goes for water 💧 little and often. The patient can go back to normal food the following day.

🧸What is normal the evening after surgery? The patient is a bit sleepy but still is bright, alert, and responsive and has pink gums.

🧸 What isn't normal ? The patient is lethargic or non responsive, active, excessive bleeding, and white gums! This is an emergency. Please contact your vets as soon as possible!

🧸 Do not allow wound interference as this can cause infections and wound breakages in cases of over grooming. A pet shirt or a cone is advised if your pet is a known licker!

🧸 No exercise for 7 to 10 days.

🧸 Take to toilet on the lead to avoid jumping or running around.

🧸 Do not allow your pet to jump up and down the sofa, bed, and stairs.

🧸 Be aware of the room temperature 🌡 for the next 3 following days as when a patient has a general anesthetisia, it affects a part of the brain 🧠 that controls their temperature 🌡 so what this mean is your pet will feel cold 🥶 or hot 🔥 but the brain won't give them an action to go to a cooler if they are too warm or vice versa.

🧸 Check the wound 2x a day, and check for excessive bruising, bleeding, swelling, any yellow discharge, and broken stitches. If you have any concerns, please call 📞 your veterinary clinic. Or your Out of hours veterinary hospital.

🧸 The medication 💊 regime must be followed as directed by your veterinary team.

❓️Any questions or concerns, call 📞 your veterinary clinic and get some advice.

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 26/07/2023

Let's talk about the importance of Microchipping our cat's and neutering before they go outdoors!

Here are Groot and Rocket 🚀 😍
These gorgeous boys were strays. Their new owner adopted them and ensured they were neutered and Microchiped to prevent losing them.

💉 Microchiping your pet will increase the chances of you encountering your pet again if lost. If your cat is outdoors and has an accident or is brought into the vets, we can scan the microchip , find your details, and contact you as soon as possible.

🐈‍⬛️🏥 Neutering your cat will help to reduce:

🐈‍⬛️ Cat fights, reducing veterinary treatments and bills.
🐈‍⬛️ Controls population levels and stops any unwanted litter.
🐈‍⬛️ Your cat won't travel as further away to look for females if neutered.

Vamos falar sobre a importância de colocar o microchip em nossos gatos e castrá-los antes de deixarem sair de casa!

Aqui estão Groot e Rocket 🚀 😍
Esses meninos lindos eram vadios. Seu novo dono os adotou e garantiu que fossem castrados e microchipados para evitar perdê-los.

💉Microchipar seu animal de estimação aumentará as chances de você reencontrar seu animal de estimação se o perder. Se o seu gato é permitido sair de case e se por acaso sofrer um acidente ou for levado ao veterinário, podemos escanear o microchip, encontrar seus dados e entrar em contato com você o mais rápido possível.

🐈‍⬛️🏥 A castração do seu gato ajudará a reduzir:

🐈‍⬛️ Brigas de gatos, reduzindo tratamentos veterinários e contas.
🐈‍⬛️ Controla os níveis populacionais e impede qualquer ninhada indesejado.
🐈‍⬛️ Seu gato não viajará tão longe para procurar fêmeas se for castrado.

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 23/07/2023

Okay, let's break the stigmas about the MUZZLE 🐶

Dogs that wear Muzzles are not always bad dogs.

Muzzles are used for a number of reasons. Here are a few :

🛑 Stop scavenger behaviour on walks.
🛑 Nervous dogs.
🛑 Lead reactive dogs.
🛑 Overprotective dogs.
🛑 Aggressive dogs.
🛑 Banned breeds must use them and comply with current Dangerous dog act legislations. ( The breed might be categorised as banned, and that dog is using it not because it is aggressive but because it is a law requirement. Most dogs have been behaviour assessed and are super friendly).

Are the owners or these dogs bad owners? The answer is no, these owners are very responsible. They make sure their dogs and people are safe.

I am one of these owners. My dog was lead reactive and overprotective when I first just had him. I trained him with plenty of positive reinforcement training, and every time I grabbed the muzzle to go for a walk, my dog was happy as he knew it was time to go out. I ensured my pet and others were safe.

Ok, vamos quebrar os estigmas sobre a FOCINHEIRA 🐶

Cães que usam focinheiras nem sempre são cães maus.

Focinheiras são usadas por vários motivos. Aqui estão alguns :

🛑 Para o comportamento de necrófago nos passeios.
🛑 Cães nervosos.
🛑 Cães reativos a quando estão na trela.
🛑 Cães superprotetores.
🛑 Cães agressivos.
🛑 As raças proibidas devem usá-los e cumprir as legislações atuais de Dangerous dog act. (A raça pode ser categorizada como proibida e aquele cão a está usando não porque é agressivo, mas porque é uma exigência da lei. A maioria dos mesmo cães forão avaliados em comportamento e são super amigáveis).

Os donos desses cachorros são maus donos? A resposta é não, esses donos são muito responsáveis. Eles garantem que seus cães e pessoas estejam seguros.

Eu sou uma desses donas. Meu cachorro era reativo quando tinha a trela e era superprotetor quando o tive pela primeira vez. Eu o treinei com bastante treinamento de reforço positivo, e toda vez que eu pegava a focinheira para passear, meu cachorro f**ava feliz porque sabia que era hora de sair a passear. Assegurei-me de que meu animal de estimação e outros estivessem seguros.

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 22/07/2023

Is anyone having a hard week and working this weekend 🙃 or doing nights?

Here is The Positive Potato 🥔 ✨️ words.

You can do it 🎊


Amazing advice 🎊❤️🙏

🐱Pain scoring in cats...... is it being performed in your clinic?

🤔What about once they go home?

👩🏻‍⚕️Come with me on a journey.......

I have audited our patients for postoperative complications since 2017 and overall we have seen fewer complications in feline patients, compared to canine patients.
Since we began auditing our complication rates have reduced due to information gained by measuring outcomes and the implementation of evidence-based changes to our clinical guidelines & protocols. Combined this has helped to improve the standard of care we deliver to our patients.
Occasionally owners have phoned concerned that their dog is uncomfortable after neutering or dentistry, but this has been reported much less in cats. As veterinary professionals, we all know that the signs of pain in our feline friends are much more subtle, and to the untrained eye it could be easily missed.

🧐Is this why, perhaps, pain is not always detected in cats by their owners?

In one of our team discussions at the end of last year we spoke about postoperative analgesia reflecting on the International Society of Feline Medicine 2022 Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Acute Pain in Cats.

As a practice, we optimise multimodal analgesic techniques and routinely pain score our patients during recovery, but it got us all thinking….

🐈Are our feline neutering & dental patients prescribed appropriate analgesia AFTER discharge from the practice?
🐈‍⬛Is it enough?
🐈When are they being prescribed analgesia to be administered at home?
🐈‍⬛When are they not?..... is this ok?
🐈How can we measure this?
🐈‍⬛Can we improve this?

💡Insert lightbulb moment💡

I was really inspired by the recent study “Can cat caregivers reliably assess acute pain in cats using the Feline Grimace Scale? A large bilingual global survey” (Monteiro et al, 2023) which revealed that pet owners were able to reliably assess acute pain in their cats at home using the FGS.

🌟 🌟

As a team we felt that this was exciting news and we could now reliably encourage our cat owners to get involved in monitoring their cats for signs of pain at home.

I designed QR code stickers which are stuck onto the patient’s home discharge forms (pictured). Owners will be encouraged to scan the QR code which will take them to the Feline Grimace Scale website. The website is brilliant and has training videos and lots of photos to help guide owners with their decision making. The Feline Grimace Scale can be used on the website or you can download their free smartphone app (handy!). The reason for stickers was so that they could be used easily, via consults for example after lancing a cat abscess or when treating an acutely painful condition.

In addition to the sticker we have guidance about what to do if their cat does pain score high. This is to ensure prescribed medications are dosed appropriately and no ‘extra’ doses are given, potentially causing an overdose. We also wanted to avoid owners being tempted to dose human medications which could be deadly / toxic to cats.
If owners feel that their cat is in pain our veterinary surgeons will assess and prescribe analgesia, or additional adjunctive analgesia if required.

🧐Ongoing when performing our monthly clinical audit, I will be very interested to see if we have more complication themes with pain as our owners now have the FGS to help guide them. After three months of implementation, there have been no increased reports of pain. If our complication themes for pain are recorded my team will review our analgesia & patient management protocols to see if any adaptations and improvements can be made.

This is still in the early stages after implementation and I am in the process of measuring how many clients have used the FGS as recommended.

🤩I hope you now feel inspired to start pain scoring your feline patients post-op whilst they are in the clinic and also update the advice given to owners to enable them to continue monitoring for pain once at home.

👏A huge thank you to the team behind The Feline Grimace Scale website and app. It really is an amazing resource to help improve the welfare of cats both inside and outside of the clinic!

ℹUseful linksℹ

🤩Get started with auditing with RCVS Knowledge

⏬Start auditing your neutering patients

⏬Clinical audit help & inspiration

ISFM, 2023. Cats Deserve Pain Relief Too. [Online]
Available at:

Monteiro BP, Lee NH, Steagall PV. Can cat caregivers reliably assess acute pain in cats using the Feline Grimace Scale? A large bilingual global survey. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. 2023;25(1). doi:10.1177/1098612X221145499

Steagall PV, Robertson S, Simon B, Warne LN, Shilo-Benjamini Y, Taylor S. 2022 ISFM Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Acute Pain in Cats. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. 2022;24(1):4-30. doi:10.1177/1098612X211066268

Université de Montréal, 2023. Feline Grimace Scale. [Online]
Available at:


Let's talk about Te**is 🍒

In the picture, you can see a normal testicle and an abnormal testicle.

What can cause abnormalities in te**is? 🍒

🍒 Cancer
🍒 Tumours
🍒 Monorchid- only 1 testi present
🍒 Cryptorchid- both te**is absent
🍒 Trauma or injury

In the presence of a Monorchid or Cryptorchid patient, it is recommended to neutered as soon a possible (age and breed dependent) to avoid development of tumours or cancer.

Vamos falar sobre Testículos 🍒

Na foto, você pode ver um testículo normal e um testículo anormal.

O que pode causar anormalidades nos testículos? 🍒

🍒 Câncer
🍒 Tumores
🍒 Monorquídea- apenas 1 testículo presente
🍒 Criptorquida- ambos os testículos ausentes
🍒 Trauma ou lesão

Na presença de um paciente Monorquídeo ou Criptorquida, recomenda-se castrar o mais cedo possível (idade e raça dependente) para evitar o desenvolvimento de tumores ou câncer.



Let's talk about puppy vaccination consults. 🐾👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

Puppies ideally should stay with mum until 8 weeks old minimum. 12 weeks old would be the prefered age to be moved into their new home. It allows the pup to learn from the mum and develop social basic skills with their siblings. 🐶🐕

If the pups still live with mum, bring her in for the consults so she doesn't get stressed that the pups were taken away. 😊

First vaccines can be done from 8 weeks old.
Hepatitis (canine adenovirus) and canine Parvovirus.

Here in the UK, we have 4 strains of Lepto, so it is recommended to get the Lepto 4 vaccine done ✔️

💉1st vaccine
Includes DHP and either lepto 2 or lepto 4.

💉2nd vaccine 2 weeks post first vaccine DHP is given, and patient can start walks 10 days after the vaccine avoiding dirty stagnant waters.
2nd vaccine can also be done 4 weeks after the first vaccine, DHP, and Lepto 4, and only start walks 3 weeks later.

💉3rd vaccine would be done if the pups came for the second DHP post 2 weeks of first vaccination, and this would be the last Lepto4.

💉🧫🦠A booster vaccine is to be done every year to fully protect your pet.

It is very important to vaccinate your pet in order to increase their immunities against serious illnesses.


Are there any Ratie 🐀🐭 Nurses here?

Please can you share your gold standards basics for looking after these cute little babies under anaesthesia?

I want to look after them the best way possible, so I would really appreciate some tips from more experienced nurses 😊🐀🐭

Thank you. 🫶

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 03/07/2023

Massive Thank you, Jade! 🥰

I have just received this beauty on the post and have been signed by Jade herself. ✍️✒️ so excited 😊

Thank you so much. I will get tucked in straight away 📚👩‍🏫

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 30/06/2023

Rabbit Awareness Week 🐇2023

Here are a few tips to help you look after your pet rabbit as best as you can.

Some of this information shared here can be found on the RAW page.

Hope this can give a better understanding of bunnies and their needs.



It's that time of the year again 😔 stray kittens season is here....🐈

What are your practices policies regarding stray kittens? I would love to hear it 🥰

Here is the ideal kennel set up for our stray kittens while they stay with us 🥰

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 28/06/2023

Today, I am giving a great shout-out to parents for one of the best tortoises 🐢 enclosures.

Betty's enclosure is composed of a safe outdoor area that is covered with mesh to protect Betty from any potential predators, with plenty of enrichment and hides. A good quality soil, pebbles, and gravel is provided to allow Betty to use her natural senses and real plants to make it feel as close to her natural environment.

Betty also has her little shed that includes a connection to the outdoor area if she wishes to go out. It is composed of a rich soiled area, plants, enrichments and hides, and a heat lamp to keen het nice and toasty. 🐢🌸💡🪨🪴🌿

Please give a Follow to Bettytortoise page 🌸🐢🌸


🙏🕊🐾🤍 please do ask.

Although I maintain that oncology isn’t as sad as people think it is, we do deal with patients at the latter end of their lifespans. And this, naturally, means we are often the people chosen by carers to help them let their pet pass, when that time comes. It’s a privileged position, borne of trust and relationships and being part of the same team looking after that patient. But it’s also a lesson in communication and individual care for the patient and their family.

Because everyone is different. Some people will want to bury their pet, some will want cremation, some won’t want ashes back. Some people want a physical memento, a pawprint or a fur clipping, and some will not. And in some cultures, having these physical reminders of a deceased family member is just not ok. None of these options are worse or better, it’s just individual to that family or carer.

And so, as veterinary nurses and technicians, it’s not our job to judge or force, it’s to facilitate. And to facilitate, to provide holistic contextualised care in end of life, as in life, we have to ask. Would you like a paw print? Would you like to spend some time with them? Would you like us to organise cremation? And we have to listen, and respect the decisions made.

So please, stop just taking paw prints or nose prints or fur clippings. Yes, some people will appreciate them, but not all will. Some will be upset that you’ve done something with their pet that they have not ok’d. And please, please just ask. It’s not difficult. Just communicate 💙



Goats are the best 🐐 🥰💖

Look at these beauties 😍


Mindfulness Post 🍂🍃🍂🌸🍃🍂🍃

I feel like lately, I have neglected the mindfulness side of my page. I guess probably, as I have also neglected my selfcare and mental health.

So today, we are back with selfcare


Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 22/06/2023

Let's talk about small furries. 🐭🐁

This lovely chap is Burdock 🥰🐁
He is a big lad! As you can see 😂

He came in for his chemical castration after displaying some dominance and aggressive behaviour toward his brothers.

The patient had his chemical castration done under gaseous anaesthesia as it was a quick, small procedure.

A small clipp was done consciously on his back between his shoulder blades. This was an easy task as Burdock is used to being handled by his owner.

The area was chlorapreped, and the implant was placed in the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Here are some cute pre, during, and post operative of our patient.

Something I loved to see was that Burdocks owner brought him in a small travelling carrier and a much bigger setup cage for his hospitalisation stay. I think this is great as it always the patient to have a much bigger enclosure while hospitalised so they can move around and display natural behaviours and also reduce stress levels.

I do encourage other owners to follow this owners actions with the pet carrier and enclusure set up for a more homely and stress free hospitalisation for our small furry patients.



Sometimes in life, we need to take care of us! 💫

Remember, you are a veterinary nurse and are always looking after everyone else. Patients, pets home life, etc.........Take some time to look after you 🌸🪞


Another hot day! 🌡🌡🌡🌡🌡😮‍💨

Please place your hand upside-down on the floor for 10 seconds, if it is too hot for your hand is too hot to walk your dog!


High temperatures weather ALERT ⚠️

Please DO NOT walk your dogs in this Hot weather all breeds but specially our Brachycephalic breed as they already struggle to breath as it is imagine in this heat!!!!

Recommended times to walk your dogs if you must 5.30am till 9am and after 22.30pm.

If us too hot for you is Twice as hot for your pets.

Keep them in a cool area in the house, if in the garden keeep them in the shaded areas with plenty of fresh water.



Please be careful with this hot weather and your pets.

Provide them with plenty of water and shelter.

Avoid walking your dogs at the hottest times of the day, from 10am to 8pm. Either walk them first thing in the morning or at late evening.

Remember your dog won't die from skipping a walk but could die from heat stroke!


Happy Portugal 🇵🇹 Day ✨️


Finally got my hands 🙌 on this book 📖

Let's get into it 🧠✨️👩‍🏫

The Veterinary Nurse's Practical Guide to Small Animal Anaesthesia, written by RVN'S for RVN'S 🫁📚🩺🫀

Please find the link below, from where I got my book from if you are interested 😊


Surgical Suction Machine Diagram 👩‍🏫

This machine allows us to vacuum fluids from the abdominal cavity, endotracheal, nasal and oral cavity.

Is used during emergencies and surgical cases.

Hope this helps 🥰

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 04/06/2023

Today is Hug your Cat Day!


I do not own any cats unfortunately but, here are some of the babies I have foster and fallen in love with 💖✨️

Happy Hug your Cat day 💖🐈‍⬛🫂

Photos from Vet Nurses Hive's post 03/06/2023

Let's talk about Cat kennel setting. 🐾🐈‍⬛
Here is lovely Benson helping me demonstrate and Ideal kennel setting for an inpatient.
Today I will be demonstrating a large cat kennel.

🐾 Provide pheromone plug ins, in cat wards is always a must.
🐾 Provide your patient with a hide, use a small stool, card boar box (single use to prevent spread of bacterias and illnesses), igloos or a small towel covering half of the kennel. 🙈⛺️
🐾 Provide a raised area so patient can climb and look around.
🐾 Ideally toileting Station, feeding station and water station should all be separated from one another to allow natural behaviours.
🐾 patient toileting will depend on patients needs and treatment. Example of patient is indoor cat litter is fine, if outdoors soil can be provided in a toileting box. If patient need a non-invasive urinalysis Kat Kor will be provided on the toileting tray to allow urine collection for analysis.

Hope this has helps 🥰😊🐾🐈‍⬛ All for making our feline patients more comfortable while hospitalised.

Vamos falar sobre como preparar o canil do gato. 🐾🐈‍⬛

Aqui está o adorável Benson me ajudando a demonstrar e preparar o canil ideal para um paciente internado.
Hoje estarei demonstrando um canil grande para gatos.

🐾 Fornecer plug-ins de feromônio, em enfermarias de gatos é sempre uma obrigação.
🐾 Forneça ao seu paciente um esconderijo, use um banquinho, caixa de cartão (uso único para evitar a propagação de bactérias e doenças), iglus ou uma pequena toalha cobrindo metade do canil. 🙈⛺️
🐾 Forneça uma área elevada para que o paciente possa subir e olhar ao redor.
🐾 Idealmente, a estação de toalete, a estação de alimentação e a estação de água devem ser separadas umas das outras para permitir comportamentos naturais.
🐾 O uso do banheiro do paciente dependerá das necessidades e do tratamento do paciente. Exemplo de paciente Que f**a debtro de casa a areia de gato é boa, se o paciente vai a rua solo sera fornecido em uma caixa de banheiro. Se o paciente precisar de um exame de urina não invasivo, Kat Kor será fornecido na bandeja de banheiro para permitir a coleta de urina para análise.

Espero ter ajudado 😊🐾🐈‍⬛Tudo para deixar nossos pacientes felinos mais confortáveis ​​durante a internação.


Travelling is the best remedy for the body, soul and mind ✨️🧠🌻💖


Thank you for participating 🌻 VNAM2023


Alice evans
iara ._.matos
Georgina .cat

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My biggest accomplishment 🎓👩‍⚕️🐾All the sweat and tears, working and studying throughout the pandemic and I managed to a...
Happy Portugal 🇵🇹  Day.Miss my second Home. #saudadesdecasa🏡
9th of May 2022 is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 🌼🧠💫Did you know that The Mental Health Foundation founded M...
Veterinary Nurse Awareness  Month 🌻VNAM 🦩2022When someone asks me if I like being a Veterinary Nurse? I don't like it, I...
Hoje Dia 25 de Abril de 2022, comemora-se 48 anos da Revolução dos Cravos.No ano 1974 no dia  25 de Abril começou uma pa...
Feliz Páscoas 💐🐰🐇🥚Por favor considerem imenso antes de comprar um coelho como animal de estimação nesta Páscoa.
Happy Easter 🥚🐇🐰💐Please consider before adopting or buying a pet bunny this Easter.
When you want to sleep but your brain has other ideas 💡 🤣
Throw back 2017! When I purchased my Pink Bible (veterinary nursing book) Ready to go for when my Journey started. 🙏📚📖🎒3...
Animal Welfare Act 2006 🐾The Welfare Act includes more than 20 legislations into this Act. The main aim is to provide an...
The world is out there 🌻Sometimes life gets busy, and we forget the main thing...... that is living not surviving.Someti...
Welcome to Vet Nurses Hive page 🌻#Public #veterinários #veterinarylife #RVN #SVN #veterinary #mindfulness #fun #share #c...





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Creative Monday Creative Monday

regular networking event for artists and creative businesses

Wildside Activity Centre Wildside Activity Centre
Hordern Road, Whitmore Reans
Wolverhampton, WV60HA

Wildside Activity Centre seeks to serve its immediate neighbourhood and the whole City of Wolverhamp

BoomTastic Asia BoomTastic Asia
Wolverhampton Science Park
Wolverhampton, WV109RU

We support schools and academies to improve outcomes and engagements through innovative approaches.

City of Wolverhampton College Apprenticeships & Work Experience City of Wolverhampton College Apprenticeships & Work Experience
Paget Road
Wolverhampton, WV60DU

The official home for Apprenticeships at City of Wolverhampton College! To see the types of apprent

Treetops Tutoring - Wolverhampton Treetops Tutoring - Wolverhampton

An experienced Primary school teacher of 24 years, having worked in the independent sector.

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy and Nursery SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy and Nursery
Hordern Road
Wolverhampton, WV60HR

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary is a one form entry Primary school which includes Nursery provisi

Low Hill Nursery School Low Hill Nursery School
Jenks Avenue
Wolverhampton, WV109JN

Low Hill Nursery School is a Outstanding Nursery School based in Wolverhampton. Low Hill Nursery Sch

Codsall Community Nursery Codsall Community Nursery
Wolverhampton, WV81PX

Codsall Community Nursery.

Lifelong Learning College Lifelong Learning College
University Of Wolverhampton Science Park, Technology Centre
Wolverhampton, WV109RU

We are an online, distance learning college, who specialise in delivering Access to Higher Education

Research Methodology Network Research Methodology Network
Wolverhampton, WV13EG

The Research Methodology Network(RMN) is a forum for mainly students receiving guidance on research

British Educational Council British Educational Council
Wolverhampton, DY33QE

Every year, three million people take international exams with help from the British Council. Studen

Play N Learn Play N Learn
80 Tettenhall Road
Wolverhampton, WV14TF

Offering the best care and education to 0-5 year olds! To know more, contact us on 01902 256265 Or e